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Just 1 More…

I’m going to take you on a trip back to around…2002.

I remember sitting at my desk after becoming fully engaged with traffic exchanges surfing a program called Click Thru…

They had such a cool system, it was the first exchange I was ‘addicted’ to. Some claim Click Thru was the first traffic exchange online, some say it was another…Only the owners will know for sure.

But they had this cool little ‘hide the banner’ feature where you took some HTML code for their banner and stuck it on your website. The idea was to ‘hide’ the image so that people actually spent time on your site, searching for the button.

Every time you found that button, you would click it for a chance to win a prize. Sometimes real cash but back then, even more important…Credits to get your site seen!

It was a blast…I guess it was kind of the first ‘game’ in the exchanges and was quite popular.

I was, like I mentioned, addicted to not only the act of placing the buttons on my own websites, but also searching other sites for these buttons.

Just one more…

I kept telling myself that into the wee hours of the night. What if that new button I found would be a winner? What if the next credit I earned translated into someone else seeing my site and they turned into a…



New customer.


That was what hooked me on the traffic exchange model. The what if factor. What if that next click I made, turned into something….Remarkable!

My effort directly translated into potential!

I miss those old days. The days when surfing was something you LOVED to do, instead of something you felt you had to do. The days of innovation, instead of carbon copy cats. The days where surfed valued more business building lesson, than penny potential.

So I ask you…

What are you surfing for?

And if you surf just one more page…What do you want to achieve by doing so?

This industry has seen it’s ups and downs but I see the potential that has always been here. What are we going to do with it?

3 Tips To Help You Get Through The ‘Summer Slow Down’

The dread summer slow down is upon us! You know ‘this time of the year’. This is when surfing takes a hit, members seem to be distant and growth is at a snails pace.

I have always used this time of the year to plan my attack for the boost that happens in and around the middle of September / Early October.

This is when ‘school is back in’, the parents are back to work, and the summer slow down is finally over.

So now is the time to really shock and awe. Now is the time to stick out from what the rest of your competition may be (and may not be) doing.

Here’s a few tips to help you get through these last few weeks of the summer and prepare for an epic 4th quarter of the year.

1. Review Your Funnels / Back End – No matter if you are promoting your mailing list or promoting your own traffic exchange, this is a great time to check out your funnels. Are you upselling offers that convert? Can people download your free PDF report without any issue? Are the programs that you recommend in your email series still viable and performing

You’d be blown away at what this little bit of back end management can do for your business. Check all the leaks in your funnel and plug them up quick. The rush of new potential customers is on the way!

2. Set Up Your Budget For The Final Quarter – Review what you are spending your monthly fees on and plan to cut some of the dead weight. Now of course, certain programs are must haves but is there somewhere you can lower your operational costs and maybe transfer that into some creative advertising? This is the time to check your monthly budget and see if you are sticking to your plan.

3. Review What You Are Advertising And Where – This might seem like a slick little pitch for, but rest assured the important part of this tip is that you are testing and tracking no matter what analytics tool you use. Point blank, you need to know WHAT is working in your front end advertising and where you are getting the best results. You should be doing this daily and weekly, but it might be a good idea to do some end of summer clean up in where and how you are advertising yourself.

These are just a few tips to help you have a better end of summer than most in the business. Sure it may be a slow time of the year, people have been saying the summer is slow since Al Gore invented the internet 🙂 But if take this time to plan your attack for the fall, you’ll be light years ahead of your competition.