The Badges vs. Mark Zuckerberg

Just joking Mark! Don’t worry little buddy, we aren’t trying to take over your domain…We are trying to invade it though with the brand new feature from TimTech…

ClickTrackProfit App

For all the badges, game pieces and random hidden stuff around the internet, when you claim the badge, Tim programmed a cool little app on Facebook that now posts your badge claim to your profile.

This has the potential to spread like wild fire and take ClickTrackProfit, the badges and yes, the traffic exchange industry, to a whole new level. And yes, every single time your claim a badge the link on Facebook is YOUR referral link as well.

So today you can claim some badges, brag about it on Facebook and potentially get some new referrals in to your ClickTrackProfit downline!

P.S. The Great Easter Egg Hunt started yesterday…How many eggs can you find…


DUSAP people….DUSAP!!!!!

Another silly Olson-ism that we came up with the other day in Traffic Exchange Live and it’s a message we have been BEGGING traffic exchange surfers to understand for years…

Don’t Use Standard Affiliate Pages!

DUSAP for short and here’s the problem…You are branding the program owner ONLY by promoting these pages. If you cannot put your name or picture or contact information DIRECTLY on the page, you are wasting your time in the traffic exchanges.

This isn’t about telling you what to promote. HOW you promote things though has a huge impact on your results. In fact I would argue the more unique and OUT THERE a promotion is, the better (Durfing anyone?)…

This is about the practice of getting YOU benefit along with whatever you want to promote. Use a splash page. Use a squeeze page. And make it look GREAT! Remember, this is a visual medium and even if you do not get immediate sign ups to what you are offering, by placing your name and picture on splash pages you are getting people to know you.

“All things being equal, people do business with people they know and like. All things not being equal, people STILL do business with people they know and like” – Jeffrey Gitomer

Get people to know you. This is why I’m so pro-social surfing because it allows folks to get to know you. But if you aren’t happy with being active in social chat, at least get your name out there on your splash pages so that people see and recognize your name.

Simple and very easy to do with any online promotion. Promote whatever you want through a splash page, make it look great and then put your name and picture on every page you create. A technique that still in this day, only a handful of people in this industry use.