A Record Week For TimTech

Something amazing happened at TimTech last week. We hit a milestone, I didn’t think we would have this early in our companies history. For months, we have been paying well over $1000 a week in affiliate commissions. This was such an amazing number and really cemented our belief in the ‘evergreen’ affiliate product plan.

We caught a lot of heat for making our commission rate 30% across the board. We lost ‘friends’ because of it, we were told that we were crazy, that our business model would fail and well, that we were generally the worst thing to ever happen to traffic exchanges…

Last week we paid out $2427.43 in affiliate commissions.

That means our affiliates received the highest amount ever from TimTech and here’s the best part. We did it without launching a new program. We didn’t do it with ‘JV’ accounts. We didn’t do it with email pitches. The members did it. All we did was provide the services.

This is what happens when you put people before profits. When you understand the real power in business is not from a flashy OTO or a catchy video…But from people. And the community.

That was the BEST way we could have started 2012 and we are so pumped up for the year ahead. We promise to make our members the focal part of our business and the community to be the center piece of our brand. We have lofty goals now…We’re shooting for $3000 a week in affiliate commissions as an average by the end of the year.

Evergreen products and +1 everyday….It works!

Jon Olson

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23 thoughts to “A Record Week For TimTech”

  1. Brilliant achievement, and I think you’ve done well with the 30% level, everyone who doesn’t agree needs to watch the video from Justin that explains the maths behind your decision.

    Keep up the good work


  2. Robert – Yessir! No more ‘JV”s getting all the cash. Now everyone gets a chunk and if people focus on PEOPLE they will get a bigger chunk. Cool concept lol

    Andrew – Thanks man, yeah Justin hit the nail on the head with that video. Huge lesson, taught m a lot too.

  3. You make a very valid point, Jon, when you put people first, you see more success for yourself. Gotta love the Universal Laws! Going from an Other’s Focused Mindset and of course you are grateful for what is going on, Great things are ahead for you! Congrats on such a WONDERFUL milestone! šŸ™‚

  4. This is excellent news but how can it be?
    30 per cent commissions don’t work…we all know that right?
    The only way to make serious money online it to launch new stuff all the time?
    And you ‘must’ have big JV affiliate promotions with each launch?
    And you must ‘bribe’ the affiliates to promote for you?
    And you must…well you get the picture.

    It is great that you are being different, being yourselves, and teaching being different and being yourselves.

    Great stuff.

    Salsa de impresionante. (i think)


  5. Great results come when you bury your success in the success of others. Would you rather try to make $1,000 by collecting $1 a person by your self or have a team of 1,000 people collecting the $1. THis is what the bottling companies do… they put a soda machine on every corner. We just happen to be those soda machines… šŸ˜‰

    Thank you,

  6. I think it is terrific how you are reaching out to help the newbies and even some of us (me specifically!) who have been around for a couple years somewhat clueless.

    I for one look to 2012 as a much better year than 2011 when it comes to my online business — Thanks to you all at Click Track Profit



  7. At last, I feel really safe with you owners who payout on time on the dot! Not only that but CTP is a brilliant learning curve for newbies joining too.


  8. Congrats on your success.Sure beat my best week !
    How many programs does that include? Just wondering what you are averaging,not sure how many are in TimTech?

    did I miss any? $600 a week per program.
    Not bad- not many TE’s even clear a profit.
    I think you would make more being more generous- but that is just an opinion.
    I can see with so many of you involved,and dealing with such numbers why it is important to keep 70% for yourselves.
    Wish I had the nerve šŸ™‚ LOL

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