My New Rant – It’s O.K. To Surf

I kinda chuckle at the rest of the ‘Internet Marketing’ world. It’s self-imploding, it’s losing it’s might but still, some traffic exchange ‘professionals’ are telling surfers they could be doing better things with their time instead of surfing. Surfing isn’t as effective as ‘drafting emails and writing ad copy’…Ha!

What is wrong with traffic exchange surfing?

Why has it always been looked at as ‘a bad thing’ to spend hours a day clicking?

I got a rant about it on video but I hope to hear what you think about the lack of pride that seems to happen in this business.

Thanks for watching the video, now let’s hear what you think!!!

The Best Morning Ever

It’s a funny thing.

I wake up every morning, without an alarm btw, and prepare my breakfast. I’m itching to get upstairs to my office. So while the coffee is brewing, the ‘shake’ is being blended, I’m eagerly anticipating what I will find in my inboxes as I check what happened in the industry during the past 10 hours or so while I was asleep.

I get upstairs and OOOOOOSA, I’ve got some great emails in my inbox. Some new customers have joined the TimTech family. Some current customers have been re-billed for this month. And Skype is alive with so many discussions, it takes me a good 10 to 15 minutes to catch up on it all.

I then ‘join the TimTech’ conversation and Justin and Tim are usually busy at work, Bill is excited about a new badge or two and Larry is on the phone with Charles Smith *lol*

It’s a morning that takes place 5 days a week for me and I love every minute of it. It’s something I would never change. It’s how I start my day, how I get excited about this business and this industry and for the next 5-7 hours it provides me with the fuel to build my business and my brands online.

It’s passion. And sometimes, like the example above, it creates a wonderful work environment. Other times…It can get yours truly into a lot of trouble. But it will never change because it’s how I work and who I am as a person.

I’m not sure why I wrote this this morning, just felt like I wanted to share it. Not really about business, but hey, it’s personal lol Speaking of personal, after my first week on my ‘diet’ I’ve lost 8 pounds…Not bad huh… =)