Another Reason Why T.E.’s Rock

I mentioned in my last blog post how much I love the traffic exchange industry, well today it put an even bigger smile on my face and here’s something that I LOVE and support with every ounce of my being.

As you folks know, we’ve been promoting the Traffic Exchanges Care charity and along with the awesome members of this community and stand up guys like Carl Bailey we have been able to raise over $5700 for water charity since we started…Well today I just learned of another fantastic initiative from the ladies of the traffic exchange industry and I’m looking forward to raising a lot of awareness for this important issue…

Click the banner to check it out.. =)

TE Charity

TE Ladies 4 Charity is an initiative from the ladies at Hot Flash Hits along with some of their close friends in the industry. They are raising awareness for breast cancer and have lots of cool things planned for the month of October which is the national breast cancer awareness month.

I LOVE this!!! And I cannot support this enough. So do share the link today and for the entire month of October and let’s show them once again how much the traffic exchange industry cares. Awesome sauce on so many levels!!!

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A Long Time Coming…

I debated either doing a video post for this or typing it all out. I decided to go the ‘text’ route because while a video would be very personal, I think something like this doesn’t need me jumping around distracting from the real message.

I’m very sorry for so many things that have taken place over the past few weeks but also that has been driving me ‘up the wall’ the past year or so. First off, the server move did not go as we expected. We were told there would be a maximum of 2 hours of downtime but everything would be perfect after. Well, that wasn’t the case. We lost a lot of customers because of this and we truly are sorry for the way it was handled.

We made this move to the new servers so that we could continue to grow and build a server cluster that would take care of our customers for years to come. We were thinking long term here and while we are happy to be on the new servers and able to grow now, we do wish the problems could have been averted.

You have shown a lot of trust in us over the past few months since TimTech was formed. And we let you all down. Big time. We will be working extra hard now to build that trust up again and hope that you do see we want nothing but our members to benefit from all this server work we have done.

Which brings me to a personal point…Let’s put it this way, Jon Olson has been a prick over the past year. I’ve had this massive chip on my shoulder, anger, defensive and just all around rotten person. Personal issues aside, this is NOT the way I am and I took the past two weeks off to get ‘my mind right’. I think this has contributed big time to all the TimTech ‘hate’ that pops up and I have not only let down our members but also the TimTech nerds as well.

Apologies aren’t enough , actions are what matters from now on. Yes I will still be opinionated but from now on, the chip won’t be there. I am sorry for treating everyone like crap and I have become something I don’t like. Seems like drama and many people might be scratching their head going why should I care about what Jon is going through.

I love the traffic exchanges. They have been my life for over 13 years and I truly believe that you folks are the best people in the internet marketing world. I wear my emotions on my sleeve and I consider many of you to be my family in this crazy business. But business is what this is, and I’ve been quite the little drama queen during the past few months if not longer.

I am putting the focus back on business and hope everyone enjoys the new ‘Jon Olson’.

Thank you for reading and we will be working very hard to bring TimTech back!

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