A Few Reasons Why I Love The Traffic Exchanges

The story has been the same year after year. Traffic exchanges are dying. The industry is about to crumble. The world is ending for our business model. And year after year, we seem to still be here, growing by leaps and bounds. But I still get frustrated…

I know that the best people in ‘internet marketing’ can be found in the traffic exchange industry but they tend to ‘hide’ until they are found. Traffic Exchange Live is filled with these people and now we are finding some newer owners that, in my opinion, will start to become industry leaders. Here’s a few traffic exchanges I think you should watch closely…

Shane Bost from SiteXplosion. Not only has Shane created one of the better new programs online, he has partnered with another up and coming leader Blain Jones and created T.E. Basics, a fantastic info-product about traffic exchanges. Shane gets it, he know the importance of good design and a solid personal brand.

Eric Goettman from TopHits4U. Why do I constantly sing the ‘TopHits4U’ song when I’m in the shower? Because it’s catchy. It’s unique. And it’s a reason why Eric has been growing his online presence week after week. Rumor has it, he’s about to launch something even bigger in the next few weeks…

Smith J from LiveTrafficNetwork. He just added CTP Badges to his program and he’s been one of the most active new owners I have met in quite some time. Smith understand social surfing and you can find the guy in his live chat talking to members all the time.

William Miller from Surf Skeleton. Ego’s are everywhere in this business. It seems no one wants to learn from traffic exchange ‘experts’ but then you have William who has been the sponge of all sponges. He has been redesigning his site, paying attention to what everyone else has been doing and developing his own unique way of running his program. And he’s just getting started. Watch out in a year and see how well he does!

James Dias from IT. I laugh. I laugh when I think of how well James has been building his business brand online and I BEG other owners to pay attention to what he has been doing. It’s remarkable. And we won’t hold it against him that hes a Raiders fan…

Gabriel Heinrich from ClixKing. Under the radar…I don’t want to sound to ‘hype-ish’ but this owner could be the next big thing in traffic exchanges. Why? He puts his members before ANYTHING else. Not only did I get a personal welcome when I joined, he explained to me how he custom built the live chat, developed new tools and layouts for the LJ Script and was giving away free 7 day trials for his upgrades. Oh yeah, and the first thing he ‘pitches’ you on the welcome email? The link to his customer support desk…

And there is so many others that I want to feature, and I plan on it next week. If I missed you this week, please remember it’s nothing personal. I want to do feature posts like this on a weekly basis to showcase the folks in this business that make it a blessing to come to work every day.

From the T.E. Live community, to the names posted above to everyone who says hi in the social chats….This is going to be a great year for our business. Long live traffic exchanges and the FANTASTIC people who are in this business!

Jon Olson

I'm Jon Olson, I've been publishing Hit Exchange News since 2003 and been involved in the traffic exchange industry since...Well, the beginning :) I'd love to network with you as you browse the pulse of the traffic exchange industry! I am also a HUGE fan of reading your comments. I will respond to every single one! Poke around and enjoy the 'News! And thanks for hanging out...

24 thoughts to “A Few Reasons Why I Love The Traffic Exchanges”

  1. Well in my view, its only the beginning.. literally – only been noticed in the industry for approx 7 months or so.. so yeah, I can truly say that and mean it for myself 😛

  2. Hi Jon
    Oh Yes, the crying of TEs are dying. It’s been going on for years and for some reason we just keep hanging around. 🙂 Lots of people come and go… and eventually find their way back to TEs. Lots of very nice people in the TE world – Love them all!


  3. Hilbert – there is a few guys like yourself, Shawn and Aron, Marilyn, etc…That I want to feature next week. If I put everyone in the post, it would have been War and Peace long lol You are doing very good things man, but you know that =)

    Carl – thanks man! Knew you’d appreciate a positive post lol

    Eric – the industry continues to grow cause it finds new people like yourself in it that innovate. It’s much needed.

    Tony – yup, for years I know you’ve heard the doom and gloom. And it’s so funny, I’ve met at least 4 people this week that are ‘returnees’ to the business…After leaving and coming back.

  4. Well they have been working for me for years. Its all about perseverance. Guess what hard work pays off. There will however be a shakeout of exchanges. There are way to many Me Too sites using standard scripts with no pizzazz.

    Keep up the great work and I love watching the CTP videos.


  5. HAHA Jon
    OK! I peed a little IM sick too. I mean Im sick Like sniffle sniffle cough cough

    I see my name on hit exchange news and it wasn’t a “who is this joker” LOL

    Thanks and congrats to the others named here as well it takes work and I don’t think we are done yet! I’m sure not.

    Raider Nation IS Alive ( football may not be )

    James Dias
    The IT DUDE

  6. Great post Jon. TE’s are here to stay for many reasons as we all know. One of the most important reason to me is with the addition of social surfing, TE Live, and other chats, you get to know the movers and shakers real well. It is a blessing to an Internet Marketing to be able to associate with these people and learn the little nuggets that make the difference. Thanks for the post and having TE Live and T3 to bring it all together.
    God Bless!
    Sam and Deb

  7. @James thats right…

    Patience…good customer feeling to get all members satisfied the best we (as the owners) can..and did i mention patience? hihi

    Every well known program incl. its webmasters and staff started small and the first members came in.

    So happy weekend at all =)


  8. Gabriel – Thank you sir, for giving the industry another owner who puts people before profits.

    James – LOL I hope football will be alive. *crossing fingers*

    Sam – Thank you sir, and yes I completely agree. The biggest change we have seen this past year has been the growth of the social side of the traffic exchanges. The naysayers of this have been aweful quiet of late too =)

    Jeff – thanks man. Yeah dude, they rock. Good guys and onto big things I think. (and you didn’t make this list because I don’t consider you a ‘new’ owner lol just in case you were wondering, because I’m a huge fan of Fugitive as you know!)

  9. Hi Jon,

    Thanks for another great post today. It is great that you are highlighting a few different TE Owners like this, and they are some great sites that you chose to feature too!

    I have been working online for over 10 years now, and starting using TE’s shortly thereafter. In all that time I have seen them have a little down time, but I know that they are never going to go anywhere. TE’s are one of the best ways to advertise online, and anyone that knows anything about advertising and marketing knows that.

    TE’s are here to stay! The only thing that may be changing is that they are getting bigger and better than ever before! Social Networking is the reason for that because that opened up a whole brand new market to all of us Owners and advertisers alike.

    Thanks again Jon…great job!


  10. Thanks Marilyn – and I completely agree. This social movement has been such a force I don’t think we have even seen how huge it’s going to be. We are building REAL communities and real connections. That, can never be ‘measured’ or shown what the ROI is…

  11. So as the godfather of traffic excanges has declared
    ClixKing the potential next big thing in traffic exchanges,
    I could be proud being the one having done the first surf
    promo with Gabriel, before any one has heard of him – lol.
    Congrats Gabriel to the great start and keep up the good work.

    And yes Jon, Traffic Exchanges are here to stay and evolve.

  12. WOW… Jon, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you mentioning me along side these great owners and programs. I only see good things in the future for SiteXplosion, TE-Basics and the whole TE industry. You and TimTech have shown us all what is possible if you focus on people and not dollars.

    Thanks Jon!


  13. Ole – Ha ha ha Godfather? Man I’m only the court jester. Gabriel told me you guys connected and I said to him he was in very good company. I hope you guys do something together, that would be great.

    Shane – Yessir. People before profits. It’s the right thing to do and we are all snow flakes lol

  14. Bravo to all those mentioned, From what I’ve seen I have to agree these are definitely up and coming TEs to keep an eye on… and to use to your advantage right now! Thank you guys for strengthening the TE Community… great things are happening and I’m excited to be a part of it!

  15. I am NOT here to tell you how wrong you are -as I usually do 🙂 but the list of sites you show brought to mind a problem I am trying to get rid of at my TE-and I know it is in most if not all of the ones you name.

    I ask ALL Owners to start tracking and see how many of your hits are coming from “undesirable” IP’s/countries.

    I like Zapit.nu – they give great Pie Charts- make sure you do NOT use the masker though

    Here is an example – http://zapit.nu/sscht+

    that tracker is from one of the worst cases- but is very common

    Many of the list you show, and many others as well, are heavily infected with either Bot surfers or organized groups that surf to the max everyday-have one or no pages in rotation- no referrals, are only there for the pennies they can find- they are easy to spot once you look deep into your stats.

    The two main groups track back to Beijing China and Wichita Kansas ( but are actually proxy leading back to China)

    I recently banned my entire Top 10 and get rid of another 60 accounts-that all lead back to 2 people from the Top 10.

    I see those same people announced as winners in surfing contests all the time.

    We have only ourselves to blame of course- but it has got so bad now that it is time for all of us to take action.

    I lost 1% on my membership and 20% of my surfing.

    Conversions are UP, members are returning and recruiting- comments are 100% positive.

    Lets remember the only numbers that count- how much money our members make from advertising with us.

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