4 Ways To Sky Rocket Your Online Business

I’m calling this the ‘Formula‘ because year after year, these 4 tips have helped thousands of entrepreneurs build solid and long lasting online businesses while the majority of their competition continue to spin their wheels…It’s not rocket science, but it’s not just going to happen…You have to put in the work and if you do, wow, get ready….The sky’s the limit!

1. You Have To Have A Blog – No shock there, and it’s pretty evident I’m a huge fan of blogging. But what this does for your reputation online, and how powerfully it builds your brand…Just cannot be beat. And hey, for less than $5 a month, it’s the best value for your business. Simply set up a Word Press hosting account at Host Gator, use their one click install of Word Press..And presto! You are in business. And the best part is, you can write and blog about ANYTHING you want. Whatever your passion is, there is a market for it! Blogging is one of, if not, the most important things you can do to build a strong brand online and build a business that lasts for years.

2. Build Your List – This is a no brainer! I’ve been raving about the importance of list building for years and it’s how I got my start in this business so many years ago. Without my mailing list, there is no Hit Exchange News, Doctor Traffic, I Love Hits, Click Track Profit, Sweeva, List Viral, Rocket Responder, Trck.me…None of these programs exists without first building our lists! It’s that critical. 95% of the marketers in this industry, still jump from the latest fad to the next yet so few stick to list building as the foundation of their business. If you are not building your list today, stop what you are doing and get into it!

3. Must Add Hustle! – This formula doesn’t work without this key ingredient. Hustle! Drive. Passion. Your reason why! This is what fuels you, what gets you up in the morning and when everyone else is running to watch a re-run of Seinfeld, you are in front of your computer…Doing the gritty work! Nothing beats passion and hustle in my opinion, and you can see it a mile away when someone ‘has it’. People want to be around others that have it, they are attracted to it, and they feed off it…All you have to do, is show up every day and want it more than your competition. Sounds easy enough right? This is the one of the biggest reasons we hear ‘95% of people fail online‘…Because only 5% of the people that start online businesses ‘have it’.

4. Patience Young Padawan! – (Who else got the Star Wars reference there????) Funny story, I’ve been blogging, building my lists and hustling in this business for almost 2 decades. And when I tell people that I didn’t make my first ‘real income’ online until 2005, they laugh…Yes, it took me almost 7 years of spinning my wheels and failing multiple times to actually turn a profit. I’m not saying it’ll take you 7 years, but if you do not have the patience for this…It’ll never materialize. Simply put, those that show up, every day, every month, every year…Have success. They don’t give up when things are bad, they don’t get comfortable when things are good. They stay the course and are stubborn about their success. Want the golden nugget for online success? Show up tomorrow and the next when your competition gives up. Success is almost guaranteed after that!

So there’s the formula…

The Online Business Success Formula

While most spin their wheels, become part of the ‘It’s Not Fair‘ brigade, you know what it takes to succeed. You have the formula in front of you, now it’s time to put it into action and stay the course…Let’s see where you take your online business!!

Got anything to add to ‘The Formula’? Be sure to comment below and give your input…

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3 Sure Fire Ways To Get More Subscribers Today

Over the years I have talked a lot about how important it is to brand your name and build your mailing list if you are using traffic exchanges. The results are very clear, the more you focus on building your list using these programs, the better your business will be. We’ve drifted away from what these programs are truly remarkable at, and that is building a strong brand and building a great list of subscribers.

Here are 3 ways you can sky rocket your results today, using traffic exchanges to build a brand and mailing list…

1. Use A Squeeze Page That Pops – Splash page results are stumbling while squeeze pages continue to bring in the results. Why? I truly believe that you can be so much more creative with squeeze pages than you ever could be before but here’s the nugget, don’t make your squeeze page look like it was designed in 1999. Get a quality looking page and if you aren’t comfortable with your design skills, HIRE someone to make it for you. That added investment into your brand will pay off huge dividends and it will separate you from the masses that continue to use standard affiliate pages in 2015 and 2016.

2. Add Video To Your Squeeze Page – Simply put, you can almost triple your conversions right now by adding a personal and ‘real’ video. There is nothing worse than a corporate sales pitch in a video presentation so that’s why I have always been a huge fan of just being yourself on video. Talk to the viewer, be personable, and be real! People do business with those they know, like and trust and the more they see you and realize that you are a real person that has some great value to give to them, they’ll sign up. I cannot stress how important adding a video is to ALL your promotions in the traffic exchanges, it works like nothing else!

3. Create Content & Be Visible Everyday – Nothing beats a blog! It’s the easiest platform to distribute great content and engage with your customers and subscribers. It doesn’t have to be daily, but get into the practice of blogging at least once a week and stay the course! That means, write a blog post…Every week…For years! Take a look at Hit Exchange News, I’ve been writing this blog since 2003, without fail every week…Sure I might miss a week or two, but I’m still here, creating content! This goes a long way to build your brand, which in turn builds your subscriber list.

Bonus Tip: While I’m a huge fan of blogging and think you should start a Word Press blog right now, there’s a sure fire way to generate loads of leads without directly promoting your blog in the traffic exchanges…..

Here’s how I promote my blog in the traffic exchanges…First, I promote a squeeze page using the two tips I added above. I then paid a professional designer to create that logo (thanks Winter!!!!), next I added my Rocket Responder lead capture form to the page and then added a personal video that took me about 5 minutes to record and upload. This adds at least 3-5 new names to my mailing list EVERY DAY…All I need to do is be visible, and continue to promote this link!

Not only will you be building your list so that when you create new content they can be notified, but you are also giving HUGE value to your subscribers. People appreciate the folks that actually live what they teach, and use the products and services they recommend…Nothing works better than developing a remarkable squeeze page, that promotes your blog!

It’ll increase your results, almost instantly :)

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