Why CTP Teams Is Changing The Game

It’s been a few months now since we introduced Kore4 and ClickTrackProfit Teams and it’s been such a huge win for everyone involved. And when I mean everyone, it truly is everyone…

TimTech is winning because it allows us to get back to what our passion is, and that is traffic exchanges and making cool things light up on your screen ;) The referrer wins because of the added benefit of a long term affiliate plan and huge 50% commissions every month (we had a record setting commission payout last week btw!) And finally, the referral wins because they get introduced to the best tools and the greatest community in the business…CTP Teams!

Have you seen what these awesome sauce people have been up to?

My goodness, there is almost too many amazing things to mention but I’ll go over a few…

- The huge ROAR of teams like the Strays, Lucky 13 and the Surfaholics have been heard from near and far. All the teams in this have been amazing but these guys and gals so things a little bit differently. Huge leadership from Matt Badura, Virginia Herron and Tom Wacker have placed these 3 teams on the top for weeks on end. It’s been amazing.

- Speaking of Surfaholics, you are seeing the development of amazing affiliate like Valetin Mavrodin with his Giveaway XP campaign along with team leader Matt Badura. Absolutely remarkable to see!

- Lucky 13 has arguably made the splash page of all splash pages this week and apparently this is just the tip of the ice berg! (Jerry Iannucci for the win!)

- William Miller & Walter Mulder have adopted and absolutely crushed it with Giveaway XP and the Daily Challenges. It’s amazing to see the leverage they have used by combining the surf promo with the Giveaway XP…Amazing stuff!

- Guys like Carl Davies have stepped up huge with his campaigns. Nick Grimshawe’s CTP Masters team have been rocking it along with the best CTP training on the planet courtesy of Mr. Grimshawe himself. I’ve been seeing splash page after splash page of amazing designs by (of course) Rhonda Pizor, Sunny Suggs and Serge Cote….Awesome!

Wow, and this is just what I can remember from the past few weeks…If I didn’t mention you, please understand I’ve been on information over load from all the amazing stuff I’ve seen. Believe me, you have not gone un-noticed….It’s been awesome!

It’s amazing to see like minded people getting together. Working together. Building relationships that will last for years and years. THIS is what this business is about. It’s people and never forget it. All the splash pages, tracking, lead pages, auto responders, traffic don’t mean a hill of beans if you forget the PEOPLE behind it all.

Get ready for a remarkable summer. I think we are just getting started! CTP Teams is changing the game because of the PEOPLE!

Why I Love Traffic Exchange Brand & Other Fun Observations

So this week Eric Goettman launched his brand new ranking service into the industry – Traffic Exchange Brand. This is a little different because instead of ranking traffic exchanges, it in fact showcases which surfers, affiliates and owners are most liked, trusted, and known.

I fell in love with it on day one!

Traffic Exchange Brand

You see, I’ve always had problems with some of the more popular traffic exchange ranking services. Not that the ranker owner’s opinion isn’t valid, I think everyone should have an opinion on what T.E.’s work best for them. But when one person essentially says to an entire industry ‘this is a T.E. to use, the other ones don’t cut it’…Well, let’s just say my Spidey senses start to tingle.

When I created Affiliate Funnel, we developed the A.F. Ranker because we WANTED people’s opinion. Not just one person, everyone’s. And you see, that to me is when a ranker really shines. When you get the opinions of multiple people, an entire smorgasbord of opinions, good things come about. Is it perfect? Absolutely not, but it gives the power to the people and that is when an industry I think grows and matures.

So along comes Traffic Exchange Brand and WOW! Now I can ‘vote’ on the marketers I know, like and trust the most? And it takes everyone’s answers and averages it out? Where do I sign up?

I love these kind of rankings (and Affiliate Funnel’s original ranking service) because it gives EVERYONE a voice. And of course we should track our own stats, that’s a given. However with services like the original A.F. Ranker and now T.E. Brand, you get to see what an entire industry thinks…Not just one person. That’s awesome sauce!

Everyone’s results will be different and everyone’s brand will vary from person to person. Case in point, right now TimTech is ‘known‘ in T.E. Brand but our likes and trust value have gone way down…Reason, other than the fact we have a lot of haters (Hi guys!!!!!), it shows us we have a lot of work to do every single day!

Is it perfect? Absolutely not. Nothing really is. But it’s fun. It’s informative. It’s entertaining. It’s the traffic exchange industry at it’s best!