Imagine….If We All Stepped Up?

It’s no secret, I’m a huge fan of and the massive potential this program has for everyone in the traffic exchange industry.

I wanted to add a screen shot of something the guys at NewFire marketing added today to the members area….

TEPays Commission


This is what we could potentially make EVERY MONTH if our downlines decided to focus on their business rather than surfing for pennies and went ‘Pro‘.

Just imagine….

What’s crazy is that this was the norm only a few short years ago in the business!

People were encouraged to upgrade and treat this like a real money making business. On top of all the great traffic they would receive from being involved in the traffic exchange industry, they would be making some pretty amazing commissions because they upgraded, their downlines upgrades, their downline’s downline upgraded and so forth…

This isn’t some pipe dream or far off fantasy either, programs like TEPays is bringing back the focus on the importance of upgrading and creating monthly residual income for it’s members.

We are seeing huge numbers of new referrals, new customers, higher surf activity and better results….Just because we are slowly changing the mind set of the surfers.

We’re talking DOLLARS not cents for the first time in years….

This won’t happen overnight and we can expect some resistance. But if we keep showing people, the power of traffic exchanges combined with affiliate marketing success…We are on the right path!

48 Hours Later…This Thing Rocks!

On Friday, I got really excited about the launch of and how I think this program can have a massive impact on how we do things in the traffic exchange world….A few days later I’m even more convinced!

Check out some of these numbers…


Note that it’s potential monthly residual income….But wow, even if only 50% have the vision and long term goals that this program has, that’s an amazing thing!

But it gets better…Way better;

– 23 new referrals in TopHits4U with 2 of those members having upgraded

– 14 new referrals in Tezak Traffic Power with 3 commission sales

– 25 new SiteXplosion referrals with $29.52 in commissions from those new members

– 9 new EasyHits4U referrals, with 1 Premium member upgrade

– 15 new referrals in Traffic Swarm (I almost forgot this program existed until TEpays lol)

– Dozens of new Rocket Responder and cusomters

– Over 20 new Plus 1 Success customers with 4 sales of the rebrand

The trickle down effect is REAL!

Oh but it’s not just referrals into other people’s programs. This is the absolute best part about TEpays….

TE pays Builds Your Email List

Yup, that’s right…257 new subscribers to my mailing list in less than a weekend. And it’s only scratching the surface. I’m seeing a 75% open rate in the email series provided by as well as 42% click through rates as well.

Absolutely mind blowing!

And remember, this is only a few days old so there is plenty of time to bring the focus back to REAL MONEY in the traffic exchange industry.

I will be going over my stats in a few days as well, to show the real inner workings of this program. This is it folks, the real way to make big money in the traffic exchange industry for life.