Old School Marketing Is Dying. Some People Won’t Admit It Yet…

After reading and debating in a thread at Net Marketing Forum about demographics and the ‘old school way’ of marketing to people, I thought for sure I wasn’t going to get into it anymore. You see, I will never convince people that the old school way of marketing to the masses is dying…Why? There is comfort in familiarity.

People hate change. They don’t and won’t embrace it until they have no other choice. Here’s what is changing and why I think the old school way of marketing is dying.

A few years ago, all you needed was a survey of about 100 people. Ask them questions like how old they are, how much money they spend on certain things, what their sex was, average household income…You know, stuff that made everyone an ‘average’.

Then along came Mr. Marketing and created products and services, geared towards ‘the average’.

People usually just embraced whatever the average was and you had empires built on catering to the ‘masses’ or ‘the average’.

Then along came this thing called the internet and in the past few years everything has changed. In Chris Anderson’s masterpiece ‘The Long Tail’, he explains that the real opportunities in life are the ones that the ‘masses’ aren’t looking at. It’s the smaller niches. The group of people that don’t like what everyone else does and that’s where I REALLY get excited about the future of marketing.

I’d rather cater my business to people who think like me. No marketing survey on earth will tell me this, the only way I can ‘cater’ to this group is to roll up my sleeves and interact with them. How do we do this in this day and age? Simple, Twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, Sweeva, forums, blogs, and every aspect of the social media world we can use.

The power is found in the people during this time of social revolution and while companies will hide behind ‘marketing demographics’ for as long as they can, savvy marketers are seeing the change. They are embracing the need to be visible, to ENGAGE and interact with others. This is where the future is, it’s not in the numbers, it’s in the people.

I’m sure many people will debate this and tell me that old school marketing is not dying. And hey, like I said in the forum, whatever works for you, works for you. But I encourage interested people, roll up your sleeves and get to ‘know’ your fellow entrepreneurs. There is a lot that is about to happen in this social world…Key word here is…Social.

Stop What You Are Doing! Change Is Needed!

You know, I’ve been going through quite a change in the way I think about business, how I act in business and how I feel about business. The past few months have left me scratching my head and wondering how I ‘did it the wrong way’ for so many years.

I’ve divorced that old way of doing business for something much more effective and something that actually makes you feel good day in and day out….It’s called engaging!

Not sure if there is proper term for this, but how I think of it is this…Be yourself, put yourself out there and let people come to you. Simple really, I know some people hate the way I do business, but I know there are people that enjoy it. Most importantly for me, I feel good about getting up every morning, pouring some coffee and engage other traffic exchange surfers and enthusiasts.

This process takes time though and there is no ‘easy button’ for you to press. The time invested in COMMUNICATING with others in your industry is well worth it though. I generate loads of referrals, I make sales, I refer people to useful products…And I never have to pitch anyone.

When you engage people, great things happen. But it’s not something you can do overnight. So my advice today? Get out there, be seen, be unique and engage others in your industry. That means come to T.E. Live, go to Net Marketing Forum, make a unique splash page, ask questions in the seminars, surf I Love Hits and chat, browse some sites in Sweeva….

Be everywhere and engage other people. A few months from now, you will be scratching your head too and asking yourself why you didn’t start engaging even sooner.

P.S. Let’s start ENGAGING right now! We’re hosting a T.E. Townhall Meeting tonight at 7pm Eastern and the topic is just that..How To Engage Other Surfers And Get Results In The Traffic Exchanges! It all happens tonight, for free. Bring a friend or two and let’s get results!