The Deep Dark Secret Of The ‘F’ Word

Yup….It’s back! Everyone’s favorite F word in marketing. It’s a dirty word. It scares people from here to Timbuktu. It’s FOCUS and wow, does it frighten marketers around the internet.

It’s actually the most powerful word in the English dictionary when it comes to online business and because it’s such a simple concept, far too many times people over look how powerful it can be. But see, that’s just it. It’s power! When you focus on your business and keep focus, nothing will stop you.

A few years ago, there was a huge emphasis on ‘focus’ and bringing the concept of keeping things simple and laser focused to your business. It was a pretty cool ‘movement’ as lots of people online got rid of the dead wood and concentrated their efforts on one or two programs at once, not a dozen.

Multiple streams of income is a wonderful concept, but focusing on one program at once, and then building it slowly will be much more effective than promoting a dozen different ‘opportunities’ at once.

Yes, focus is power. And when you keep focused on your business and your goals, nothing can stop you. But it starts with you. And the decision to focus on YOU and YOUR business will be the most POWERFUL decision you ever make!



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The Great Tragedy Of Online Business

Last night’s T3 seminar was awesome! We had a fantastic turn out for our Cyber Monday session and there was lots of great discussions about accountability and planning for the future in online business.

Then came…The claim!

A new attendee jumped into the discussion while we were discussing the $2.73 & $27.39 Plan and made a bold claim. They said they could show people a way to make 265 bucks a day for free if they ‘followed their advice’. Now I’m no judge when it comes to what people promote, I’ve learned my lesson trust me, but here’s my problem with this…

Anyone, who is anyone online, that had made a living knows a few things. One, it takes a heck of a lot of effort to build a brand and business but second, it does not happen for free. Yeah there are FREE ways you can make a few bucks here and there but it’s pretty simple, online you either trade time or money for your success…And most of the times, it’s both.

My problem wasn’t with what the person was promoting, to be honest, they didn’t even share what it was, it was the angle which plagues this business. The ‘do it for free’ way of thinking and promises of luxury if they just ‘follow the rules’. It doesn’t work like this and it makes me sad to see this.

What’s worst, even though most people confronted the person and pleaded with them not to claim ‘it can be done for free’, you still saw some other attendees ask to get in contact with the person making the claim so they could learn more.

It is, the great tragedy online. It really is. It’s a pipe dream and something I truly wish wouldn’t be a problem anymore. But I guess as long as the entry price for these opportunities are low, they will exist. It’s slot machine marketing but even worse, it’s sad to see such good people being led the wrong way.

My only wish, is no matter what opportunity you promote online…Please be truthful and tell folks, it does not happen for free overnight.

P.S. We’ve got something VERY special going on tonight at Traffic Exchange Live. A special guest, unlike any the traffic exchange industry has seen before, will be the guest speaker at 6pm Eastern in Randy Ritter’s Avenues To Success…Lt. Col. Rob “Waldo” Waldman! You won’t want to miss this…

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