1 Week In….18 People Like Me ;)

1 week in!

I have to admit, after day 2 I was starting to get worried. We actually LOST a follower for Plus 1 Daily so instead of starting at 150, we actually begane this experiment at 149.

And it was slow to start….

After day 3 or 4, we started to pull in some decent numbers and here’s where we are at after 7 days;

– 18 New Followers (likes) for Plus 1 Daily.
– Total of 167
– Sent around 10,000 hits to
this action page

So I’m very pleased so far with the results, but we’ll keep firing traffic to the site and see where we end up 🙂

Jon Olson

I'm Jon Olson, I'm known as the Traffic Exchange Guy. I like traffic exchanges and have for over a decade. They are grrrrrrreeeeeaaaat!

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