One Very Emotional Week In The Traffic Exchanges

Talk about high’s and low’s.

The past 7 days has been quite interesting in my professional life and I’ve got to say, as the weekend rolls in I’m pretty happy with a lot of what I saw during the past few days and some things that made me cringe.

Good things first? The launch of Click Track Profit was a roaring success and for all the right reasons. We launched this program without a single JV account and the action takers that saw what this WILL BE and is right now, are reaping the benefits. A special thanks to everyone who ‘gets’ our ‘drip feed’ method of marketing and knows that I would never release anything sub-standard. Get ready…CTP Certification is on it’s way next!

Also, *lol* I have to laugh because when I saw this video pop up on my Facebook page, it made me laugh for a good 20 minutes. The guys at Traffic Fusion did something I’ve been BEGGING this industry to do for years…And they did it using comedy and created one of the best promotional videos I have ever seen. Kudos to them!

Now for the bad…

You know what…Change of plans. The bad wasn’t that bad at all. It was the typical hate spewed by a few grumpy guys. They use any chance they can to put down what others are trying to build. Thanks for the free publicity though. I do appreciate the love.

Way too many positives this week to dwell on the small things. Heck, we had a fantastic ‘owner’s meeting’ for the ‘T.E. Summit’ initiative on Thursday morning. That really got me excited with the thoughts of once again trying to build a solid group of like minded traffic exchange owners.

You know what? This has been a pretty darn good week! Three cheers for all the positive people in this industry that continue to innovate and push forward…

Don’t tase me bro!

Jon Olson

I'm Jon Olson, I've been publishing Hit Exchange News since 2003 and been involved in the traffic exchange industry since...Well, the beginning :) I'd love to network with you as you browse the pulse of the traffic exchange industry! I am also a HUGE fan of reading your comments. I will respond to every single one! Poke around and enjoy the 'News! And thanks for hanging out...

19 thoughts to “One Very Emotional Week In The Traffic Exchanges”

  1. Hey just wanted to leave a comment about how great this video is. Initiative is something that lacks in this industry sometimes. Jon thanks for posting this for all of us to see. Here’s to the puppet and traffic fusion for making this video. And heres to Jon for seeing all the positive stuff that happened this week in the world of traffic exchanges. Oh guess what I just got another CTP referral. Thanks Larry, Jon, Tim and Justin for this great way to build our business.

  2. Carl – thank you sir. Funny, but I hope this thread gets some ‘love’ lol But there is little controversy and it’s a positive post lol

    Frank – thank you as well. Much appreciated sir. I hope you really enjoy CTP and Traffic Fusion too.

  3. Just wanted to dropa note to say that this was a very good post. Through comedy, the video shines a light on one of the biggest problems facing the industry today. CTP is an awesome program and I appreciate the fact that I can be a part of it.

  4. Thanks Jon Great post. I am so glad that you are stronger than those who have nothing better to do than bring others down.
    Being positive in these times is the best you can do for your self and others.

  5. Larry – thanks man.

    Laurence – Yes sir. I loved the video. Showed me some creativity which I think is vital in this business.

    Sheila – thank you kindly. Yup, I’m trying to turn a new leaf LOL Smiling rather than being grumpy Jon lol

  6. Hmmm. No JV’s and a few grumpy guys spewing hate go hand in hand me thinks. Thanks for giving the rest of us a chance and keeping us on a positive track. CTP rocks and can’t wait to see more.


  7. This duck joined Click Track Profit last night after finding the announcement in my spam folder. Otherwise, I would have joined sooner. Not only joined, but upgraded. I’m gonna try to brink my TE members on board with this. You TE guys have done it again!

  8. Well Jon, I jumped right in and took the upgrade for ClickTrackProfit. Looks good so far, and interested to see what is coming up. Video is fun. And cheers for PP’s (positive people)


  9. Awesome post and content..

    Love the video.
    I got a sneak peek before everyone and wanted to roflmao instead I sat here and cried with laughter….

    Unfortunately I cant get into C T P 🙁 Sent an email and still haven’t heard anything or I deleted the email.

    If I can get logged in I may see a difference myself and help out on my part..

    Have a fantastic weekend and love your haters!

    The Blakester

  10. Darrell – Yup, it’s been a very interesting experience launching it this way. Loads of fun.

    Catherine – Thanks so much for all your support!

    Dave – Thank you kindly. We hope to really impress the industry with this.

    Nick – Thank you sir. Much appreciated.

    Robert – Drop me a line if you are still having troubles. We had a few hiccups last weekend but we should be all set now. If you still can’t sign up, please let me know. We’d love to have you on board!

  11. Hey Jon,

    Chin up … all good bro! Jumped in and upgraded at CTP – excited about it’s future. Spent a while outside the fray, but decided to jump back in to TE’s with people that know what they’re doing …

    Funny vid. Looks like I’ll need to add TF to the mix!


  12. Got to say I love the sentiments and intent of CTP – although I’ve had the same trouble as Robert and short of a short positive comment on my blog have been able to do nothing else with it at this stage.

    Video is awesome and the haters and whiners only belittle themselves. I presume you got my email forwarding one such small minded persons thoughts.

  13. Thanks Scott, great to have you on board sir.

    Mark – yup. It’s a constant for me LOL Going on years and years and years of dealing with the hatred. Part of the business.

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