Badges Version 2.0


So we did this crazy thing a few months ago at TimTech when we released the ClickTrackProfit Badges. They have been quite a success, mostly because they have added a lot of fun back into surfing. Combined with all the social chat systems that are in the traffic exchanges, badge hunting has become quite the event.

One of the first things we wanted to do, was to add the opportunity for other traffic exchanges (and advertisers) to get their own badges and hide them all around their sites. We have some of the best traffic exchange owners on board and the list of them continues to grow every day.

Yesterday, we took it one step further…

Tiered badges were exclusive to the TimTech traffic exchanges, which rewarded active surfing (daily) for surfing a set amount of pages. This created some wonderful surfing results and even more eyeballs looking at pages in our programs. So yesterday, we opened it up for EVERY traffic exchange to reward their surfers for daily surfing…

We added Traffic Fugitive, Surf Skeleton and SiteXplosion almost immediately and the interest has grown over night. We even had Blain Jones offer to set up badges at the various traffic exchanges. So things are looking pretty good for what I’m terming, Badges 2.0 (These T.E.’s are installing the API’s into their programs very soon…)

Own a traffic exchange? Want to offer your members tiered surfing badges (meaning surfers get a badge at 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000 page views…Every day)….Here’s how;

1. Log into ClickTrackProfit

2. Click on the order page. AND grab your custom set of tiered surfing badges.

3. Then sign up for our Tiered Badge API subscription. Note: You do NOT need step 2 if you already have badges with CTP. You can simply ask us to tier any collection you have. However, I highly recommend a custom set of numbers surf badges.

Now, please note. This will be an investment and *gasp* it will not cost $4.97 to do this. However, badges have proven to be a fantastic reward for your surfers and TimTech has grown by leaps in bounds, by activity and so much more, a lot of it because of the badges.

It’s amazing what happens, when you reward your loyal surfers. =)

Traffic Exchanges Don’t Work…

Here’s a newsflash, the ‘experts’ at the Warrior Forum are telling everyone that traffic exchanges don’t work…Wow, is it 2006 all over again?

Let me rewind my rant and explain. Jared Silver decided to pose the question this weekend in the Warrior Forum (the big bad internet marketing forum) if traffic exchanges work…The post was meant to stir things up and highlight some of the better aspects of the business (a.k.a. you, the members of these programs and the lifeblood of the communities).

Well, how did it go? We were the most popular thread this weekend in the forum and well, let’s just say Jon Olson didn’t win over any fans from the thread. Why was I defensive? Because this is the same argument I’ve been having for over a decade about traffic exchanges.

Let’s put it this way…SEO people HATE the thought of traffic exchanges because their numbers may not be up to par with their SEO game plan. I’ve had my issues with SEO ‘claims’ for years but I have changed my way of thinking these past few months. I have woken up to the fact that there are MANY ways to generate traffic, neither is better than the other.

So when people call my life’s work ‘junk’ and ‘a complete waste of time’…Sorry, Papa Jon comes out to defend his businesses. But I should have known better…LOL Anyways…

Traffic exchanges DO work and work better than they ever have. Combined with the social surfing element, which many including myself, think is the biggest improvement this industry has seen in a decade, the numbers are there. The members keep surfing, the members keep joining, the members keep purchasing and the results continue to speak for themselves.

All in all, there was great people in the Warrior Forum this weekend like John Guanzon and others who made strong points for the traffic exchanges (without the Jon Olson-esque emotions lol) and I think it was a bright spotlight pointed again, at our industry.

Fun times but I know my place and where I do my best work. I will stick around the communities built for the traffic exchange industry! It’s a great business to be in and after 13 years, it’s only getting better…

P.S. Speaking of communities, remember T3 is tonight! At 7pm Eastern. It should be a good one!

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