Before We Point Fingers, Let’s Clean Up Our Own Backyard

I have been paying attention to a lot of rumblings and gripes about the state of the traffic exchange recently (who am I kidding, I’ve been reading them for over a decade)…And one of the major beefs seems to be two fold.

1. New traffic exchanges launching all the time
2. Failed exchanges being resurrected and re-launched

Wanna know a little secret?

This is nothing new. In fact I would argue, not only has this been happening since TE’s first saw a commercial script brought to market, this would show that there is attention and interest in the TE model…The more they launch, the more exciting the TE industry looks.

Now of course, owners need to ‘go to school’ and learn how to launch, promote and maintain any program they start but that’s not the point of this post.

My gripe is…We are focused on the wrong things.

Here’s the problem…

Look at what OWNERS allow to be promoted inside of their traffic exchanges?

I’m not even going to get started on my disgust of the PTP co-op model (that’s for another day) but this is what people see when they start surfing a traffic exchange.

It’s rotator inside of rotator. Usually some kind of matrix scheme. Without any emphasis on personal branding, list building or legitimate online business.

I know I know…Who am I to police what is and what is not ‘legit‘…But let’s use common sense here.

We’ve seen some fantastic marketers get their start in TE’s and basically say they will no longer surf or spend a dime with any of these programs because the market isn’t responsive. This is an issue. The real reason traffic exchanges are looked down upon is because we cater to the ‘surfer’ that has no intention of building businesses. They just wanna…Surf.

They don’t care what they promote, how they are presented…They just wanna surf.

Now, I truly believe we need a healthy mix. We need ‘surfers’ but we also need advertisers. And the problem is, who in their right might would want to advertise when they just see sites like the one above…It’s unprofessional, it’s amateur and it hurts our brand.

In closing, I think owners and the vocal minority are focused on the wrong things

Who cares what new TE’s launch or re-launch. We need to start focusing on what is being promoted within our own back yard.

Get rid of the garbage and we’ll start to attract the RIGHT mix of surfer and advertiser!

Jon Olson

I'm Jon Olson, I've been publishing Hit Exchange News since 2003 and been involved in the traffic exchange industry since...Well, the beginning :) I'd love to network with you as you browse the pulse of the traffic exchange industry! I am also a HUGE fan of reading your comments. I will respond to every single one! Poke around and enjoy the 'News! And thanks for hanging out...

7 thoughts to “Before We Point Fingers, Let’s Clean Up Our Own Backyard”

  1. That particular site was banned at my TE a few weeks ago, mainly because I felt that it was a promotion of spam and a scam. Like you Jon I’m trying to be vigilant of what I approve at my site. All free members have their sites manually approved and I try to ban anything that is not legitimate however lately it seems you need 24 hours in a day to research some of the garbage that is out there. I’d love to have a forum of some sort where owners could compare notes on these new sites that are being promoted so as to save us all time. It’s still up to us to say we are okay with it or not, but at least get some sort of agreement on wiping some of the garbage out.

  2. I agree with what you say especially the school and I would be the first to sign up, but where do we start a project of this type and magnitude. we both know that we have many experts at many things but who is best at what

  3. I agree, Jon, TEs NEED change. However, In order to achieve change, you have to WANT it. Owners and users alike must be willing to engage in honest discussions, evaluate the past to determine what is viable – and what needs to go away – to find the path forward. But everyone should know this, as it has been discussed at length over the past decade,

    What can be done to not only get the discussion going again, but to have ‘results’ from it? Talk, just for the sake of saying something, means nothing. Until such time as the people engaged in the discussion are willing to ‘take action’ nothing changes. I am not convinced that the ‘desire’ to achieve more is anything but a talking point for many owners, and users, at this time.

    Now is the best time to start. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow . . . well . . . it never really comes does it? The reasons to wait till another day just continue to compile.

    1. I hope to be proven wrong, that there are enough people willing to embrace introspection, discuss ideas, and make positive change. I know I am willing to do whatever I can to help once again. I see the possibilities of a better future for the TE model. It’s there. It’s possible. It just requires effort to achieve. Who wants it?

  4. Thank you for this post, many of us have been saying what this article states for awhile. I think the problem may be is, at a lot of places, well they are paying money to advertise what’s the big deal. If the ads are bogus, deceiving, and illegal at that, get rid of the ad, refund the money and inform others. I hear from many the whole, well it’s not my problem. Just wait, it will be. Thanks as always

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