2 Distinct Groups Of Surfers…Who Do You Cater To?

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The Screenshots I Dislike The Most…

I hate these kind of screen shots…

Maybe hate is a strong word…O.K. I strongly dislike seeing these kind of screen shots. Mostly because it gives people a false sense of opportunity. They can be edited easily inside of photoshop, made to look more impressive than they really are and to be honest…Most internet marketers are scummy lol So of course they will make themselves look ‘better’…

So why did you screen shot your inbox today Jon? 😉


Disclaimer: If you know me, you know that I have the technical skills of a toad. So editing this photo in anyway isn’t in my skill set lol

You see a lot of these kind of screen shots around the traffic exchanges. Join this amazing new program, get results like this… And it’s usually filled with a bunch of referral notifications (rarely commissions) from programs that well…Are not the most active and rewarding places on the internet.

Am I trying to brag? What’s the point of me showing a screen shot from a few hours of notifications in my inbox? That’s right, this is not from the past week of emails, this is from the past few hours!


I have never promoted a single program on that list on my front end (except Trck.me because well…I own it…) but look at the list of names on that photo. Ninja Surf, Sea Life Hits, Traffic Pharaoh, Traffic Swirl, Tezak Traffic Power…. All solid traffic exchanges with huge upside and it’s not just referral notification, it’s commissions.

All because of ClickTrackProfit and my mailing list, where we promote these sites on the back end.

I’ve never promoted any of the programs within the traffic exchanges, I promote them through ClickTrackProfit and our mailing lists. That’s it. The ‘secret’. Back end selling!!!!

This is the key to long term success with traffic exchanges when you promote your brand and your mailing list first…Everything else on the back end. When you focus on promoting yourself first, in everything you do, you build trust. You get people to know and like you and then that’s when the magic happens…You don’t need to sell a single thing, all you do is suggest programs and share your success stories about them.

It’s the easiest ‘sale’ you will ever make when you stop actually trying to sell!

Will you get notifications like this the month your join Click Track Profit? Nope, I can almost guarantee that! But when you focus on the community, get to know the 600 plus new members that have joined this week alone, build relationships, your results will start to improve. Slowly. Steadily. For the long term!