8591 New Reasons To Love Bill’s Birthday Badge Hunt

It’s a special time of the year…Our resident badge master turns 21 in a few short weeks……. 😉

O.K., I’m not REALLY going to tell you how old Bill Gorcsi is turning, but when it is his birthday, the badges come out to celebrate.

Bill's Birthday CTP Badge Hunt

Starting on June 1st and going for a full 2 weeks will be the biggest, boldest and most exciting badge hunt we’ve ever done at ClickTrackProfit. And here’s 8591 reason why you are going to love this…

New members!

Since March of this year, 8591 new members have joined ClickTrackProfit. Not excited yet? We haven’t done a badge hunt at CTP since September of last year…If you take that into consideration, we’re looking at well over 15,000 new members since then that have joined and have never HEARD of a badge hunt or taken part in one.

Talk about potential!

This news comes with a huge warning though, these badges WILL SELL OUT! We’ve sold over 200 of them and there are only 240 total to be sold. If you are looking to;

– Build Your Mailing List
– Increase Sales
– Get A Huge Bump In Activity
– Create Awesome Relationships
– Just Plain Have Fun….

This is not something you want to miss. Be sure to secure your badge sponsorship today and see what the badges can do for you.

Need some examples of how powerful these hunts can be for your business? Lynn McCutcheon has been a badge hunt supporter since day one, every time she hosts a badge, she gets around 200-250 new subscribers to her list. Ken Wolff loved his first badge last hunt that he grabbed 5 for this one. Numerous traffic exchange owners have been repeat customers ever since we did our first hunt because….This is the ultimate promo for program owners, affiliates, surfers and CTP Team players.

You are going to love it! Huge top cash prize, numerous random cash prizes, millions of CTP XP prizes…Wow…I am VERY excited for June 1st…And I hope you are too!

Note: The official hash tag for this hunt is #CTPBadgeHunt be sure to use it everywhere on Twitter and Facebook. I’ll be keeping my eye peeled for it…You never know what you may win for sharing the Badge Hunt with your friends and networks :)

When The Badge Hunt Starts, The Industry Comes Alive

Here we are once again…A little under two weeks away from another Badge Hunt at ClickTrackProfit. There’s a lot of you that might be reading this and have never experienced a badge hunt so let me just prepare you for this…It’s going to be…Legendary.

Over the next few days leading up to the start of the hunt, I’m going to be going over tricks and tips on how you can get involved in the hunt buy sponsoring your own badge or set of badges, pull in some huge activity and generate new subscribers and members like nothing you have ever tried before but first…A word from our sponsor…

Yes that’s right Bill is back and he’s hidden his hats all around the internet. Your job as a Badge Hunter starting June 1st to the 14th is to find as many badges as you can. They are everywhere and we’ve already hidden 82 of them. Here’s the sweet stuff though….The person that finds the most badges in those 2 weeks wins a MINIMUM of $500 real cash!

Plus we’ve got random cash prizes in store for badge hunters that might pop up every time they discover a badge. Plus we’ve got millions upon millions of random CTP XP prizes as well! Did we mention, there will also be team prizes in place as well!

This is going to be huge and we can’t wait to get started. Be sure to swing by Traffic Exchange Live every day leading up to the Badge Hunt for some tricks and tips on how to get massive results by sponsoring a badge or two. This is NOT just for traffic exchange owners. For example, Lynn McCutcheon generates around 250 new subscribers to her mailing lists every time we do a badge hunt. This is FOR everyone!

Whether you own a traffic exchange, a viral mailer, an ad network, a mailing list or you are just getting started as an affiliate….This is for you!

You won’t wanna miss this….