A Lesson In Personal Branding From The Safelists

So Andrew Stark was testing out this new software he purchased and made a post in the Safelist Marketing Group on Facebook. It’s a cool little product that can set up polls and bring people into your funnel so he started a poll and asked a pretty simple question…

‘Who Is The Best Safelist Marketer?’

He had some pretty impressive names on the list..From Jerry Iannucci to Stefan Berg, from himself to….Yours truly!

Who Is The Best Safelist Marketer

Huh? Jon Olson? The best safelist marketer?

I’m flattered but…I’m not what you would call an expert in safelists and mailers. I respect them and the people that love them and use them, but I’ve had my concerns and issues with them for years. But there I am…And wait, huh? I’m….LEADING in votes?

Now I’m sure with time it will even out because let’s be honest, Jerry Iannucci and Stefan Berg are much better at those programs than I will ever be and they are who I consider to be the ‘go to guys’ in that business. So how on earth did I even compare?


People know me. Some of them even hate me (which a few folks in the safelist world do lol). But they know me. I’ve been everywhere and in between in the traffic exchanges and yes, we even own ListNerds so my face has been around for years…

At the end of the day, people voted for me because they know me. The perception that I’m the ‘best marketer in the safelists‘ is evident, but the reality is…I’ve got some work to do!

This is why branding yourself is SO important in this business. People do NOT do business with ‘usernames’ anymore, they do business with real people. Get out there and build your personal brand each and every day!

As for the safelists…Well because of this, it’s got me curious as to what we can do (TimTech) to build our brand even more in that side of the internet.

This is a huge nugget for people, just how powerful a personal brand can be!

The Real Reason You Aren’t Seeing Results…

The timers are too short! The timers are too long! The chat is too active! There is no chat! No one is looking at the pages! People are super surfing too much!

The excuses are everywhere…

In my almost 20 years of being involved in this industry I have seen my results increase day after day, week after week, year after year. On the other side of the coin, there is this constant sound of complaining and excuses as to why others don’t get any results.

It’s funny to me. I’m nothing special. I’m actually a high school drop out. I have no PHd in computer science and I never majored in business. However, every time I put together a squeeze or splash page in the traffic exchanges, I get results.


I’m going to go out on a limb and say something that may not win me many fans but it’s the truth and it’s going to hurt…

Your advertising sucks!

Sorry but not sorry. It’s often dreadful. We’re the only advertising industry on planet earth where the majority of the ‘advertising’ is horrible. It’s not the timers (sorry to all you stuck in 2006), it’s not the chat (people actually like to be social these days…), it’s not the guys surfing a thousand pages a day (I just finished a Daily Challenge a few days ago, over 1000 pages)…It’s YOUR advertising.

Want better results? Like I mentioned a few weeks ago, your results will explode of you concentrate on yes, your autoresponder series but also your front end..Your capture / splash page.

It’s that simple. No tricks, no magic formulas, nothing to see or buy here…Just the facts.

You want better results, worry about what you can control and that is YOUR ADS!

Ask yourself what makes you stop in your tracks when you are surfing. Put videos on your pages. Use POWER colors (not neon pink…). And please stop getting Cousin Ed to design your pages. If you aren’t comfortable with your design skills, hire a professional. Get a logo. Do SOMETHING different than what everyone else is.

Results are there, they are increasing every day for some. And I truly believe it’s because these people take great pride in their ‘brand’ and advertising of it.

Be remarkable. Everyday!