Traffic Exchanges Need To Die

It’s time to come clean…

The past few weeks have been really rough on an industry I have made a living from since the last 1990’s.

Crazy right?

Traffic exchanges are almost 20 years old and have been a mainstay for many work from home professionals and home based businesses that didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg to get traffic to their website.

We provided services for the ‘little guy’ that dreamed of being a big guy! We gave everyone a shot to compete to get traffic to their websites, but also their landing pages, squeeze pages and blogs.

When the entire world went to Facebook ads, Promoted Tweets, Google AdWords and multiple new forms of online advertising…Traffic exchanges essentially stayed the same.

I look at your website, you look at mine.

It was all so simple!

Fast forward to the drama of the past few weeks. PayPal has pulled the plug on an entire industry because we got lumped into the same category as certain programs that used a traffic exchange front for their online ‘opportunity’.

Let me be crystal clear, especially if anyone from PayPal ever reads this…Traffic exchanges, real traffic exchanges, have never been about multi-level payments, matrices, payout structures, get rich quick schemes or whatever label we have had thrown upon us.

It was an advertising service. Only. Ever.

Now we have NO ONE to blame but ourselves for the current state of affairs. We saw the writing on the wall, we saw the horrible websites that were being promoted within our communities. And we did nothing…

We encouraged penny clicking, get rich quick scams to use and advertise within our walls. We sat back because…Hey, we couldn’t control what people promoted. Everyone is an adult, we don’t need to police our members.

Hindsight is 20/20…

Maybe that’s it! Time to call it quits, it was a good run, let traffic exchanges ride off into the sunset…

Not so fast….

Here’s the thing…They can be and should be resurrected. The current model needs to die. Our community right now isn’t filled with the type of advertisers, customers and owners we need to grow this business….

We need to figure out why sites like StumbleUpon can be ok in the eyes of the world, but something like TezakTrafficPower is not.

To me, it’s the content. We are filled with crap. Literally. It’s really bad in 2016…If you surf any traffic exchange today you can almost understand why people think we are a joke.
We refused to stop the garbage from coming into our businesses and did nothing to stop it.

We have ourselves to blame, and we’ll own it. We’ve been at this long enough to know, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger….Still…There is great opportunity.

The DNA of these programs can stay the same (you look at mine, I look at yours…) but the culture needs to change. We need to cater to businesses that see real value in spending their time advertising within our programs. We need serious owners that are willing to spend thousands on development and advertising to CREATIVELY attract those customers.

We need leaders.

Will it be easy?

Absolutely not, PayPal giving the traffic exchanges a slap…Hurt. It’s hurt a lot of people who have dedicated their lives to this industry, myself included, but there is HUGE opportunity here.

I encourage us all, to put aside any distractions and arguments that we’ve had in the past and work together to build something truly remarkable.

Traffic exchanges as we know them today, may be dying…But that could be the biggest blessing traffic exchanges have ever had. It could mean the start and creation of something new, exciting and vibrant…It could be just what we needed!

Way Back In April I Made A Pretty Big Claim…

April 14th was a big day in the traffic exchange industry. You might be scratching your head and asking yourself why is Jon talking about something that happened almost 6 months ago but hear me out…

I was looking at some older programs today because Sunny Suggs had recently re-released her Bootscootin Traffic and when I saw it was first released in 2008, that made me smile.


That’s almost a decade ago, yet here’s an owner that is focusing on bringing more value to the market instead of just launching something new.

I started looking at some of the most popular launches of this past year and then I noticed something…Remarkable. was launched April 14/15th of this year and I made some pretty big claims about it. I said it would be a huge force for years to come and 6 months later….I’m sticking to my guns.

Why does this program continue to blow everything away?

Brand building & list building!

I have never seen anything in my years of marketing in this business that has worked so well and exactly as it was designed to.

And commissions? Holy moly donut shop…..This thing pays us 3 figures every single week, without fail!

Check out this screen shot to see what I’m saying…



But I think we can see, this industry doesn’t always need brand new…It needs SOLID and long term.

Folks, I kid you not, this will help your business more than anything ever…Stick with programs that pay each and every week without fail, and stay active in the sites where the owner is out there…Helping members and adding value to them all the time.

Whether it’s Sunny re-launching a kick butt traffic exchange that first got started in 2008, or the NewFire Marketing guys and their no-brainer marketing system….This stuff works, if you stay the course…