The Friday Rant + Some Huge News…

Disclaimer: I know in the video I say 5 thousand badges….I meant 5 million badges claimed *Jon sucks….*

What an amazing week…Seriously, I cannot remember more exciting milestones and events in my time in the traffic exchanges…I have a video for you below but here are a few of the highlights;

– 5 million badges claimed at Click Track Profit.

– 10,000 member milestone at Sitizens in a little over 6 weeks

– Smashing surfing records at the Harvest Party

– And now, for my video rant….Grrrrrrrrrr 😉

Have a great weekend and thanks so much for being a reader of Hit Exchange News. Please do post your comments below, that video touched on a very important topic and I’d love to hear your feedback…

P.S. Here is the link to the Mastermind Roundtable we held this week. Enjoy =)

The Mother of All Surf Promos

This is big…And when I say big, I mean massive…The aptly titled ‘Bill’s Awesome Sauce Harvest Party’ was the brainchild of Mr. Gorsci himself and well, Bill wanted to do something big. So we got together with a bunch of traffic exchange owners and set off to do something…Awesome =)

It’s got a total of 17 traffic exchanges and the rules are pretty simple…

– Surf each site 72 times every day for a week to unlock a game piece.

– Every day that you complete a game card, you get a ticket to spin the ‘prize wheel’ at the end of the promo.

– Fill the card every single day of the week and you get 5 bonus spins for a total of 13…And what exactly is in that prize wheel?

How about $425 in cash…Real cash! And as Justin put it in the video below…A gazillion other prizes are to be won as well =)

We hope you enjoy this new spin on a classic surf promo and yeah it’s BIG…But wow, it gets exciting. I’ve completed my two cards already…How many will you fill out this week?