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Why Do I Love TE List Builder? It’s The Power of The Funnel!

It’s been a few days now since TE List Builder launched and the results have been nothing short of spectacular.

Of course, most people may read that statement and say…“Who cares? Why should I care about TE List Builder? It’s not putting food on my table!”

Let me introduce you to a fun friend of mine called ‘Mr. Sales Funnel’…

sales funnel

He’s a pretty cool dude!

I like him a lot.

Mr. Sales Funnel has helped me for almost two decades now and he is willing to help you too.

The problem is, most people in the traffic exchange industry have never met Mr. Sales Funnel! But when people do meet him, boy oh boy….He performs!

Thankfully Mr. Sales Funnel can be found in programs like TE List Builder.

And we’re going to break down each part of the funnel and show you how to use TE List Builder to finally see big results in your traffic exchange advertising….

Awareness – We all know that the way to generate leads is to get people to know, like and trust you. Here’s where your funnel gets introduced to the world by using the lead capture pages found inside of TE List Builder. It’s brilliant because you can use the services provided and get fantastic awareness to you and your personal brand just by advertising links like this. Remember, the trick is to be seen as much as you can, as often as you can, everywhere you can…

Interest – Your audience keeps seeing you. They start to recognize you by seeing the lead capture pages as well as this slick new blogging feature inside of TE List Builder. You start grabbing attention because your audience is seeing you on lead capture pages but also taking part in the teams and providing valuable content on the blogs. Remember, awareness leads to interest!

te list builder

Desire – People start to really pay attention now! They’ve signed up to your list via the blogs or lead capture pages, they are intrigued by all the results they are seeing…But most importantly, they are seeing you as a marketer that actually walks the walk! You take action, you are everywhere online, they want to be a part of this, they want to be around action takers…And then this leads to…

Action – You get a customer. A sale. Maybe a new referral or two. Because you followed the system and got to know ‘Mr. Sales Funnel’, you are reaping the benefits of his model. You created awareness, you built trust through interest, people had a desire to seek you out and now…You see things like this:

All from a free system that does two things better than ANYTHING in the traffic exchange industry today…

1. It Brands Your Name – through lead capture pages, blogs and team based activities.
2. It Builds Your List – using a superior funnel system that’s easy to use and effective at generating results.

This is why TE List Builder is so important to our industry and I encourage you to meet Mr. Sales Funnel…He really wants to show you the way to a thriving mailing list than turns prospects into sales!

We’re finally getting back to what made traffic exchanges to vibrant and exciting πŸ™‚

te list builder

TE List Builder Will Change Traffic Exchanges….Again!

April 2016. I made a bold prediction…

I stated ‘TE Pays Would Change The Traffic Exchange Industry Forever‘ and things looked pretty good. The focus was on building lists, and creating residual income using nothing but traffic exchanges…

What’s amazing is that a year and a half later, I’m still getting a weekly pay check from TE Pays!

However things changed last year as we are all aware…

The drama, the payment processor issues, the penny surfers…Traffic exchanges took a massive hit and they have been waiting for something or someone to step up and do things…A little bit different.

The guys at TE Pays did just that!

This past week they took the site offline and did a major re-design and re-launch which introduced the industry to…..TE List Builder!

This. Thing. Is. Awesome!

So obviously I’m a huge fan of this program for a few reasons and I’m going to go over those right now and proclaim again…This program WILL save the traffic exchanges!

1. It’s Still…All About Building Your List
– So awesome to bring the focus back to building lists. The original TE Pays did that but this system takes it to a whole other level. Think of this program as ClickTrackProfit – For list building training! Step by step list building training is exactly what this industry needed!

2. Step By Step List Building Training
– Like I mentioned about, this is step by step list building training. The NewFire Marketing team does a great job of training members how and WHY they should be building their lists using traffic exchanges. The training is fun and the added XP for completing each step makes the learning addicting πŸ™‚

3. It’s…Literally ‘Done For You’ – One of the biggest problems in this industry isn’t convincing people they need to build their lists…It’s getting them to actually SEND things to their lists. And the number 1 hurdle is that most people don’t know what to write in their emails. TE List Builder solves that problem with fantastic email series that you simply upload to your favorite autoresponder and presto…Problem solved!

(Depends on your account level but the top level gets up to 11 emails to create your email series!)

4. It’s EverGreen…Still
– The commissions have been coming in from TE Pays since April 2016 each and every week and I expect that to continue with this system…Why? It’s evergreen! List building NEVER goes out of style and it brings people back to the beauty and power of traffic exchanges…Building a list and building a personal brand!

5. It Embraces Team Building
– What’s better than building your lists and building your income? Helping others to do the exact same thing. TE List Builder includes teams tonetwork with others and build networks of amazing people, working towards a single goal. I love it and hey…I even started a team that you should join..Hint hint team name is List Nerds πŸ˜‰

All in all, this program rocks from top to bottom. When TE Pays launched last year I knew it was going to be popular because of how it was put together and this is no different. It took everything that was working and added so many amazing new features.

This is the MUST join program for the traffic exchange industry this year and I do believe with things like this, we’re headed in the right direction!