Click Track…List Build!

Yup, we’ve finally done it now…After more than a year of growing downlines across the traffic exchange industry, ClickTrackProfit is about to head into un-charted waters…

We’re diving into the viral list building and safelist side of things but wait…There’s more to this story.

First of all, TimTech will NOT be doing the training on this subject…Here’s why. Put simply, we don’t know what the heck we are talking about. It’s like yours truly trying to explain PHP coding to you, it’s just not a good idea so instead we went to the top and asked Darren Olander, the king of viral list builders, to help us out…The result is this

A 5 part introduction to list builders followed by the addition of 3 top programs in the industry. I joined and researched these and from the advice of Darren and Jerry Iannucci’s blog, we think we have found the perfect 3 programs to introduce CTP members too. They are each effective, unique and above all else…Easy to use!

I cannot thank Darren enough for the awesome content and I really hope the the members of ClickTrackProfit are as excited as we are about these additions. It’s awesome and I feel like we’re moving into something brand new and exciting for our membership. Who knows where this will lead…I’m thinking the introduction of CTP badges for viral list builders =)

Anyways, poke around and do take a few minutes today to check out Darren’s amazing training. Best of all, it’s for both free and upgraded members of CTP.

What do you think about the addition of viral list builders into ClickTrackProfit?

Sitizens Took A Big Leap Today…

Sitizens is ‘officially’ about a month old. We’ve been very focused on this project and we hope we have brought something new and very exciting to the advertising / social gaming market. Here’s a few stats about Sitizens that should really wet your whistle if you are an advertiser…

We have over 5500 members with an average of 250-300 new players joining every day! Here’s the best part, it has hit a small tipping point where it’s spreading itself. We saw HUGE jumps in new players and active players this week and we’re very excited to see how this progresses in the future. 95% of these people are from OUTSIDE the traffic exchange industry. If you are a traffic exchange advertiser this should be making you drool…

Let me re-phrase that…300 new people are being brought into Sitizens that have never heard of a traffic exchange….Every day!

Crazy opportunity and of course, we released one of the final ‘pieces’ to the vision of Sitizens today…The Sitizens Advertising Dashboard!

You can now advertise within the Sitizens network. This is targeted traffic like never before seen in the traffic exchange industry and with all these new people joining every day, it’s a great time to get involved in the program.

For a few short days we are offering dirt cheap pricing on all advertising and with our dashboard you are in complete control of who looks at your site, how much the view it and how often…

Check out the Dashboard and set up a campaign. Let us know what your results are like and we hope this brings something new to the traffic exchange industry that has never been seen before…That’s the game plan, we hope you enjoy it!

(Note: The Advertising Dashboard is separate from your Sitizens account on purpose…As this site grows advertisers will be looking at ways to promote but not play the game, this is why we have set up advertising as a new ‘system’ on top of the game itself)