What’s Your Position?

“I couldn’t believe it…I got 2 new Kore4 upgrades this weekend and I didn’t really promote at all…They came in from my team…”

I smile when I hear stories like this and thought it would be a great post to start the week off…

Want to know their secret? Why do some people seem to promote non-stop and get no referrals while others seem to attract people to them?

It comes down to this…Positioning.

You see, people that just fling their affiliate link up for a week won’t get results. People that say all the right things but don’t put pen to paper, never get what they want. It’s the people that position themselves to BE noticed.

Take for example what was said up above, this person was in a position to be noticed, they were a team leader and because of that, people SOUGHT them out. They didn’t have to beg, they didn’t have to pitch…They were in a position to literally open their arms and receive the referrals.

That’s the trick.

Be different than the rest but also be SEEN. Get yourself into a position where people will go to you for advice, for assistance and for leadership. This happens each and every day in places like Click Track Profit teams, and around the traffic exchange industry. So many people seem to be fighting for referrals when they should be fighting for position.

Be a leader and people will come to you. You cannot worry about ‘keeping up with the Jones‘, what ‘so and so‘ is doing, the only thing you can worry about is what YOU are doing. Be the best leader you can be. Be the best affiliate you can be. Be the best owner you can be and then you’ll see….

The truth is, your position will draw people to you. Get out there and be memorable.

5 Must Have Tools For Your Online Business

Every now and again, we get information overload…

It’s important to bring it back to why we are here and what we are trying to do with our online business. If you want to create a lifelong residual income business ClickTrackProfit is a fantastic place to be….But how about a little refresher? This could be the most important blog post you read all year…

Here are the 5 must have tools you need to build your lifelong internet business;

1. RocketResponder – Point. Blank. Period. You need a list. Programs come and go all the time, the relationship you build with your lists is paramount. Start building your list…..Yesterday!

2. Trck.me – Without a doubt, the best tool you have at your disposal is your tracking service. Know what works, what converts, where it converts and how long it takes before it converts. The ROI is measurable, you just need to look at the metrics.

3. AdKreator – Your image is everything online. Remember that people judge your ‘brand’ on what it looks like. Make your ads POP and SIZZLE with the best designing tool on the planet!

4. Kore4 – Putting it all together! Instead of looking at online business like a crap shoot, why not build something that pays you for life and focuses on long term growth rather than ‘get rich quick’. Kore4 is the ultimate LONG TERM online opportunity!

5. The Right Attitude – It’s simple! All these tools are useless if you don’t have the right mind set for long term growth, sustained effort and the vision to last more than 99% of the people online. The right attitude is what will make you. The wrong attitude is what will break you. Think long term. Think community. Think how to be the best affiliate you can be!

I know this is a bit of a refresher for most of you reading this, but it can’t be stressed enough….Opportunities come and go all the time, these tools are proven long term strategies that WORK if you put in the effort. Keep +1’ing everyday and you will see awesome results. Do you have any other must have tools you would like to share? I’d love to hear your comments and feedback…