5471 New Traffic Exchange Surfers A Week…

So I just read a new email where an owner I thought that would be around for a long time told his membership that he was getting out of the traffic exchange industry…Their reason? It’s kind of funny but they claim that there are only 2-3 ‘big dogs’ in the business and everyone is just advertising to the same people over and over again…

So I did some homework and investigating…

According to the lists at Affiliate Funnel and TE List, the top 10 traffic exchanges alone have brought in 5471 new surfers this week…Not this month, not this year…This week.

In TimTech traffic exchanges, we have brought in 1179 new surfers this past week as well.

So it begs the question…How can we be adding over 5000 new surfers a week to these top 10 traffic exchanges and be advertising to the same people over and over again?

Plain and simple, we aren’t. Now I’m not naive enough to think all 5471 of these surfers are active and I’m sure it’s a percentage that actually surf but still…This is a HUGE opportunity for people that advertise in these platforms.

Be unique and be the person that these people notice and start to follow. If I was brand new to the traffic exchanges and saw these numbers I would be drooling at the thought of the opportunity. Remember, all you need is to Plus One every day and you have over 5000 people to advertise to (new people) every week…Can you think of ways to grab the attention of ONE person a day?

Stop listening to the people who tell you that you can’t do anything…I saw a commercial today by American Express and I love their new motto…It said ‘Impossible is two letters too long’….Yes, EVERYTHING is possible.

Especially when you have 5471 new surfers to advertise to every week PLUS the tens of thousands already surfing…

Drooling yet?

Jon Olson

I'm Jon Olson, I've been publishing Hit Exchange News since 2003 and been involved in the traffic exchange industry since...Well, the beginning :) I'd love to network with you as you browse the pulse of the traffic exchange industry! I am also a HUGE fan of reading your comments. I will respond to every single one! Poke around and enjoy the 'News! And thanks for hanging out...

11 thoughts to “5471 New Traffic Exchange Surfers A Week…”

  1. I guess the email which promoted this post comes at a good time following yesterday’s T3 session where the whole issue of opening a traffic exchange was discussed at length.
    I think that thanks to that discussion a lot of people who thought opening a TE was the key to unlimited earnings are now aware that there is a lot of hard work involved.
    Great post.

  2. Now those are impressive numbers.

    It’s all about active owners promoting their own sites and getting the members to also promote. If an owner sits back and expects the members to do all the hard work it falls over.

    Building a site and getting a few thousand members is easy, but building a business and community is so much harder. All I can say is keep on bringing in the newbies so I can get them onto my list and show them some proper marketing products.


  3. Thanks Jon. One of the biggest downfalls in IM is believing all the noise the gurus are pushing. This method no longer works, they feel your pain, but they’ve found a new, easy button way to quick millions – don’t try the old antiquated system you’re using now.

    We need to remember this type of bait and switch was going on long before the Internet was invented.

  4. Loved the Post Jon

    Sorry to hear an Owner is walking away. and its tough BUT there is a lot of great people in this business and the industry will grow.

    ANd Drooling is an everyday thing for me…. LOL

    but to add a cool 5000 members I want a a bit of that

    All The Best

    James M Dias

  5. Yeah, I also received that message Jon. I rarely give advice to traffic exchanges owners, but I think now it’s a good idea to let the steam off my lungs. I have seen traffic exchanges come and go even when the “big dogs” were not that big. I have seen traffic exchanges owners whining that their exchanges are not that active any more and so on. Here are the minimum criteria I think a good traffic exchange should meet:

    1. It must have an actively promoting admin. How can you expect your exchange to succeed if you are not promoting it like a mad dog?

    2. It must have a generous admin. Don’t expect me to surf at your exchange if you claim you have huge bonuses and after I surf 100 pages I get 5 banner impressions as a bonus.

    3. The traffic exchange admin MUST know what their exchange is worth in the traffic exchange “stock exchange”. You can’t expect me to pay a 30 bucks per month upgrade when I can get the same at a top traffic exchange for less than 10.

    4. A traffic exchange must be able to deliver the traffic. There is no point in offering thousands of credits as signup, surfing, upgrading etc bonuses if they can not be delivered.

    5. Hey, dear owner, we are at 2012 already. Machines are upgraded and so are connections. Stop giving us a hard time with 15, 20 or even 30 seconds timers. 6-8 seconds is the real deal. If you think you are helping newbies with longer timers, think again. Offer them a tutorial for splash pages as a bonus. This is the way to help them. And remember: most of us, the surfers, are people that also have offline jobs and families. Long timers are killing us. Older traffic exchanges with massive memberships are dying a slow death because of long timers…

    6. A traffic exchange, as every other site, must have really good graphics. I can’t take your exchange seriously if you are not willing to spend some bucks for the design.

    So, dear traffic exchange owner, the next time you are about to blame someone else do some thinking first…

    Sorry for the long post Jon and everyone.

    P.S. Allow me a prediction: within 2012 all traffic exchanges with long timers will vanish unless they become very very generous (hint: have you seen TrafficSwarm’s bonus credits numbers lately?). Especially the ones with a 3:1 surfing ratio for free members

  6. I am a member of the above mentioned TE. I received and read the email before I read your post Jon. I am very happy you broached this topic as his email left me between bewildered and confused. Thanks for the clarification.

    Perhaps he came from that conclusion due the few surfers (at least it seemed to me) at his site. I almost never saw anyone on when I was. I don’t think it was just the surfers fault. I stopped surfing also as I felt the owner was never there.

    Thanks again.


  7. I’m drooling – I’m drooling. Think about all those EAGER EYES just looking for something they can believe in.
    Plus 1 Baby – Stand Out and Grab Attention!
    Anyone can do this if they stay the course.

  8. You guys and gals rock, thank you all for the comments…

    Patrick – Yeah man, last night was awesome and a huge lesson I think for anyone trying to start a new TE.

    Andrew – Agreed! I’ve always said opening one is easy. It’s 6 months to a year down the road that is the challenge!

    Barbara – Thank you kindly!

    Paul – Makes you get excited huh? I know I would be if I was just starting in this business!

    Kent – I understand why the gurus push new stuff because it’s a cash grab. But when I see numbers like this, I get excited thinking about what we already have PLUS what we are building.

    James – thanks bro, appreciate the comments man.

    George – Post of the month!!! Love it man and I completely agree with it! Awesome stuff!

    Shelayne – Agreed. It left me scratching my head too.

    Catherine – Amen!!!!! Yes!!!!

  9. Sad folks, losing my hearing so not often I attend Te conferences now (though can read the chat box!) Wished I had tried with that last T3 though

    TE owners have to advertise their site(s) without huge signup bonuses but a level headed approach to attract new members and advertisers alike. One generic splash/squeeze page is no longer enough for affiliates to use expecting success. So encourage them to use other tools too

    This seems to be the difference between top owners and the rest

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