Nike Said It Best…

Online business is one of the most rewarding experiences one can do. Imagine making a full time living from your couch or your spare bedroom. The problem is, we’ve been lied to for years about ‘the process’ in which one reaches that goal. We’ve been told to list build. We’ve been told to do search engine marketing. We’ve been told to attend offline events. We’ve been told to do a song and dance around the gurus and even ‘ship’ them presents to get on their radar…No lie, I heard someone actually say this at an event last week.

We’ve been told every single direction and method to build a business, it’s no wonder so few of us follow through. I don’t blame anyone for this either. Simple human fact, given multiple choices, people tend to ‘not decide’ rather than make a decision. It’s better not to be wrong, then make a decision that might fail.

Here’s the best advice I ever got when doing online business and it came from the biggest show company on planet earth. The Nike marketing motto of ‘Just Do It’ holds so much power. It’s so simple yet I don’t think people can appreciate it.

We are human, and we tend to fall into analysis paralysis and want everything to be perfect before we launch something or write an autoresponder series. Here’s the secret though, it doesn’t have to be perfect…It just has to be!

Don’t wait for the stars to align. Do not wait from the blessings of the ‘big dog gurus’. Don’t wait for your english teach to correct your spelling. Just do it! Put your heart and soul into something and I think you will love the results…

Will it be perfect? Absolutely not and that’s what make it so special. It’ll be YOURS!

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The Past 24 Hours…

So we started at TE Live…Yesterday like any other day, at 4pm Eastern where the best people in the industry come together each and every week day. Who would have known this was about to be the absolute best experience this industry has ever seen…

It started when Craig Caron and I hung out in hung out and talked shop about building relationships and then I had a crazy idea to start a 24 hour marathon in TE Live to raise awareness and money for the Traffic Exchanges Care charity that we host. The idea was pretty simple, Craig would donate 5 bucks for every hour I spent in TE Live and I would donate 10 dollars as well for every hour.

And then it began…

I got a Skype message from James Dias and he basically said ‘Let’s do this man, I’m in this with you for the long run…’ We then told every our plans and started the ‘marathon’…Along the way we had some awesome people come through and hang out with us until the wee hours of the morning and I cannot thank everyone enough, from Kim Terry to Ellyn Weber-Bynum. To Mark ‘The Best DJ Ever’ Middleton to Kevin Bailey. Sam Burgess to Mo The CEO….The community came out and we had so much fun.

My girlfriend, lovingly known as The Foot, to the TE Live community came through and has been in the room, along with James and Kevin for the entire 24 hours. It’s been an absolute blessing and joy to see this charity marathon take shape and even though I tried so hard, I ended up passing out, literally on camera, at around 8am Mountain time.

24 hours later, hundreds of dollars have been raised and we hit our goal thanks to the community. Wow, what an awesome bunch of people the traffic exchange industry is. Special thanks to everyone who donated and came and hung out, The BlainTech Train Wreck stepped up HUGE! Owners like John Bell, Jolynn Moss, Cathy White, Ben Frazier came through and showed their awesome support.

This really was amazing!

The traffic exchange industry is filled with THE best people on planet earth! I’m so honored and proud of this business and cannot thank you all enough! We ended up raising $577 for and $505 for aBlaze For A Cure.

Absolutely…Incredible! If you came through, Tweeted and/or took part, THANK YOU!

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