It’s Almost Been A Year Since ‘You Know What Happened’

Crazy how time flies…It’s been almost a year since ‘Doomsday’ for the traffic exchanges took place. The onslaught of suspended accounts at PayPal simply because of ignorance and a lack of leadership within our own industry.

We saw people’s livelihoods take a huge hit and sadly a lot of owners simply did not survive the drastic changes that took place.

We were forced to look at other payment processors.

We struggled to understand how we all got lumped into the same bucket as ‘you know who’.

We had to take a deep look at what was being promoted inside our programs…

So now that it’s almost been a year…How are we doing?

Has there been good things taking place? Are we still going nowhere fast? How are owners and surfers dealing with the changes….

So hopefully we hear some great comments on what YOU think about the state of affairs in the industry.

What are some of the good along with some of the bad…And most importantly, how do we charge forward and grow the business and these forms of advertising in the future.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts 🙂

Jon Olson

I'm Jon Olson, I've been publishing Hit Exchange News since 2003 and been involved in the traffic exchange industry since...Well, the beginning :) I'd love to network with you as you browse the pulse of the traffic exchange industry! I am also a HUGE fan of reading your comments. I will respond to every single one! Poke around and enjoy the 'News! And thanks for hanging out...

19 thoughts to “It’s Almost Been A Year Since ‘You Know What Happened’”

  1. My take on what you have asked is.
    This was one of the best thing that could have happened the turmoil that PayPal caused.
    But after the TrafficMonsoon BS something had to happen.
    The bright side I saw was if you had been gone through by PayPal and survived you must be doing something right not doing things the wrong wasy/
    The mentality of many is yes I will open a Traffic Exchange and make a sqillion.
    LMAO no homework on the matter they just jump in open a ridiculous amount of TE’s and wonder in 6 months why nothing is happening and the millions are not there, then they are gone well PayPal cleaned up the rest of the nonsesnse when they changed the rules.
    Buyer protection is the key here and if you run things the legal and morally right way then you are partway to been a responsible TE owner and capable of owning one.
    Then there is who is going to be here for te long run in what I have seen as many that come along these days that many are gone.
    Reality fails so many of those who come and go.
    It was the clean up that was needed in my eyes and put TE’s back at a point maybe where it was not a over saturated market.
    I own a TE first because I just love the business and been involved.
    It does not make me money but covers it’s costs and for that I am happy.
    It is what I can build outside of my TE where I make my money as I have a few other talents.
    Now the best part for me as I look back over my 12 years of owning a TE is the people I have met and who where able to get along with me and let me help them into something that suited them and what they woud be comfortable with.
    That is where it all counts helping others to find their niche and giving them the tools to do it.
    And Yes I get paid for doing that.

    1. Thanks man, I appreciate the comments.

      Question for ya though….Did a clean up really happen? Cause I dunno if you have been surfing a lot lately, all I see is garbage and suspect programs. I mean, sure some of the flaky TE owners have disappeared but what about the industry itself…The advertisers have seemed to disappear and it’s eerily quiet on many leadership fronts.

  2. Yea I don’t know. I mean lately when I check pending sites, It’s 95% garbage. I just don’t get it. seems like I’m banning more these days. Like were going backwards. On top of that I have people who have logged in recently who have not assigned any of there credits. I don’t get why you would hold on to your credits. Some might say maybe there holding on to them. Why? Isn’t it get seen in as many places has you can as often as you can.

    1. Yeah the stuff I see in rotation hasn’t been a highlight, that’s for sure….Tough when even leaders in the business ignore the signs. Thanks for the post man, appreciate it always!!

  3. HI Scott What is your definition of a garbage site. Are you including personal blogs? Its good to know a TE owners perspective on TEs. I am not an owner of any TE. So I’m not nearly as close to you on these sites. I wish you well on being the owner TATR.

    1. Well Lets see Matrix’s, Most MLM’s, PTC’s (No Longer allowed at TATR) Sites that promise you You’ll earn free cash online, Stuff that promises you’ll make easy cash, Sites coming out now that are similar to that site that caused all the problems, Sites that tell you You’ll be rich overnight. Like I said Garbage sites

  4. At the end of this PP cleanup looks like too many owners rushed to other payout sites. Payza has too many links to AlertPay who scampered off without a nod to my earnings. BitCoin used by criminals & worse. Come on owners, get your sites & membership cleaned and contact PayPal to get accepted ~~ please

    1. True, I’m no fan of Payza at all. In fact, the only reason we still accept it is that a lot of our members had no choice. But it’s not a good option going forward.

  5. Good question Jon.

    Scott in part answer to your questions about holding on to credits: it is possible some one is hanging on to credits for a campaign across many platforms at once and is just accumulating credits until they feel they have enough to make a big impact.

    As for the general health of TE’s I think most people went back to sleep after the PayPal scare satisfied they’d found an alternate method of payment which was usually Payza.

    The good news is that some people are making the effort to change things but they are in the minority.


    1. I get that Nick I just don’t understand the logic. Lets look at it this way. If your building your lists which if your not a program owner you should be, ” Personally I’m trying to build mine inside my program” If a program launches you could promote said program to your List(s).
      And the other thing is even if you insist on shooting yourself in the foot and not list build. Wasn’t it said to get shown as often as you can in as many places as you can. I don’t hold onto credits because my goal is to me seen all the time. If a new program comes out well I buy credits or I surf like hell for them. Oh wait I said buy whoops sorry

      1. Scott, I get frustrated when I am required to assign 80-90% when I am working on a new project and want to build up my credits as well as the ones I am going to buy for a launch of a campaign, or a new blog. I could see that being the same for many others.

  6. It wasn’t the first time PayPal entered “The Purge” phase, and doubtfully the last. Not much changed on the first go, and it seems, the same holds true on this one.

    Sure, a few crappy TEs lost their payment processor. But so did some good ones! Obviously the ones prepared for change in business survived, and that is a good thing. It makes you stronger, better equipped to meet the next challenge that comes along.

    It is only a few TEs that took this as a ‘wake up call’ and decided to move forward as a result. The vast majority cried about it for a time, then went right back to doing what they were that created the problems.

    Not sure what it will take for real ‘change’ to happen on a large scale. It may never be seen. As long as it has a cheap entry point and there are other, larger, TE owners willing to promote the heck out of them, it will only continue. And I don’t see many TE owners taking a stand to stop the crap from propagating.

    The users/members of the TE don’t know any better for the most part. Education is sorely lacking in this business model. You want a better future? Make the effort today to help improve the results your members are getting, not just sell credit packages, and it could happen. If you wait until PayPal (and other processors) does another ‘purge’, well, it may be too late.

    1. Completely agree. I would love to see more talk about list building, proper branding and personal blogging in this business…..The stuff that could really use a TE model. But alas….Crickets lol

  7. Sometimes its hard to determine that a site is “garbage” until you have tried it…perhaps more info on sites that give a list of sites to avoid if you have some that you are banning. It would help the average Honest person to help clean up the TE’s. Just a thought…

    1. Hey Carla, thanks for the comments…Yeah, I mean we are generalizing, which isn’t fair. Heck I know my sites in the past like CTP have been called ‘garbage’ lol But it didn’t make it illegal just cause people don’t like the owner or the website.

      I think like Rich said, it comes down to education. The more we educate the surfers on what to look for and what they should be promoting to get the best results, that would pay huge dividends in this battle.

  8. Hi Jon this is a great post with great comments to learn from. Even though I’m not a TE owner, I lost many subscribers because many of my members owned and used TE’s -most of them to say the least. I have decided to put more work into Adkreator because I can’t do any other job well. I get too much mental fatigue trying to do writing, proofreading, and bookkeeping. I don’t remember things well that I have just read, etc. Too many people want perfection and speed in those jobs. I’m going to surf more places, get to know other TE owners, and surfers. I enjoy chatting with people and getting to know them. I am going to work on blogging more, too. I made a new Adkreator guide to help people and I am going to offer live classes again. Ken Wolfe told me about Zoom. You can have a show on Zoom for free for 40 minutes. I’m not sure how often though. I will start with that. They have screen sharing, too. I have posted helpful advice in my News member area. I need to surf many places and send out emails to safelists. I belong to a ton of those. I got out of the working grind for my business a few years ago when I find out I had Hep C and then went on the treatment. Knowing that I don’t like the jobs such as writing, bookkeeping, and there difficulty for me, tells me what I should be working on the most. Since I was cured a year ago and had a year to heal my liver, I found out it is almost normal. So I can take a few supplements, but I would never take too many like I did in the past just in case. Most of the problem were caused from the virus. The treatment was like a miracle. I went all the way from an F4 before treatment (borderline cirrhosis) down to an F0-F1 which is almost normal. I didn’t think my fibro scan would turn out that good. In fact I thought I would be dead by now but not so. I am so lucky, plus I take good care of myself. I hope I can do the same for Adkreator. I sure hope it gets busier this fall. I’m hoping it will be and that the members than ran off scared might come back to give everything another chance.

      1. Those are inspiring words Barb, glad to hear you are pulling through 🙂 Keep crushing it! And bravo on the guide book, I saw it the other day 🙂

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