The Warm & Fuzzy Post

I always seem to be complaining about something or another in the traffic exchange industry. I’m the first one to whine about the lack of creativity and cry foul when someone doesn’t agree with me right away (I’m working on that…Really I am). Yes folks, I’m a bit of a head case…But hey, I wear my emotions on my sleeve…

Something I LOVE to do is give high fives to people that make a difference in this business and today I want to focus on 3 people (groups of people) who have in the past few days, made my world a little better in this business.

Jeff Parker at Traffic Fugitive who on Monday decided to keep the momentum going with our little charity (check the last blog post below for more information on that…) So what Jeff did, which was great he said for every 100 page views that the membership does at Fugitive, he would donate a buck. I love it! It created awareness for his program, the charity and for an owner doing good in this business.

Tony Tezak came up with one of the coolest ideas I have seen in recent memory this week as well. His ‘Letter Ads’ at Tezak Traffic Power are a very smart idea simply because he is using a ‘game’ in his surf bar for an advertising opportunity. Everyone, program owner, advertiser and surfer, all benefit from this and I love seeing these kind of new additions to the business. Great stuff man!

And finally…The people at Traffic Exchange Live who dealt with a grumpy Jon on Monday afternoon but then got to talking yesterday and I think the first ever ‘T.E. Summit’ is now in the works. These people are the cream of the crop in this business and I love seeing their ideas come together. We’ll see where the ‘Summit’ goes but I’m excited…And it all happened from people ‘networking’ and discussing things. Funny how that works huh?

Even though I’ve been kind of glum this week (offline stuff, trying to close on my house sale, etc…) it’s been a GREAT 3 days in the traffic exchange industry. Let’s keep it going and see what other cool things we can come up with!

The Great Pizza Plan Giveaway & Charity Awareness Day

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What is Jon doing today?

Starting at 2pm Eastern and broadcasting until he gets tired, Jon will be giving away Pizza Plan rebrand rights to new and current Heavy Weight members at I Love Hits. Throughout the day I will also be discussing marketing issues, social media techniques and generally having a good ol’ time on uStream.

Oh yeah, and of course I’ll be giving away prizes, books, treats and other goodies so spread the word =)

At the end of the broadcast, I will take 10 % of all profits earned and donating it to Traffic Exchanges Care as well so let’s have some fun today, raise awareness to the water crisis and give away a bunch of rebrand rights to The Pizza Plan…

And oh yeah, be sure to comment below and let’s talk about whatever your heart desires…