5 Reasons Why TEPays.com Will Change The Traffic Exchange Industry…

It’s not too often I get REALLY excited about a new launch from the traffic exchange community…

Same old scripts and cookie cutter designs seem to be the norm in 2016, so when I saw something like TEpays.com get launched from NewFire Marketing, I knew this was going to be something special….


Here’s why I think this is not only the must join traffic exchange related service of 2016…But also why this will bring us back to the glory days where traffic exchange surfers where actual business owners and grew their lists and income…Rather than surfing for pennies.

1. It’s All About Your List – Point, blank, period! This is a list building program like no other. The squeeze pages have one purpose and one purpose only, to build your mailing lists by simply advertising your referral link. It really can’t be any more straight forward in it’s mission to put people on your list….Now!


2. The Site Thrives With Video – Not only can you use the professional looking video that the guys offer you with your membership but you can UPLOAD your very own custom video for all the referral links. This separates your affiliate link from everyone else’s. It’s so effective and combines by two favorite tools for traffic exchange advertising….Autoresponders and video!

3. It’s STUPID simple – This program is easily the most straight forward and easy to use system I have ever seen. If Click Track Profit and your Apple iPhone had a love child, this is what would have been born. It’s effective step by step instructions combined with the simplicity that will cater to EVERYONE. You have to see it to believe it!

4. Commissions Out The Wazoo – Up to 75% commissions will make all affiliates smile. When I say this program will put you into profit two days ago, I really mean it. Because the cost is affordable for all, and once people see the huge value of both the auto responder series, the training and the ability to make up to 75% monthly residual income….Game over! It’s great!

5. This Is Evergreen! – It’s a downline builder. It’s a training site. It’s a list builder. It’s a branding tool. It’s something that WON’T go out of style in a week. And once you see the traffic exchanges inside of this program, you will see….The programs inside this system follow the same business model we believe in…Be here a year from now, as much as you are today! Some of these programs inside TEPays.com are DECADES old…That’s long term success. That’s evergreen!

This new site is going to bring people back into the conversation about making real income from traffic exchanges. I’m honored to be a part of the launch of this site and can’t wait to see where Blain and Shane from NewFire take this system.

Be sure to join today and give TEpays.com a test drive now…

Who Is To Blame? Owners? Surfers? The PuppyMonkeyBaby?

There was a lively discussion held by The Legacy Hits team in their daily live show last night.

The talk hit on some very important aspects of the traffic exchange industry and I suggest that you take a few minutes to watch the recoding below…

Welcome back 🙂

I want to thank Marcus Wahl, Robert Arnold, Blain Jones and Eric Burgoyne for their awesome show. They hit on some great solutions on how to bring back traffic exchanges to their former glory, to a place where one can charge ‘2006 prices’ for credits and upgrades…

Here’s the problem though, it’s no one’s fault but our own as to why we go to this place. Where owners are selling lifetime upgrades for 27 dollars and why even if you refer 1500 to a traffic exchange, you still only have $5 in commissions…And yes, I’m pointing the finger directly at myself as well.

We need a solution and the solution starts with US.

And by ‘US’ I mean every single person who owns and surfs traffic exchanges for business building purposes. The problem in my opinion isn’t that we need to charge more for credits and upgrades. People will ALWAYS pay for value and results. If the value and results are there, we can charge ‘2006 prices’ at anytime we like…

What we need to do is educate surfers WHY they are earning credits and what to do with those credits in their account once they are earned.

Blain stated that the ‘end goal‘ should be to transform a surfer, into a lead, and ultimately into a customer.

This takes real marketing and real business savvy.

The culture of traffic exchanges have become more ‘surf now and earn a penny now’ rather than surf now to capture a lead that will become a lifetime customer…We need to get back to list building. We need to get back to brand building. We need to bring BUSINESS back to the industry.

Sure we need a healthy mix of both surfer and advertiser, but the funny thing is now…We only seem to have surfers as the guys mentioned in the show. We need to cater to the advertiser and level it out. That is what is missing, the real secret to all those golden years in the industry is that we had that healthy mix but heck even then, the surfers advertised effectively.

I truly believe, this is the key to so much in this business. We still grow by leaps and bounds as new members join every single day. On top of that, we pay thousands of dollars every week to our awesome affiliates, but it can be so much more.

We can be so much more!

So before we blame the surfers, blame the owners, or blame the ‘PuppyMonkeyBaby’, let’s look at ourselves and genuinely ask…Are we leading by example? Are we advertising as effectively as we can? Are we building our lists for our surfers to see the power of email marketing? Are we learning the in’s and out’s of marketing and sales to provide the best value to our members?

Let’s take the first step, and show them how business is done….