5 Ways New Traffic Exchanges Fail Before They Start

There has been quite a few new launches in the past few months and while some of these traffic exchanges are destined to be here a year from now, a huge chunk of them won’t be a viable place to advertise in 6 months or less. Going back to my previous post I made in Hit Exchange News last week, the little guy remains the little guy because they don’t plan ahead and think of growing their program.

I make this post in the hopes it helps all new and current traffic exchanges because the viable resource they can be…Here are some sure fire ways to stop the pain before your TE becomes obsolete…

1. Offering Credits At Sign Up – This has been a killer since traffic exchanges started. ‘Join XYX TE, get 500 free credits’ That’s fine and dandy but hold on Speedy, let’s look at the basic math of this. A traffic exchange is essentially a big co-op. I look at your website, you look at mine. So for every one credit that is earned, one has to be used. Simple enough. But what happens when you add 500 credits to a system before anyone surfs a single page. Deficit, that’s what. So you now need 500 people to surf one page to account for those bonuses. Multiply that by how many new members join and you can see how this kills a new program before it gets started.

2. A Game Every Second Page – We’re huge fans of gamification, heck we have tried to change the industry with what we do. But I’m sorry to burst your bubble, your word search game is NOT gamification. It’s fun and people enjoy it but having it show up every second page doesn’t do anything but…Guess…Slow down traffic delivery. This about it, if you have a game showing up every 5th page, that is 20 pages out of 100 that AREN’T your members sites. A traffic exchange lives and dies by delivery rates, so make sure you keep the fun level high but traffic delivery even higher.

3. The Owner’s Ads, Every Second Page – Similar to the previous point, this does nothing but clog up your system and not allow your members ads to get seen. I understand. It’s almost like you have an unlimited resource at your disposal to promote whatever you want, however you want…But again, being a broken record here. If your members ads aren’t getting seen and traffic flow is slow, people won’t keep coming back. Think of your members first, always!

4. Selling Credits Before Upgrades – This is a big no-no and something I used to tell my consulting clients. The primary goal of your traffic exchange when it gets off the ground is to focus on upgraded memberships – not credit sales. Here’s why – residual income! This is the life blood of a new membership site and while we see huge launches and programs crash after a month of being online, the long term success stories have always had their residual income model, first and foremost. Not only does it provide you with working capital month after month, but your affiliates will be thrilled to be paid for referring an upgraded member each and every 30 days. Win, win on so many levels.

5. Ignoring The Now – What’s hot right now? What do people ask for? Where is the industry going? Something I have noticed in the 17 years plus of being involved in traffic exchanges is that this industry LOVES to take it’s sweet time with innovation. Remember social chat? That was ignored by many TE’s and now some are hurting because of it. How about badges and gamification? Some old school purists to this day still argue their importance. There’s a quote I recently read that addresses this perfectly…”The person who insists on using yesterday’s methods in today’s world won’t be in business tomorrow..” – John C. Maxwell. Don’t ever be afraid to try new things with your traffic exchange.

Those are my top 5 reasons why newer traffic exchanges fail and remain the ‘little guy’. I hope you enjoyed the post and please do share your thoughts on what makes or breaks a good new traffic exchange.

Why The Little Guy Is Still The Little Guy

I noticed something while surfing this week that I thought could inspire either one of the most helpful blog posts in recent memory, or get me some extra special ‘fan mail’. Please note, every time I write a blog post for the traffic exchange industry it’s to do one thing and one thing only…Make it better! I love this business and have been fully invested into traffic exchanges since the late 90’s.

Have you noticed some traffic exchanges that started a few years ago, are still online but not really growing?

Some of the same people that screamed about being the ‘poor little guy’ 3 years ago are still the ‘poor little guy’ today?

Why is that? Why can some people like Legacy Hits go from being unknown as owners to being one of the most popular companies in the industry? How can one man like Eric Goettman go from being a surfer one day, to becoming the most creative advertiser this industry has seen? How about the Show Biz Hits ladies? William Miller? Robert Arnold? Russell Stockley?

Or how about Matt Badura? A guy who has become a house hold name in the business for orchestrating one of the most powerful and active CTP teams in history. Truly, he must have had an upper hand somewhere!

Wait wait wait, there must be a slimy reason why Nick Grimshawe is THE Click Track Profit expert!

What is it? Luck? Maybe they are part of the uber-secret ‘Good Ol’ Boys’ network? Or they secretly send Tim home baked cookies every week?

Nope, here’s what they did…They never called themselves the ‘little guy’ and used it as an excuse for not growing.

Every single person in this business has been the ‘little guy’ at one point, however those that choose to stay in that mindset, never grow while others can crush it in everything they do. Truth be told, nothing is given to anyone who has achieved any amount of success, it is earned through hard work, showing up every day and yup, money! (There I said it…These business people actually invest in their business…Daily!)

The ‘right place at the right time’ can be found by every single one of you reading this post if you roll up your sleeves and get to work. Stop using excuses and bringing up why you can’t build a successful online business, start finding ways that will work for you. It’s all attitude and the desire to be better than you were the day before. The owners stuck n the ‘little guy’ mentality look for every reason in the world why they won’t succeed, while the winners in this business look for the one reason why they MUST succeed.

Get out of that little guy mind set and be better, every single day!