ThumbVu’s Evil Plans

Imagine an industry where no one took risks and changed things up a bit…Imagine a place where standard affiliate pages reigned supreme…Sounds like the traffic exchanges sometimes doesn’t it. If you are in business for yourself, part of the ‘secret’ to growing is to take risks….Kind of like we did this week at ThumbVu…

Be sure to add your comments below, hey this may be the worst idea ever but you can never say TimTech doesn’t try to shake things up and keep it exciting huh *lol*

Also, be sure to check out Patrick Griffin’s view on the changes he makes some very good points about how this change can help and hurt both advertisers and ThumbVu itself.

Here’s to the traffic exchange industry and folks that don’t follow the norm!

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The Message

A few months ago, we had a ‘big name’ marketing guy came and hung out with the TE Live community. The man, in my opinion, has always hammered home the importance of what he called ‘Evergreen’ products to affiliates for years and it’s something we at TimTech are big believers in. We truly think it is the golden ‘rule’ for long lasting marketing success.

Problem is…Promoting ever green products and their affiliate plans are not that sexy. There’s not a lot of flash and dash. It’s long term, slow growing success that unfortunately many folks just don’t have the patience for.

Well when I see something like this….I not only get SUPER pumped, but I also remind myself that there are members in this community that DO get it and DO understand how powerful ever green products can be….

Sean Phillips Rocked It!

I love this page. On so many levels, not only is it very *kreative but it’s also gets a powerful message across, the focus is on ever green products and their importance to your business.

Statistics show, time and time again, that most people will never last a year in online business. It’s sad but it’s a fact. Slot machine marketing is a disease and people come and go every single week. However the folks that have been in this industry for years, will all agree, certain programs are MUST haves. They are never ‘hot business opportunities’, they are never ‘get rich quick schemes’, they are never ‘set it and forget it’ business models….

They are the tools. The things you use, day in and day out. You WILL use an autoresponder in a year from now. You WILL use a splash page creation tool in 6 months. You WILL have your website hosted in 3 years. These are the MUST haves for anyone looking to build a real long lasting business online.

It’s time we all focus on what matters, and in my opinion, it has always been the ever green products!

P.S. Be sure to check out Sean’s twitter feed and for everything he is up to.

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