About Jon Olson

Hi, my name is Jon and I like long walks in the park, Yanni CD’s and all sorts of over priced champagnes….

O.K., that’s my sad attempt at humor…

I’m a father. I’m an author. I’m a blogger. I’m a loyal friend. I’m addicted to a few things in life like video games (specifically the Call of Duty franchise), every sports team from Toronto, a football team from Buffalo and these funny things called traffic exchanges.

I discovered them in the late 90’s while searching for ways to *gasp* make money online and I haven’t looked back.

Hit Exchange News is my collection of thoughts, rants, raves and from time to time all out warfare in the realm of traffic exchanges and online business. I post at least once a week sometimes twice to Hit Exchange News. I believe in having fun, stirring the pot and getting discussions out there…

In 2007 I published my first book Hits, Clicks & Misses: The Traffic Exchange Experience and to this day it’s the best selling book on Amazon.com about traffic exchanges (shhhhh don’t tell anyone but it’s the only book on Amazon.com about traffic exchanges…)

I’m also the author of The Pizza Plan 2 – One of the most popular e-books on monthly budgeting in the internet marketing industry. And most recently – Plus 1 Success – A 30 day strategy guide to turn your business and life around!

Enjoy the blog and please do connect with me, I’d love to hear from you!

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I’m also on YouTube every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4pm Eastern for our live ‘internet show’ called Plus 1 Daily. Come hang out if you would like to throw tomatoes at me live…

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Enjoy the News’ and thanks for being a reader!



13 thoughts to “About Jon Olson”

  1. Well, I don’t see your phone number, but maybe I’m not looking in the right place. LOL

    Would love to connect with you, Jon, and discuss PayPal.

    My Skype is magnolia4851. I couldn’t figure out which of the ten jillion jonolson’s was you.


  2. Hi,
    I’m a php coder who usually works in eCommerce but recently I got this idea for a new traffic exchange feature. With the kind assistance of Martyn Walker at Ventrino I got it done and started selling it as an add-on for their software about a month ago.

    I believe this idea could open up for a whole new use of traffic exchanges, where not only Internet marketers would be interested in surfing them.

    I just thought I’d check if you would be interested in writing something about this on Hit Exhchange News. Just send me an email and I’ll provide more information.

    Best regards,
    Andreas Rimheden

  3. Hi Jon

    I always remember you sending me your Hits, Clicks and Misses book some years ago now! Think I won it for making a comment on your blog – whatever – but that awesomeness has stayed with me ever since!

    Hmmm might be a nugget there!


  4. Hi Jon
    I joined this traffic exchange back in 2005. I built up my downline. I don’t know if you remember me. I went by the handle of ClearCatch back then. I had 3 near death experiences and wrote a book abut them ‘Ripple In Our Lives”. Anyway I got real sick again and was off line for 7 years and just got back, Much to my surprise, when I re-instated my account my downline was still there. Thank you for being honest and not taking it away from me. Granted I did not get all of the credits while I was gone, buts as soon as I was active again the popped right back in! You got a great honest business here. As a disabled Vietnam Veteran I appreciate it. I will be advertising my book website here too when I get more credits built up it is http://www.ripplesinourlives.com Good o be back. We talked when this site was a lot smaller!

    1. That’s awesome to hear sir, great to have you back. And thanks very much for sharing your story. Be sure to come check out all the new things we’ve been up to in the TE’s. It’s a very welcoming community these days. Less ‘me’ and more ‘us’ these days.

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