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4 Tips On How To Build Your First Email List Using Traffic Exchanges

Email marketing is critical for your online business success. This isn’t brand new information. In fact, it’s pretty much the first thing you hear when you start trying to build your online business…

“Build your mailing list!’

And what’s awesome about this statement is how easy it can be using…Yup, you guessed it…Traffic exchanges!

Here are a few tips and strategies that I have put into action over the years to build lists using pretty much only…Traffic exchanges;

1. Stick Out Like A Sore Thumb – Have you been put to sleep while surfing traffic exchanges? Do pages seem to get worse the more you surf? Those are pretty obvious answers sadly, as creativity is at an all time low in the T.E. world, however here’s a better question to ask yourself…What makes you STOP surfing? What kind of pages jump out at you? What not only gets you to stop surfing 100000 tabs at once, but even gets you to fill out a form or take action on the page? Answer those questions and you’ll see how important it is to…Stick out!

2. Follow The A.C.A.’s of Squeeze Page Design – I’m assuming that you are using a squeeze page while promoting in the traffic exchanges! I assume this because you are a savvy reader of Hit Exchange News and I’ve been telling folks to stop promoting standard affiliate pages for about…A decade! If you aren’t yet promoting a squeeze page…Please stop what you are doing right now. You are wasting your time as an affiliate. Here’s how you should build your ‘visual representation’ in the traffic exchanges.

Grab Attention
Create Curiosity
Finish With A Strong Call To Action

Every single squeeze page should follow this formula and I’ve got about 14 years of data to back it up. Heck, just look a few months ago on some of those posts I did about lead generation with traffic exchanges….This formula works and works great!

3. Use Live Video – Yeah I know…Most people surf without their sound on. They have scripts that stop videos from being seen. Don’t care. That’s not who I’m trying to get on my list anyways. Those are generally the people that are surfing for pennies and really aren’t treating your pages like they want theirs to be treated. Doesn’t mean you need to buy or sign up to everything you see while surfing, but just a common courtesy would do a world of good. Back to the point though….I’ve been using videos on my squeeze pages for years and I wouldn’t change a thing. People appreciate the ‘real’ you. And they can see it in a video. Listen, this is 2017…And if you aren’t using video in your marketing….Well….On to the next point.

4. K.I.S.S. – My favorite comedian Chris Rock once said…”You can drive your car with your feet, doesn’t make it a good idea“! Same advice goes for all your list building initiatives in the traffic exchanges. Keep things simple. Don’t put 10 banners on your squeeze pages. Don’t use neon flashing colors. For the love of everything that is good, stop putting War & Peace length ad copy on your page. Keep. Things. SIMPLE! The easiest someone can understand your message and you create some curiosity, the better. The more action they will take…And that’s what we want!

5. Bonus Point – Be Unique! – This kind of combines all the points into one big package. Make your lead generating pages look like a million bucks! Huge hint: Use tools that no one else does! Don’t follow what every other affiliate on the planet is doing…Do these things you will stick out. You will generate leads and you will find amazing results in an industry that has been misunderstood since day one!

Let’s keep building those lists!

Hosting A Promo? Here’s How To Get Better Results From Your Log In Offers

People love hosting promos with ClickTrackProfit! The problem facing most owners that do so, is that they don’t always get the return they hoped for….Here are 4 tips on how to get better results and leverage the massive potential of a CTP promo 🙂

1. Don’t Use The Standard Log In / One Time Offer Page – Sure this might have worked 5 years ago, but it’s dead! Nothing tells your customers that you are not serious about their success than using this image for your log in offers…It’s basic. It’s not going to convert like you should be converting. Stop using it…Yesterday!

(Example: This is one of the worst things you can do when you are setting up a log in offer…Be unique!!!)

2. Cater To The Audience, Be Specific
– This is huge! Remember, the more targeted you can make your offers, the better. So if you are hosting a promo with CTP Teams, speak DIRECTLY to that audience. Cater the offers to them and show them that you value their business and want to earn it. The more specific to the audience you get, the better.

(Example: TE Search uses specific log in offers throughout it’s schedule…See how it’s catering directly to the specific promo that is being hosted!)

3. Create Something Remarkable – Wanna see a great example of how to do remarkable log in offers, check out Major League Advertising. They ‘get it’ when it comes to log in offers and it shows. They double their investment & get dozens of new members joining because their offers are unique, they are fun and they stick out from the noise!

(Example: This log in offer from MLA was perfect! The price might seem high but it was targeted perfectly to the audience. This is how to create something….Awesome!)

4. Pricing, Go For Residual If Possible – This is a trick I learned early on in my career. Sure the cash grabbing TE owners think launching a new program month after month is the way to succeed, but I beg to differ. The real power is in the residual! So price a subscription for an upgrade or credit special around the $5 to $10 a month price point. I’m a huge fan of 7 bucks, but try them all and see which converts the best for you!

(Example: The specific audience was great here, but the price point was bang on! This converted well the only two suggestions I would make…Create a subscription for it and….Use a video;))

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