It’s Almost Been A Year Since ‘You Know What Happened’

Crazy how time flies…It’s been almost a year since ‘Doomsday’ for the traffic exchanges took place. The onslaught of suspended accounts at PayPal simply because of ignorance and a lack of leadership within our own industry.

We saw people’s livelihoods take a huge hit and sadly a lot of owners simply did not survive the drastic changes that took place.

We were forced to look at other payment processors.

We struggled to understand how we all got lumped into the same bucket as ‘you know who’.

We had to take a deep look at what was being promoted inside our programs…

So now that it’s almost been a year…How are we doing?

Has there been good things taking place? Are we still going nowhere fast? How are owners and surfers dealing with the changes….

So hopefully we hear some great comments on what YOU think about the state of affairs in the industry.

What are some of the good along with some of the bad…And most importantly, how do we charge forward and grow the business and these forms of advertising in the future.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts 🙂

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What’s Your Traffic Exchange Growth Plan?

I was skimming through some of the training we set up inside of ClickTrackProfit for new and experienced traffic exchange owners and I came across the download for the TE Owners Handbook.

For those that might not know, this was the manuscript that a huge chunk of successful TE owner’s read when it was released way back in 2007 and has been updated throughout the years.

It’s a 40 page report on the in’s and out’s of traffic exchange ownership and shameless self promotion time – It’s available for free once you complete the TE owners training modules inside of CTP!

Enough about the glory days…I was reading chapter 10 of the report and I discussed ‘planning your attack‘ for growth and growing your business.

Back in the day, traffic exchange growth was almost automatic, so training like this I think is crucial in today’s day and age.

Why? Because if you fail to plan..You plan to fail!

Corny? Maybe, but the advice is so important.

In the chapter I asked students to lay out a plan for how many members they wanted to have in their traffic exchange after;

1 Month
3 Months
6 Months
& 1 Full Year

What the exercise was designed to do was to get owners into the habit of planning their targets and goals for their business. And reviewing their progress after one month, 3 months , 6 months and a year.

What did this do?

It allowed them to judge how well (or poorly) they were doing compared to what they envisioned their business would be at.

And it was hugely successful because if an owner wasn’t at his one month goal, he or she busted their tail to make sure they reached their 3rd month goal.

This may seem like wishy washy business practices but it’s super powerful. In my other blog Plus1Daily we discuss personal development and success thinking, and that’s a HUGE part of that kind of training. We must ENVISION where we want to be and make the game plan to achieve it.

Write it down!

Write down how many members (or subscribers) you want to reach after a month, after 3 months etc…And you will start making business decisions based on how to achieve those goals you set today.

Keep yourself accountable, if you are not hitting those targets you laid out today look at your marketing. Dig into your business to see where you can improve to build a bigger membership.

This game plan for growth works! I’ve seen it happen and be used by dozens of successful traffic exchanges. But the plan won’t work if you don’t roll up your sleeves and get to work!

Do it now!!! Seriously, you’ll be glad you made your growth goal plan today in a year from now 🙂

P.S. Just a quick reminder. Every Sunday night we will be hosting a live training seminar in the Traffic Exchange Group on Facebook Live. Its 100% free to attend and I know you are going to love it!

Be sure to first join our group in Facebook and set a reminder for 9pm Eastern time! We’ll be going over how to market your traffic exchange and grow your businesses using these remarkable programs!