Why Is TEPays.com Going To Matter In A Year From Now?


It’s less than 2 weeks old, but it’s impact will be felt for the months to come and the years that follow….And it all comes down to the team behind the program…

Check out my video review of why I think you need to go Pro immediately to leverage all the activity NewFire Marketing will be generating for this program…

A few notes I wanted to mention since TE Pays launched…

Pro Membership is a no brainer now that random referrals have been added! Why? Simple, I know how much these guys have spent on promoting this program for the foreseeable future and that massive amount of advertising, goes directly to the random referral placements for Pro Members! Amazing to think of the long term grow potential alone…

– We’re seeing a huge 77% open rate on the first emails and while the follow up series does get lower, around day 7 we’re seeing a big boost and the open rate soar. This tells me it’s so important to keep the message of TE Pays out there for people to see…More than once!

TEPays.com still only has around 1000 members. And there are over 1200 new members that join the TimTech Network of traffic exchange / programs a week. Think about that….1000 members in TE Pays but just ONE company brings in 1200 new surfers / members a week….That again, shows the HUGE potential of this program for the affiliate that are practicing list building and branding with it’s tools!

Get active and don’t wait another second to join and prosper from TEPays! This is one of those moments in traffic exchange history that will be talked about for a long long time…The history is being made right now!

Imagine….If We All Stepped Up?

It’s no secret, I’m a huge fan of TEPays.com and the massive potential this program has for everyone in the traffic exchange industry.

I wanted to add a screen shot of something the guys at NewFire marketing added today to the members area….

TEPays Commission


This is what we could potentially make EVERY MONTH if our downlines decided to focus on their business rather than surfing for pennies and went ‘Pro‘.

Just imagine….

What’s crazy is that this was the norm only a few short years ago in the business!

People were encouraged to upgrade and treat this like a real money making business. On top of all the great traffic they would receive from being involved in the traffic exchange industry, they would be making some pretty amazing commissions because they upgraded, their downlines upgrades, their downline’s downline upgraded and so forth…

This isn’t some pipe dream or far off fantasy either, programs like TEPays is bringing back the focus on the importance of upgrading and creating monthly residual income for it’s members.

We are seeing huge numbers of new referrals, new customers, higher surf activity and better results….Just because we are slowly changing the mind set of the surfers.

We’re talking DOLLARS not cents for the first time in years….

This won’t happen overnight and we can expect some resistance. But if we keep showing people, the power of traffic exchanges combined with affiliate marketing success…We are on the right path!