The Power of a Brand

There is so much talk in the traffic exchanges about ‘building your brand’ and the power of branding. For good reason too, but sometimes like I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, people don’t get the real message behind brand building and still get it wrong. However this blog post isn’t about how people do it wrong, it’s about some examples of how to do it right…

I’m watching Monday Night Football last night and the color commentator was discussing how the coaches on the side lines were using tablets to show their players different play options and situations. Here’s the fun part…The commentator kept referring to these tablets as ‘iPads’…Not a big deal right?

Microsoft had paid the NFL millions to be the official ‘tablet’ of their side lines and their product is called the Surface. Still, after all the marketing and advertising done…They were known as iPads. Apple wins.

Of course there is always the example of the ‘Kleenex’ brand too, where all facial tissues are known by the brand called Kleenex, no matter what company makes them.

This is powerful stuff.

It’s top of mind marketing at it’s best. When you think of this product or that product, one brand sticks out more than any other. All the money in the world cannot change someone’s perception of a brand and that’s why we are always talking about how powerful it is to build a strong, personal and unique brand for your own business.

How can you use these strategies for your own business?

In an industry filled with copy cats and non-creatives, you have the ability to build something remarkable. Stick out, be yourself and do things your way…You will be amazed at what you can build.

I Love Hits – 13 Years Strong

So we had this little hiccup over the weekend where our domain name for I Love Hits didn’t register properly. Half the planet saw the site while the other half couldn’t bring it up. It’s a fun filled thing this ‘internet’ stuff…Anywho, it made us realize something…

Way back in 2001, August 30th 2001 to be exact…A new website came online. It was called

I Love Hits 2001

This was a pretty special little program. It was in the first wave of traffic exchanges to come online with the likes of,,, the original, and a few others. It was a pretty cool time for this industry, it was being ‘born’ and I joined it right away.

Throughout the years, it’s gone through some pretty cool changes and different ownership. I actually took control of I Love Hits around 2004-2005 after it’s owner did not have the time to dedicate to it. I was in heaven….That’s when I fell in love with this traffic exchange for good.

Throughout the years we have introduced many industry firsts into it such as the Start Page of the Week, custom personalized splash pages, HENry Hour power surfing, Bracket Surfing and of course CTP badges. But this past weekend made me realize something even more important….

13 years is a awful long time to be online and you have to remember something,…Since day one, traffic exchanges were never supposed to last (so the experts said…) These programs have gone through trials and tribulations, from threats of being shut down to claims from ‘internet marketing’ experts that they wouldn’t last…Still they remain. They grow by leaps and bounds. They do exactly what they are supposed to do. And they just keep getting better and better.

I Love Hits is a survivor! 13 years strong and still generating great traffic for it’s members. I’m honored to be a part of it’s history and we at TimTech will continue to make it unique, fun and effective for the years to come.

Happy birthday HENry! Enjoy it!