The Biggest Joke In Internet Marketing


Talk about a bunch of hot air. The entire ‘plan’ for years in the internet marketing industry has been…Launch a new program, get your buddies to help promote you, after the hype dies down in a few months, launch something new….Rinse and repeat.

There is no plans for growth of current websites, because these people know the quick bucks are in the launch of it. Big claims? Let’s break this down and look at it step by step.

A launch usually generates a lot of hype. And the most money in one sitting, so owners know that if they get enough of their friends and ‘JV partners’ to promote this, they can make a lot of money. The affiliates are happy too because of all the attention it’s getting so people are making money across the board. Everyone is happy.

But then something happens. This crazy concept and universal phenomenon called ‘time passing’. And when time passes, the hype goes away. And here’s where the bulk of the costs to the owner come in, lots of customer support issues (which costs money), lots of issues with scripts and maintenance (which costs money), and lots of actual hands on work to keep the program viable (which costs money and *gulp* effort*). This is bad in the owners eyes…

So why focus on all this work and maintaining of a program which is costing them money and effort…Why not just launch something new and get their ‘friends’ to do all the work and promote it. New money, less effort.

And the cycle repeats…

This has eaten away at the internet marketing industry, especially with the advent of social media, because now pissed off customers have places to vent and it’s not making Mr. IM Guru very happy….Have you noticed, there isn’t as many launches as there was a few years ago…The customer has spoken!

Now before I get lynched, YES, good new programs are being launched and yes I support these and will forever. However I’m very picky these days, because I’ve seen so many things I have supported in years gone by, have no value in this day and age. I learned my lesson and I apologize for anything that I have recommended in the past, that didn’t live up to expectations.

Not saying, I’m the be all end all of business (I have made my BULK of mistakes lol), but if I promote something these days, it’s because I believe in the real value to you, the member, not the benefit to the owner…

Thoughts? Comments? What do you think?