The Lost Art Of Consistency

This summer I wrote a book! It wasn’t a long book, it was actually quite short, but Plus 1 Success was released with a simple message….Show up, every day and do something that helps you grow.

Simple really!

Easy to get up and shout…‘Hey everyone, Plus 1 every day and you’ll be a success!’

Not so easy to implement.

You see, we know what we need to do. Whether it’s for health reasons, business reasons, personal development reasons…We know we need to ‘show up’ every day however actually putting it into practice is another thing.

What’s the secret? What’s the golden nugget of all golden nuggets to constantly improve? How can we motivate ourselves to be better today than we were yesterday.

It’s consistency!

We expect huge results, overnight. Whether it’s business, trying to lose a few pounds or pay off debt. We expect instant results. But if you have tried that, you know from experience the real results truly are from doing little bits, every day. No matter what.

It doesn’t have to be pretty, it doesn’t have to change the world…You just need to DO SOMETHING today, and tomorrow, and the following day, and the next and so on and so on….

One of my favorite verses in the Bible is this;

“The harvest is plentiful, yet the labourers are few…” Matthew 9:37

It’s so true on all levels of life. Everyone wants a piece of the pie, yet so few are ready to do something EVERY DAY to reach their potential. If we stop trying to knock it out of the park on every swing we take, and simply try to win every day by progressing forward…Big things can happen!

Stop dreaming about it, be about it!

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And You Wonder Why You Don’t Get Results….

I love to read! If I’m not working or spending time with my family, you can usually find my nose deep into a good book. And one I was reading recently got had some disturbing stats in it….

Here’s what it stated;

– We spend an average of 8.5 hours a day behind a computer screen
– We go through 63,000 words of new information a day
– The average American checks their phone about 110 times a day

And these are just a few of the startling numbers that came across while reading.

I bet you can add on a few more hours behind a computer screen for all of us in the internet marketing world as well, and not to mention….Another 20,000 to 30,000 words :)

It’s safe to say, we are living in a world of distraction. We are living in a world of constant pulling for our attention. So excuse me if I’m not surprised that people are getting horrible results with their online business.

We don’t take our advertising seriously at all. We use cookie cutter affiliate pages, dime-a-dozen script templates, put zero emphasis on our sales funnels and wonder why we don’t get better results.

However the results are out there for the people that do understand this simple fact….You need to stick out from the crowd more than ever before.

Your ads, your brand, your business need to POP! Not only does it need to grab attention, you need to keep it after.

That’s what is a fact in 2015 going into 2016…If you don’t grab peoples attention, they have forgotten about you within the next 5 seconds.

So before you rant about not getting results, look at your business and look at your marketing first. I guarantee you that can improve immediately.

Be bold! Be seen! Be engaging! Be remarkable!

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