The Internet Marketing Vortex of Doom

This is a sad reality…

90% of the people that read this blog post…Won’t change. They won’t embrace proven techniques and strategies. They will continue to spin their wheels and scratch their heads while asking themselves ‘Where did it all go wrong?’

And that’s because internet marketing is designed like that! It’s designed to keep you in a loop and never ending cycle of failure! It keeps the ‘little guy‘ in a ‘little guy mentality‘. It doesn’t promote growth. It promotes staying the same….

Let me introduce you to something…

I call this the Internet Marketing Vortex of Doom 😉

If you look on the left side of the (horribly hand drawn) graphic, you’ll see the ‘typical’ internet marketing mindset that happens at about month 2 or 3 of joining the next big opportunity online.

This mindset includes things like…

– Canceling subscriptions to Evergreen products
– Then giving up on Evergreen products and/or the new opportunity
– Playing the
Blame Game and pointing fingers at everyone but the mirror
– And finally, returning to find a brand new shiny object….Ready to be promoted.

Rinse and repeat…

The cycle commences yet again and you are trapped in the vortex…It’s never ending blame games while giving up over and over and then of course, having to start again in a brand new program….

But then there are the few…

Who go against the grain and against the flow while saying things like I’m going to try something a little different. I’m going to use these crazy concepts like +1 and start to build a business with long term goals and vision.

Then ‘crazy’ things like this start to happen…

– Growth
– Progress
– Success

Just by changing one habit, every single day…These new marketers and business people are seeing the fruits of their labor. They are making decisions that help their business and improve their results over time while the herd continues into the vortex of doom.

So I have a question for you…Would you rather start to see results in your business? Growth? Progress and ultimately success? Just by changing one simple thing you are doing today?

Or do you wanna go hang out with the masses in the Vortex?

The choice is yours….I choose +1 every single day!

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When You Believe In Something So Much…

July 8th 2015 will always be a very special day in my life. Not only was it my fiance’s birthday (Happy birthday baby!!!) but it was also the day the stars really aligned for me…

You see, +1 Success might seem like a brand new shiny e-book but to me it’s much much more!

+1 Success

This is the combination of years of experience…It’s victories and failures. It’s passion. It’s everything I believe in from the depths of my soul. O.K. maybe I’m being over dramatic 😉 But this is +1, and if you have been following me for any amount of time you know how much this stuff means to me.

Constant improvement! Getting better everyday!

You know, it’s funny…The first e-book I wrote was about a budget and sticking to it month after month after month… My next e-book is about personal development and getting better each and every day. I really don’t pick the hottest topics around do I? LOL I never seem to talk about hype and hoopla, get rich quick by making a million dollars in a month or less….

Nope I talk about the gritty stuff.

I talk about showing up every day and pushing yourself. Not blaming anyone else for failures, but owning them yourself and learning from them.

Not really the ‘sexy’ stuff at all. But you know what…it’s the best stuff in my opinion.

It’s the gut check stuff and the good habits to build in business and life for years to come.

This is +1 Success to me!

+1 Success Ebook

+1 Success has been years in the making and I’m so glad it’s out there. Special thanks to Winter Perkins and Sunny Suggs for absolutely crushing it and making my dreams a reality. I cannot thank them enough.

But also…To everyone that has downloaded the ebook, rebranded it, joined the Book Nerds club and started putting +1 Success into action…You will be absolutely amazed at how these simple to do steps can change your business and life. I know they have worked, I’m living proof :)

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