The Social Ad Surf Launch Party

The Legacy Hits guys are launching their brand new program today and we are PUMPED up for it! So much so that we are streaming live all day to help them celebrate their launch and giving you the bribe or all bribes for joining Social Ad Surf through the official TimTech link

We will give you one token to play the brand new TimTech Submarine Game which is sure to rival the Vault N Keys for surfing numbers and you win REAL CASH when you play it…It’s awesome and you get one free play right now for signing up to Social Ad Surf!

Let’s go have a great Monday!

We’re Giving Away $100 Today…Why?

So by now, your inbox has been flooded with the news of a brand new launch from Keith Mills called Traffic Puck!

A new traffic exchange from someone who has been in the industry for quite some time. He played the back ground, learned about the industry, worked with surfers and owners and in my opinion, did it the right way. Now I’m sure people will tell you that you should join for the free $2.00 you get, and all the awesome features the new traffic exchange will have…I’m not doing that.

I’m talking about the owner and why guys like this should be supported.

Keith came to me about a week ago and saw that we were talking about his upcoming launch in a session of Traffic Exchange Live, we had some concerns but Keith addressed me personally and worked with me to deal with those concerns. Here’s the kicker, we aren’t his launch manager, we aren’t attached to Keith in any way but he took our advice and basically followed everything we suggested…He took ACTION! He acted on advice and suggestions and showed us that his long term goals are so much more important that his initial launch.

So today, we aren’t just helping him launch a new T.E., it’s a new traffic exchange that has badges and has a very bright LONG TERM future! Good ownership, and someone who takes action is HUGE in TimTech’s books so here’s what we are doing….

Join Traffic Puck through our link and you get a chance to win up to $100. We’re doing TWO prizes, one random $50 for anyone who joins through our link and the second for the first person in our downline to reach get the 1000 pages surfed badge!

We are looking for action takers to join our downline and the opportunity to help a great new owner on his career in ownership!

Wanna win some moolah – Be sure to join TrafficPuck now!