The Experiment – Week 2

And here we go….

So the game plan for the week is as follows:

1. I’ll be promoting this squeeze page. Which is familiar to many but I changed the video. I will mess with the background color and switch it up if I’m not getting any results from it. If there is zero action after a day or two, I’ll completely re-design the page.

2. My game plan for the first test, is to send 10,000 hits to the page. This will give me a good judge of how effective my promotion is. That’s not all I will be sending, it’s just what I want to send to test out if there are any action takers out there paying attention 😉

3. I will update the blog throughout the week on my progress! So do check back often….

Thanks for taking part in this little experiment and I hope we can finally put all the debates to rest…Traffic exchanges work and work VERY well, if you use them properly…That’s what I want to prove with all this work 🙂

Super Quick Update: New subscriber already, that’s about 5 minutes after I started promoting the new video squeeze page 🙂

Another Update: After thinking about Leone’s comments, she was spot on. So I changed up the squeeze page, capture form and added the video to it. I think people might be too familiar with this page so I changed things up…So I will now be split testing the original squeeze page as well as the new one.

Update Feb. 21: 24 hours after starting the campaign I have received 5 new subscribers. So far, it looks like it’s working 🙂

Update Feb. 22:
Urgh bad day for me on two fronts….One I was in bed most of the day with a stomach bug and couldn’t do as much as I would have liked and because of that, we only got 2 new subscribers. Not bad but was hoping for more than that. Brings our total to 7 right now.

Update Feb. 23
: A much better day today. We added 4 new subscribers so far, but I expect more throughout the evening! Total up to 11 subscribers.

Update Feb. 25: Nice day and a half! Added another 5 subscribers, bringing the total to 16 with another 2 days to go. We should hit at least 20!

list building

The Great List Building Experiment

It’s time for me to walk the walk!

I am always on camera or in a blog post telling people how great traffic exchanges are for personal branding and list building, well it’s time for me to prove it!

Here’s my game plan for this little experiment….

Step 1: For the first 7 days, I will be showing this splash page in as many exchanges as I can. I will spend absolutely ZERO out of pocket expenses for advertising the page, only what I can earn from surfing.

This page will be getting people to know me…That’s it!

Step 2: After that full week, I’ll switch the page I was promoting into a lead capture page and then following the same rules, of only surfing for traffic, start promoting the page to build my mailing list.

Here’s what I’ll be using:

1. Rocket Responder – To capture leads and for email management
2. You Tube – To host my videos on the blog and splash / squeeze pages
3. Ad Kreator – To host and design my uber simple splash and squeeze pages.

And a whole lot of Jon surfing and chatting 🙂

This is me being a guinea pig to show people, how to get BIG results from the traffic exchanges with little to no money spent on advertising.

Will it work? There is only one way to find out……

I will be updating this post throughout the week….Going over what I have found out during my little adventure…

If you are reading this from seeing the video splash I have been promoting, say hi in the comments below 🙂 I’d love to hear form you….

Update Feb. 14:
Today was Valentine’s Day and I didn’t spend much time online. So I didn’t get to push the splash page as much as I would have liked. An update on some numbers though. I received 6 new leads simply from talking about this blog via the splash page.

So that tells me, people are paying attention…A big test will be the remainder of this week as I promote the page much more over the next 48 hours or so. These new leads will not count towards the numbers I will be tracking when I switch the splash page to squeeze page next week, but it is working…So far 🙂

Update Feb 16: We are now up to 11 new subscribers to my blog. Not bad considering all I’ve been doing is telling people to come and check it out, still haven’t been using a squeeze page….This is pretty exciting!

Update Feb. 17: Pretty crazy, but overnight we added 6 new subscribers…Bringing the totals now to 17 subscribers to the blog since we began this experiment!

Update Feb 18: I take Saturdays off and don’t spend time behind the computer during the day but still managed to generate 2 more subscribers today. Bringing the total so far to 19.