People Before Profits – The New Formula

I made a statement last night in T3 (which was an awesome event by the way) that a lot of people may be scratching their heads about this morning. First let me get the ‘obvious’ out of the way.

Yes, TimTech is a for-profit company. We are feeding our families with the money we make. I do not hide that fact and never will. I’m what I call a social capitalist who remembers where I came from and what it took to get here. So yes, I’m going to be trying to make some sales. I make no apologies for that, it is a business.

HOWEVER, and this is the big one…Before we make a penny online. Before we sell an upgrade, or offer a credit special to the attendees of our events, we’re about people first. So the formula for TimTech has been…People first, profits second.

I don’t spend 4 hours a day surfing with members and 2 hours a day sometimes even more in live chat for the benefit of my health. While some companies like to automate their support, hire staff to ‘talk to members’ we are in the trenches every day. We are surfers. We are advertisers. We are dreamers!

We do this, not because we have to. Because we want to and we WANT to be involved, hands on, in our business and community. And will do anything we can to provide the best service to our members. It’s a crazy idea huh? Putting the members before anything else.

We’ve been told that being social is a fad, we’ve been told that it’s a waste a time and there are ‘more important things we could be doing’…And we completely disagree. When you put the people before your bottom line, something amazing happens…You start making money.

It’s not sexy. It’s not immediate and for people thinking about this new formula, it takes months if not years to develop your community. But it pays off. And I wouldn’t change a thing!

Sorry if you were looking for the magic ‘button’..It doesn’t exist. All that is here is hard work, a caring attitude and passion. Everything else, falls into place.

My New Rant – It’s O.K. To Surf

I kinda chuckle at the rest of the ‘Internet Marketing’ world. It’s self-imploding, it’s losing it’s might but still, some traffic exchange ‘professionals’ are telling surfers they could be doing better things with their time instead of surfing. Surfing isn’t as effective as ‘drafting emails and writing ad copy’…Ha!

What is wrong with traffic exchange surfing?

Why has it always been looked at as ‘a bad thing’ to spend hours a day clicking?

I got a rant about it on video but I hope to hear what you think about the lack of pride that seems to happen in this business.

Thanks for watching the video, now let’s hear what you think!!!