Deep Thoughts For Every Traffic Exchange User

So I’ve been thinking about something over the past few weeks when it comes to the huge popularity of CTP Teams and the state of the traffic exchange industry. But first, a trip back through time…

There has always been two types of people that seem to use traffic exchanges…

We have one group of people who generally love surfing.

They love the community. They love the relationships. They appreciate being part of a team environment.

Then there is another group of people that view the Teams and surfing the traffic exchanges as part of their business.

Some folks are in this to secure their future financially, while others simply love the hunt. Of course the argument can be made that there is also a third group of people, myself included, that are a part of both sides of the coin. We love the business AND we LOVE the community as well.

We view everything we do, from badge hunting to list building as part of the bigger picture. We understand that community is a huge part of business and sometimes the ROI of spending time getting to know your fellow surfer, doesn’t pay off for many months, if not years (and that’s ok!)

I challenge the industry! I challenge people who think of this as a business, to look at it more with the community mindset. I challenge the people who think it’s fun to collect badges, to view it more as a business.

The biggest problem is that ‘business’ people always expect results over night and that’s what I believe can be gained from looking at the community side of things. Take your time. Enjoy the PEOPLE. Enjoy the journey.

For people on the community side of things, understand that it’s ok to spend money. It’s ok to make money. It’s healthy for any industry to have a little give and take. Hey, without a sale no one makes any affiliates commissions….

It takes both sides of the coin to make this business work. We need the hard core surfers! We need the hard core list builders! We need the people with PASSION no matter what side of the coin they may be on!

It’s The Year Two Thousand Four…..Team

I got back from vacation to arguably one of the most exciting weeks in the history of CTP Teams! I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this awesome sauce community as I’m going on my 17th year involved with the traffic exchanges! I truly believe even though the traffic exchanges have been around for years, we are just about to make some serious noise around the internet…And the reason why?

Simple…It’s the PEOPLE!

Be sure to check out everything happening in CTP Teams by visiting the official blog for daily updates. And check out Tom Wacker’s awesome sauce blog that gave me the inspiration for today’s video.