A Real World Example Of Losing A Sale

I had quite an experience this past week and I thought I would share it with you, perhaps we can all learn something from an offline company’s horrible sales process or lack there of.

A bit of background information, my fiance was in the market for a beauty product and had her heart set on one that was offered from a company in Florida. So off to Google I go, to find the web site where I could order this product for her. Found it, top of the search and off to their homepage I go.

No buy now button…No information on how to purchase it online…O.K., I said to myself, maybe they just don’t have online sales set up, I’ll call their 1-800 number…

No answer.

I try again…Finally get an answer and then was transferred to a ‘sales rep’. The sales rep essentially un-sold us on the product if that is even possible. When asked ‘Does the product do what it’s advertised to?” The answer was…’Not really, you should buy the more expensive product!

So I thanked them for their time, went to Google and found another similar product from their competitor, which was priced higher mind you, found the Buy Now button…Paid for it!

So let’s break this down…How was the sale lost? First issue for me was no Buy Now button on their product pages, everyone can accept PayPal, in 2015 there is no excuse for not LETTING your customers pay for what they want. Next was the horrible sales experience from the 1-800 number. The sales rep essentially told us we should spend more money for a product we did not need…Shaking My Head (SMH for the kids out there….)

Lost sales happen everyday but here’s the thing, because of this experience I took my business elsewhere, gladly paid MORE to their competitor and the first company didn’t even know what happened. It may not make a huge deal for them at the end of the year but my money didn’t go to them…Even though their product was what my fiance wanted and was willing to pay for it..Right away.

How many sales are you losing because you aren’t making it EASY for your customer to pay you? Go through your website and sales process and really ask yourself…Is this easy for my customer to buy from me?

Or they may leave…Never come back and support your competition when you were in fact the person they wanted to spend money with in the first place.

In 2015, The Only Thing Missing Is….You!

2015 is going to be an interesting year for traffic exchanges. I have some thoughts about what we are going to potential see over the next 52 weeks and I’m honored that you have chosen to spend a few minutes of your day to read my…Opinions ;)

I think ‘surfing for pennies’ will slow down quite a bit this year. I understand that a lot of people enjoy getting a cash reward for their time surfing the traffic exchanges but I think what we are going to see is much more community centric surfing.

What do I mean by community-centric surfing?

Essentially, people will be ‘planning’ their surfing schedules together to accomplish a certain goal as a team. Yeah, I may be raving about CTP Teams here but I truly believe in community and everything it stands for.

I’m calling 2015 the year of the traffic exchange community where we will see a huge shift in ‘focus’ from owners to surfers. As they continue to build their relationships with other surfers changes will come from a surfer’s stand point and you will see owners cater much more to a culture that grows relationships, nurtures the teams and develops leaders.

I love it!

I’ve always said that the playing field has been leveled since social came to the traffic exchange world, add the community and team based surfing into it and wow, I’m not sure we have seen anything more powerful in this business.

People will still shake their finger at things like CTP XP. They’ll still argue the ROI of social chat. They’ll still debate the validity of the teams. It’s o.k. I understand 2007 is trying to make a come back…

The power truly is in the surfers hands and I’m excited to see what 2015 will bring. I expect some HUGE things from people in this industry that are the cusp of greatness (Hey Traffic Exchange Live community, I’m looking at you!!!!!) All we need now is you to step up, take part in this movement and get to know your fellow surfers like never before.

The ROI of all this…Is people! The relationships you build. The network you grow. The teams you work with daily. Focus on people before ANYTHING else and 2015 will be the year you surprise yourself!

Let’s have a fantastic 2015 and keep rocking the traffic exchange world…