The Anatomy Of A Perfect Squeeze Page

This may seem like I’m bragging but what I’m really trying to do with this blog post is show people the formula that I’ve been using for years when I create squeeze pages that CONVERT!

I call this the perfect squeeze page for a few reasons, but mainly because the thing has been converting for me like hot cakes for years now. While I’ve changed the video up, the DNA of this page has remained the same and the formula works. Hopefully with this example you can pull some ideas for yourself and see how you can get more results promoting inside of the traffic exchanges.

Let’s break it down;

1. The Logo – Now if you remember, I have talked about the ‘A.C.A.’s of squeeze page design’ for years. Basically my formula went like this…Grab ATTENTION….Create CURIOSITY…Have a strong CALL TO ACTION. All my designs have always followed this formula and while I adjusted it a bit for this example, you’ll see my logo…Up top on the squeeze page. Bold, striking and sticking out like a sore thumb. This is part of my ‘attention grabbing’.

2. The Video – We continue to grab attention with the MUST HAVE on any squeeze page in 2017. A video! And here’s a tip, make the video auto play. I know, I know…Some folks will complain that auto play videos are annoying but here’s a huge tip…We are trying to ADVERTISE inside of an advertising medium. People’s attention span is that of a gold fish and may last 5 seconds if we’re luckily. A video that auto plays when it is loaded is a must and grabs attention better than ANYTHING else out there. Use it for your pages, heck, host it on YouTube – it’s free!

3. The Value – Now this could be what I consider creating curiosity if you remember the A.C.A. formula from above, however I’m going to do something different with this example. This is YOUR VALUE that you are giving to your potential subscribers. here’s the dead honest truth, people don’t care about what you are promoting unless it gives THEM VALUE. So you need a hook (some people call it a lead magnet) to capture their attention and give them something of real value in exchange for their email address. This is the most important part of the process in my opinion because if you aren’t giving your subscribers VALUE FIRST, the relationship dies before it even begins.

4. The Call To Action
– And now for everything to actually pay off, you need a lead capture form that combines a strong call to action with your value given. Here’s a huge tip, don’t just say…’Subscribe!’ That’s pretty much the worst thing you can do. Be creative but let people know, they are going to get some awesome stuff, when they opt in.


So if we break down each aspect of the squeeze page, we see the end goal is to generate a lead. By using this formula I have put thousands of people on my mailing lists no matter what I have decided to promote.

Some people will say, that’s a traffic exchange related squeeze page promoted inside a traffic exchange. And yeah, that’s true. But I’ve used this same formula on all our squeeze pages inside of List Viral. I’ve used it to promote my other blogs, my auto responder, my tracking software….Every single product or service I own, this has been the formula.

Try it out for yourself, and be prepared to be amazed at the conversions.


I ended up doing a short seminar on this topic, hope you all enjoy it….

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The Interesting Things That Happen When You Lead By Example

I have a theory…Please bare with me as I go through and explain my thoughts on how to ‘actually make money’ not only owning a traffic exchange but promoting a traffic exchange…

Check out this screen shot I took yesterday;

In it, you will see 6 commission notifications from 4 different programs that I promote on the back end of my funnel.

Here’s why this is such an ah-ha moment for me;

1) These programs all had promos running during an active CTP Teams season

2) Surfers KNOW that these programs are investing in themselves, so they trust the owner as someone who is in it for the long run.

3) As an affiliate to these programs, I’m generating commissions because the owner is investing in their business

Now this may sound like a pitch for CTP promos, but the real message I’m trying to get across is when SURFERS see value in a program they WILL SPEND MONEY.

The next obvious question is, how to you deliver value to your surfers….


Show up. Invest in your business. Stay the course.

Here’s what happens when owners start doing this over a long period of time.

The first is obvious, their customers start spending more money. Their program becomes a vibrant community of action takers which entice more people to not only take action on sites they see while surfing, but also spend their money on upgrades and advertising.

The next, which is the huge benefit, is that the people that are actually promoting your program, start to not only refer more people but make more commissions because the members they are referring are actually taking action.

See how this works?

It’s a big beautiful cycle of awesomeness but it starts with YOU, the program owner.

Want to get better results for your business and your members? Start investing in YOUR business for the long run.

Surfers! Start supporting the sites that not only support you by investing in their business but actually pay commissions too (but that’s a WHOLE other blog post lol)

P.S. I Added a companion video to this blog post inside of the TE Owners Training Section in CTP!