What Can Wal-Mart Teach Traffic Exchanges?

Let me frame the story for you…

Last week, I was shopping for some baby furniture at a local Wal Mart. While my wife was going up and down the aisles looking at absolutely every thing this store offered, I was strolling around looking at the prices of everything.

As a savvy shopper would right? I wanted to find the best deal out there.

However, what I discovered wasn’t the low low low prices that Wal Mart is famous for. What caught my eye was this…

wal mart pricing

I wrote about pricing in the traffic exchange industry almost a decade ago and how we have to get away from ending our prices with 5’s and 9’s. And while you stroll up and down the aisles of the traffic exchanges in the market today, you’ll see….Mostly 9’s and 5’s.

Let me explain…

You see, our brains are wired to ’round up’ prices ending with 5’s and 9’s to the higher dollar. Take a look…

When you see $9.99You automatically round it up to $10. That’s $10 no matter what you may tell yourself, you have rounded it up to that price.

Now look at $9.97 That’s $9! Crazy right? Even though it’s only 2 cents less than $9.99, we don’t always round that up to $10. That looks, more like $9.

I don’t have the scientific proof of this and can’t make the claim as being 100% fact but here’s what I can tell you.

Look at Wal-Mart.

Arguably the king of offline retail and nowhere in their stores will you ever find a 5 or 9 at the end of their prices. And trust me when I tell you this, they’ll have the scientific data to back it up. So I choose to price things (and have for over a decade) like they do at Wal-Mart.

Try it out for yourself…You may think you are ‘losing 2 cents‘ by bringing the price down but I know when I did that so many years ago, I actually increased sales.

traffic exchanges

The Frustrated Traffic Exchange Owner’s Guide For Attracting More Members

I was poking around some Skype rooms today and asked people in the Major League Advertising group the following question…

“What would help you the most in your business?”

And I got some awesome answers. Answers that I plan on writing blog posts about to help folks get the most from their time in the traffic exchanges. One question though, really made me think.

It was from my good friend Janelle Pineau. She simply said… “More members!”

She’s a new traffic exchange owner but still very experienced in the industry. Which told me that we all can use a tip or two to generate not only more members joining our sites but also more upgrades and sales.

I’ve put together a little ‘cheat sheet’ and checklist for any new owner that is looking for ways to generate more members…And I hope it helps!

1. The Traffic Exchange Owners Handbook – This is a free download that I wrote about 10 years ago that still holds a lot of truth. I recently re-wrote the report and put it inside our members training at ClickTrackProfit. It goes over everything I used to build I Love Hits, Sweeva, Thumbvu and StartXchange over the years. That’s a combined 550,000 members in all 4 programs. Let me be the first to say it….It takes TIME! Building a membership doesn’t happen overnight. Log into CTP and click on ‘Owners’ to find your 21 lesson training now…It’s free too 🙂

2. Use Surf Promos To ‘Build Yourself Up’ – One of the biggest problems I see with new traffic exchanges is they start doing promos with programs that have less members then they do. We’re thinking ‘down’ and not up. What I mean is…Network with traffic exchanges that have more members than you do. If the owner of the other program isn’t receptive to doing on, ask them how you could barter and make it worth their time. Trust me, ‘bigger’ owners love to hear from other owners that are looking for advice and such. Take what they say, learn from it but most importantly…Set up some promos WITH a bigger traffic exchange!

3. Make It An Event
– One of the lessons I talk about in a lot of my traffic exchange owner training is that you need to make your promos, launches and contests…A HUGE EVENT! Get excited about your events and do live streams, giveaways, heavy promotions….Because guess what, other surfers are watching! And if you are making things a spectacle, people will want to be around that. Nothing drives new members joining than activity. So be seen, and be active!

4. Think Bigger
– The standard reply when people ask ‘how do we get more members joining’ is something like this..Advertise! Usually though, that advice means advertise inside of other traffic exchanges. Thanks Captain Obvious! Now how about looking outside of the traffic exchange industry…Facebook ads, Instagram, forums, solo ads, viral mailers…Stop thinking so small and start ACTING like a real business. Don’t limit yourself to small fries when you can go after a Big Mac 🙂

5. A Contest…A Real Contest
– Something we did early on to build ClickTrackProfit was to host giveaways and contests with real prizes. One one instance the prize was to be the CEO of our company for the day, where the winner got to run all our promos and do deals with others…This was a huge success and the winner won a brand new laptop computer out of the deal. Yup, we purchased someone a computer. Along with dozens upon dozens of popular FlipCams over the years to. Sounds over the top? Maybe. Sounds expensive? That depends…Because we made our money back ten fold from those contests. When you are giving something away, please don’t say something like ‘This is $5000 worth of advertising’…Most programs that claim that don’t even make $5000 a year. Be legit! Give them something of real value!

Those are 5 tips that have helped lots of owners over the years and helped us as well. The big thing to remember is this…It doesn’t happen overnight, you truly need to stay the course more than you ever thought you would…This stuff takes time, effort and money to do.

Also, remember that traffic exchanges are going through a rough time right now as they try to re-discover their DNA and purpose in the online advertising world. That means….OPPORTUNITY…Innovation can always be the biggest way to generate new members. Look at Sweeva and ClickTrackProfit….When we launched those sites, no one was doing what we did. That helped us get attention. It drove new members to us more than anything else…

Don’t be afraid to try new things and innovate!