3 Things I Learned From An Art Gallery

I had a real good weekend! I took Saturday and Sunday off and stepped away from the computer to spend some time with my girlfriend and do some things we usually don’t do. This weekend, we went to the Art Gallery of Alberta.

O.K., I have to admit it. I’m not the most knowledgeable when it comes to art so my ‘critique’ may have been coming from a blank slate. But here’s what I noticed…

First – Simplicity rules! The first display we entered had some abstract stuff but it was so busy and complicated. And the amount of people in this exhibit was quite low. I’m sure some fans of the abstract art would argue that this was ‘too complicated for average art people to grasp and understand…blah blah blah.’ But then you get to the more popular exhibits and what did I notice…Simple! The art was simple. You ‘got it’ as soon as you saw it.

Second – Shock and awe works. Check out this picture of a piece created by a Canadian artist Brian Jungen. Talk about shock and awe! Here’s a piece that was created entirely by ‘lawn chairs’.


But wow…I think you could imagine, this got some of the most attention in the art gallery.

And third – Use basic colors for maximum impact! The simplest art works seemed to have a common theme…They used a minimum amount of colors and the colors they did use was reds, blues, greens, yellows…No neon greens, no hot pinks, no crazy colors, just simple power colors.

Put this all together and I just kept saying to myself…This stuff works in art just as much as it works in business. Think of the most effective splash and squeeze pages you have seen while surfing the traffic exchanges and you’ll find…

1. Simple designs
2. The Use of Shock and Awe
3. Good use of colors

What else can we learn from art that applies to business? I know, seems a bit weird for a post in Hit Exchange News, but I tend to see lessons in business around everything I do these days =)

P.S. It’s Monday! So that means another T3 seminar tonight at 7pm Eastern in the TE Live training room. Last week we hit 125 attendees, let’s see what we can do this week! This week, we will be giving away another Flip Cam!

All. Records. Smashed!

Last week at the T3 seminar we had 91 people in the room. It was the largest single event held by traffic exchange owners since we started to congregate in the famed Hot Conference seminar rooms. This week, I have to admit, I was worried…

Not that I didn’t think we’d get more than 91 people, but I didn’t wanna be let down if we didn’t reach the target of 100. I’m a bit of a worry wort and the TimTech guys where telling me all afternoon, don’t worry, we’ll do fine.

The traffic exchange industry stepped up and knocked it out of the park. THANK YOU!

We crushed the previous record of 91 with 125 people in one conference room dedicated to traffic exchanges. Amazing stuff, absolutely mind blowing and we cannot thank you enough.

The traffic exchange community is alive and thriving and for everyone that said ‘social doesn’t work’…I’ve got 125 reasons why it does and if you are STILL sleeping on the power of social media in the traffic exchanges…Well, it’s cool. I’m going to focus on the people that do use this media and are seeing huge numbers because of it.

Badges! Social surfing! Engaging customers! ClickTrackProfit! And the TE Live community (you guys know who you are), are reasons why this movement cannot fail and won’t, because it’s being built BY THE MEMBERS.

So thank you to everyone who came out yesterday and was a part of traffic exchange history. Let’s doing it even bigger next Monday =)

P.S. Even though it got shadowed by the T3 seminar, it’s of special note that Traffic Exchange Live broke records yesterday as well. We had over 50 people in the TE Live community…During a weekday afternoon seminar. Crazy!!!

Get involved now folks. We started this social stuff a year ago and even though it’s taken this long, it’s proof that social networking works but takes some time. Meet the members that are making this happen today at 3pm Eastern!