How To Absolutely Crush It As A T.E. Owner

Warning: This may actually cost you between $50-100. It may require a full day of actual work and a week of prep. This may separate you from the hundreds of poorly managed traffic exchanges. This may result in you turning your hobby into a real business. This may upset some little guys….

Seeing the countless ‘promos’ and so-called JV’s that take place in this industry, one one think we’d all be silly rich and rolling in the millions but that isn’t the case. Most of the time, traffic exchanges owners have a very limited budget, if any to launch their program and even less to keep the ball rolling. Hopefully with this blog post I can help new and established owners separate themselves from the hundreds of poorly managed programs and develop a game plan for long term growth…

Daily Challenges are a must!
Unless you’ve lived under a bridge during the past few months, you would know how much activity, sales and new sign ups that these promos bring in. The problem though, they are very limited. In fact, they are sold out until well into 2015. But have no fear…Create your own Daily Challenge using CTP XP. Here’s the game plan…

1. Schedule a day you will host your Daily Challenge. Because you are going to need a full day to crush it. You want to be accessible during the day, so give yourself at least 8 hours minimum to make this a successful event. (Hint: Tell me about it, trust me….I will let the world know about it as well…)

2. Start a live to air Spreecast or Ustream event. By using some embed codes that these services provide, create a basic splash page using Ad Kreator and rotate them in the BIGGER and / or active traffic exchanges. You want as many eye balls as you can to this page. A great strategy is to use Sweeva for the whole day as well. This allows you real time feedback and interaction.

3. Create a hash tag for your promo. Keep it simple but unique enough so that you can find people talking about it on Twitter. If I was doing one, I’d name it something like #SweevaDay for example. Do giveaways throughout the day using this hashtag as a way to interact with your customers.

4. And here’s the biggy….Give away CTP XP for people that surf 100 pages, 250 pages, 500 pages, 1000 pages etc. You can simply fund your CTP account with Giveaway XP and let it rip. It might take some small programming know how, or you can do it manually, either or…People will love it and you will win some real fans by doing this. Copy what the Daily Challenge does in CTP and leverage the teams!

5. And finally…Do a big giveaway at the end of the event. A prize for an upgraded member, a prize for a free member. You don’t need to give away a brand new car, but use your imagination. You will already have massive action from the CTP XP but now is your chance to really shine and showcase your management style to your members. Reward them and they will stick with you!

You know, there will be hundreds of people that read this blog post. A few T.E. Owners. And even fewer that will use this example and create their own Daily Challenge. That’s o.k. That’s why YOU are going to be a success while other owners join the latest free mass promo that all other nickel and dime traffic exchanges get involved in. You separate yourself in an instant by doing something like this.

Everyone says they want to be a successful traffic exchange owner…Few actually walk the walk.

Let’s see what you can do!