I’ve Ruined Brenda’s Favorite Song BUT….

I played this video for Brenda and she basically told me I ruined her favorite song. But wait…All is not lost…Check it out and you’ll see why…

So here’s the scoop…When you join TopHits4U under our referral link (and if we win the contest that Eric is having) you will have a chance to win a brand spanking new Flip Cam or Logitech Webcam. Whatever prize we win, one lucky referral will get it! Pretty neat huh?

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And when you do, you will help me to stop singing and ruining Brenda’s favorite song…LOL

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What Happens When You Give Up…

It’s the age old problem in online business. A new marketer comes online. Busts their tail for a few months. Does the little things to help build their business. But after some time, doesn’t see the yachts and the enormous bank account. No referrals are coming in. No sales. So they give up…

It’s sad, but here’s a staggering fact, this is almost the case with 99% of the people who come online looking to make money. It’s happened for years and it continues to be the biggest problem facing us as business people…Giving up!

Here’s something to think about….What happens if you spend all that time, and effort to grow your downline to about 50 people in something like ClickTrackProfit. It’s taken you a few months and you are doing the little things like contacting your downline, offering support but you don’t get any people taking action. Frustrating beyond belief. So you say…Enough of this, I’m done…You give up and start jumping from program to program.

But something remarkable happens. You refer someone else, number 51….And that person turns out to be someone like Patrick Griffin. Or a TimTech Nerd. Or a big traffic exchange owner. Or someone who is at the start of a lucrative career. Or a dedicated surfer.

I use Patrick because this story can be found at home, right here in TimTech. Brenda Broyles actually referred Patrick to ClickTrackProfit and from what she recalls…Her downline before that was…Lukewarm at best. Now what would have happened if Brenda gave up? Not only would she have missed an opportunity to work with TimTech but she would have missed the BIGGEST opportunity…And that’s to refer and work with someone who is becoming a very strong brand in this business.

Be a Brenda! Don’t give up! When you do, you will never know how close you were to success. If you want a tip on how to keep driving and pushing forward….Do the fundamentals every day, +1 every day, focus on relationships first….And you will see, the results will be there. It’s a guarantee!

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