Name That Nerd

Introducing…The nameless nerd! Poor Justin! We have worked the guy to the bone and he came up with a really cool design for our ‘mascot’ here at TimTech. Of course, we were supposed to come up with a name for him but instead, we decided to hold a little contest and let you name the nerd (and potentially pocket a hundred bucks)…

TimTech Nerd

Here’s how it works;

Step 1. Go to our Facebook Fan Page and ‘Like’ TimTech

Step 2. On the top left corner of the Fan Page there is a link to ‘Name That Nerd’. Click it and give us your entry!

Step 3. Every week, the members of TimTech’s Fan Page vote on their favorite and from those, we will pick the winner.

Easy! And it could be worth $100 if we choose your suggestion. Plus…Hey, it’ll be a lot of fun too.

Be sure to give us your entry today and help us Name That Nerd!

P.S. Oh yeah, here’s some juicy news gossip and scandal! Did you hear the rumors? Net Marketing Forum is back!

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A Few Reasons Why I Love The Traffic Exchanges

The story has been the same year after year. Traffic exchanges are dying. The industry is about to crumble. The world is ending for our business model. And year after year, we seem to still be here, growing by leaps and bounds. But I still get frustrated…

I know that the best people in ‘internet marketing’ can be found in the traffic exchange industry but they tend to ‘hide’ until they are found. Traffic Exchange Live is filled with these people and now we are finding some newer owners that, in my opinion, will start to become industry leaders. Here’s a few traffic exchanges I think you should watch closely…

Shane Bost from SiteXplosion. Not only has Shane created one of the better new programs online, he has partnered with another up and coming leader Blain Jones and created T.E. Basics, a fantastic info-product about traffic exchanges. Shane gets it, he know the importance of good design and a solid personal brand.

Eric Goettman from TopHits4U. Why do I constantly sing the ‘TopHits4U’ song when I’m in the shower? Because it’s catchy. It’s unique. And it’s a reason why Eric has been growing his online presence week after week. Rumor has it, he’s about to launch something even bigger in the next few weeks…

Smith J from LiveTrafficNetwork. He just added CTP Badges to his program and he’s been one of the most active new owners I have met in quite some time. Smith understand social surfing and you can find the guy in his live chat talking to members all the time.

William Miller from Surf Skeleton. Ego’s are everywhere in this business. It seems no one wants to learn from traffic exchange ‘experts’ but then you have William who has been the sponge of all sponges. He has been redesigning his site, paying attention to what everyone else has been doing and developing his own unique way of running his program. And he’s just getting started. Watch out in a year and see how well he does!

James Dias from IT. I laugh. I laugh when I think of how well James has been building his business brand online and I BEG other owners to pay attention to what he has been doing. It’s remarkable. And we won’t hold it against him that hes a Raiders fan…

Gabriel Heinrich from ClixKing. Under the radar…I don’t want to sound to ‘hype-ish’ but this owner could be the next big thing in traffic exchanges. Why? He puts his members before ANYTHING else. Not only did I get a personal welcome when I joined, he explained to me how he custom built the live chat, developed new tools and layouts for the LJ Script and was giving away free 7 day trials for his upgrades. Oh yeah, and the first thing he ‘pitches’ you on the welcome email? The link to his customer support desk…

And there is so many others that I want to feature, and I plan on it next week. If I missed you this week, please remember it’s nothing personal. I want to do feature posts like this on a weekly basis to showcase the folks in this business that make it a blessing to come to work every day.

From the T.E. Live community, to the names posted above to everyone who says hi in the social chats….This is going to be a great year for our business. Long live traffic exchanges and the FANTASTIC people who are in this business!