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Traffic Exchange Review – Hits And List Cafe

I polled the subscriber base of Hit Exchange News the other day and asked a simple question…What would you like to see ‘talked’ about on the blog. Two answers popped out, the first was that 33% of readers wanted me to discuss how to get better results from your time in the traffic exchanges! I love that topic and will be covering it a lot more in future posts…

However 38% of readers wanted traffic exchange reviews!

With all the ‘less than stellar’ traffic exchanges on the market and programs that come and go like the wind, I decided that not only are the readers right, this is a great topic. It would also be a lot of fun and kind of get back to the essence of what Ht Exchange News started off as back in 2003…

O.K. enough of the warm and fuzzy stuff, let’s get down to business!

Hits & List Cafe started in 2010, which that point alone should tell you what I’m going to say about this program.

Sadly, if a traffic exchange lasts and is viable after 6 months, it’s considered a win in this business so Hits & List Cafe fits my definition of a win right off the bat.

Owned by Suzanne Howarth, this program is on the LFMTE backbone with plenty of customization to keep users engaged.

The site has a smooth layout and one of cleaner surf bars in the industry. While the members area does have a lot going on, it’s still relatively easy to navigate. Other than all the badges and buttons on the left side of the members area, it’s super clean which I really appreciate.

The site itself has plenty of rewards programs and games to keep the surfer interested and surfing. The menu bar is fairly easy to navigate as well to find your way around the options of your membership. It’s a straight forward LFMTE environment but like I said, has customization added to the user experience.

Traffic flow is decent but it’s not ‘Easy Hits 4 U’ levels ever since ‘D Day’ last year in the industry. I do expect flow to step up over the next few months though as we get rid of the penny clickers and start catering more to the advertiser. You can see that Suzanne’s entire model is focused on the serious surfer and advertiser which again, is something this old school surfer appreciates.

Here’s a big win for me…The upgrade page!

While the price points are a little odd, 9.99 and 5.00 for the upgrades (I’d prefer to see a solid number like 5 and 9 for example) I love that this page is clean and that there isn’t….3876 different upgrade options.

That’s a win!

Keeping the choices limited really helps Hits & List Cafe’s upgrades pop! In fact I upgraded recently on an awesome log in offer which lowered the prices even more. A great value!

All in all, this program is solid! The fact that it’s been online since 2010 tells you that Suzanne is serious about it’s success. And in 2017, that’s the biggest testament to a traffic exchange you can have.

Awesome owners create awesome programs!

Hits & List Cafe scores a 8.5 out of 10

Featured Traffic Exchange – Clicky Hits

Starting today and every following week, I’m going to be doing a detailed review on a featured traffic exchange in our family of XP Badge exchanges. You can always check out our growing number of programs by logging into ClickTrackProfit and clicking on this link

To start it off, let’s talk about one of the newest members of the family – ClickyHits

Launched only a few weeks ago by Anton Baikov, this very popular new traffic exchange can be summed up by one simple image I saw while surfing for a Golden Egg of CTP XP around 3 am eastern time…

You know….A few people criticized me for promoting Anton’s new site. They said ‘There is nothing unique’, ‘It’s just another LFMTE’, ‘What makes this different from every other site…

Your answer is right there in that image. The owner makes the difference.

Traffic exchanges rise and fall on who is leading the way and if I see an owner, talking to his members at 3 in the morning, that tells me people are in very good hands.

Anton is doing a lot of things right. He’s taking his time and releasing new features slowly and methodically that will add huge value to his membership. It’s a very clean site and while it does have lots going on, there is a simplicity about it that I really enjoy.

It’s growing at a very steady rate and from what we can see from our stats, his XP Badges are being claimed quite a bit. In fact they are even being claimed more than some older, more established programs.

As mentioned, this is based on the LFMTE script and you get a plethora of familiar features to access and use with your membership. The brand and image are fantastic, and the mascot ‘Clicky‘ is sure to please the members.

The surf bar is very clean and easy to use. The added chat, as seen above, is a very useful feature to touch base with Anton and the other members.

The upgrades are very fair with two options either Clicky Pro @ $7 per month and Clicky Master @ $9 per month. Both options give increased surf ratios and much higher commissions.

We saw a conversion rate for upgrades and purchases at around 22%, which was fantastic during the launch period but has slowed down considerably since launch. Again, this is to be expected as the site matures. Yet 22% is very impressive.

As for results…I have been testing sign ups to my blog’s list using this squeeze page and from the 300 hits I had assigned, I received 5 new people to my list. That’s a great conversion rate, which is always expected with new programs. Will it slow down? I’m sure it will but the future looks very bright.

It’s active, it’s responsive and yes while only a few weeks old I can see Anton doing a lot of things right with this. The biggest challenge he will face is growing it after the initial hype wears down. That’s the true challenge for any new traffic exchange owner.

All in all, this is a fantastic new program and one of the best traffic exchanges launched in 2015. Let’s see what Anton can do with it…