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When’s The Last Time You Stopped Surfing?

Remember the good ol’ days?

Remember when a website you saw when surfing the traffic exchanges made you stop in your tracks. It grabbed your attention? It commanded you to take action and you willingly followed through?

Seems like ages ago right….

I had that experience again today!

Crazy right?

And while I wasn’t surfing a traditional traffic exchange, I was ‘surfing the web’ in a model very similar to a traffic exchange (StumbleUpon – Yeah I still say it’s the greatest traffic exchange in history that never named itself a traffic exchange lol)

And while I was checking out some blogs I discovered a post that captured my attention…

Not because of a sharp looking squeeze page. And not because of a cool video. This was just a simple blog that was recommending a book that was right up my alley.


I literally stopped surfing and because I try not to buy books on Amazon (long story) I proceeded to the local book store and picked it up.

Not sure I can EVER remember finding something while surfing that made me not only stop surfing, but got me up out of my office and drive to the bookstore to buy what was being recommended…

Now while this isn’t the end goal of traffic exchanges in 2017, it’s a pretty good dream to shoot for….

Imagine…A community of websites that people LOVED to spend time in. They loved to surf because what they saw while surfing catered to their desires, goals and dreams…

Sure StumbleUpon exists already, but that doesn’t mean traditional traffic exchanges can’t feed those desires of our surfers.

I don’t have the answer, and I’m just throwing it out there for potential discussions…

This would be a beautiful thing to see in this business…Catering to surfers who WANT to be here, not just to earn credits but a true desire to discover new stuff…

Because guess what happens when you cater to those kind of surfers….Advertisers ALWAYS follow!

From TE Land To Hollywood

I thought this was a cool story and wanted to share it with you…

Paul Caraway has been a mainstay in the traffic exchange industry for years now. He even helped us out by creating entire training section within Click Track Profit about using video and how to market properly with it (Video Tips)…

Recently, he’s been trying his hand at acting and got a gig in the brand new Marvel T.V. series – The Gifted

Paul decided to use this and some clever traffic exchange advertising to build his social following. Which is a great way for him to promote himself and his brand!

I saw this ad and smiled from ear to ear!

Good for him and I wish him nothing but success. But what’s a huge nugget here is how Paul is using ads within the chat, to build his fan page in Facebook.

I tried my hand at building some social following when I promoted my Plus 1 Daily page a few months ago and got some great results.

We need to stop thinking so…Old school…When it comes to traffic exchanges and advertising within them.

Yes they are the perfect avenue to promote your mailing list but look at what Paul is doing here…He’s now using it to build his social network whihc will further his carer as an actor.

This is fantastic!

Keep promoting…Try new things…Build those brands and mailing lists.

You never know who may be watching 🙂