Epic Badge Hunt, Epic Numbers

Our latest badge hunt came to a close this week and judging from the feedback we’ve gotten, it was one for the ages :)

Special congratulations to Elina Balashova for winning her 4th straight Badge Hunt and to Lucky 13 for winning the team based challenge. However this post is more about the real winners of the promotion, the badge owners. Wow, what an event…Here are some of the stats I’ve compiled so far;

- Val Mavrodin let us know he received 80 referrals and had an ROI of around 1000% from his badge purchase

– Lynn McCutcheon received 134 subscribers as well as multiple commissions from her badges

– Carl Davies let us know that his badge translated into over 80 likes to his Facebook page

– William Miller (who had 13% of all badges in the hunt) recouped his badge fees 2 days into the promotion, the next 12 days was pure profit

Wow! This is why we do these things. This is the power of leveraging ClickTrackProfit and the awesome sauce community. It was a win for us, it was a win for the contest winners, it was a winner for community and it was a win for the badge owners.

We’re so grateful and thankful for everyone’s support and business during the Bigfoot Badge Hunt. But all good things come to an end, we’re busy planning Spooktacular 2014 and it’s promising to be the biggest event yet…

Let’s rock the 4th quarter :)

The Creativity Is There, We Just Need It All The Time

Every Thursday at 4pm Eastern we have been hosting the Sweeva Surf Party. This is an hour time slot every week where members and teams get to show off their sites and advertising for the entire Sweeva community to see. It’s always fun and people get a kick out of it. What makes it so special is of course, how Sweeva is structured – Everyone looks at the same site, together.

This has become one of the most creative hours of the week. Members create, in my opinion, memorable and epic ads that have been the talk of the traffic exchange world for years. Eric Goettman, Jerry Iannucci, Marcus Wahl…Just a few of the names that have absolutely crushed it during Sweeva Surf Parties.

However, something happens when the Surf Party ends…

The standard affiliate pages return. The ‘meh’ splash pages appear. The hype is gone and we seem to return to the same old, same old.

I wish I could capture the creativity I see during these Sweeva Surf Parties and give it to everyone so that they understand, there is no ‘time off’ for creative advertising. This is what makes this industry so unique and special, the absolute awesomeness of the ads in rotation. The ones that POP, the ones that get people talking…We should be showing these ads all the time, not just when the Surf Party comes up.

Get out there and get your ads seen today! Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and take a risk. 24/7/365 make sure your ads are everywhere and that they become something of legend!