And Finally…Some Good News For Traffic Exchanges

It’s been a pretty rough few months for traffic exchanges. With all the fall out from the PayPal slap, we’ve seen a general positive attitude around the industry but still…People are worried. And rightfully so, the future is unknown and as much as we want to scream…”It’s an opportunity” until their is some confidence built back into these programs, there will always be cautious optimism…

And then yesterday happened.

Let me share with you some history…

The year was around 2003-2004…I had just started writing Hit Exchange News weekly and was the owner of one of the more popular internet marketing forums online, Net Marketing Forum.

There was a guy, a very vocal guy, that started to show up every day in the forum with a unique way of doing business. His name was Robert Puddy. His attitude was this, I’m here to make money and make other people money and if you aren’t on board….Good luck to you! He was no hype, no hoopla, just business. Robert and I became pretty close friends and associates, we supported each other and the traffic exchange industry was really starting to flourish.

Robert was the guy who really helped bring traffic exchanges to the rest of the internet marketing world by hosting and producing offline seminars around the world. Rich Taylor and him started the Focus for the Future seminar series which was the first time I ever got off my lazy behind and made it to these events. They were awesome…

Along the way, my forum was growing and started to attract guys like Soren Jordansen, Tim Linden and an english guy named Paul Kinder…Paul lived breathed and died these programs, and I remember the day clearly…Paul came to me one day and said, teach me everything you know about traffic exchanges and as we worked together over the years he became a powerhouse in the business. Arguably one of the most successful owners in traffic exchange history.

Soren went on to become a highly successful internet marketer and Tim Linden, you may have heard of him, became my business partner as we formed TimTech.

I owe a lot to these guys. They taught me a ton and really helped this entire industry grow and prosper in the golden years.

Fast forward to yesterday and I get a notice of a blog post that Paul had written…

He said him and Robert Puddy were merging to create one company. That’s right, LFM (the most popular membership / traffic exchange script online) and programs like Traffic Splash, Tezak Traffic Power (along with Tony of course) would be all under one roof.

Here’s why I’m excited and the traffic exchange industry should be too;

1. These guys are awesome. Plain and simple, if we ever needed a group of people to come together and build something great, this is the time and these guys who I’ve known for over a decade are some of the best dudes on planet earth.

2. This new merger means bigger and better opportunities! Just thinking of what these two companies could accomplish together is exciting.

3. In a time when semi-serious owners will disappear by the way side, something like this builds confidence! This is a merger that helps the entire industry and brings professionalism to the business.

I could go on and on, but it all comes down to this. The entire industry is in survival mode. We’re unsure of what the future brings. But when some of the most successful people in this business, get together, there is bound to be some fantastic opportunities emerge from it.

Maybe, just maybe…The future is bright!

Jon Olson

I'm Jon Olson, I've been publishing Hit Exchange News since 2003 and been involved in the traffic exchange industry since...Well, the beginning :) I'd love to network with you as you browse the pulse of the traffic exchange industry! I am also a HUGE fan of reading your comments. I will respond to every single one! Poke around and enjoy the 'News! And thanks for hanging out...

14 thoughts to “And Finally…Some Good News For Traffic Exchanges”

  1. A very good post Jon! I am so excited to be part of the KRM/AKH Media merger. It’s fun to see Paul out here in front talking to people creating a buzz. And Robert being what Robert is a top-notch businessman. And having the Techie guy – Josh Abbott around is great! I bet this ‘old’ guy will learn a new trick or two!

    We are moving on! 🙂

    1. I’m soooo pleased I finally am out in the world again and able to give you the skype room you’ve wanted for so long! It’s an honour to be out there “in the trenches” right by your side.

  2. I’m pretty excited about it myself. I think this will make a company big enough and with enough ‘star’ power to take our industry to the next (needed) level. They have enough going that they can institute changes that will affect the whole industry and don’t have to build a consensus. Just do what’s right. Exciting times, indeed.

    1. Thanks Tom, I can’t disagree with a single word. summed it up perfectly i’d say. at least we intend to do what we think is right. hopefully we’re right about what’s right. if you see what I mean lol

  3. I’ve been sitting on the sides watch the whole thing implode, and now that the race to the bottom is hopefully over I think you will see a phoenix rise from the flames. What needs to happen is that you find advertisers who are willing to $100 on advertising, and sites where the quality of traffic and offers is such that lead generation and sales occur.

    When advertisers get a positive return on investment 2 things happen.

    #1 They spend the profits on more advertising.

    #2 Positive news slowly gets spread around the internet about a cost effective advertising resource.

    Compare that to what’s been happening the last year or so.

    People have been surfing to make pennies and bringing in others who have the penny mindset who have no idea about advertising and have no interest in doing anything other than claiming the rewards for mindless surfing.

    It’s no wonder all the serious advertisers left in their hoards when the return on investment was zero.

    So yes, I do see investment from these guys as a good sign, and might tempt me to get back advertising again as I might look to target people who want to learn about match betting and generate some real income.


    1. Completely agree Andrew. BUT nothing wrong with penny surfing IF that’s the reason for the site. “Serious advertisers” can then target that or, more likely, avoid it. That’s not the market you need to grow your biz. What owners need to do to be real successful is consider their target market and aim their service fairly and squarely at the customers they want to attract. Being all things to everybody generally doesn’t work in any kind of business, and most certainly not in advertising where the tighter your target group the higher response rates soar. Owners should be pre-qualifying the leads for their advertisers, that’s exactly what I did to explode Traffic-Splash all those years ago, and exactly what I’m startng again now I’m back and healthy. Soren at Dragonsurf did exactly the same, though he couldn’t keep up with Splash of course LOL (I soooooo hope he reads this!)

  4. mergers like this will always bring forth some great new implementations.
    and I look to them with interest

    I also have been watching the “”Industry”” take a slow dive to the abyss with the marketing to clickers and not advertisers and the constant devaluing of the product to the point where it is no longer a product worth investing in, and yes I have also been guilty of catering to the clicker market also as have the majority.
    The notion and action of devaluing will always set a precedent and anybody that goes outside of the bracket will always get laughed at and ostricised, yes even in the TE Community

    I do remember when I first entered the world of promoting my businesses I used Traffic Exchanges as a valued way of promotion and got excellent returns for my investments.
    In fact my very first list building venture was and is still very successful initially due to Traffic Exchanges, but now due to consistency, Longetivity.

    reduced costs to advertise, and reduced timers etc all cater for the penny clickers and the collectors which have no interest in looking at what the are clicking past.

    Its all well and good to say you need dynacism in your advertising approaches to catch the attention, but when the majority of people clicking are multi tabbing and looking for the quickest way to collect or grab that penny, then dynacism plays a very little part as they have no intention of putting their attention into looking.

    It is also the penny clicker mindset that has brought upon us the wrath of a very confused and scared Payment Processor. This is not such a bad thing as many of the just clciky clciky sites will fall by the wayside while those that are serious about offering a good product will ride out the storm, embrace new changes and forge forward into the new era.

    Many changes afoot and some big feet to enable forward direction

    oh and re what people promote, Stop promoting all the crap, bedazzlement and next best thing in TE’s I have been saying for a long time, that if you are going to promote something, promote your list building , grab yourself a genuine captive audience and then promote your opportunities through that means. Depending on how you nurture your list and what you promote will determine your success.

    1. Love this comment, Sums it all up really what went wrong and the way owners can change things for the better, Then couple that with what Andrew says and concentrate on quality and advertisers and the place will be good again 🙂

  5. Thanks for the mentions Jon. But wadda ya mean “arguably one of “? LOL Kidding as ever, seriously though the brainstorm for the new script was great tonight and my other call went better than I was expecting. Early 2017 could be a very exciting time indeed. We shall see…

  6. Great post Jon Love how you did the back story that was cool. That being said I can’t wait to see what happens in the future with these two already successful Companies merging. Would love to be a fly on the wall at there meetings lol. And yes I did read Paul’s post thought it was Awesome but I’ve been so busy with what’s been going on with our house I haven’t been able to do much of anything. But as far as the future of TE’s or whatever there going to be called in the future I can’t wait

  7. Hi Jon this is great news! I just gotta hang in there and keep from crying from time to time. It’s been pretty rough. I gotta keep going. I’m getting a credit card processor put into Adkreator next week hopefully. I talked on the phone with them today. I finally got approved with Payza but my programmer is having problems getting the info from them. Deep inside I’m very frustrated, but hanging in there keep my chin up.

    1. Hang in there Barb! I’m still with ya’! I may not know much, but I know that the innovations taking place will be worth being patient for. Just wanted to give you some encouragement and let you know you are not alone. I may not always be visible, but I stand behind you and am promoting your site. May your holidays be bright and full of new hope!

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