The Circle of Awesome Sauce Referral Contest…

First of all, this was all my idea and all the insane videos I have seen rotating around the internet are all a bunch of fluff….Especially from the other Nerd Surfing traffic exchange owners…

Here’s the scoop, we are partnering with the other Nerd Surfing sites to bring you one awesome contest, which was all my idea, and it works on a point system where you get points for every new member you bring into any of the Nerd Surfing sites PLUS you get extra points for every dollar they spend on upgrades , etc…

Cool huh?

Not only that but there is a top 10 list where we are giving away hundreds of dollars of real cash prizes. I know, it’s awesome, it’s all my idea!

But check out some of the better ‘claims’ I have seen around the internet. They are pretty good but of course, they all have it wrong, it was my idea….

(serious note, I LOVE seeing the creativity of some of these members….WOW!!!!)

* Paul Caraway’s video is awesome….

* AJ’s is great too, funny spin on it….

* Matt’s is very cool, professional…

* Keith Butterworth rocks!

* Ben Frazier is basically my hero!

* Nick Grimshawe makes some of the best videos I have seen in months!

* And Walter Mulder….Wins every day!

I would love to see what you have created for the contest, be sure to share your links in the comments below!

The Power of an Idea

I’ve been on this kick this week in TE Live about the power of putting stuff down on paper and once you do, it becomes ‘real’. And once an idea is down on paper, action has been taken and the creation process has begun….Creepy stuff huh? I’m getting all deep today…

But I witnessed something remarkable yesterday on Facebook. About how ‘ideas’ are spread and when you create something that gets people talking, it gets shared very quickly.

I was reading one of those ‘graphic messages’ that seem to be popular these days. You know the powerful quotes that are placed on a small graphic. People seem to love these but I found one that was really unique on my friends wall. I then shared it (with the share button on Facebook which I think is the greatest thing ever btw) and not only did I get immediate comments from my friends and also got that same link shared 6 times….All within 15 minutes of me finding the link.

Was it earth shattering information? No, but it was unique. And it was something people wanted to talk about.

Here’s the lesson in this…Make whatever you do online MATTER! Make it unique. Make it newsworthy. And get people talking about it. What’s awesome is that you won’t have to do much work once the idea starts spreading. But the first step is to take what you have in your mind, and put it on paper….Then let the ‘social’ world take over.

Have a great Friday!