The Traffic Exchange Survival Kit e-Book

traffic exchange survival kit

I bet some people reading this will say…That sounds familiar!

One of the first ‘programs’ I ever owned was a site called The Hit Exchange Survival Kit, it was my first foray into building an all-in-one solution for traffic exchange surfers and affiliates. It was pretty successful, but because I never planned on it becoming a membership site, rather than a service, it never grew to the levels it could have.

Ahhh memories…..

Anyways that was…..10 years ago at least lol

Fast forward and today I have been hard at work developing a 17 page e-book that I called The Traffic Exchange Survival Kit.

But this is a lot different than what I created before.

Justin, Tim and I decided we needed to do more to help our promo partners. The people that invest in ClickTrackProfit to help build their websites and grow their businesses. This e-book is an in-depth look at CTP Promos and how to get the most from them.

And what do I mean by ‘getting the most from them‘?

We don’t want you to just host a promo with us for the purpose of getting new subscribers or members…While that’s fine and dandy…We want you to PROFIT from hosting the promos.

So I dove into everything from pricing to log in offer strategies…From using live stream to broadcast your promo to the pre-launch email series you’ll need to hype up your event. I go over everything and anything to do with making your promo a huge success.

The e-book is 100% free to anyone that has hosted a promo with us before or bought badges! You just need to log into CTP and click on ‘Owners’ to download the PDF.

traffic exchange survival kit

It’s even got a sweet little cheat sheet where I go over a check list of items you need to run a successful promo with CTP – This is my favorite part of the whole ebook if I don’t mind saying so myself lol

I hope you guys and gals enjoy it and again, this is just a tip of the ice berg of what we have planned for our awesome sauce promo partners and members of Click Track Profit in 2017!

Live Streaming, Video & The Future Of Traffic Exchange Advertising

I love observing trends. One of the biggest complaints I have in this industry is the huge lack of entrepreneurs that are willing to take risks and jump on ‘trends’ before they become part of the mainstream.

Take for example social media. Traffic exchanges have always been ‘social’ in the form of user generated content. And relationships have been built using these programs for almost 20 years now. But still…We are very slow to jump onto new forms of marketing and engagement. To this day, there are only a handful of traffic exchange professionals that are using Twitter effectively, and even less involved in huge opportunities like Instagram similar social platforms…
There’s a ‘trend’ happening now that isn’t really new per se, but is starting to become a major force around the internet and that’s live streaming.

Shock huh….But I’ve been sitting in front of cameras since before Timtech was even formed and to this day, each and every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I’m on Periscope and YouTube delivering Plus 1 Daily.

Yes folks, live streaming and video aren’t just a trend…But the future of online business and engagement.

Nothing and I mean nothing is more effective than face to face communication and live streaming allows that to happen.

And here’s the kicker….It’s almost TAILOR MADE for our little side of the internet.

Think about it….Grab your embed code from Periscope (for example) and stick it on a squeeze page…Start promoting that squeeze page in the traffic exchanges and you have one of the most engaging and effective sites viewers will see all day.

I have tried this a few times to see if I could generate leads from just staying on air while promoting the squeeze page and the numbers were great.

In one example, I was on air for about an hour and embedded a code for my live show on a simple lead capture page. The entire capture page took about 20 minutes to create and from that small effort I generated a dozen leads to my mailing list…For free!

And all I had to do, was talk to awesome people in the community, while surfing the traffic exchanges…Yeah, it takes a bit of effort but wow, it’s fun and VERY rewarding.

Take a look at some of the people already showing up and talking to others in a live streaming environment, from the weekday Legacy Hours, Tony Tezak’s bi-monthly talk to Affiliate Funnel Saturdays and you’ll see….There is a HUGE opportunity to get your subscribers and potential customers to know you!

This is a trend I implore you to take a look at, get creative with and start adopting for your business today!