We Need To Change The Mindset In Traffic Exchanges

I wrote this down on my whiteboard earlier this week because I think this is a topic that doesn’t get talked about enough and really is damaging to this industry. And I tried to type this out, but failed miserably so hey, why not do a video….

What do you think about this topic? Do you think the ‘Small vs. Big’ labels we place on each other is damaging? Is it as simple as replacing the words ‘small and big’ with ‘growing’? Please share your comments below and let’s have a great discussion!

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Why I Love Traffic Exchanges Part 17

I got the idea for this blog post last night while I was surfing some of the TimTech traffic exchanges. I remember when I first got started in this business over 13 years ago, one of the most exciting aspects of traffic exchange advertising was the feeling of ‘what will the next click bring me?’

Would the next web page I viewed translate into someone seeing my site and earning me a referral? Would this next 30 minutes of surfing earn me enough credits to get someone to take action on one of my pages? I’m not sure if you share these same kind of feelings when you surf, but for me it was what made me fall in love with surfing. You just never knew what that next click would bring…

Fast forward to today and we have even more ways for you to ‘get your message across’ with social surfing combined with what you chose to promote in a traffic exchange itself. Something very cool happened last night specifically in I Love Hits chat, that made me fall in love with traffic exchanges even more. It was late, maybe about 1am Eastern time and while the chat was still active, it had slowed down quite a bit.

A member asked a question about how to get the brand new ‘Nerd Surfing’ feature working for them in StartXchange. It took about a minute but along came Diane Merriam and walked the member through the process. Awesome!

I had to say something because it’s things like this that make me love traffic exchanges (and of course social surfing) even more and more. You never know who is watching, but Diane was being helpful without any direct benefit to herself, she helped a member because that’s what communities do. Things like this need to be rewarded and showcased more because I think that’s the true power of being active and visible in these traffic exchanges!

Like I just said, you never know who is watching or what the next click may bring! So while the next click you do today, might earn you a referral or sale, it’s pretty awesome to see that the next person you help out, may become someone you will work with for years. Or maybe a lifelong customer.

That’s the real power of social surfing in the traffic exchanges and I encourage everyone to give it a shot. It’s awesome!

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