First Post In July…Urgh

K, this is going to be short and sweet just to remind everyone that Olson is still around LOL

I took some time off and traveled to Las Vegas. Don’t worry, I still have my shirt and I didn’t mortgage my home. It’s great to be back though. I’ve got to say, after a few days I got very ‘home sick’ and wanted to be around the TE Live community and the traffic exchanges as a whole.

Anyways, I’m back and wanted to let everyone know…You are going to want to mark down this date…July 21st.

See you back at TE Live tomorrow!

The Death of Boring Traffic Exchanges

I’m so bored! Every time I wake up in the morning, one of the most important parts of my day, starts with reading updates and happenings from the traffic exchange world. I’ve got to say, it puts me back to bed quite often…

I mean come on? How many times do I have to read about Billy Bob Smith winning 35 credits and a 10 cent surf prize…

Nothing seems to capture my attention these days in the traffic exchange industry and I know I’m not alone. Where’s the kreativity? Where’s the passion? I know I can’t be the only person that is fed up with the lameness that is plaguing this business.

Let’s shake it up! If you are an owner, for the love of everything that’s good, build something new! Add a new feature that no one has done before. If you are a surfer, SHOCK the world with your promotions. If you are a blogger, say something that gets people talking…

I think the ‘same old same old’ traffic exchange model is dead. Social surfing has changed the game and while a lot of people told me when I co-released Social Surfing Secrets that I was on some kind of medication…The proof cannot be challenged anymore.

People want to be social, they do not want to click for hours and be put to sleep. The networking that is taking place is incredible and I’m so happy to see the connections that are being made. But that’s just the tip of the ice berg…We need more features that FOCUS on social and less on old school marketing.

Hey, if you are a purist, good luck to ya’ =)

However if you are an entrepreneur, you can see this change a mile away. You know you need to adapt and make some moves towards this juggernaut that is social surfing in the traffic exchanges. Now is your chance to be different! Don’t do what everyone else is doing…Be kreative! Be unique! Be the Purple Cow!

Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to try something new. We did something new with social surfing over a year ago and it’s been worth every minute of it!

Maybe I’m speaking for a lot of traffic exchange surfers, maybe I’m just speaking for myself…But ummmm….Stop boring us!