Don’t Let The Marketers Ruin Social

Facebook ‘invites’, Twitter spamming…I’ve had enough lol

Here’s a video blog post to get your blood boiling, start the week of with a rant…Hope you enjoy it!

Post your comments below, I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the ‘social’ debate!

Jon Olson

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27 thoughts to “Don’t Let The Marketers Ruin Social”

  1. Marketers love to ruin good things.

    Facebook is not a marketing site.

    Twitter is not a marketing site.

    If you want to advertise on Facebook there are ads along the right side of the page you can buy.

    Nothing is a bigger turn off than marketers who fill my newsfeeds with ads. I see enough ads every day in the marketing sites.

    If you are constantly posting ads in your feed then I am going to “hide all posts” from you.

    If you are posting ads on my wall or chat then I am going to unfriend and block you.

    The exception are the people that I know, like, and trust. If you are posting relevant stuff that I am interested in then I don’t mind occasional post about something you are working on or something new that you are excited about.

    Chat is the same way. If we are having a discussion like normal human beings it’s just natural for a topic to come up where you might be able to recommend a solution to a problem someone is having. I might even ask “so what are you promoting?” after I have gotten to know you.

    Social is supposed to be social. If done correctly referrals will just happen naturally.

    Jerry Iannucci

    PS – Kinda funny that one of the suggested videos after your video is all about “facebook marketing”.

  2. The best way to totally piss people off in social networks is to throw links at them at least build a friendship with someone before you make suggestions to them at least try to build a relationship first
    If the first thing someone does to me in Skype or Facebook is throw me a link to a program and i did not ask them too they get removed faster than they got into my social realm

  3. Our livingrooms & kitchens are not marketing sites either, but we don’t say to friends/relatives, “Stop spamming our get-togethers with your Avon or Tupperware catalogs.” It’s just a part of life, people need to earn money. We all have the choice not to read those posts online, or to block or delete online, but in offline situations, we don’t eject people from our homes or gatherings for bringing a catalog and asking us to look at it when we have time.

  4. Great video post, love it! And my new favorite word is “markety” (as in “less markety”).

    Or “market-y”, as it were, I suppose. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Topnotch good rant!

  5. Jon,

    There is a difference between marketing and spamming. I don’t mind being marketed to by people who are doing it right. Send me links that add value to me and I will click them.


  6. I find it totally off putting when I say ‘Hello’ and I get a link thrown back into my face… And lately I noticed a new trend… People adding me to groups on FB… I DO like to have a saying at what groups I join. If I want to join a group, I will do it myself, don’t want to be shovelled (not sure this is a word, but it should be) into tons of groups that I have nothing in common with. So please, people, let it be MY choice! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. You know how I feel! I can hardly check into FB anymore, I’m pissed before I can see my first bit of friendly discourse. Makes me crazy.

    I’d really like to think this will help, but I think lots of people market at FB because it’s the easy button. Doesn’t work, but it’s easy…

    Thanks Jon!

  8. PS I meant to add that I’ve had to separate my Twitter feed into different lists. The one I read thru daily, several times a day, without fail is the one that’s full of people who use Twitter as it was originally intended (i.e., for conversation) and occasionally throw business-related links in here and there.

    If all someone does is post marketing link after link, I probably never/rarely pay attention to their posts. That’s just not what Twitter (nor Facebook, for that matter) was originally intended for, and should never be else will go by the wayside much like Ning and other sites that had good intentions and possibilities but got way overrun.)

  9. Well said Jon,
    There is an EASY way to do things and a right way. People often don’t realize that those “old” rules of Social Interaction actually apply online.. Are you going to buy something from some random person walking up to you pitching cold on the street, right after you just saw him pitching something else to some guy who walking in front of you?

    Or are you going to buy something from your buddy, who say “Hey dude, I have been using this stuff for a while, you need to check it out”?

    These “old rules” are still relevant and apply now. To really connect with people you have interact with them in a way that is organic, as if they were standing next to you in real life.

    1. Exactly….It’s coming back to real relationships and those take time. Even if it’s in a microwave society, people still like to be around folks that add value to their lives…And that takes effort, trust and time.

  10. I’ll reiterate the comments I made in TELive today:

    (1) If someone is promoting from a FAN or BUSINESS page, which you can elect to “like”/follow, then I think it’s appropriate. There are the PAID ads on the right of the newsfeed as well. This is separate from a PROFILE, which, in my opinion, is inappropriate to promote on. Facebook is a SOCIAL site at its core. However, there are those on FB who use their profile as their business page. Personally, I don’t want to be bombarding my “personal” FB friends with my marketing messages (which they’re not interested in anyway), but there are those (especially network/MLM marketers) who feel differently.

    (2) There are two types of Facebook groups: the “support/discussion/mastermind” type, where there is interaction, discussion and valuable content given. Then there are the “advertising” groups, which are actually quite similar to safelists, in that you join the group in order to have the opportunity to post your ad to be seen by the group membership. The drawback to the groups is that, in order to join them, you have to join thru your PROFILE; you can’t do it thru your fan page. I wish FB had set it up differently. Therefore, if you’re posting in OPEN groups, notifications of those posts appear in all your FB friends’ newsfeeds, and the burden is on THEM to stop it somehow. They either have to go into each group and turn off the notifications (most time consuming), hide all your posts or unfriend you entirely (unfortunately, the easiest). This does NOT happen with CLOSED or SECRET groups; if you post in those groups, they do not appear in their newsfeeds (unless they’re members themselves in the groups).

    I promote in CLOSED advertising groups…and I DO get leads and conversions from those ads. And, again, I don’t bother my FB friends. ๐Ÿ™‚

    As with anything, there is a right way, and a wrong way to use any marketing method. But, unfortunately, not everyone does it the “right” way.

    1. Agreed! There is always a right way and wrong way. I think people just need to chose their approach differently. Treat it as a social network first, advertising medium in appropriate places after.

  11. Great post Jon.
    Like Corina mentioned, been findng myself auto-added to random groups more and more recently.
    Skype’s getting pretty bad now also with poeple requesting connection, then just spam link after link lol
    At least there is a block button ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Hi Jon,

    One of the reasons I don’t have a personal facebook account is that I don’t want to be added to all the “marketing crap” and have the people who I know in real life get exposed to that.

    Like you say it’s the scumbag marketer’s who just spoil everything – I remember when google adwords was cheap and simple to use.

    If you want to use social then help others and never start a conversation with a link.


  13. “Our livingrooms & kitchens are not marketing sites either, but we donโ€™t say to friends/relatives, โ€œStop spamming our get-togethers with your Avon or Tupperware catalogs.โ€ Itโ€™s just a part of life,”

    In response to Kathleen”s above excerpt:

    “friends/relatives” the difference maker;
    strangers/acquaintances – No!

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