The Little Guy Syndrome of the Traffic Exchanges

Did that headline grab your attention?

I hope it did, because this is possibly one of the most important blog posts I’ve made on Hit Exchange News in quit some time. I hope every owner, affiliate and surfer reads it and understands the importance of what I’m about to rant about…

We think way too small in this business!

And it really, and I mean really, hurts us. As owners, affiliates and fans alike, the thought of being ‘average and good enough’ absolutely ruins our potential to be great. Let me dive into this a bit more so you can see what I mean.

Have you heard this one before? I’m just a little guy. I’m a little traffic exchange. I’m just an average affiliate. I’m just a small time marketer.

This is unfortunately the attitude of 95% of the people in this business, whether they own a traffic exchange or are just trying to start building a list…We are our own worst enemy.

We fight and bicker amongst each other over ‘500 active surfers’ instead of working to build a thriving and prosperous industry for all. I mean since when is 1000 members in a traffic exchange…Good enough? We need more people that aren’t happy with 1000 members, they want 1000 new members a day! That’s the kind of attitude we need.

I’m sure you have heard of the 80/20 rule where 20% of the owners and affiliates make up 80% of all income earned in any industry…And while that’s a crazy stat, it’s more or less bang on in this business. Heck, I’d be willing to say it’s more like a 90 / 10 split. But regardless of what that is, how do we become BETTER so that we are all in the top earners in this industry. An industry where the new ‘average’ is to have 50,000 members? Where six figure traffic exchange owners and affiliates are common place?

It comes from starting to think BIG and less about trying to be average. Pushing ourselves forward to become better than the day before and STOPPING the jealousy and fighting.

We need owners and affiliates that want a THRIVING and profitable business. One that grows by leaps and bounds each and every day…Instead of just 1000 members…Let’s shoot for 10,000, 100,000 or heck, even in EasyHits4U numbers of 1 million!

Stop the ‘little guy syndrome’ that is killing your success. We were all once a ‘little guy’….The difference is some of us didn’t settle for being average. We wanted to grow and continue to grow to this day.

/Rant Done

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My Top 4 Traffic Exchanges…Without ClickTrackProfit Badges

I love Badges! Let me be the first to say it, I’m very partial to the traffic exchanges that offer them, give out CTP XP and use our surf promos!

I get my best results from programs like Legacy Hits, TopHits4U, TE Racing League, Surf Skeleton etc….But when I am looking to advertise and attract new members into our community, I do look at some of the top traffic exchanges that do not YET have our badges 😉

It makes sense…

Some of the following programs bring in thousands of new people a week, so it would be very foolish of me to NOT be where all that activity is. It’s something I talk about a lot in Traffic Exchange Live…Be everywhere you can, but KNOW where you are advertising. A lot of people in these programs have not yet heard of Kore4, ClickTrackProfit or any of our sites…So be where these people are!

I believe in every ounce of my being you need 3 critical programs for long term success in the traffic exchanges – Rocket Responder, and Kore4. These are the tools that cater to the ‘long term business mindset’. And the more people I can introduce to that ‘mindset’ the better it is for every single one of my affiliates!

So I will always be looking for the best results even outside of our network of badge sites, to pull as many people as I can into the greatest community in the traffic exchange industry…Click Track Profit!

These are the programs I have gotten really good results from over the past few months…

EasyHits4U – I mean…It’s the king of the T.E.’s! Let’s be honest, as it quickly approaches 1 million members, no other T.E. comes close to it’s activity and sheer number of new members joining. This is where we get BIG results!

Ant Surf – Marcin is a great traffic exchange owner. Only problem is he doesn’t have CTP Surf Badges yet 😉 Regardless, this is a fantastic program with thousands of members. Members that have not yet heard about CTP or Kore4…AKA a huge opportunity for you to promote to them!!!

Sotuk Traffic – I really don’t know much about the owners of Sotuk and I haven’t really done my part to reach out, but this program is a growing T.E. with lots of upside. It’s a very active program and so far has been delivering fantastic results for us. Promote CTP, Kore4, etc here and see your results increase!

Hit Link – This program has been around for a long long time. Once known as 247trafficpro, it got a facelift a few years ago and is still one of the most active T.E.’s on the market. Great results here!

Want to build your Kore4 business? Want people to know about the power of using Rocket Responder to build their list? Need to show people the power of tracking their ads with Check out those following 4 programs and introduce them to the power of ever green products and a long term business mindset!

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