Professional Surfers….Really?

Rant time!

I’ve been seeing this tagline and title being thrown around a lot in the industry and it’s kinda funny to read….

Pro Surfer…

Professional T.E. Surfer…

Oh people are really going to hate me for this one….

If you aren’t making any money from your surfing and building your business, newsflash you aren’t very professional!

Sadly the title of pro surfer means you can load up 20 traffic exchanges in some browser and surf them all at once to collect your pennies and prizes. So we’ve now given a title to the simple act of doing what these programs were designed to do in the first place.

This is crazy!

Want to be a real professional surfer? How about building your mailing list with what you are promoting in the traffic exchanges!

Here’s another crazy concept…Don’t surf 10 traffic exchanges at once, surf 4 at most!

How about this doozy? Actually build your business and MAKE MONEY from your efforts while using the traffic exchanges.

We can give each other titles until we are blue in the face but unless we are actually growing and showing the hundreds of new surfers that join every week that it’s a viable avenue to build businesses…We are just a title. Nothing more.

There is nothing wrong with giving someone a title, but let’s have some SERIOUS results to back in up.

The Art Of Backend Selling In Traffic Exchanges

Back End Selling In Traffic Exchanges

There’s a lot of talk out there in the industry about how to properly promote yourself and your business in the traffic exchanges. I’m going to share with you a few tips and tricks that have really helped me in my almost 20 years of using these programs.

The first rule of advertising in the traffic exchanges is to NEVER promoting anything other than your own brand and your own mailing list.

Here’s why….

You have to know your market, and let’s be honest when people are surfing the last thing they care about is what you are offering. They are interested in earning credits, advertising their own programs or collecting badges and or pennies. That’s just the way it is.

Knowing this, you need to attract them by using a remarkable squeeze page (preferably with a video recording or attention getting graphic) to grab their email address. And why on earth would you want to do that?

So you can start to promote and sell programs to them on the ‘back end‘.

What exactly is back end selling?

Think of your brand as the ‘front end’. This is getting people to know, like and trust you. It can be a blog, a squeeze page, a Twitter account, whatever…It’s how people get to know you in the world of business. But it is not a way to SELL to your audience. This is where 99% of the people using traffic exchanges fail, they try to PROMOTE something before getting people into their funnel aka mailing list.

You are trying to attract them FIRST, build a relationship with them through your mailing lists, blog posts etc…And then introduce and recommend them to programs AFTER they get to know you.

That is the back end and here’s what it can do for your downlines…

Traffic Exchange Downline

Note that I have never ONCE promoted an EasyHits4U link in the traffic exchanges, or promoted their affiliate splash pages ever….I’s all been through recommendations in my mailing lists, on my blogs and in various downline builders like ClickTrackProfit.

So I use my BACK END to promote anything I want to…My one job as an advertiser in the traffic exchanges is to fill my funnel by promoting my front end everyday!

But it’s not just for referrals either, take a look at a quick screen shot I did yesterday….This is passive income, that I have never once had to SELL to anyone. Because I promote numerous programs on the back end, my affiliate income literally builds itself.

Traffic Exchange Commmissions

Nothing works more effectively to build BIG downlines and BIG commission payments like back end selling. If you are not getting the results you deserve in the traffic exchanges this is why!

Practice promoting YOURSELF first on the front end, and then everything else on the back end.

Try it for a while, and you’ll be hooked!