Happy 2nd Birthday Sweeva

Yup, crazy how time flies huh….It’s been exactly two years since we had this crazy notion to change the way traffic exchanges were ‘surfed’ and what an incredible journey it has been…54705 members later, we are just getting started!

Happy Birthday Sweeva!

Also, I cannot forget about the awesome sauce news this week from the TimTech nerds. We launched the Vault N’ Keys game earlier this week and just recently showed the industry how much fun you can have with a spinning wheel 😉

Be sure to join Legacy Hits and I Love Hits today and tomorrow for the Vault game and even more joint surf promos throughout the weekend with more awesome sauce traffic exchange owners…

And finally…$2684.24 was paid to TimTech affiliates this past week. Anyone doing the math that’s over $34000 dollars since January 1st…Not too shabby!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!

Putting A TimTech Spin On Surf Promos

We are pretty pumped to announce the launch our new ‘Vault N’ Keys’ promotion. It’s a spin on the surf promos that have been around the traffic exchanges for quite sometime. Obviously, these promos have been popular but we never wanted to ‘do what everyone else’ does…So we changed it up a bit and WOW the surf numbers after one day have been nothing short of record breaking…

Yesterday we started the promo with StartXchange and our first partner program SiteXplosion. The BAD Marketing guys have been loving it so far and the members have been getting LOTS of bonuses, real cash prizes, tokens, batteries and so much more…

How does it work? Simple, surf 77 pages in the two partner exchanges and get a unique key from each site…Get both keys and presto, you unlock the vault…

Vault N Keys Winner

Tomorrow, we are introducing Surf Skeleton to the promo and we expect huge numbers for tomorrow’s promo as well.

Did we revolutionize anything? Nope. Did we change the idea behind a surf promo? Nope.

Vault N Keys Winner

We just added a different spin on it. This is the ‘nugget’ today, when you have an idea or see an idea you like, just put your own spin on it. You don’t need to change the world, and you don’t need to re-invent the wheel. You just need to add your own flavor to it.

The power to stick out from the crowd is one of the most important aspects of building a solid business online and you will notice, time and time again, the people that do things their way, always come out on top.

Be unique, try something new and above all else, have fun with it! We hope you enjoy the new ‘Vault N’ Keys’ surf promos and expect lots more cash and bonuses for doing what you already do…Being social and surfing =)

P.S. Did you click those links in the post above? Those are ‘jump links’. They go to your link for each of those sites when someone in your downline reads this blog post. That’s right, we are building your downlines in our blog posts and emails =)