ClickTrackProfit Hits A Milestone

Click. Track.Profit!

We started this crazy program over a year ago. When it was launched it had most people scratching their heads, some people were super upset with us (and still are of course) but the majority were excited to see something new and refreshing in the industry…

We threw terms around like ‘drip feed marketing’, the splash page multiplex, downline passthru technology, referral maximizer…And again, more heads were being scratched. And then when we released the badges…Oh wow, that really got people talking didn’t it? And then we introduced Nerd Surfing, the Tokens, Batteries, Magic Wands, Game Cards, Trophies…The gamification of ‘internet marketing’ became a reality.

30,000 member later, ClickTrackProfit is as strong as ever and the numbers don’t lie, it’s become a huge success. This is one of those programs that didn’t have a big launch, as it was launched within the TE Live community and to this day gets very little support from certain owners in the business…

Yet, it grows. And the members love it. And the training continues to be unique and effective. Amazing what happens when you put people first. We are so happy about the past year but even more excited about the future. The past week we started the Awesome Sauce Referral Contest with the other guys in Nerd Surf and the numbers have been ‘awesome’ to say the least…And we are just getting started.

Even though we have added so much to the program we still remain committed to keeping things super simple and that’s what makes this program so effective. Click. Track. Profit. 1-2-3. Thank you for all your support and all your trust in our company and the CTP way of doing things. We are honored and so thankful you have shown the industry that you can have fun, learn and make money all at the same time.

Jon Olson

I'm Jon Olson, I've been publishing Hit Exchange News since 2003 and been involved in the traffic exchange industry since...Well, the beginning :) I'd love to network with you as you browse the pulse of the traffic exchange industry! I am also a HUGE fan of reading your comments. I will respond to every single one! Poke around and enjoy the 'News! And thanks for hanging out...

26 thoughts to “ClickTrackProfit Hits A Milestone”

  1. Awesome News Jon!

    And CTP will continue to be one of the BEST resources out there in the TE Industry.

    Just keep stewing up that AwesomeSauce!!

  2. Thanks Blain, and thanks for all your support man. So many people come and start supporting what we do and then end up stabbing us in the back. it’s good to have solid guys like you and Shane around for the long haul man.

  3. Wow! Over 30,000 members! CTP is exceptional! There will always be those you can’t please (no matter what you do). You have a LOT of very happy members, and their splash pages are everywhere. That says a lot 🙂

    I think it’s great you’re teaching people how to use the traffic exchanges. There’s a lot to it!

    Take care,

  4. Congrats on 30,000 members I have only been in CTP for about 4 months and have leared more then the last 7 years I have been online for this I Thank You All
    Most Awesome Program

  5. Thanks Kevin, you are kicking butt man, doing so many good things. I’ll be a broken record though and just tell you what I always do….Keep at it man!!!

  6. thanks so muchfor all that you do and congrats on 30,000 members! Wow! Your doing the right thing and doing it right!

  7. Congratulations Jon, I must confess I was non believer when CTP and badges first came out. Not any more I love CTP and all the badges. Thanks Jon and the Tim Tech guys for awesome video training in the back office.

  8. I have really enjoyed CTP so far and am sure there is lots more “awesome” things to come!! Keep up the super duper awesome work!

  9. Danielle – Thank you so much, we are working hard that’s for sure =)

    Cathy – Gracias! Amazing what happens when you take action. Launching it that night was the best decision we ever did…No hype, just ‘launch’.

    Sheila – Yeah I know, people didn’t understand what we were doing, but we knew long term the results would be there. Get ready for what we have next up our sleeves =)

    Gwen – Thanks so much, we really appreciate all your support =)

  10. So why is CTP successful? In my humble opinion it is a combinations of a few things. 1) free training and advance training for paid members.. This filled a void in the industry. There are many programs and options but, CTP has a methodical process. This is a huge advantage over other “programs”. 2) the gamification is what has made it fun for surfers. A new twist that challenges and entertains. Great combination… 3) buy in by surfers and owners (even if they are not part of TimTech). It has become a community in its own!

    Thank you,

  11. What makes CTP great is that it explains the hard stuff well. It teaches you to try new things, achieve goals, and get involved in the community. Far too many downline builders were faceless beasts where the owner didn’t care who you were, all they told you to do was promote the affiliate link.

    Anyway I joined at ~ 10,000 members, so I look forward to when you have 100,000 members 🙂


  12. Paul – thanks man, yup I agree completely. The community has been THE most important thing about CTP. Awesome!

    Barb – Thanks so much, we are honored to have you on board!

    Andrew – Agreed. That was very important for us. To not just be another ‘downline builder’ but to have some soul and passion involved. It’s worked! Thanks man for all your support!

  13. Great read Jon. Wow, 30,000 members strong, that is amazing ! We absolutely love the program and have learned a great deal since joining a couple months ago.

    You guys Rock !!

    Bob & Rhonda Pizor

  14. Bob & Rhonda – Thank you very much for the comments. We are glad you are enjoying yourself. Keep going +1 works =)

    Gunnar – Thank you sir, much appreciated!

  15. That is just fantastic Jon! Gives me a great deal of hope for my own endeavors. To be completely honest I felt as though I were lost at sea, surrounded by sharks that were ready to eat me alive when I first stepped into the scene a year and a half ago. I fell in love with Traffic Exchanges pretty quick, but still felt alone until I started to come out from behind my shield. The fact is Click Track Profit and the Traffic Exchange Community has made it much more inviting for me to do so and I do not feel so alone anymore. I do of coarse still have my shield in hand, but not holding it so tight anymore. Thanks for all that you guys do!

    P.S. Remember to Be Silly. Be Serious. Have Fun!

    Matt Baker

  16. This is interesting Jon. This brainstorm out of the TELive room really took off (CTP). I admire it’s simplicity and use of video to train it’s audience. The games that were added was a nice touch. Who wants to be bored while they market 🙂 . The way it let’s you earn while your learn is cool. It’s neat how CTP set off a chain reaction to lead it to the growth it has today. Keep up the good work by helping people with your training.

    Marcus Wahl
    skype: mcwahl1

  17. John,

    Congratulations on attaining 30000 members. This was the first program where I earned my first commission payment in paypal without paying anything from my pocket as opposed to other programs where they took my money and I did not earned anything back. This encouraged me to upgrade in CTP and now I am there with you guys in this long term journey of online success. I have learned a lot in last 4 months at one place. Keep innovating.

    Twitter – svp1975

  18. Congrats on 30,000 members! I have learned so much from joining CTP. I wish it was around years ago when I first started online.

  19. Marcus – thanks man, keep crushing it man. You guys are going to have a massive 2012!

    Sharmila – Awesome sauce! You rock and one of those splash pages you created was one of the best pages I have ever seen. You really hit the nail on the head on ‘how’ to build income with CTP.

    Kathy – Thanks so much Kathy. We are honored to have you on board!

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