Issue 277 – Want To Make Real Money Using The Traffic Exchanges?

I’m doing things a little different this week.

And I hope you all enjoy it!

I recorded a special presentation last night in the SWAT Traffic seminar last night and want to give it to you today.

It’s on a topic that I think can benefit not only your business but everyone who has ever surfed one page in the traffic exchanges…

SWAT Traffic Seminar – Oct. 21 2009

What do you think? Give the presentation a listen and let’s start hearing some of your thoughts. Does it make sense? Do you have any ideas you want to try? The first step though, download the MP3 and let your creative juices flow…

Thank you very much for being a reader of Hit Exchange News and have a wonderful week!


Jon Olson
The Traffic Exchange Guy

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The News

– Congratulations goes out to Paul Kinder and the entire Traffic Splash team! This week they celebrated member number 80,000! Amazing what a few years can bring and should remove anyone’s doubt that Splash is one of the greatest traffic exchanges of all time.

– Tim Linden is at it again with the controversial yet very amusing Top T.E. Owner list. Tim uses some pretty cool little calculations to come up with a brand new way of ranking exchanges….Ooops, excuse me…Ranking their OWNERS! So cool!

– 1-306-262-4648. Whose phone number is that you may ask? It’s my cell number. Why am I throwing it out there? It’s a new idea I had. Kind of crazy but we’ll see how it goes. If you ever want to talk T.E.’s or have any questions about the traffic exchanges…Give me a call! Yup, you heard it here. I’m at your service whenever you need a helping hand. Drop me a line, I’d love to hear your thoughts, questions and concerns about the traffic exchange industry!

Notice: Cast your vote today for your favorite traffic exchanges at Affiliate Funnel’s Surfer’s Choice ranker. This is YOUR voice and YOUR opinion on what traffic exchanges you feel are the best in the business. Be sure to vote every day and get your opinion heard!

– Splash Page Hall of Fame – While not a ‘splash page’ per se, this is a blog all about splash pages by Derek Blandford. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs online and if you are using splash pages, it’s a must read! Note: Why do I focus on splash pages every week? Simple, you MUST be using them in the traffic exchanges to get results. Get a custom made splash page by clicking here!


HEN Top 10

The Famous Hit Exchange News Top 10 (Disclaimer: These are my top performing exchanges for the past week. Alexa rankings and fancy numbers have nothing to do with how I rank my list. This is based on my results and my opinion, nothing more, nothing less.)

1. Traffic Splash
2. StartXChange
3. Max Traffic Pro
4. Traffic Witch
5. Tezak Traffic Power
6. Carnival Clicks
7. Traffic Taxis
8. Dragon Surf
9. Farm Traffic
10. Traffic Era

Note: Analysis and Tracking by T.E. Toolbox – The Official Link Tracking Service of Hit Exchange News!

Question: Hey Jon, how come I Love Hits and SWAT Traffic are never on the top 10 list? Since I own them, I feel it would be a conflict of interest to place it on any of my rankings. (But we all know how great they are anyways lol)


Flip Your Downline, Fill Your Funnel!


Deep Thoughts – Voices of the T.E. Industry

So, You Want to Make Money from Traffic Exchanges? – Kym Robinson

Traffic exchanges are a service provided to people looking to advertise their websites however, talking to my TE owner friends lately, we have noticed a bit of a mind set change in our members!

People seem to be chasing the money and flipping back and forth between sites that offer surf for cash rather than concentrating on having their websites seen which is the real purpose of a traffic exchange.

I understand we are all online trying to make some money, so today I wanted to talk about how to make the most money from a TE.

This could be a very short article…lol

There is one and only one way to make great money from traffic exchanges – can you guess what it is?

I’ll spell it out for you – U P G R A D E and P R O M O T E! Pretty simple really!

This is where the big money is made in TEs!

Lets look at this a bit more in depth…..

Firstly – surf for cash.

Some exchanges (including mine!) offer surf for cash days and then there are other sites offering another form of surfing for cash and credits with their jackpot systems.

Basically, owners let their members know what the promotion is for the day and then voila! everyone logs in and surfs to win.

What does the member get – maybe 5 or 10 cents, maybe a few dollars if they are really lucky? Great you made a dollar!

Secondly – Upgrade and Promote.

Ok, so this one will cost you a couple of dollars to play!

You upgrade at your favourite TEs and then you use your referral links and promotional tools provided by the exchange to get out and advertise and get members into your downline.

What does the member get?

Several benefits here before I get to the cash bit…..

Most upgrades give you a much higher surf ratio than you would get as free member, so you earn more credits in a lot less time.

You will get monthly credits, banners and text ads added to your account.

You also get residual credits from your downline’s surfing activity – which means your referrals surf and you get credits for it in your account.

Many exchanges offer ‘upgraded member only benefits’ which could be anything from freebies to better purchase deals, upgrade only areas, downloads etc

The biggest benefit to upgrading is…..and this is where the cash bit comes in…..commissions for your referral efforts!

Lets look at the math…..

I will use my own traffic exchange as the example!

Traffic Showdown offers upgraded members 50% of referral upgrades.

That means that if you refer someone and they upgrade their account – you get 50% on the deal.

So, for the high converting yearly OTO (one time offer) that members see when they join, an upgraded member would receive $33.50!

How long would it take to get that surfing for cash? – Waaaaay too long in my opinion!

All you would need is one referral to upgrade and you would cover the cost of your upgrades in several TEs for the month!

Upgraded members also make greater commissions on dowline purchases too!

Every Te is different and you can check out each individual exchanges features, benefits and commission structure that they offer when you join or login.

So it makes very good sense to upgrade and promote at your favorite exchanges and make a lot more money in doing so!

Not only do you gain from all the upgraded benefits, but that’s the key to making money, real money, in traffic exchanges.

Many of my owner buddies have great upgrade options and you can get some mega deals with login offers too – read them!

if you can at all afford it – do it and start making real money in traffic exchanges today!


Kym Robinson (The Traffic Show Girl) is the owner of Traffic Showdown and one of the rising stars in the traffic exchange industry.

She has also donated some huge discounts to H.E.N. readers, when join make sure you send in a support ticket to claim your bonuses! Use the promo code ‘HEN’ to claim your bonus!


Things That Make You Go Hmmm…

– Rumor has it that Tezak Traffic Power has paid out more than $30,000 in commissions. Wow, that is impressive! (One of the must join programs of 2009 just got a lot better in my opinion LOL)

Ad Kreator is the coolest traffic exchange tool to be released in a long long time…

– “If we could sell our experiences for what they cost us, we’d all be millionaires.” – Abigail Van Buren



Jon Olson

I'm Jon Olson, I've been publishing Hit Exchange News since 2003 and been involved in the traffic exchange industry since...Well, the beginning :) I'd love to network with you as you browse the pulse of the traffic exchange industry! I am also a HUGE fan of reading your comments. I will respond to every single one! Poke around and enjoy the 'News! And thanks for hanging out...

8 thoughts to “Issue 277 – Want To Make Real Money Using The Traffic Exchanges?”

  1. Well I have to disagree with your columnist this week. To make money and turn a profit from using traffic exchanges use them to build your list and never promote anything else in the exchanges.

    Once they are on your list you can let them know if there are exchanges you want to promote but never waste a credit promoting anything but YOU and your list.

    Promoting someone elses business on your front end is absolutely foolish and the reason so few people actually make real money.

    Owners love you but your pocket takes the hit.

  2. I can understand where Mr. Paetzold is coming from, but as an ordinary TE surfer, I have to disagree.
    For those of us who are just learning about list-building and promoting, the exchanges offer an easy way to expand our knowledge by seeing how others promote on the TEs.

    I have already done what the guest columnist suggests – I have upgraded at my fave TEs and have received in return not just commissions, but a steady flow of traffic to my squeeze pages. And isn’t that why we join TEs?

    I know I am not going to make my fortune through the TEs, but the commissions I make do pay for my upgrades with some to spare. It makes sense to me to make the investment in upgrades to grow my downlines, decrease my surfing time, and make some cash.

    Eventually I will work out all this list-building stuff, and perhaps then I’ll abandon promoting Traffic Exchanges and focus more on promoting me. But in the meantime, I’m happy to surf and build my downlines in the TEs.


  3. Hi Lynne
    Way-to-go! Lots of people are very hesitant to take that first step…spend some money to make money. You are way ahead! Good Luck to you!

    Jon, agree with you totally. I have been saying for 10 years – ‘There is money in Traffic Exchanges’. Will you get rich from the commissions in traffic exchanges – No. However, you certainly can pay for your upgrades and buying credits/startpages/impressions to fund your advertising of your squeeze page to get new subscribers.

  4. Real Money with Traffic Exchanges… hmmm…

    This is a topic near to my heart. I was anxious to jump right in on this thread, but wanted to listen to the SWAT audio first.

    Regarding the audio… all I can say, Jon, about giving out your cell # is you are a BRAVE man!

    Heck, I don’t give my cell number to paying customers much less prospects.

    But hey, if you’re good on the phone and can stand the calls (and reverse marketing) then go for it. If you are NOT good on the phone, it may hurt rather than help.

    I like easy… and that does not include the phone. I never opt in when a phone number is requested (or I give out 800-DreamOn if I really want the offer).

    In the cookie-cutter “me, too” mindset, anyone who does not want to use the phone will be repelled rather than attracted to anyone using the phone. (Conversely, advertising that you use the phone will definitely attract those who like the phone.)

    Moving on to my favorite topic, TE commish…

    Jon, I’m surprised. I thought you did not like this topic. LOL

    Mike P is exactly correct (of course).

    Kym has some good food for thought about the SECONDARY benefits of upgrading, but misses the primary reason to upgrade.

    #1 Reason to Upgrade: MORE TRAFFIC

    Then why don’t more people upgrade?

    Simple. They are not converting the traffic they are already getting as a free member, so why would more traffic justify the upgrade?

    It won’t unless the surfer FIRST learns how to use their traffic effectively.

    When you use your traffic (all of it) to build your list of leads and effectively convert your leads to sales, your upgrade pays for itself in increased traffic and sales.

    You don’t need ANY commish to justify your upgrade!

    Let that sink in.

    The ‘real’ money in Traffic Exchanges is in your sales funnel. It’s in the list (actually the conversion of your list).

    Are TE comms good? Absolutely!

    Promoting your favorite Traffic Exchanges or downline builder to your list is also a great way to monetize your list… IF you teach your subscribers the true benefit of upgrading.

    If you subscribers don’t learn to use traffic effectively, they won’t upgrade and you won’t earn those added comms.

    To Lynn,

    It sounds to me like you agree with Mike P.

    “I have upgraded at my fave TEs and have received in return not just commissions, but a steady flow of traffic to my squeeze pages. And isn’t that why we join TEs?”

    If you are sending all your traffic to your squeeze page first and then promoting the TEs to your list, you are doing exactly as Mike suggests.

    Finally (I told you this topic was near my heart)…

    There ain’t no free lunch!

    What is the most costly way to generate traffic in a TE?

    ANS: Surfing as a free member.

    (You’ve got to start putting value on your time.)

    What is the next most costly?

    ANS: Upgrading and NOT surfing.

    (It would be cheaper to buy the traffic outright in bulk.)

    How do you get the lowest real cost?

    ANS: Combine upgrading with surfing.

    (It’s easier to turn a profit. Do the math.)

    To All Your Profits,
    Scott Douglas

  5. TE commissions are spending money! The more I make in commissions, the more I spend at other TE’s to generate more traffic.

    It’s a cycle that keeps traffic exchanges strong and a viable resource for traffic, but if your only upgrading for the opportunity to earn commissions, the traffic dies and the commissions shrivel up and the exchange disappears.

    Upgrade at TE’s to develop traffic to your splash and squeeze pages. Use the commissions earned to upgrade at another exchange. Surf to get the maximum amount of exposure. Soon, you’ll be a smart marketer… be upgraded in several programs and generating tons of traffic. Suddenly, you’ll realize your making money from all the signups to your list by personally promoting to them your affiliate and your own programs.


  6. Great feedback and comments everyone. Good to see this is a topic everyone is passionate about.

    As for my cell phone LOL We’ll see how it goes. The main purpose is to show people that I’m a real person and to be able to chit chat with folks about the traffic exchanges. Will it hurt or help, no way of knowing unless I give it a go =)

    Now, the commission thing….

    First off, when I do these ‘voices of the industry’ articles, they are not my opinion, they are of the opinion of the writer. I encourage that whether or not I agree or not, completely depends.

    Re: Kym’s article. I know what it was like to start out and back then making 50 bucks a month was HUGE. SO I totally get her point, and when people simplify their business and make ‘baby goals’ again, everyone learns and everyone builds their business.

    Yes Scott, I completely agree, the funnel is the most important aspect and you can build MASSIVE downlines when your funnel is set up properly. Heck, I’ve built huge downlines just from my weekly ranting and raving through Hit Exchange News. How? Building the funnel, promoting my newsletter first, the downlines almost build themselves.

    I guess the message really is more education is needed to get people to not only make a solid business from their downlines, but through their funnel.

    I love the comments though folks, keep them coming =)

  7. Awesome comments people! I guess my point here was to discuss the surf for cash issue versus upgrading and which would make you more money in TEs! Of course your sales funnel and list building must be paramount but for newbies who are not quite there yet – there is good money to be made from TEs and its not by surfing for cash. I pretty well agree with everyone here – glad I could invoke some discussion! take care – Kym 🙂

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