Memories…Of Days Gone By…

So today in the TimTech Skype call, we started talking about all the traffic exchanges that have come and gone. It’s a pretty lengthy list but I wanted to have some fun with this latest blog post at Hit Exchange News.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and share some of our favorite traffic exchanges that aren’t with us anymore. I’ve been in this industry since day one and some of the first entires into the T.E. market have gone offline or disappeared completely, so why not…Let’s start the trip. I’ll start it off and then you can share your favorites…

Hit Harvester – Plain and simple this was the first traffic exchange that got me ‘hooked’ into the industry (before there was even an industry lol). I loved the simplicity of it and the awesome surf ratio. I had joined and 2u2me before but Hit Harvester was THE start of my addiction.

Hit Harvester

EZhits4U – Yup, there was an original EZ hits 4 U, not to be confused with EasyHits4U. This program was AMAZING! After Hit Harvester, it was my favorite in the early 2000′s. The smooth surfing, easy to navigate layout and cool features made this one a legend.

Original EZhits4u

ClickSilo – Another classic! This program truly was the first one that ‘stood out’ with it’s pink-ish color choices and BIG buttons for surfing. O.K. the design left a little to be desired….It was one of the first traffic exchanges that understood simplicity.


What are some of your favorites from years gone by?

Let’s take a trip down memory lane….

Are You Joining For The Right Reasons?

I have a beef! I’ve been in this industry for 16 years now and something that has always frustrated me was how marketers pitch you the latest and greatest opportunity.

It’s always fun when they lead with things like…. “You can make so much money with this!” or “I’m joining under a top leader and if you join, you’ll be rich!”

Of course, being the annoying little business person I am, I usually come back to them with things like “Well, what has the product done for you?”

Which of course gets me a few blank stares and then an awkward moment of silence. Followed by….

“Who cares what it does, it can make you rich!”

Oh ‘affiliate and network’ marketers…Always ruining such a good thing.

Here’s the kicker and a huge nugget if you are thinking about getting involved in any business opportunity online or off…If you do not USE the product and benefit from it directly, don’t join it. If the sole reason you are promoting the product is to make money, don’t promote it.

It’s funny, but we have been a customer of SendOutCards for more than 5 years. I’ve never once mentioned the ‘business opportunity’ because frankly, it’s not why we use thank you notes. We make more ‘money‘ USING the products and services to build massive customer loyalty from the service itself. Crazy concept huh…Actually USING something you buy.

If the next opportunity you are thinking of joining pressures you with comments like ‘you can make a lot’ and ‘join now or else you will lose out’…Run, don’t walk away! This industry has seen leeches of all sorts, come in and take people’s hard earned money with the promises of instant riches and million dollar dreams. Truth it, the quickest way to make money online is to take your time.

Nothing sexy, not the answer people wanna hear but it’s the truth…

Love the product, be the product, believe in the product or service…Don’t just join something cause you can ‘make a buck’.