Are You Really Surprised? Really?

They come, and they go…

This is a recurring theme and it has been for years in this business. The next ‘biggest’ thing is launched, it gets promoted to the end of the earth and then it disappears. It’s funny because there has been another ‘latest greatest’ program that recently shut it’s doors and people are acting surprised. It makes me giggle. It really does…

O.K., let’s look at this from a common sense angle…You are promised the world, the world is not delivered and then you are surprised that the ‘opportunity’ shut it’s doors…Really?

Classic internet marketing!

And what about these awful traffic exchanges that have been online for years and years but still only have 300-500 members…I’m not sure exactly what the owners of these programs are doing because it’s really not rocket science to manage a traffic exchange. It’s pretty simple really…Advertise and make it look like a million bucks. Simple…But these owners are ‘surprised’ that they only have trickles of activity and trickles of new members joining…

Yes, as you can tell this is a rant…But I have a solution for these problems!

1 – If it sounds too good to be true and people are telling you that you can make money without spending any…..Run away!

2 – If you own a traffic exchange with 300-500 members and it’s been online for more than a year…Close it down!

3 – Don’t listen to people who teach you that it’s o.k. to keep your 300 member T.E. online and that get-rich quick schemes are great opportunities.

And above all else, use common sense!

O.K. my rant is over….Seriously, I feel great now =)

The State of TimTech

Heart On My Sleeve Time:

The traffic exchanges were starting to get on my last good nerve. It seemed every time I opened my trap or TimTech did anything, we got back stabbed or thrown under the bus. And I know why, we cause a lot of this ourselves but at the end of the day we know where our heart is. It’s in online business. It’s in helping people. It’s in paying record commissions. It’s in every thing we do.

These past few weeks, we’ve really got a kick in the rear. There’s been a breath of fresh air in TimTech and it does come from Sitizens as Tim sums it up pretty good in his latest blog post. We are doing things for our happiness and our customers. The people that dislike us or what we do, meh….You kinda had your chance to curb stomp us while we ‘took it easy’ this summer but alas…We kicked our own butt 😉

Here’s a few things on top of Sitizens which we have been playing with…

First, is The Fish Bowl. Justin and me have been DYING to do this for months and we finally jumped into it this week. Basically it’s 24-7 live streaming of our Skype calls. That’s right, we are being completely transparent and opening up exactly how we think and how we communicate for all to see. Nothing hidden, nothing held back. Stop by anytime and come hang out with the Nerds…Or just lurk and clown us behind our backs. We don’t mind either way LOL We just love being transparent and we think The Fish Bowl is something new and exciting in the business.

We also fired up Traffic Exchanges Care again for our 6th campaign to bring awareness to the need for fresh water around the globe. To date, we have raised over $6,000 directly from the traffic exchange industry and that translates into fresh clean drinking water for 300 people for….20 years! That’s right. 300 people on planet earth will have clean drinking water for 20 years because of YOU, the traffic exchange surfer and owner!

Two simple projects but they have really got TimTech back into the swing of things along with Sitizens. We’re amped. We are refreshed and we are ready to crush it like never before. Oh yeah, we are giving away $1000 EVERY WEEK in our Tournament at Sitizens. Not prizes, not banner impressions, not credits, not over-hyped marketing ebooks…Real cash! We hope you enjoy it and good luck in the tournament!

Now back to doing what we do best…Putting passion into the traffic exchanges!