When I’m Wrong, I’m Wrong

This post is a little different and something many folks may not be used to.

However I truly believe when I screw up and mess up, it’s important for me to right a wrong.

I was made aware of a new mod for the LFMTE called VS Surfing this past week and I was upset. This was essentially taking the Bracket Surfing mod from I Love Hits and making it available for the entire industry. We’re used to people borrowing our ideas but this just rubbed me the wrong way.

Instead of going to the source and trying to figure out who created it and why, I ranted. I made claims that Robert Puddy from LFMTE took that idea and many others from TimTech and sold them for his script’s customers.

I was wrong. Robert didn’t create the mod at all, it was a third party and I made the mistake of accusing him of taking it from us. Ignorance is not an excuse.

I’ve never had any issues with Robert, I like the guy and have stated countless times his script is the best on the market and he’s very good at what he does. It’s the script I recommend for any commercial needs and will continue to. Robert in fact was a very close friend of mine for years and years and we developed some pretty cool concepts over the years together along with Tim Linden and others. Nerd Surf is in fact an idea we used from the original partnership Tim, Robert and I had over the years called Super Surf.

Regardless, I was wrong to accuse him of taking VS Surfing from our Bracket Surfing and for that I truly apologize.

This industry does best when we work together and I messed up and forgot that simple fact this weekend.

I did the T.E. industry and LFMTE wrong this weekend. For that, I’m truly sorry.

The 3 Worst Buzzwords In Traffic Exchange Advertising

Oh no…Here comes a Jon Olson rant…

One thing that drives me up the wall is when marketers throw around the trendy buzzword of the day. Mainly because the rest of the internet seems to be using it, or some mega-guru mentioned it in their speech and released a new $97 dollar product with the word in it’s title. It only takes a few people to ruin a wonderful concept and here are 3 buzzwords that I have seen people abuse and misuse in the traffic exchange industry over the years…

Viral – No other word in the history of marketing has been misused and abused as much as ‘Viral’. Let’s get one thing VERY clear, you new mailer is NOT viral. Every time I hear someone mention ‘viral’ in reference to a mailer I cringe. When something is viral, it spreads by itself. Getting someone to click on your link in an email so they earn credits is NOT a viral campaign. Viral campaigns spread naturally, people discuss it, they talk about it with their peers…I don’t know about you, but I haven’t talked to my fiance at all about the new matrix-flipped cycler that just launched but we do talk about (and laugh) about Gangnam Style

SocialI’m being social. Look how social I am. Here’s my Twitter account, let’s be social….Everyone is talking about social media / marketing yet very few seem to get it when it comes to the social side of business. What it is NOT is a way for you to put your referral URL’s in people’s face. What it IS, is a great way to meet, greet and talk with like minded people and *gasp* people you actually enjoy talking with. Social is about people. It’s about relationships. It’s about trust. It’s not about how many people you can auto-follow on Twitter. It’s most definitely not about how many people you can force into a Facebook group. It should be natural. It should be genuine.

Branding – Here’s my beef with this word. I believe in personal branding. It’s part of everything we do at TimTech. The problem with branding is people are starting to think if you throw your picture and name on a splash page, you have a brand. Errrrr not so fast. You see, a brand (especially a personal one) needs to have something ELSE. It needs value. It needs meaning. You have to ask yourself what are you bringing to the table that people will see as value. What does your NAME and BRAND stand for? When you hear the name Jon Olson, my personal brand for years was ‘The Traffic Exchange Guy‘. People knew me as someone who loved, raved and promoted traffic exchanges. It wasn’t just Jon Olson – A Normal Guy. What you bring to the table will help develop your brand over the years!

These buzzwords (when used properly) are pretty important to your business. If you understand them rather than just throw them around like most marketers do, your results will soar. But don’t get bit by the buzzword bug. Just because ‘The Big Guru’ starts throwing them around in his marketing, doesn’t mean you have to. Learn HOW to use them properly and the sky’s the limit.

Viral Social Branding….I’m sure there will be a product launched soon enough….