A Perfect Example…Of How To Take Action

This past Monday we had a great turnout for our first Social Surfing Secrets seminar and I wanted to thank each and every single attendee that came out.

We used to suggest this ‘technique’ years ago in the old SWAT Traffic training room and it always amazed me how many people got the exact same advice, but rarely acted on it. The trick was this, find a program that you enjoy and then contact the owner. Tell them that you will create a detailed guide book for their program and see if they would send their members to your report….

Now here’s the kicker…99% of program owners would LOVE to get this written for their business and would email their members in a heart beat…if it meant they got a great training product created for them for free. It’s a very natural and easy way for a newer marketer to jump start their list and well, piggy back off the program owner’s promotional efforts…

Of course when we told people about this technique years ago, maybe 1 person would act on it.

Well this week, we had ACTION taken and thanks to Mark Hodgetts for creating a brand spanking new A to Z guidebook for I Love Hits!

HUGE! I plan on not only telling Hit Exchange News about this, but I’ll also be mailing I Love Hits and putting a link for it in the members area of the traffic exchange. Now I’m not saying Mark will make a million bucks from this, but he’ll build a list, he’ll get some people to recognize his name and he’ll be building a great reputation in my circle of influence.

Action! All he took was action. I don’t think it cost him any money to put this together, all it took was some of his time and effort and presto…He’s my new favorite person online LOL

This is about as guaranteed as it gets folks…If you want to build a list, get in with a program owner and start building your reputation…That’s the ticket, right above. So I have to ask…How many of you that read this will take action?

Jon Olson

I'm Jon Olson, I've been publishing Hit Exchange News since 2003 and been involved in the traffic exchange industry since...Well, the beginning :) I'd love to network with you as you browse the pulse of the traffic exchange industry! I am also a HUGE fan of reading your comments. I will respond to every single one! Poke around and enjoy the 'News! And thanks for hanging out...

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  1. Thanks for the kind words Jon – its also a perfect example of what social networking can do. The Social Surfing Seminar is a perfect networking vehicle. (as is Te Live)Of course, if you don’t get there – you can’t network and you can’t take action.

    As for Thumb Vu – give me a couple of days. Lol

  2. Jon – I hope people read this article and contact YOU to hook something up. i mean I know you’d do exactly what I would LOL *opportunity folks….knock knock*

    Mark – Kick butt man, this is great. I’m going to have fun spreading your ebook around the net LOL I really do appreciate that and the fact you took action. It’s so refreshing!

  3. Hi Jon

    That’s the exact strategy I used with http://www.listbanditexpert.com back in 2007, and it’s still generating new leads today.

    If Mark really wants to monetize it then he should set it up in a membership site, and sell the rebrand rights.

    But you’re so right that taking action is the difference between a list and having no list. It’s not the knowledge stopping you it’s the action part.


  4. I hate to rain on the parade-but what sort of person needs a handbook to use a Traffic Exchange?

    I am 54 years old,had never even sat at a PC until 8 years ago.
    I turned it on ,joined a TE from a AdSense ad and started surfing ,and if an Old Fool like me could do it I am sure those younger who grew up with PC’s do not need it.

    Go ahead-call me crazy etc-but I know many agree with me.

  5. Doug,

    Not everyone is as skilled as you when it comes to these programs.

    Mark took action and created something useful for ILH members. These things can be confusing to some, should we NOT offer training and tutorials because some people ‘get it’ right away?

    Nope, I’ll always provide and share valuable training material for my members.

  6. Man, I wish I attended the webinar!

    But good work to Mark. Hard work and taking action does pay off.

    Also, I want to asd, that I’ve talked to a few program owners and found them to be very down-to-earth and very helpful. I put off directly contacting them with questions or ideas because I thought I was going to be put down and ignored for not being a big name. But I was pleasantly surprised!

  7. Great job Mark! Now all the TE Owners will be coming after you for a write-up about their site!

    Stephen Whittle (swhomebiz)

  8. Great job Mark !

    There are good owners out there and if you get turn down, don’t feel bad because there are good owners out there who would welcome this kind of idea with open arms.

    I know how it feels like when an owner turns you down for a short online interview just because they are big shots and your name is not Mike Filsaime.

    I’m a bit surprise that I don’t see more of this more often. I guess some find blogging more convient.

    Congratulations Mark ! you’ve done an outstanding job.

    Paul Penafiel

  9. what i love about the traffic x changes is the power surf that te’s hold during the holidays,and following the te guy on his news page every week i read this for something new in news

  10. As a regular surfer at ILH, Mark’s new manual is something I WANT to read! It takes time every day to do my traffic surfing, and then I need to get on with the other activities of my work. I’ve never taken the time to sit back and really explore I Love Hits but I know there’s more to it than just clicking and looking at web pages. But if someone serves up a “tour guide” to explain everything that’s there, I know that reading it will be time well spent. Thanks!

    – Tame Bear

  11. Kudos to Mark for using an age-old secret! Many understand but few take the initiative. I’m sure his services will be highly requested now! 🙂

    Brian Schilling
    Owner – RankRaise.com & TrafficChampions.com
    Skype: BeliefConcepts

  12. I find it interesting that, despite the fact there IS a guidebook already available for ILH as well as other TEs (written by a well known TE owner/internet marketer and highly promoted by you and others when they first came out a while back; hint: “All About…”), Mark went ahead and developed his own report. Good for him to not let that stop him! 😀

  13. Well done Mark! I was contacted after that seminar as well and I’m working with another “action taker” that is interested in putting together the same thing for state-of-the-art-mailer. Maybe I can get him in touch with Mark for some pointers 😉 I won’t mention his name just yet so we don’t let the cat out of the bag. Great suggestion and a awesome seminar Jon! I wish I would have got this advice early on… Boy, life would have been a lot easier to get that “branding” instantly and rub shoulders with the big boys and girls.

  14. Jon great article, I think you pretty much said it again at TE Live today when you said go out and make an effort. Sometimes that thing called work involves effort and a little thought.Mark did what he wanted to do and it worked. Thumbs up..

    P.s Please do not disregard this message for using a 4 letter word.. WORK

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