AdKreator – We Missed Ya’

Well, it’s no secret now, the deal was done late last night…

Barb DelGiudice and TimTech have now partnered on AdKreator. That’s right, after 2 years away, our first little baby has returned home and we’re very excited and grateful for the opportunity to once again, help build and grow AdKreator into the premier splash and squeeze page creator on the internet.

First note of course, this is a partnership. So Barb is still the co-owner of the site, she just thinks we can help take AdKreator to that next level. It is already integrated into most of what we do, but we’ve got a lot of plans to take it even further. First up is the return of Content Tuesday, where fresh new clip art, design tools and images will be added each and every Tuesday. This means cool new things to add to your designs.

Justin is really excited about this, you have to remember, this was his baby! This was his heart and soul for many years. We sold AdKreator in the first place to fund a the Sitizens project and we’re pumped up to have it back in the TimTech family of products.

Expect some big things in the pipeline for AdKreator and of course, be sure to show off those designs all around the web. We’ll be keeping a close eye for the designs that really stick out. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to ADK!

Be sure to use the hashtag #adkreator in Twitter to show off your designs so we can find them and follow the official ADK account @adkreator

So much stuff coming, it’s a very exciting time…

Traffic Exchange Rankers & Why They Don’t Matter

Well this post will sure light a fire under people’s butt’s and if it does…Mission accomplished!

I started this blog in 2003 and up until a few years ago I listed the ‘Top H.E.N. Top 10′ every week. These were my favorite traffic exchanges that I got the best results from, according to my own opinion and own tracking. I enjoyed listing some of my favorites and maintained that it was always a mix of opinion and tracking. People generally were o.k. with that. Then along came the ‘un-biased‘ listing of Traffic Hoopla, onto the popular voting of Affiliate Funnel, the algorithm heavy rankings of Traffic Exchange List, and various other T.E. Top lists.

As soon as we got away from opinion and began claiming these lists as ‘gospel’, that’s when the whole debate seemed to really take off.

Here’s the funny thing about rankings. They don’t matter.

You wanna know why? Simply put ‘Nick Grimshawe’ will get better results at the majority of the traffic exchanges than ‘Joe Smith’ because Nick is known. Nick is branded. And Nick understands how to advertise in the T.E.’s.

Results WILL vary from person to person and when it all comes down to it, the only real ‘ranker’ that matters is your own. Your favorites. The ones that give YOU the best results (thus the importance of tracking with…

Want even more reasons why these silly top lists don’t matter? For over a decade the top traffic exchange ranker has been viewed as Traffic Hoopla. New owners salivate with the opportunity to get listed in this program. Owners brag about it being listed. I understand, that but at the end of the day, it’s a downline builder with an agenda, to build downlines and put money in the pockets of the owner and affiliates.

Funny little T.E. history, Tim and I have never really agreed with Traffic Hoopla’s rankings and for that reason, TimTech programs rarely if ever appear in the top 10 of Hoopla. Sometimes we barely make it to the top 25…

And guess what? TimTech traffic exchanges are still some of the most viable, effective, profitable and GROWING programs online. Without the need to be listed anywhere.

It’s this simple. Worry about what YOU do, not what some person who isn’t in the same dog fight as you thinks. YOU are the reason your traffic exchange will succeed or fail, not some ranking list.

Every list out there is biased, don’t believe the hype. Heck, our very own uses as a measuring stick, so if T.E.’s don’t have a lot of trackers in rotation, their ranks will be lower. And this is by design, obviously we want more people using our stuff. And that’s O.K……It’s O.K. to do things YOUR way!

Anyways, I’ve been seeing a lot of complaining and hype these past few days about ‘rankings’ and here’s a big nugget, critics will critique. They have opinions. They have biases. And that’s o.k. What matters is you and your members! Ask them how to improve, get feedback from them. They are who matters!

As for the rankers….Rank yourself! If you feel you are giving it your all, then good on ya’. If you think you can improve. Do it! That’s YOUR measuring stick!