What Internet Marketers Taught Me About Traffic Exchanges…

I’ve been working online for a long long time. I’m approaching 20 years behind the computer screen and I’ve seen trends come and go, marketers win and fail, businesses crash and be rebuilt…Throughout it all, my love for traffic exchanges has remained.

However, sometimes this industry can frustrate you to no end.

Take for example my latest few rants on how we can improve the results for everyone involved, well this post is no different.

If you have been watching what we have been promoting lately, you would have heard of Landing Page Monkey by now. This is arguably one of the greatest marketing tools I have ever seen and I’ve seen them all (and then some…)

One thing the owners of this program do so well is SELL! They have it down to a science. They understand upsells, downsells, ad copy, video…Wow, it’s a marketing lesson just in itself by reading the sales copy.

Traffic exchange owners on the other hand…Don’t seem to care about sales.

Sorry, I said it.

As I ‘ranted’ about in my last blog post, we have downlines in the THOUSANDS in some of these programs and don’t even have 5 dollars in commissions. And here’s the kicker…It’s got NOTHING to do with the audience…Take a look at this:

Competition Leaderboard | Landing Page Monkey JV 2014-12-22 00-37-42

That’s right, we are currently leading the way in the final JV referral contest for Landing Page Monkey. And guess where all these awesome sauce referrals and sales came from?

That’s right…The traffic exchanges!

Owners, please do EVERYONE a favor and start learning how to sell. There is no excuse for poor sales in this industry, absolutely none.

Let’s have a great 2015 and rock the marketing world again!

When Common Sense Isn’t That Common

I was hanging out in the Traffic Exchange Group on Facebook this week and came across a thread by Tony Tezak. There seems to be quite a few new owners that are making their members jump through hoops to not only get commissions but also stay active in their program.

There is nothing new about having members ‘stay active’ by completing required surfing, filling out forms etc..But this looks like something completely foreign to the traffic exchange world.

I know TimTech doesn’t always follow the rules of traditional ‘marketers’ in this business but I do agree that some of these requirements are just too much…

Jackie O’Connor Hagood said it best in that thread where she wrote…

“This is what happens when you can buy a cheap script with no training on how to be an owner.”

I couldn’t agreed more!

I have my own rants about this new direction traffic exchanges seem to be headed and if you attended Tuesday’s Traffic Exchange Live, you’ll know what I’m referring to. We have lots of traffic exchanges online but very few serious owners.

And when I say serious…I mean the ones that learn business. That understand the market. That do their best to learn sales and marketing the right way.

Unfortunately, business sense, isn’t very common in this world and it has a trickle down effect….

Less sales means less owners making money, which in turn means less affiliates making money.

We have downlines in some traffic exchanges in the hundreds and when I log in and see how much commissions we are owed, it’s less than 5 dollars.

Last week we also got a PayPal commission payment for 2 dollars, with a downline in the hundreds….This is insane.

As an affiliate why on earth would you get behind a program that generates ZERO affiliate sales. You wont do it. This is why many people shrug their shoulders when it comes to traffic exchanges. And it all comes back to these newer owners coming online without ANY training or know how at all.

Heck, even some experienced owners should do their affiliates a favor and get back to the school of selling.

Please…If you own a traffic exchange, learn sales. Learn advertising. Learn about the in’s and out’s of actually running an online business. Stop making your members jump through hoops.

You’re affiliates will thank you, your members will be thrilled and the industry can continue to grow and prosper.