So You Are Launching A New Traffic Exchange Huh?

So You Wanna Launch A New Traffic Exchange Huh-

This post might make a few people feel uncomfortable…But if it changes the way they view traffic exchange ownership then it’s done it’s job…

First a little trip down memory lane…The industry has seen some REALLY big launches over the years. From Tony Tezak’s TezakTrafficPower, the now defunct LinkCrews to even a little closer to home with Sweeva…Some traffic exchanges launched to not only tens of thousands of dollars in commissions but tens of thousands of new members within the first few weeks.

Nowadays….If a program gets 1000 members in the first week it’s considered a massive success.

When did we start settling for mediocrity?

But thinking back, I can tell directly WHY these programs had huge launches compared to the launches of today…They made them an EVENT!

People knew about TTP weeks if not months before it was going live, there was strategy involved and a team put together to launch it. LinkCrews was arguably one of the fastest growing programs in history because the owner travelled (with me) to countless offline seminars and met his launch team face to face…At Sweeva, we sent our launch partners a mug with a personal note expressing how honored we would be if they helped us launch it.

Each case showed the owner put thought into the launch and made it a spectacle.

Nowadays, if people drop $100 on advertising their new program it’s a shock.

Here’s the thing…This is your business! And people have the attention span of goldfish in 2016. So if you are not OUT THERE, in front of people and getting them excited for your new launch, you may never even get 1000 members to join your program ever.

Trust me on this, a big launch is VERY good for your pocket book and for your affiliates. There is something very exciting about an owner that is making their launch team a lot of money in commissions….

We need owners that treat this like a business and take it to the next level. Not just settling for the same old same old mods, scripts and templates…Where’s the innovation? Where’s the bold attitude? Where’s the creativity?

If we want to bring back the launch success of yesteryears we need to step up our game as marketers, advertisers and business people. We need to make these launches an event and shake it up now and again.

Or we can settle…For the same look, the same templates, the same scripts, the same mods….The same results….

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The Up’s And Down’s Of The Traffic Exchange Industry

The Up's & Down's Of The Traffic Exchanges

Business is a funny thing…

I have fallen into this trap numerous times in my years of being online and it goes against everything I teach and talk about in my training…I live and die on the ‘roller coaster’.

When things are going great, I’m smiling, laughing, enjoying life and spending a lot of money on advertising and marketing. When things are slow, I’m grumpy, frustrated and of course, not advertising and trying to grow my business.

Sound familiar?

There’s a quote that has become something of urban legend in internet marketing circles for years and it’s from Dan Kennedy (basically THE marketer all big name marketers hire) and it goes something like this…

“Those that spend the most, end up winning the most!”

Now that might not be exactly word for word how Dan stated it but the idea is this…If you want to build a business that is booming, growing and gets your customers excited…Constantly be advertising, marketing and getting your site seen.

How much does this sound like us in the traffic exchange industry?

When things are great, we’re all supporting each other and growing together….And when things are slow, we are pointing fingers and not spending a dime to grow our brands.

I’ve seen this with a lot of TE’s that we have huge downlines in…When they are promoting their programs, hosting promos around the industry and creating new things….Money is being made and commissions are flowing in.

When these same TE’s stop spending on advertising and marketing, commissions start to dry up….

This business lives and breathes on emotion (it is filled with these emotional creatures after all) and I’m not pointing the finger here because I’m doing EXACTLY what I know I shouldn’t do.

I’m going to do my best embrace the roller coaster but stay the course. I won’t get too high and I won’t get too low…And I’ll be much more visible! And to me, that’s a very good game plan to grow any brand and show our customers that we’re here for the long run….

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