Kore4 – Why now and what took so long?

So we released our new little baby this week to the world and while it’s not a ‘brand new program’ it almost feels like a re-birth of sorts…

First, let’s talk Kore4!

kore4 logo

During the past year or so, I believe TimTech has gotten away from what we do best. It’s an important lesson for anyone, in life or business, is to never forget where you came from. And I think we did. We dabbled in new endeavors, had some wins and had some losses and while that is part of being an entrepreneur sometimes we forget what made us ‘click’ in the first place.

Traffic exchanges!

You know, it’s funny but if you think back to a few years ago the culture of traffic exchanges was to ‘upgrade’ in them, refer people to them and collect sizable affiliate commissions from them. Somewhere, we lost focus.

I’m taking just as much blame here as anyone, I think we fell in love with the ‘penny surfing’ mentality and while I still believe it’s a plus to give your loyal surfers some kind of reward, we need to bring back the ‘money making’ side of these programs.

Like I was mentioning, the culture a few years ago was to upgrade. It wasn’t even a question. Imagine if only 10% of all traffic exchange surfers upgraded in your favorite program, there would be a lot of ‘wins’ in this business. The program owner would win, the affiliate would win and the new member who upgraded would win. Everyone wins, no one loses. Just the way it should be.

So we developed Kore4 with one goal in mind…Making sure…Everyone wins.

Our strength has always been to develop the tools needed to advertise your business, yet we never had a ‘bottom of the funnel opportunity‘ in TimTech. So we created an elite tier in all our programs, bundled them up into one package, added more bonuses than we thought possible and branded it Kore4….Kore4 relates to the 4 traffic exchanges we own, and bringing it all together is of course, ClickTrackProfit.

You have your unlimited traffic from the TE’s, the earning potential of the hundreds of new people that are joining daily and finally….The marketing hub to train these new people, CTP. It’s as complete a package as there gets, and with the simplified integration with Rocket Responder, not only will you be able to earn up to 100% commissions, your list will be built for you.

So ask yourself….If we get around 500 new people joining the TimTech exchanges every day, and only 10 percent upgrade to Kore4 – That means there is up to $1500 a day in commissions being generated for Kore4 affiliates…

If only we can teach people the power of residual income. And the true potential of these programs…If only.

There is a huge opportunity here, as we bring back the money making side to traffic exchanges. For people to build a serious residual income from this new endeavor today and for the future.

The tools are there, the potential is there…What are you going to do with it?

It’s What You Don’t See, That Matters

I spoke about this at yesterdays T3 seminar and I thought it would be a great blog post to share…

So many times, people get frustrated and upset from anyone who is making money online…Telling them how to make money online.

“Easy for you to say….”

“Whatever, you have a mailing list, it’s easier for you….”

“Gurus take all the money and referrals from the little guys…”

It’s an amazing experience in the finger pointing syndrome. But what is never talked about, is what happens before anyone is considered a ‘success’.

We never seem to talk about the struggle, the debt, the endless hours, the drama, the living on bread crumbs until you could afford the steak…All we seem to focus on is the top of the ice berg.

The real secret making money online is to do what everyone else doesn’t. Which means sacrificing that extra McDonald’s dinner a week, to afford an upgrade in a traffic exchange. It means instead of watching The Voice or American Idol, spending time in chat and maybe reading a book or two about business. It’s the little things, that most people won’t do…Consistently.

Look at that image above and see what the foundation is that builds people’s success. It’s things like risks, focus, goals, persistence, FAILURE, hard work….You know, all the things that don’t sell e-books or get rich quick schemes.

So maybe we should all try to be more like the ‘ice berg’. Nothing wrong with showing people that you walk the walk, but remember it’s the little things over time that add up.