This may seem like a very selfish blog post, or it may even seem a bit ‘out there’ for a concept, but bare with me and let me explain to you why I feel that ‘1’ has a lot of power in today’s world and business environment.

As you know, TimTech firmly believes in the +1 concept. Where you have to measure daily and small increases to further your business. Our belief is that if you focus on doing the daily tasks, every day and moving yourself forward you will see huge results down the road.

But the number 1 also has meaning to me specifically in other ways. I look at this as a representation of myself. I am one person. I believe in one God. I am responsible for one person’s actions (my own) and if I’m going to succeed or fail…It’s up to number 1 (me).

I told you this would be ‘out there’…

It’s also a positive number. In the computer world the language is binary, and that means on or off…One or zero. So the number 1 even in this space means positive! You should always be ‘on’ in this business. Always be positive and moving forward. The +1 method works and works so very well because the person that adopts this is always ‘on’…

O.K., I haven’t completely lost my mind…But I know this post may seem a bit odd. The point being, ONE is a very powerful and positive number in our environment. How will you make sure you are always ‘on’?