The Power of an Idea

I’ve been on this kick this week in TE Live about the power of putting stuff down on paper and once you do, it becomes ‘real’. And once an idea is down on paper, action has been taken and the creation process has begun….Creepy stuff huh? I’m getting all deep today…

But I witnessed something remarkable yesterday on Facebook. About how ‘ideas’ are spread and when you create something that gets people talking, it gets shared very quickly.

I was reading one of those ‘graphic messages’ that seem to be popular these days. You know the powerful quotes that are placed on a small graphic. People seem to love these but I found one that was really unique on my friends wall. I then shared it (with the share button on Facebook which I think is the greatest thing ever btw) and not only did I get immediate comments from my friends and also got that same link shared 6 times….All within 15 minutes of me finding the link.

Was it earth shattering information? No, but it was unique. And it was something people wanted to talk about.

Here’s the lesson in this…Make whatever you do online MATTER! Make it unique. Make it newsworthy. And get people talking about it. What’s awesome is that you won’t have to do much work once the idea starts spreading. But the first step is to take what you have in your mind, and put it on paper….Then let the ‘social’ world take over.

Have a great Friday!

Something To Think About This Monday…

I’m a big fan of Success Magazine. It’s the only offline magazine I actually subscribe too and every month I can’t wait to get it in my mailbox. Part of the benefit of this magazine is that every month you get an audio CD packaged in the magazine that offers some advice from top leaders in the business and personal development world…

One of these experts in the past was Seth Godin, arguably one of the greatest marketing minds of our time and something he said in audio lesson struck a HUGE chord with me.

Seth said that we shouldn’t be in business to ‘Sell average stuff to average people’. Think about this for a moment and how it relates to everything we do in the traffic exchanges and what ‘sticks’ and what doesn’t. The world for the better part of a century has been mass marketed too. We have generic products catering to the masses.

But in the day and age of long tail business plans and social media, the ‘niche’ market is even more important than ever. When you are in business, you cannot simply just be a status quo marketer, selling average and ho-hum products to people.

You have to crush it! You have to stick out like a sore thumb and be the Purple Cow (Seth’s biggest marketing message to date and he’s got a lot of gems)…

This is the perfect opportunity for you to set yourself apart from the every day ‘average’ business person but what are you doing to get there? Don’t be average, like I have been saying 2012 is the year to say no to the status quo and the marketers that will excel in this business will REFUSE to be average.

What’s your plan to stick out like a sore thumb?