The Dirtiest, Scariest Word In Traffic Exchanges

Lots of people love to talk about what it takes to win with traffic exchanges. Some people will say it’s having a powerful mailing list. Some will argue it’s the power of your social reputation. Others tend to say it’s all about how you advertise and where. There are lots of ‘experts’ it seems when it comes to excelling in this advertising arena but here’s something you rarely hear mentioned….Mostly because….It’s scary! It’s something no one wants to bring up. It makes them feel awkward….


I’ve maintained for years and years that if you are not learning sales in this business, you are missing out big time.

And I completely understand why it’s such a scary word to some. No one likes to be ‘sold’ but we all know that without an affiliate sale, no one gets commissions. So it’s almost like we’re stuck…How does one learn to excel at sales in this business without coming across as a snake oil salesman.

My solution?

Build something that SELLS itself.

I first had this ah-ha moment years ago when I started the Hit Exchange News Co-Op which eventually became Doctor Traffic. I created a product that people wanted. I did not have to break down people’s doors to explain to them how it worked….Pay me a monthly fee and I’ll get your oodles of traffic. Simple, effective and priced right. I created something that was in demand, that didn’t have any competition back then and made it available for everyone to purchase easily. It sold itself.

All I really did was have my phone number on the page and answer the calls that came in. 9 times out of 10, the person on the other line bought an advertising package. It was that simple.

I didn’t have to cold call. I didn’t have to pitch anything or anyone. I created something unique and in demand and it sold itself.

Here’s my suggestion for everyone…While you don’t need to revolutionize the advertising world you do need to create something different. Doing that separates you from the pack. While everyone else has a commercial script and basic template, you go the extra mile and do something remarkable. You can use this same model even if you don’t own your own program. What are YOU doing as an affiliate that separates you from the pack?

Be bold. Be unique.

You will be amazed at what happens when you start ‘selling’. And the best part is, you never need to pitch anyone ever. Your brand and product will truly sell itself!

Lucky 13? I Really Hope So…

This is always one of my favorite times of the year. When I get to start a new campaign for Here’s some quick stats over the past 4 plus years we’ve been running this clean drinking water initiative…

- We’ve raised $10,791 since our first campaign in September 2010

- Of the 8 wells we helped build so far, 2634 people will receive clean drinking water for up to 20 years!

- Right now all donations are being matched!

Traffic Exchanges Care

Yeah you read that last point right, a very generous supporter of Charity Water is actually doubling every single dollar that is being donated!

This is our 13th campaign for Traffic Exchanges Care and I’m so honored to be a part of this amazing industry. Seeing the community come together, owners, surfers and fans alike is something that truly is special. I cannot thank you all enough.

Please help us share the Traffic Exchanges Care message whether it be through a doubled donation, a tweet, a Facebook share…Anything and everything helps bring clean drinking water to every human being on the planet. Let’s rock!