Here’s How To Stick Out…Learn From Your Peers

If you have been coming to TE Live these past few weeks you would have heard me going on and on about how important people need to stick out from the crowd in this industry. It’s so critical for people to not just be ‘regular affiliates’ and be the leaders of tomorrow in the traffic exchange industry.

Here’s something I noticed yesterday that blew me away and I said to myself, these ladies are going to be such a huge force this year, it’s going to be awesome…

Hot Flash Hits did something that ANY traffic exchange could do but for some reason, a little bit of effort scares most owners away. So Cathy and Jolynn throw a Tweet out on Twitter and tell people that they have changed something about their surfing experience.

The contest was pretty simple but so smart…They tweeted that the first member to Tweet them back and tell them what they have changed would win 100 free credits.

So simple! So brilliant. So effective.

How much did this cost the ladies? Ummm nothing. Maybe 25 seconds to tweet the message and then a few minutes before a member ‘got it’ and bam….Instant interaction with the membership and such an effective ‘push / pull’ strategy.

I love it. I love it. I love it!!!!

Social works and these ladies showed how a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of heart can go a long way.

Want to stick out? Just watch what owners like Cathy and Jolynn are doing…

Jon Olson

I'm Jon Olson, I've been publishing Hit Exchange News since 2003 and been involved in the traffic exchange industry since...Well, the beginning :) I'd love to network with you as you browse the pulse of the traffic exchange industry! I am also a HUGE fan of reading your comments. I will respond to every single one! Poke around and enjoy the 'News! And thanks for hanging out...

10 thoughts to “Here’s How To Stick Out…Learn From Your Peers”

  1. Hi Jon,
    This is where it gets good.
    I was busy working on something last night but I saw the Tweet to which you refer.
    I didn’t have time for surfing but I stopped and looked at the traffic exchange to see if I could work out what was different.
    And if I did that I guess others maybe did the same too.
    But what I did see was interaction between owner Cathy and one of her regular surfers as a direct result of the promotion and I remember thinking what a great use of social media this was.
    Simple, effective and virtually cost free yet so few people do anything like this.
    I love that Cathy and Jolynn come to events like TELive and T3 and take action like this to be social and interactive with their members.
    However I cannot help thinking that all too many people come to those events just to hang out and be seen because they never seem to take any action.
    Follow Cathy and Jolynn’s lead and so something to connect with your customers and build your business.
    Marcus and the Legacy guys get it too but I don’t recommend that anyone else throws themselves off ladders.

  2. Thanks Jon – It was a lot of fun last night.
    We actually sent a message in our members letter about this very thing. It was interesting to see which members responded.
    Karen Kuty was our winner! Go Karen.
    It was great to see you surfing HFH as well.

    Tim – I think you have ‘Orange’ pretty well branded. We will stick with maroon and gray.

    Patrick – Sorry you didn’t have time to chat last night, maybe next time :)…. and the ladder—- when I saw the video Marcus made jumping off a ladder, I thought to myself – Self- I could do that——then I remembered how old I am…. Gonna leave that type of stunt to Marcus. Go Legacy!

  3. Yep we had a blast last night. The chat was hopping and everyone was having fun. Karen is a riot! She is an awesome member.

    It was great to see everyone who could, come and participate.

    I have to agree with Cathy…no jumping off of ladders for me either, lol.

  4. Hi Jon,

    Actually the HFH gals are learning well from our tutelage,lol. They are really sticking out and is one of the reasons that we all decided to form the caring TE alliance of active owners who care. Not only do our three TE’s care about our members and our business as a whole but, we feel we are leading the industry in the proper direction and appreciate everything we learn in the TELive conferences. We also like to share what we as an alliance are doing to advance the social aspect of the industry.

    Ken “I Just Surf” 🙂

  5. Such simple things get people excited… Keep up the great work! If you Keep It Simple Silly Make It Fun (KISSMIF)! You will continue to grow and grow and grow!

    Thank you,

  6. One tweet asking for a response. It was simple and brilliant at the same time. HFH could have changed the footer and somebody would have mentioned it March. But now they have spurred many tweets, and been in blogs posts. Easy effective way of getting out there.

    Good job Cathy and Jolynn.
    Like the footer also


  7. Jon,

    Thanks for the report. I think I tend to try and make it too complicated. That tweet was so simple…and obviously effective.

    I’ve got T3 plugged into my Google calendar now, after what happened this week when I arrived just after all the fun was over and ended up having to buy the first round of drinks for everyone else still hanging around.


  8. I have worked with Cathy and Jo since the very beginning of HFH and I can honestly say they are two very serious, very determined ladies. It is so refreshing to see people taking action and doing – instead of slapping up a traffic exchange and whining because one week later they’re not rich and they have no members.

    To succeed in any business, you have to take action and expect to work – a LOT. And both Cathy and Jo have done just that. And I can also say the same for the Legacy team. And these two sites are doing great. WTG Ya’ll. Keep doing what you’re doing! It’s working……

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