Net Marketing Forum Version 5.0

Big news this week…

We just completed the 5th major change in the history of Net Marketing Forum

Thought I’d kind of recap the ‘history’ of NMF and what we are planning for the future.

The future first, we are really trying to get ‘social’ with the new vBulletin script. Everything from blog integration to facebook integration, we’re really trying to broaden the horizon of your networking opportunities in NMF.

This is a HUGE part of my business plans these days, being social, and since Tim Linden and I teamed up with Tim Tech LLC, NMF is going to become the hub of activity we hope for not only our programs but the entire traffic exchange industry…Included but not limited to safelists, list building topics, viral list builders, downline builders, tracking…etc….You name it, we talk about it!

Now as you know NMF has had ‘an interesting’ history. One thing I decided from day one in this forum is that discussion and debate are GOOD and very much welcomed here.

NMF has always been rough around the edges and while I don’t see the ‘bluntness’ of NMF changing anytime soon, the new culture here should be about networking, building relationships and the freedom for voicing your opinions.

This business is 99.9% about building networks and relationships and Net Marketing Forum has been a relationship builder since 2003. So welcome back…Let’s go have some fun and get ready for the forum to once again become the hub of activity in this business…

Version 5.0 is here!!

Why I Love Surfing Contests In The Traffic Exchanges…

I woke up today and saw a link to Tony Tezak’s blog where he posted about why he dislike’s surfing contests in the traffic exchanges. You see, Tony and I have been doing this traffic exchange thing for over a decade and while we share the same passion for this business, our views tend to differ on many issues.

He made his point, you know I had to make mine =)

I love surfing the traffic exchanges first and foremost. Most owners that tell you how to surf and show you how to ‘properly’ promote yourself in this business rarely, if ever, surf the exchanges. So please remember, when I write about these programs…I actually use them.

Why do I love surfing contests?

Simple, it adds excitement. It gets people talking. It brings focus to my business. It creates a vibrant community like nothing else in the exchanges. Now I would see the argument if I was rewarding a ‘Blu Ray’ player every week, but I give away these kind of prizes once every 3 or 4 months. Yes, a constant barrage of ‘prizes’ would hurt. But again, this is only a few times a year I do these big giveaways.

But what’s the point?

Why should you get involved when you see these types of events? Take for example my site, I Love Hits. When there is a surfing contest taking place, the ‘in surf’ chat comes alive. So much networking. So many people getting to know each other and build strong relationships. It’s really quite remarkable. And it’s the most effective way people can build their businesses…Building their circle of influence.

So much so that I would argue, getting involved in the surfing contests and being active in the chat and system itself is so much more powerful than just surfing for credits. There is so much more to these events then just the surfing and if people SURFED and saw how active the chat is, I think then they would see how slamming my surf contests is really shooting themselves in the foot. I dunno but I think one must be active in the traffic exchanges and the contests to comment on them.

The community at I Love Hits is built by a SURFER for surfers! The networking is among some of the best you can do in this business so the next time I have a prize giveaway at I Love Hits, stop by and say hi. I can almost guarantee you that the relationships you build while these contests are taking place can be the most rewarding part of your traffic exchange advertising.

Give it a try…You will be surprised!