The Biggest Secret In Online Marketing

Do you ever wonder why some people seem to grow businesses online each and every day while others struggle to turn a profit? Why do some marketers thrive while others can’t seem to make a sale with all the effort they put in? Is it a conspiracy of the ‘rich’? Nope, but it’s something rarely talked about online…

Most ‘internet marketers’ in the past lived and died by the ‘product launch’. Meaning, the bulk of their income was made by spamming….Oh sorry excuse me…’mailing their list’ with the latest greatest fool-proof scheme that was sure to revolutionize the world. Interesting little business model, wait for your buddy to launch something new, send emails to your list, collect affiliate commissions…One major fault with this business model though, where are the residuals?

Here’s the secret, the WEALTH in online marketing is made from the residual income. The membership business model. The evergreen affiliate programs that may not net you the big ‘JV Launch’ profit bumps but over time, compounded monthly, equal some HUGE profits.

It’s not sexy though. It takes time to develop daily residuals that don’t just pay you once, continue to pay you over and over again for years. It’s a business model that doesn’t have much flash and dash. Not much hype and hoopla…But still the most successful business people on planet earth have been relying on monthly residual income for years.

I’m a BIG fan of this model, and I know that once people catch that mass effect, the residual income compounds and POW! You’ve got yourself an awesome business. Get one referral in something like AdKreator, and then the next month, on that same day, get two referrals….Not try to double that every month for a year, the potential is awesome!

But alas, this takes work…It takes effort…And it takes time. Three factors that 99% of people reading this are not willing to accept and sadly, will wait for the next ‘latest greatest’ email to show up in their inbox…

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What I Learned From The One Of The Greatest…

Steve Jobs was one of the greatest business minds of our generation. I know there has been so much said and so much printed about his passing, and YES I am an Apple fanboy, but I just wanted to share with you a lesson in marketing that I learned from him…One of many….

Have a great weekend and enjoy all the fun stuff we have going on in TimTech land! We want to welcome Mr. Dias to the TimTech team and we will make a big deal ‘announcement’ and give him a huge ego boost next week LOL

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