Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Advertise In Traffic Exchanges

I’ve been doing this for a long time. It’s going on my 17th year working in this industry and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. In the past few months, I have actually surfed more than I ever have in my lifetime and to be honest, I haven’t been more excited for what is in store for the future of traffic exchanges!

But you still hear it…

The critics of the traffic exchange industry (and they usually come from the internet marketing world) are quick to tell you why these programs don’t work and that their $97 widget is a much better return for your time and money.

Well have no fear, here’s some things to think about the next time someone tells you…Traffic exchanges don’t work!

1. 1000′s Of New Members…Daily! – I love this argument. People will tell you it’s the same people surfing the traffic exchanges, over and over again. What they fail to let you in on, is that there are thousands (yes thousands) of new members joining these programs every DAY! Just in the TimTech sites alone, we reach around 200-250 new members joining our programs, and that’s just 4 traffic exchanges. Some of the other top traffic exchanges get 100′s a day as well. Add it up and you can see, you have brand new sets of eye balls looking at your websites each and every day.

2. It’s About As ‘Targeted’ As It Gets – The next popular finger point that happens towards traffic exchanges is the ‘un-targeted’ claims. Here’s the thing…You can advertise anything in the traffic exchanges and get fantastic results…If you know and understand how to advertise. But regardless, a big chunk of the surfers are in the home based, money making side of the industry..So advertise accordingly. You will be hard pressed to find anything more cost effective and targeted for a home based business market than traffic exchanges. Can it be improved? Of course it can, industry wide but still for almost 2 decades now, nothing has been as steady as this industry.

3. It Will Build Your Brand & Build Your List (The Two B’s Of The T.E.’s) – And sure, there are fantastic SEO programs you can buy. Lovely internet marketing widgets that’s rub your back for you while it reads you a bed time story and gets you ‘targeted traffic’ in your sleep…Yeah yeah yeah. We know. Here’s the thing, traffic exchanges are a social advertising medium. I have tried lots of gizmos and gadgets over the years but what I have found to be true, when you brand your name and build your list in these programs you will get extraordinary results. Plain and simple. Focus on building your personal brand and your list will grow. Getting into chat every day, making sure your squeeze and splash pages are remarkable, taking action every day…You will see some pretty amazing things!

Again, I’ve been in this business for almost half of my life. I have seen the many up’s and many down’s throughout the years but nothing has stayed the course more than the traffic exchanges.

We will continue to grow each and every year because people will always be looking for traffic and they don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to get it. Know your market. Stay the course. Build your brand. And you will see, why this has been my passion since the 1990′s!

AdKreator – We Missed Ya’

Well, it’s no secret now, the deal was done late last night…

Barb DelGiudice and TimTech have now partnered on AdKreator. That’s right, after 2 years away, our first little baby has returned home and we’re very excited and grateful for the opportunity to once again, help build and grow AdKreator into the premier splash and squeeze page creator on the internet.

First note of course, this is a partnership. So Barb is still the co-owner of the site, she just thinks we can help take AdKreator to that next level. It is already integrated into most of what we do, but we’ve got a lot of plans to take it even further. First up is the return of Content Tuesday, where fresh new clip art, design tools and images will be added each and every Tuesday. This means cool new things to add to your designs.

Justin is really excited about this, you have to remember, this was his baby! This was his heart and soul for many years. We sold AdKreator in the first place to fund a the Sitizens project and we’re pumped up to have it back in the TimTech family of products.

Expect some big things in the pipeline for AdKreator and of course, be sure to show off those designs all around the web. We’ll be keeping a close eye for the designs that really stick out. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to ADK!

Be sure to use the hashtag #adkreator in Twitter to show off your designs so we can find them and follow the official ADK account @adkreator

So much stuff coming, it’s a very exciting time…