What’s A Credit Really Worth?

The traffic exchange ‘credit’ has become a commodity. In the golden years of the traffic exchanges you could find a great deal to purchase advertising…

Something like $10 for 1000 credits seemed to be the industry norm…

Boy oh boy, have we sunk! These days you see most programs charging about $3-5 for the same amount. The credit has become devalued and for good reason…People aren’t as high on credits as they once were.

1000 credits used to get you some serious results. Nowadays, it barely makes a scratch. It takes 3 times as much to get the same kind of results, and the trickle down effect is being felt across the board.

I’m going to challenge you today…

I need you to go with me on a journey through the wonderful exciting life of a traffic exchange credit…

Meet Craig The Credit!

Craig is being earned right now from Surfer Sally’s hard work. Surfer Sally has been at it for hours. She’s not an upgraded member so her surf ratio is around 3:1 meaning, for every 3 page views she views, she’s earning a ‘Craig’…

So far so good…

Surfer Sally has been promoting her brand new squeeze page following the A.C.A.’s of squeeze page design. So after about an hour of surfing, she’s amassed around 100 credits from her hard work.

She’s now putting Craig The Credit to work…

Sally knows that every time Craig is used, she has the potential to generate a new lead or subscriber to her mailing list. And because Sally knows that generally one new person on her mailing list can turn into $1 a month in residual income (given that her funnels are properly set up…) Sally is excited for what Craig The Credit can bring her.

Every time Craig is used…There is potential for Sally’s monthly residual income to grow.

Fun little story I know, but I hope the message came across loud and clear.

It’s not that credits have devalued, it’s that people aren’t USING credits that they earn effectively.

This is the biggest problem I see, surf any traffic exchange and all you see is garbage in rotation. But imagine an industry where Sally Surfer used Craig The Credit effectively!

Personal branding!

Building your list!

It’s not just a fable, it’s honest to goodness potential…

Let’s roll up our sleeves and promote the right thing in the right way…

Put Craig to work for your business today!

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When Will Traffic Exchanges Go Mobile?

In our little TE owners mastermind group we brought up a topic that I felt should be discussed across the entire industry. And what better way than to bring it up on Hit Exchange News 🙂

The topic was…Mobile.

And while some traffic exchanges have dabbled in mobile applications and mobile surfing, as a whole the industry has yet to embrace it.


It didn’t seem to be so much the scripts and their ability to become mobile friendly, that wasn’t the issue. The problem was…The sites in rotation.

Let’s be honest…It’s really hard to show something that looks like this…..In a mobile environment…

(I’m not even going to start on my rants about programs like this and how much this hurts us as an industry…)

So that’s our first hurdle, educating advertisers and surfers to make sure their designs are responsive for a mobile platform.

And it could be very well worth the effort…

One peak at a blog post from earlier this year showed massive numbers for mobile usage and an increase across the entire spectrum of both browsing time and time spent within the apps.

Just looking at those numbers made me think, we are missing potential customers by not completely embracing mobile.

I applaud all the owners that have been dabbling and making sure their designs are responsive, but again I think the major issue is educating the end user. The surfer. The advertiser.

Need more convincing?

How about these stats…

– 80% of internet users own a smart phone

– 71% of marketers believe mobile marketing is core to their business

– Google says 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing and 40% visit a competitor’s site instead.

– By 2019, mobile advertising will represent 72% of all US digital ad spending.

– 83% of mobile users say that a seamless experience across all devices is very important.


And the stats can just keep coming and coming.

If traffic exchanges are going to survive and thrive in the future, the move to mobile must take place.

This is an important discussion, so I encourage you to speak up, leave your comments and let’s start thinking about the future….