More New Traffic Exchanges? Good!

There’s been a new traffic exchange launched…

Seems to be a recurring phrase heard in the traffic exchanges since, well, forever!

New traffic exchanges being launched has never been rare in this business and even though at times it looks like thee is a new one every day coming online, a few years ago there was about 5 a day being launched. I kid you not, check out some of the older posts from Hit Exchange News…

That being said and this may come as a huge surprise but I don’t mind new launches at all. In fact, I welcome them!

The problem, which I’ve said since day one, is the poor ownership. New traffic exchanges aren’t the problem, there is ALWAYS a market for new TE’s (if you need a reminder, go check out how many LFMTE’s are out there right now). The problem lies in ownership.

And it’s not the new owners fault at all, heck I SUCKED when I first got control of I Love Hits. It’s a learning process and out of the gate, new owners are at a disadvantage when they think all they need to do is buy a mod or two and they’ll be a success.

This is a process. And when you continuously show up every day, invest in your business and grow, you will WIN!

I love when new traffic exchanges launch, it gives me (as a business) a new potential life long customer. We offer a multitude of must-haves in advertising which savvy new traffic exchanges can leverage from day one. It really is exciting to see someone become a new program owner.

Still though, it’s an uphill battle. Launching new programs is the easy bit, sustaining them is the hard part. I think people over estimate what owning a traffic exchange can do for them in the short term, but under estimate the long term benefits.

After lots of thought, TimTech is going to be offering tailor made consulting and launch services. I’m not going to go into too much detail here but if you do have a new traffic exchange or an existing one that needs a bump, drop us a note ( e-mail me here). We can work with any budget and any need, but we do believe it’s time to get more REMAKABLE owners into this business.

There can never be too many good people in this industry!

Memories…Of Days Gone By…

So today in the TimTech Skype call, we started talking about all the traffic exchanges that have come and gone. It’s a pretty lengthy list but I wanted to have some fun with this latest blog post at Hit Exchange News.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and share some of our favorite traffic exchanges that aren’t with us anymore. I’ve been in this industry since day one and some of the first entires into the T.E. market have gone offline or disappeared completely, so why not…Let’s start the trip. I’ll start it off and then you can share your favorites…

Hit Harvester – Plain and simple this was the first traffic exchange that got me ‘hooked’ into the industry (before there was even an industry lol). I loved the simplicity of it and the awesome surf ratio. I had joined and 2u2me before but Hit Harvester was THE start of my addiction.

Hit Harvester

EZhits4U – Yup, there was an original EZ hits 4 U, not to be confused with EasyHits4U. This program was AMAZING! After Hit Harvester, it was my favorite in the early 2000′s. The smooth surfing, easy to navigate layout and cool features made this one a legend.

Original EZhits4u

ClickSilo – Another classic! This program truly was the first one that ‘stood out’ with it’s pink-ish color choices and BIG buttons for surfing. O.K. the design left a little to be desired….It was one of the first traffic exchanges that understood simplicity.


What are some of your favorites from years gone by?

Let’s take a trip down memory lane….