traffic exchange owners

Quick Tip For All Traffic Exchange Owners

I get a lot of referral notifications and commission notices from my downlines in the traffic exchanges.

I’m saying this not to brag, in fact I hope this becomes a lesson that a lot of the owners out there reading Hit Exchange News take action on…

Here’s what I see in about 99% of the notices I get…

‘Hello Jon, you have referred a new member!’

That’s it.

Or then I receive a commission notification today and find this…

Trust me, I love getting these notices and a quick 23 bucks in commissions is always welcomed in my inbox but do you see what a huge missed opportunity is there from the owner?

Think about the most LOOKED AT email your members will get from you?

It’ll be either a commission notification or new referral notice.

Your affiliate / member is as pumped up as they will ever be…

Now is the time to stick a link in there for a special offer. Or at the minimum a link to log into your program.


Because they are on cloud 9 right now! They are excited that they got RESULTS from your business, so now is the chance to cater to them even more.

I’d recommend a ‘thank you offer’, links to your promo tools, or again, the minimum a link to log in.

The more chances they have to engage with your business and support it, the more money you will potentially make and the more your members will as well.

This is prime real estate and sadly, goes un-used and untouched by about 99% of the program owners out there.

P.S. Want to really separate yourself? Create specific offers for each automatic email you send out. One for new referrals and another for commissions. Add a video to it to spice it up even more!

net marketing forum Is Back!

I’m a little emotional today and that’s because my ‘baby’ is back 🙂

Back in the early 90’s I was just getting started online…

I had big dreams, tons of energy and absolutely NO network. As I tip toe’d around the business, I noticed more and more people hung out in the online forums. Back then there were only a handful of forums that catered to online marketing and by 2002-2003, I frequented two exclusively!

One was the world famous Warrior Forum and the other was this niche forum called the Traffic Exchange Focus Group. Time went by and the Traffic Exchange Focus Group disappeared and it left a huge whole for traffic exchange discussion. Back then (and even today) if you went to the Warrior Forum and brought up traffic exchanges you were run out of dodge, so we needed a new home…A place where enthusiasts, online marketers and affiliates could discuss the massive potential of advertising in the T.E.’s…

(Original NMF Logo circa 2003)

Net Marketing Forum was born!

The forum catered to a very specific niche market but also to the wide world of internet marketing. It was the best of both worlds where BUSINESS was discussed daily and where a debate could go on for weeks at a time.

Thanks of Net Marketing Forum I met the who’s who of the traffic exchange industry and formed great relationships that last to this day. Without NMF, there would be no Timtech, as this is where I met both of my partners!

There was such an awesome sense of community and friendship but at the same time it was all about business. This was a special place however throughout the years as social media became the norm, NMF sadly drifted away.

Over the years, I felt something was missing…

So today, we brought it back online!

net marketing forum
Net Marketing Forum’s sole mission then and now is to bring people together. No matter what happens in online business, the primary job of marketers is to be around like minded people and network with each other. Yes, we still talk about traffic exchanges. Yes we still look for useful tips and tricks and yes…We may even disagree on things.

But the PEOPLE are what make forums so important!

I’d love to welcome you to the new and improved Net Marketing Forum…It’s your business, your voice and your forum once again.

Let’s have some fun!