Results! Results! Results!

As the pre-season is about to get fired up for CTP Teams, one ‘complaint’ we’ve heard over the years since we brought gamification into the traffic exchange industry was…Where’s the results?

Traffic exchanges don’t work anymore! The traffic exchanges are dying. I hate those silly badges! Jon smells!

The usual stuff…

Here’s a nugget. Results are subjective, contrary to what some ‘experts‘ may tell you…A new sale might mean more to one person, while a simple ‘hello’ in chat means more to the next. A new lead on their mailing list may mean the world to someone, while completing a game card means a lot to a new surfer.

We have no right to tell someone what a ‘result’ is and what it is not…Different people want different things and at different times in their online marketing career.

This is why we focus on people first, and letting the ‘results’ speak for themselves. Showing up everyday, doing the little things will provide you with all the results you could imagine…And it comes in all different forms;

When I start surfing I Love Hits and see Adam Brockie’s Kore4 page. That’s results!

When I see this while in chat, not only does it bring a huge smile to my face, it reminds me….That’s results!


When Russell Stockley creates a page, specifically for his division in the upcoming Season 3…That’s yet again, results!

When I surf Sweeva and see Wealthy Clark develop CTP specific training and sticks out by using video on his pages…That’s results!

When I see that we paid out over $2000 in commissions this past week for Kore4 and CTP members…That’s results…In your bank account!

When I hear that Wendy Browning made over $340 in Kore4 alone, by showing up everyday and sticking to her guns…That’s results!


Real people. Real results.

People improving themselves each and everyday. People getting their first affiliate commission. People adopting a +1 mentality in business. People developing life long relationships with their team mates.

Every badge, every team competition, every XP given is for…People.

Put people first in YOUR business and your results will sky rocket.

How To Build The Ultimate Squeeze Page That Gets Massive Results

I’ve touched on this a few times in Traffic Exchange Live over the past few years and have yet to it catch on…So I’ll be the guinea pig today and basically build a squeeze page from scratch that when promoted, will build any list, build any downline and get results like never before…

Here’s the live video right now (or may be a recording of it, after the page was built)…

You are going to need a few tools for this…

1. Rocket Responder
2. Spreecast (or some similar service)
3. AdKreator

Step One: What we need to do first is set up your Rocket Responder account and create a simple form that people fill out on the page to join your list. This is very straight forward but it may take a few lines of code to copy and paste into your Adkreator squeeze page.


Step Two: Once you have the code copied to your clip board, open up AdKreator and simply create a page with minimal graphics. The focus of this page is going to be two things…The live video and the RocketResponder form.


Step Three: After you have pasted the auto responder code into your squeeze page, you are going to need to grab the embed code and start a live stream video. I use Spreecast, but there are a multitude of free services you can use. From Vokle, to uStream, to StreamUp to Meerkat…Your choice.


After both codes are placed into the squeeze page, save it and get that link and promote it everywhere. I would recommend using Sweeva heavily simply because of the way it gets pages seen, but don’t limit yourself. Promote this everywhere!

Now here is the finished product, a few notes…I played with the settings a bit when I put the codes into AdKreator. You will need to find out what works best for you, I’m really anal about how things are placed and what they look like on a page, but it’s up to you. I went with a stupid simple layout, minimal ad copy so I could focus on two things…My live stream and my lead capture form. That’s it…

And now comes the real test…I’ll be promoting this today and seeing what kind of numbers I can generate for my list…Details to follow ;)

Update: I ran the page in the traffic exchanges for about 2 hours. I generated 10 sign ups to my new list in that time, using only about 4 traffic exchanges total. Imagine what I could accomplish if I ran this 24/7/365…..Excuses be gone! Traffic exchanges work, you just have to get out of your comfort zone and make it happen!