One Very Emotional Week In The Traffic Exchanges

Talk about high’s and low’s.

The past 7 days has been quite interesting in my professional life and I’ve got to say, as the weekend rolls in I’m pretty happy with a lot of what I saw during the past few days and some things that made me cringe.

Good things first? The launch of Click Track Profit was a roaring success and for all the right reasons. We launched this program without a single JV account and the action takers that saw what this WILL BE and is right now, are reaping the benefits. A special thanks to everyone who ‘gets’ our ‘drip feed’ method of marketing and knows that I would never release anything sub-standard. Get ready…CTP Certification is on it’s way next!

Also, *lol* I have to laugh because when I saw this video pop up on my Facebook page, it made me laugh for a good 20 minutes. The guys at Traffic Fusion did something I’ve been BEGGING this industry to do for years…And they did it using comedy and created one of the best promotional videos I have ever seen. Kudos to them!

Now for the bad…

You know what…Change of plans. The bad wasn’t that bad at all. It was the typical hate spewed by a few grumpy guys. They use any chance they can to put down what others are trying to build. Thanks for the free publicity though. I do appreciate the love.

Way too many positives this week to dwell on the small things. Heck, we had a fantastic ‘owner’s meeting’ for the ‘T.E. Summit’ initiative on Thursday morning. That really got me excited with the thoughts of once again trying to build a solid group of like minded traffic exchange owners.

You know what? This has been a pretty darn good week! Three cheers for all the positive people in this industry that continue to innovate and push forward…

Don’t tase me bro!

Click. Track. Profit.

So we did something ‘different’ this weekend. We ‘kind of’ launched around midnight on Saturday. It wasn’t really planned to be launched but something we wanted to do with this program is NOT have JV’s, etc. Reason? For years people have complained about it ‘not being fair’ that JV’s got all the referrals when a new program launched so for us, it was very important to give everyone an equal shot. No one ‘preferred’, no one got the jump on this before you, this was built for everyone.

Click Track Profit logo

What is ClickTrackProfit? Is it a new downline builder? Yup. What makes it different than any other downline builder? Simplicity. We wanted to take the idea of downline building in the traffic exchanges and simplify it like never before. So simple, so straight forward that all people had to do is copy and paste one link, and then click…

Click Track Profit

We wanted to create something that people understood the moment they joined it and saw how simple it would be, all they had to do was promote one link. Keeping things simple from the start allows us to ‘drip feed’ more content down the road. Yes, it looks bare right now but this is actually the plan for the program. The more people get into this, the more they will learn, the more they will understand and we always meant for this to be ‘slow’ and steady.

Splash page multiplex, pass through technology, referral maximizer, commission multiplier? We will be giving people some introductions to ClickTrackProfit today in T.E. Live and T.E. Toolbox at 3pm and 7pm Eastern.