The Time Is Now…Or Just Forget About It

Apologies if this blog post comes off a bit harsh….Jaded maybe? Frustrated definitely. Annoyed? Absolutely.

In case you haven’t heard yet, the brilliant soul-less minds at PayPal decided to shut our PayPal account down. Not only the corporate account but all our individual accounts as well. And of course, there was no reason, no appeal, and no response from their ‘AUP department’.

This was a long time coming…Let’s be honest.

We dodged their first round of account banning about a year and a half ago when they ignorantly labeled traffic exchanges as ponzis but alas, I’m just ‘assuming’ that’s why they shut us down because….They still haven’t told us why.

But literally, we’ve moved on. We knew the writing was on the wall and these people are the biggest scammers that are on the internet today so we need more options…

Payza? Absolutely not and let’s be honest, with all the drama they’ve been going through I doubt they even exist in a year from now. I don’t trust them because they still have over $10,000 of our money and have never given it back.

Solid Trust Pay?
Never used them and when we tried we had to jump through hoops to actually be approved and then learned half of America can’t even use the service. No thanks!

Credit card processors?
A fantastic option if you have a relationship with your bank and can get approved. but not that easy to do…

So here we are, stumbling around trying to find a solution for ;

– Easy to use payment option
– Secure and safe transactions
– Can be used and adopted by any online business model (traffic exchanges included!)

Guess what I’m going to say! Crypto is the answer!

But here’s where my blog post turns ugly….

The absolute SNAILS PACE that traffic exchange owners have adopted crypto and have used crypto for their payment needs is beyond frustrating.

Here is the perfect solution, that would turn this industry around and cater to one of the most supportive and active communities online (the crypto industry) and we still have people sitting on their hands when it comes to fully adopting crypto for their traffic exchange.

I’m sorry…What again are we waiting for?

PayPal to apologize for attempting to ruin an entire industry and destroying thousands of people’s livelihoods? And welcoming us back with open arms? Good luck with that.

Here’s my opinion and it might get REALLY ugly now.

Crypto can save traffic exchanges!

But if we don’t act now, traffic exchanges will cease to exist in less than a year.

If owners aren’t making money, they will close up shop as we have seen.

If users aren’t getting results because their is little to no excitement in the industry, they will leave…Again, as we have seen.

So if you want to see this industry survive and even potentially GROW , it’s time to adopty crypto and save the excuses!

P.S. Rumor has it there is a fantastic free service out there that teaches people the basics of crypto and gives them a head start into the industry…Excuses be damned!

Where Do We Go From Here?

It’s been a few months since my last post on Hit Exchange News because I’ve been in love and obsessed with Steemit!

I highly recommend everyone go and check it out, you’ll fall in love with content creation all over again 🙂

But today’s post is a must read and a must discuss for everyone in the traffic exchange and viral mailer business…

Here’s the situation;

Payza looks like it’s in some hot water…Again.

A recent blog post from claims that Payza along with two brothers from Canada have been money laundering and using their service for some shady practices.

Sadly, this does not come as a surprise to many of us that have gone through Alert Pay and then it’s rebrand to Payza.

Since this platform started it’s been nothing but a headache. What’s super scary about this though, is that only a year and a half ago, PayPal pulled the plug on many traffic exchanges and viral mailers. So owners flooded into Payza simply because they had very little choice. Now that Payza might be in for some even rougher times, we have to ask the question…

What’s next for traffic exchanges and mailers?

Personally, you’ll know what I would recommend…

Your own merchant account to accept credit cards. Sure that may take some work and you’ll have to actually treat your business like a business and file all the necessary documents to be above water but that could be a welcomed change to our reliance on these payment processors for good. A merchant account looks uber professional and puts a stamp of quality on your traffic exchange / mailer business.

But there is another option..Which will be able to handle all your payments, commissions and NEVER be shut down…

Finally embracing crypto!

I can see some of your eyes rolling but let’s look at the facts…

PayPal isn’t jumping to welcome us back anytime soon.

Payza may be going down the tubes at anytime.

Merchant accounts can be a lot of work to secure.

Crypto is there! Right now! And is a 100% digital product / currency. And the best part, it’s almost tailor made for what we do here online. It’s the perfect solution in my opinion.

What about you?

How does this recent news from Payza have you thinking about accepting payments online going forward? What are your plans for the future?