Sub Game & Vault N’ Key Myths

Something we are very proud of at TimTech is the development and power of our surf promos. We named them first the Vault N’ Keys and more recently we added the ‘Sub Game’ to the mix and they have been nothing short of remarkable. Wow, the power of these promos is unmatched and we cannot thank our partners enough for all their support and business when it comes to making surf promos fun once again…

However, there is a BIG BIG myth that needs to get talked about and I’d like to talk about it right now…

It doesn’t matter WHICH traffic exchanges are hosting the games, if you are doing a promo with TimTech you are leveraging the power and community of Click Track Profit.

People are ‘rumbling’ because they do not want to do a promo with a smaller traffic exchange and only want to partner with the bigger named programs. With the way we do things at CTP and these surf promos, it doesn’t matter which program you are partnered with because simply put, the power is in the community and the support and activity will be there from the surfers! This is so important for everyone to realize, in fact, the smaller the traffic exchanges, the bigger the benefit. The ClickTrackProfit community SUPPORTS all of the programs in the surf promos and this should never be taken lightly.

In other surf promos, the activity is based on the partner exchange and if you have no surfers doing a promo with a program with no surfers…Of course it won’t benefit anyone.

However, ClickTrackProfit’s games are not based on how big a program is, or how active it is, because of the way it’s set up…The partner exchanges WILL benefit from the activity of CTP directly.

It’s an amazing thing to see, the nay sayers that finally embrace the promos and tell us about the record numbers they see…And the best part of this is, big, small, medium sized…Every traffic exchange benefits!

All This Professional Talk Has Got Me Feeling Weird…

I was reading through a few of my offline friend’s Facebook updates this morning and one really stuck out. My long time friend put this on his update status and it made me chuckle…

“Don’t be so “professional” that you forget to be human…”

My friend has been in sales his entire life. The guy knows how to sell. He could probably sell me some land on Mars because he understands the core component to his business….People!

We here all this talk these days about being ‘professional’ and ‘that’s not professional’…What is professional? Here’s what I think is professional, when sales are made. Are you or are you not making sales? A business that does not profit is well…Not a business!


It’s almost a dirty word and people get so uptight when you mention it. But it doesn’t have to be. If you have attended any of the Traffic Exchange Live seminars over the past 2 years you’ve heard every Nerd in TimTech scream this golden rule…When you put people first, sales automatically happen. Every successful salesperson will tell you the same thing, when you start with the RELATIONSHIP first, and worry about closing later something magically happens…You never need to ‘close’.

So this is why TimTech has been soooooo in love with the social movement. It’s why we spend hours a day in front of customers. It’s why we have a 1-800 toll free support line. We put people first. Is it a business strategy? Absolutely. But more importantly, we LIKE people! We want to help people. And we want to build relationships with people.

That, is the most important thing in your business. Putting people first!