Who Is To Blame? Owners? Surfers? The PuppyMonkeyBaby?

There was a lively discussion held by The Legacy Hits team in their daily live show last night.

The talk hit on some very important aspects of the traffic exchange industry and I suggest that you take a few minutes to watch the recoding below…

Welcome back 🙂

I want to thank Marcus Wahl, Robert Arnold, Blain Jones and Eric Burgoyne for their awesome show. They hit on some great solutions on how to bring back traffic exchanges to their former glory, to a place where one can charge ‘2006 prices’ for credits and upgrades…

Here’s the problem though, it’s no one’s fault but our own as to why we go to this place. Where owners are selling lifetime upgrades for 27 dollars and why even if you refer 1500 to a traffic exchange, you still only have $5 in commissions…And yes, I’m pointing the finger directly at myself as well.

We need a solution and the solution starts with US.

And by ‘US’ I mean every single person who owns and surfs traffic exchanges for business building purposes. The problem in my opinion isn’t that we need to charge more for credits and upgrades. People will ALWAYS pay for value and results. If the value and results are there, we can charge ‘2006 prices’ at anytime we like…

What we need to do is educate surfers WHY they are earning credits and what to do with those credits in their account once they are earned.

Blain stated that the ‘end goal‘ should be to transform a surfer, into a lead, and ultimately into a customer.

This takes real marketing and real business savvy.

The culture of traffic exchanges have become more ‘surf now and earn a penny now’ rather than surf now to capture a lead that will become a lifetime customer…We need to get back to list building. We need to get back to brand building. We need to bring BUSINESS back to the industry.

Sure we need a healthy mix of both surfer and advertiser, but the funny thing is now…We only seem to have surfers as the guys mentioned in the show. We need to cater to the advertiser and level it out. That is what is missing, the real secret to all those golden years in the industry is that we had that healthy mix but heck even then, the surfers advertised effectively.

I truly believe, this is the key to so much in this business. We still grow by leaps and bounds as new members join every single day. On top of that, we pay thousands of dollars every week to our awesome affiliates, but it can be so much more.

We can be so much more!

So before we blame the surfers, blame the owners, or blame the ‘PuppyMonkeyBaby’, let’s look at ourselves and genuinely ask…Are we leading by example? Are we advertising as effectively as we can? Are we building our lists for our surfers to see the power of email marketing? Are we learning the in’s and out’s of marketing and sales to provide the best value to our members?

Let’s take the first step, and show them how business is done….

5 Top Traffic Exchange Experts Answer The Big Question…

I had an idea the other day…We’ve been in this business for so many years and while it’s been an absolute blessing for some of us, a lot of the users of traffic exchanges just can’t seem to get results…

Instead of my answer to the most pressing question in the traffic exchange industry, I decided to ask some of the experts I respect the most and consider to be the true leaders in this industry…

The question was simple…

What does it take to be successful using traffic exchanges?

Here’s the responses I got from the best of the best in this business, owners and professionals that have been working their tails off in the traffic exchange profession for years…

Robert Puddy of LMFTE (The most successful commercial traffic exchange script in history) wrote:

“Track your results! Every second that you spend surfing, and every penny you spend on advertising is being thrown out the window if your ads and traffic sources are not effective.

Constantly review your banners and splash pages, and throw out the ones that don’t perform… Constantly changing your banners and splash pages this way also freshens up the messages surfers see about your exchange / promotion.

It gets past the ad blindness that surfers suffer from if they constantly see updated and new splash and banners!”

Eric Goettman of Goettman Marketing Systems replied:

“The easy answer would be kick butt ads that make you stand out and build your list… but I think to be truly successful in a Traffic Exchange you need the right mindset.

It doesn’t happen right away, don’t give up after 1,000 hits. Be seen ALL the time, as much as possible. Participate in social functions to increase your personal brand awareness.

Tailor you ads to a specific TE audience. Track you results. Most importantly, you need to want success. If you don’t truly want it, you’ll never fully achieve it.”

Ken Locatelli of the Legacy Systems Inc responded:

“Constant exposure to your splash or squeeze page branded with your name and picture and even a video and the use of banners and text ads as well.

The use of login spotlights and startpages, any other form of advertising available on the traffic exchange, the more your ad is seen the better your results will be using them.”

Dan Moses of ClickThruMarketing.com added:

“Dedication with a Mixture of Determination: You have to be dedicated to working the programs long enough to see what’s working and what’s not as well as determination to test, tweak and improve your pages until you maximize the best ROI you can!”

Tony Tezak of TezakTrafficPower.com simply stated:

“I think it does take the discipline to do the surfing day in and day out with the focus on earning advertising for ones business..”

Reading the responses, I saw some trends that a lot of us have been echoing for years…Your ads need to ROCK! They need to stick out from the crowd and it’s very important not to give up after 1000 hits as Eric mentioned.

You see, this profession is absolutely remarkable! It’s stood the test of time and remained relevant throughout almost 2 decades of existing.

I truly believe it’s because of the people. And our jobs as marketers and advertisers is to create awesome products and services that cater to them and give them a ton of value. Each and every day!

We create awareness by simple…Sticking out! Caring more! Tracking what works! And staying with it, even when 99% of those that start, never finish!