Best Biz Op Ever…Traffic Exchanges!

I was chit chatting with Tony Tezak today in Skype and he showed me something that really made me stop and smile. Tony paid out over 900 bucks in commissions this week. TimTech paid out over 1000! And I’m sure other companies and programs in the TE industry paid out even more…So it got me thinking…Why shop around when the good stuff is at home?

For over a decade, traffic exchanges (and related services) have been online, paying commissions, growing people’s businesses and still, most traffic exchanges are filled with here today, gone tomorrow programs. I mean, I understand our model and I understand the whole shiny object syndrome but still…We have something great, right in front of our face and it baffles me at times, why promoting TE’s, as a business opportunity, isn’t sexier?

Hey, you could even blame it on me I guess. For years I told people to not promote TE’s directly. And while I still maintain there are much more effective ways to build TE downlines and make commissions, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to promote something like Sweeva directly or TTP directly, when they are paying out almost 2k in commissions a week combined.

Makes you think huh?

Imagine an industry without shiny object syndrome…

Imagine if people upgraded, purchased credits in the TE’s, bought an upgrade at AdKreator or TEToolbox

Now that’s a funny thought because that would mean, even more commissions for the industry. Real income being generated by affiliates. Earning 27 bucks a day for a year….Healthy growth, members supporting businesses that don’t disappear after 3 months. Crazy thoughts I know.

But it makes you think…What if?

First Post In July…Urgh

K, this is going to be short and sweet just to remind everyone that Olson is still around LOL

I took some time off and traveled to Las Vegas. Don’t worry, I still have my shirt and I didn’t mortgage my home. It’s great to be back though. I’ve got to say, after a few days I got very ‘home sick’ and wanted to be around the TE Live community and the traffic exchanges as a whole.

Anyways, I’m back and wanted to let everyone know…You are going to want to mark down this date…July 21st.

See you back at TE Live tomorrow!