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Not Getting Results Using Traffic Exchanges? There Is No Excuse!

I need to talk about something that plagues this industry and has since day one…


The excuse machine comes in all different forms from;

“It’s not fair, the big guys make all the money!”

“I can’t build a list, I don’t have anything to email about!”

“I’ve tried everything, nothing works!”

And a host of other reasons why…You will never succeed using these programs!

And then I see something like this posted in the Rock Star Marketing Group on Facebook:

traffic exchanges

Look at that! 6 new subscribers in one day….Wow, could it be that these guys are using traffic exchanges the right way?

Maybe 6 subscribers doesn’t seem like a lot, but then you do the math on what those 6 can potentially be and the fact that they spent 0$ on generating them…Interesting.

Or what about in my case, I logged into my email and discovered this waiting for me about an hour ago….

3 sales and $100.50 total in affiliate commissions from something I sent to my list….3 days ago!


These are just two cases in the past day and a half of people using traffic exchanges properly and reaping the benefits of them.


By BUILDING their email lists using quality squeeze pages and emailing that list consistently.

This is not rocket science, this is basic internet marketing.

1. Create / promote something of value to attract people to your list.

2. Stay in front of them using traffic exchanges and your squeeze pages

3. Deliver value…Daily.

No more excuses! It’s the end of 2017, let’s make sure we have our goals in place for 2018 as well.

Build. Those. Lists!

P.S. Want to learn more about building lists using nothing but traffic exchanges? Be sure to join and take part in the discussions at Net Marketing Forum!

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Is Crypto What The Traffic Exchanges Have Been Waiting For?

It’s been a year! Since PayPal decided to stop letting traffic exchanges use their service. It’s been quite an interesting 12 months to watch the struggles that this industry has gone through since our major payment processor decided to pull the plug.

And since then, we’ve looked into other payment methods from Payza’s horrible service to credit card processors and everything in between…

Sadly, nothing has ever recaptured the trust and mass adopting like PayPal had. And for good reason, PayPal has been a solid option for online payments for almost 2 decades now.

But it wasn’t always the case….

I remember when PayPal first got started and was actually giving people $5 per referral. Yeah that’s going back in time I know…However, building trust back then was an uphill climb.

Asking someone to send their credit card information and payments over the ‘web’ was foreign and scary for a lot of people. They had to build the trust over the years and it paid off.

So here’s something I’ll throw out there…

What about crypto currency?

Crypto currency?

Yup, currency like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and others…

Scary right? Sounds too complicated? It’s just a bubble and will crash and burn…

And it’s the exact same things they were saying about PayPal in 2001-2002.

So here’s what I think…

We are huge fans of crypto! We’ve been dabbling in it for years now and recently created a way for traffic exchanges to start accepting Bitcoin Cash (BCH) right away called

So the pieces are in place and the potential is there.

However this is the traffic exchanges and we are notoriously slow at adopting technology that the rest of the world does. From social media to using video in promotions, traffic exchanges have never really adopted each and seem to fight technological advancements for some reason.

Do I think crypto has a future inside of traffic exchanges?

It’ll take more than just a few people sticking up a ‘We accept Bitcoin Cash’ button on their websites. It’ll take some decent adoption.

Surfers need to spend it, owners need to accept it! Owners need to spend it and surfers need to earn it!

It can happen and I’m crossing my fingers because we need a win! This industry got slapped with the PayPal fiasco, it’ll be nice to never need to worry about being slapped by ANY payment processor ever again.

The rest of the world is coming around to crypto, and I hope the traffic exchanges will as well…

P.S. If you are interested in accepting crypto for your traffic exchange , viral mailer or membership site be sure to check out, it’s completely free and you don’t even need to sign up for an account. Pretty cool huh?

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