Where Do We Go From Here?

It’s been a few months since my last post on Hit Exchange News because I’ve been in love and obsessed with Steemit!

I highly recommend everyone go and check it out, you’ll fall in love with content creation all over again 🙂

But today’s post is a must read and a must discuss for everyone in the traffic exchange and viral mailer business…

Here’s the situation;

Payza looks like it’s in some hot water…Again.

A recent blog post from ICE.gov claims that Payza along with two brothers from Canada have been money laundering and using their service for some shady practices.

Sadly, this does not come as a surprise to many of us that have gone through Alert Pay and then it’s rebrand to Payza.

Since this platform started it’s been nothing but a headache. What’s super scary about this though, is that only a year and a half ago, PayPal pulled the plug on many traffic exchanges and viral mailers. So owners flooded into Payza simply because they had very little choice. Now that Payza might be in for some even rougher times, we have to ask the question…

What’s next for traffic exchanges and mailers?

Personally, you’ll know what I would recommend…

Your own merchant account to accept credit cards. Sure that may take some work and you’ll have to actually treat your business like a business and file all the necessary documents to be above water but that could be a welcomed change to our reliance on these payment processors for good. A merchant account looks uber professional and puts a stamp of quality on your traffic exchange / mailer business.

But there is another option..Which will be able to handle all your payments, commissions and NEVER be shut down…

Finally embracing crypto!

I can see some of your eyes rolling but let’s look at the facts…

PayPal isn’t jumping to welcome us back anytime soon.

Payza may be going down the tubes at anytime.

Merchant accounts can be a lot of work to secure.

Crypto is there! Right now! And is a 100% digital product / currency. And the best part, it’s almost tailor made for what we do here online. It’s the perfect solution in my opinion.

What about you?

How does this recent news from Payza have you thinking about accepting payments online going forward? What are your plans for the future?

traffic exchange year in review

2017 Year In Review Of The Traffic Exchange Industry

It’s that time again! As we are only a few days away from 2018, it’s another year in review blog post here at Hit Exchange News. This has been a tradition for over a decade now to go over the wins and losses that we’ve seen over the past 12 months. More importantly though, it’s an outlook on the next 12 months and my opinion on what we will see in this industry in the future!

Let’s dive right in!

First the good news…

1. List building is coming back to traffic exchanges in a big way. The recent launch of TE List Builder was the success story of 2017 in my opinion and we saw a brand new influx of surfers that went from being focused on surfing for the sake of surfing, into surfing with a purpose. And that purpose was building their lists.

te list builder

This was a huge win, not only for the industry but also for affiliates of this site. I expect even bigger things from the TE List Builder team in 2018 and I’m excited to see what they have planned.

2. Also, the crypto revolution is on it’s way (whether you like it or not!) And while we didn’t see massive adoption in the traffic exchanges (let’s be honest, traffic exchanges as a whole are notorious for diving into new technology) I expect more adoption in 2018. With all the hype and hoopla surrounding crypto and it’s champion, bitcoin, I believe that not only owners but users will be demanding that we all start accepting it as a legit payment option in 2018.

We started AcceptCrypto.io with the hopes of seeing more traffic exchanges use crypto because if you remember, PayPal really doesn’t want our business. So crypto just makes sense! But again, we’ll see how the everyday surfer adopts this or ignores it. I hope it’s adoption 🙂

3. I also noticed a lot of walls being broken down too. In that, I mean people that used to stay far away from each other actually started to communicate more and work with each other. The ‘cliques’ have disappeared and that’s a good thing. I love seeing this industry as a whole try to get better and that’s a big win for all of us. When we talk daily and communicate, good things will always follow.

4. And shameless self promotion….Let’s be honest, the biggest news of 2017 is that….Net Marketing Forum is back 🙂

net marketing forum

And now the bad news…

More and more traffic exchanges are shutting their doors or disappearing completely. Some owners completely ignore payout requests and others just shut down their operations. While this could be looked at as a good thing as the cream always rises to the top (and has since day one if this business) the more bad news that is spread about owners disappearing is…Troubling to say the least. This industry needs owners that stay the course, no matter what, and continue to innovate. However that’s hard when at the first sign of trouble, owners abandon ship. I hope in 2018 we see the cream TRULY rise once again.

Of course, PayPal’s ignorance had a lot to do with these decisions and I get it. If something isn’t profitable and you’ve spent years dedicating yourself to something, just to have it slapped by the powers that be, it’s heart breaking. However the future is bright, for the folks that see the future…And I hate beating a dead horse…But that future for us has to be in options other than PayPal.

Another negative this year has been the lack of innovation. Generally, traffic exchanges have a few programs a year that launch and inspire the creativity of the industry. Sure people are excited about TE List Builder but I’m speaking more on the lines of traffic exchanges themselves. We haven’t seen any massive new innovation since I’d say Major League Advertising and that was over a year ago. Maybe I’m missing something? And if I’m not noticing it, the marketing needs to be better 🙂 Sadly, this will do more damage in the long run if we don’t see more risks being taken by new owners.

Try something new! You never know what will come of it…

Regardless of the negatives, traffic exchanges are still here.

Amazing, after almost 2 decades of being online, these programs still can pack a punch when used properly.

What will 2018 bring?

There’s only one way to find out….Let’s start surfing and see what we find 🙂

I hope you have an amazing new years and all the best in 2018! We’re entering into Hit Exchange News’s 15th year online…And I look forward to another 15 years of bringing you the pulse of the traffic exchange industry.