End Of The World? Bah…These Guys Are Stopping It

Just in case the world ends tomorrow…So long and thanks for all the fish! *Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy reference for all you fellow Sci-Fi nerds….* Here’s what’s on my mind today, cool things abound, where to start….

I know, I know…A video!

Lots of linkage love below:

* Here is a link to Tim’s fantastic new ‘Don’t Tase Me Bro‘ video!

* Be sure to check out these two videos from Sterling Valentine’s List Laser 30 Day Challenge. Justin and I had a blast doing them… Jon’s video & Justin’s video ….Oh yeah, TE Live’s resident Safelist Expert Jerry Iannucci is up next this afternoon. Be sure to swing by and check him out!

* And the warm and fuzzy news of the month…Here is a surf promo I can’t stop recommending! Check out TopHits4U, Traffic Fugitive & SiteXplosion this weekend for a TON of goodies and fantastic prizes. These are three of the best new traffic exchange owners I have ever met, the industry needs to support dudes like this me thinks. Well, I know I will for sure!

(Note: If you attended TE Live these past few weeks, you will know that all these links above are NOT mine. I now promote other people’s links in all my posts at Hit Exchange News. If you want your links in my blog posts, all you gotta do is check my Twitter feed, because I ask for them when I’m writing and when you reply, I put your links in….Pretty simple huh?)

Jon Olson

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10 thoughts to “End Of The World? Bah…These Guys Are Stopping It”

  1. Heck to the yeah world may be ending tomorrow but I got my hidden bonus egg from this post.. Thanks, now I can die a happy man. Even if it was the end tomorrow what the hell is everyone going to do? Be better to one another? Nothing different is exactly right! Be LOVE folks! God speed to you all!

  2. Hey Jon great stuff. And if the world ends tomorrow then I will not be turning another year older because my birthday is on Sunday.

    Anyways thanks for the shoutout on the surf promo it is going great and it will get better.


  3. Robert – Thanks man, much appreciated.

    Jeff – Great stuff man, you guys are knocking it out of the park!

    Mo – SO long and thanks for all the fish lol

    Gina (via JayDee) – thank you for the comment =)

  4. The world can’t end on Saturday.(i will spare everyone the theology)

    Sounds like a great excuse for Henry Hour though !!

    Talk to everyone on Sunday.
    Happy Birthday Jeff.


  5. Hey, the world can’t end today. Its my birthday next Tuesday & really looking forward to the bubbly!
    Maybe I should shoot the cork to Mars right now

    Happy Advertising All

  6. Hey Jon,

    I couldn’t agree with you more about Eric , Shane and Jeff. These guys get it and are truly destined for greatness in our industry. Kudos to those guys for stepping out and pushing it up a notch.

    As far as the Rapture and the end of the World…if you look up and see people rising up to the Heavens and look below you and don’t see people rising to the Heavens….YOU ain’t goin! 😉 Think about it! lol

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