Not Enough Players In The Game…

Everyone is an expert!

Ask them, they’ll tell ya’ how important they are, how much they know, who they know and generally, how to run your business from the side lines.

Interesting isn’t it? So many expert, life coaches, marketing gurus…Still very few people that actually roll up their sleeves and do the dirty work.

Over the years, I have found it quite amusing to see all the self proclaimed traffic exchange experts that challenged me, questioned me, argued with me yet never seemed to do the dirty work. The grinding. The surfing. The personal branding. The list building. Interesting enough, those that seemed to be the loudest, aren’t around much anymore…They never ‘played the game’, they sat on the side lines and watched…

We don’t need spectators and experts, we need more participants and people IN the game!

Everyone had an opinion, only a few took action.

And you see, that’s really the point of this blog post…We need to stop criticizing and pointing the fingers at the movers and shakers. The courageous owners and surfers that are in the trenches each and every day. We need to step up and start taking action because let’s be honest…We know what it takes…

It takes hard work!

It takes money!

It takes time!

It takes blood, sweat and tears!

There is no secret to this….If you want to become a real expert in what you are passionate about, do the dirty work. Get to grinding each and every day because in my almost 20 years of being in this business, it is the only sure fire way to success I have ever seen!

Show up, every day, take action and be here when the ‘critics’ fade away…

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The Concept Of ‘Fair’ In Business

The Playoffs at CTP Teams has been a huge success so far. We’re only one round into the tournament and so far, the results and competition has been tremendous. For every CTP XP that is earned, team that competes, daily challenges completed or Vault N Keys opened…Sometimes we forget, this is a business.

It’s a fun business. You get to meet lots of awesome people but at the end of the day, there is a reason we’re pushing List Viral in these playoffs. There is a reason we want people to work together as a team. There is a reason we are showcasing the all star players in the game…The Business!

Which brings us to the concept of ‘fair’ in business.

A few thoughts on this….First of all, in the true sense of the word…It’s completely fair. Every single player in CTP Teams has just as much opportunity as the next. Everyone gets the same amount of CTP XP for upgrading in List Viral. Everyone gets access to the same XP Batteries and bonuses as everyone else. There is a ton of strategy that goes into these teams and that’s all done on purpose…Leaders and team mates must communicate, and use the resources at their disposal to plan their attack….

Kinda like a real world business huh?

But that being the case…As much ‘fairness’ as there is for teams to get the same bonuses, CTP XP offers etc…Life isn’t fair. Some people have more resources than others, some people have more time to dedicate than others, some people have more at stake than others, and this may hurt…Some people may want it more than others.

It’s life. It’s business.

I’m of this mindset (especially when I first got started online) I traded time for money…Instead of having disposable income, I had a lot of extra time. So I hustled. I put the axe to the grindstone and didn’t take no for an answer. I saw that a lot this first round, and I couldn’t prouder of every single team that competed.

I also saw some teams give up, literally when they were at the cusp of success. And that’s no one’s ‘fault’…Fairness had absolutely nothing to do with it.

The important point is that you gave it your all. And you can sleep each and every night knowing, fair or not, you busted your butt. You focused on your team. And you can’t wait to step up to bat again…

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