The Queen of Social Surfing

You know…I have to smile because today I think Tony Tezak came up with the perfect title for Brenda Broyles….She was crowned the Queen of Social Surfing today during her presentation at Affiliate Funnel.

Here’s a few of the things I read in chat while Brenda was giving her first live presentation:

“If it wasn’t for Brenda, I’d still be surfing for pennies….”

“We are here because of you Brenda…”

“Brenda rocks!”

“Brenda cares about people, that’s why we love her….”

Wow, this was just a handful of the remarks I read and I’m so proud of her for doing things that didn’t cost her any money at all, but taking action…Caring about people…And showing the world that social surfing works and can be hugely successful if you embrace it.

Congrats Brenda, you deserve all the success in the world and I completely agree with Tony….Forget William and Kate, the real royalty was crowned today in the seminar!

Your Own Badges…S.O.L.A.S.T.

Well, now we’re really going to upset some people LOL Tim just created a code for people to purchase their own badges. Either a single badge or a complete set that you can have for your business and give them away as you see fit.

Here’s how you purchase your own custom badges to give away…

1. Log into CTP here: ClickTrackProfit Log In

2. Now click on this link to see the order page!

Now you must realize a few things. First the people that get badges’ and know how powerful they can be have already taken some steps to get their own badges. People like Shane from SiteXplosion, William from SurfSkeleton, Smith from LiveTrafficNetwork, John from ThumbVu…And many others. These people know how powerful these can be for their business and their traffic exchanges.

Second, you do not need to own a traffic exchange to benefit from your own badge. You can hide the links to your badges in your thank you letters on your autoresponder lists. You can hide them in your splash pages. In blog comments. Forum posts. Anywhere you can copy and paste the Badge Code, you can give a badge away.

Talk about customer loyalty and potential HUGE windfall’s for people actually LOOKING for your pages in rotation. Site owner or a traffic exchange surfer looking to build their brand…The badges can be huge for you.

Now of course, a bunch of people will hate it. They’ll say they are juvenile. They’ll say they are too expensive. They’ll say TimTech sucks. Hey, whatever makes them sleep better at night =)

For those of you that want to experience the huge power of the Great TimTech Badge Hunt…We look forward to working with you!

P.S. S.O.L.A.S.T. stands for ‘stick out like a sore thumb’…. B0708B19D6