Why I’m In Love With Blab (and You Should Be Too…)

Traffic Exchange Live is a funny little gig…

Way back in 2009, Tim and I stumbled across uStream and had this crazy idea to show up everyday, hang out with traffic exchange surfers and talk shop live on video. And boy has it been an adventure…

We’ve held 106 hour marathons, live fund raising for Traffic Exchanges Care, countless interviews with industry leaders and hung out with the best people in the business every weekday!

It’s no secret though….Finding the perfect ‘platform’ to host our live shows has been…A struggle.

We started on uStream and it fell out of favor soon after. We’ve tried the old Hot Conference rooms, got completely frustrated with Google Hangouts, we’ve also been in Vokle, StreamUp, a few others that will remain nameless and for the past few years, been hosted at Spreecast.

Yet none of these services, have really fit us like a glove…Until now.

Yesterday, Ernie Pinard drops me a line on Skype and tells me about ‘Meerkat and Periscope on Steroids‘…Obviously that got my attention real quick. So I clicked the link…


He says it’s called Blab and….Oh boy! This is pretty much the perfect platform for what we do in Traffic Exchange Live.

It’s seamless integration with Twitter, it’s flawless chat, it’s crystal clear video and so far, we haven’t had any issues with lag. No one has told us they have had issues connecting to the shows and it’s VERY mobile friendly. It just works!

Not to say they won’t have growing pains because you know what….

Here’s the best part….It’s brand new!


Why is this important? Without getting into too much boring content, becoming an early adopter of programs like this is a great business plan to build your brand OUTSIDE of where you are already known. So I’m going 10000000% into Blab and have been really pushing this network for everyone in the Traffic Exchange Live community.

Eye balls will be watching! People will be asking about traffic exchanges! They will be looking at us again…With inquiring minds.

Let’s go make an awesome first impression!!!!

Be sure to follow me on Blab and hang out today at Traffic Exchange Live (4pm Eastern)

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The Employee Vs. Entrepreneur Mindset

I love being social….In fact, I’m pretty much in front of my computer, checking Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Skype for the majority of my day, looking to build on the relationships I have with others.

It’s a big part of my business strategy and the best part is…it’s 100000000% natural for me. Why? Because I genuinely LIKE people…I know huh, crazy concept…

But here’s the funny thing about being ‘social’, and why a lot of people don’t see the value in it….It doesn’t always translate into immediate income…

Showing up, doing Traffic Exchange Live everyday or jumping into ClickTrackProfit chat, doesn’t always mean an increase in my bottom line. I consider a fantastic investment though…A down payment on future returns…

And that is the biggest different between the mindset of an ‘entrepreneur and an employee‘.

Let me explain…

An employee thinks like this…Show up for work, clock in 8 hours, get paid for those 8 hours and go home. Getting paid for what you do, day in and day out. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Our society exists because there are people punching clocks every day. Some people enjoy it, consider it ‘secure‘ and are happy with doing that for 40 years. No problem, I salute it and if that’s your thing, that’s your thing. I like to refer to it as extrinsic thinking…I did this, so I want that!

An entrepreneur is wired differently…

They have this crazy notion that everything they do, each and every day, may not translate into money right away…But because they are focused and believe in their goals…It will pay off down the road. They aren’t looking for immediate payoff from their effort, they are ‘investing’ their time, effort and money into something today, so they can live the life down the road. Their reward is the journey!

Intrinsic thinking is how I like to refer of it…Their purpose is self-driven. It’s not so much what they can be rewarded with right now, they are doing it for their future goals and dreams.

Let me stress the fact that neither one of these mindsets is right or wrong, it’s just different strokes for different folks. I’m wired to think as an entrepreneur, and that’s what I believe in. I love the practice of thinking in terms of years, not weeks. I want returns from my efforts down the road because like I mentioned, my reward is the journey.

Meeting like minded people, growing my relationships, to me…This is the real mindset needed for success as an entrepreneur…

What about you? What is your mindset and if you are wanting to build a business, what are some strategies to get rid of the employee mindset in your life?

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