When We Started CTP Teams, This Is What We Envisioned

Today, is very special to me…Not only are the Finals taking place as Cash Surfing Network and SurfAholics Alpha battle it out for the title, but we’re firing up another Easter Egg Badge Hunt when the clock strikes midnight…

However, both of these awesome events kinda take a back seat to something I saw that launched today.

First, a back story about SurfAholics Alpha….

When we started CTP Teams we threw it out there that we were launching team based surfing competitions that had never been done before in the traffic exchange industry. The first guy to step up, create a team and develop a culture of winners was Matt Badura. He started SurfAholics Alpha which dominated the first few seasons for CTP Teams.

They embodied what I considered fair play, non-stop effort and an amazing culture of teamwork.

Matt stepped down as leader of the SAA’s and handed the reigns to Terry Allison. Along with his dedicated team mates, they have become a staple of the CTP Teams community and some of the hardest working people we’ve ever seen.

Here’s the best part of this story and it begins today…They have created their very own traffic exchange!

The SurfAholics TE was launched today by…The brand and the team! This is what we thought we could inspire when we started CTP Teams, and we’ve seen it from the Renegades with the launch of Unique Splash and the entire CSN movement as well. We wanted people to get together, and with some hard work develop their very own business from the relationships they built in the competitions.

Sure we can surf for badges, CTP XP, and go hardcore during the playoffs…And it’s all fun and dandy…But THIS…This is what we always wanted the end goal of CTP Teams competitions to be. Like minded individuals, building something together.

I can’t explain to you how happy I am for these guys and especially seeing who their secret weapon is on the support side of things, it’s so awesome to see!!! I truly do expect massive things for this new program because it was built properly, with the RIGHT people over time.

I wish the SurfAholics Alpha team nothing but success with their new endeavour and I can’t wait to see where Terry and company take this new program….

And it all started when good people, got together and worked hard each and every day!

How Do We Handle The Traffic Exchanges That Don’t Pay Commissions?

How Do We Handle The Traffic Exchanges That Don't Pay Commissions-

We spent quite a few hours today in the Plus1Daily Skype group and had a fantastic topic that really fired up the discussion….(Special thanks to Mona for helping spark the fire lol)

This was one of the most productive talks I’ve been a part of in recent memory with one common theme…Everyone involved had passion and a deep rooted desire to see the traffic exchange industry grow and prosper!

Here was the question – How do we handle the traffic exchanges that don’t pay commissions?

There was debate, ideas, discussion but some of the ideas that came up where these;

– Come up with an industry run blog that discusses the programs that aren’t paying.

– Developing some kind of trust seal for the industry, specific for the traffic exchanges.

– Let members showcase their earnings to concentrate more on the programs that DO pay rather than the ones that don’t.

So my question to you, reading Hit Exchange News today….Is what should we do? How do we handle this issue? How can we strategically handle the programs that don’t pay so that new members aren’t being taken advantage of?

Or do we FOCUS and talk about the programs that do pay? Every week?

I’d love to hear your feedback!