The Universe Always Evens Itself Out

“The Universe always evens itself out…” – David F. Mewa

I’m going to share a story with you, it’s a real life story and I hope you enjoy it…

A really good friend of me shared very similar experiences with me this past year. Fought some personal demons, tried to get his life sorted out and maintain his passion for what he does for a living (construction and renovations). He came to me in early 2012 and said he needed some help, so I let him live with me and we shared my house (for the first time in years I had a room mate). He slowly started to piece things together and eventually the ‘jobs’ started flooding in. He maintained a positive attitude throughout his struggles. He never let his eyes stray from his game plan…

At the end of the year, the guy is now managing 4 other workers under him, has been doing contracting work across the country, met a fantastic new girl, and things are really looking up for him…


I truly believe this…When he was down and out, yeah he had his friends and family to support him, but he always kept moving forward. He worked to become the best at what he did, never let the naysayers enter his frame of existence and at the end of the day…Loved what he did, every day!

Crazy huh? Seems like exactly what we teach at ClickTrackProfit…Stay focused, +1 and things will always work out…

The universe is cool like that. I truly believe it works for the people who don’t have a ‘poor me’ attitude and always evens itself out for the folks who are always trying to better themselves. Get your mind right and your soul right, and the Big Guy upstairs will always be on your side. I love sharing stories like this because even though it’s someone I know personally that this happened too, it’s not unique. It happens every day especially in this business…

The folks that move forward, every day, always progress!

The Brand New ThumbMaster Game

We’re spicing things up for all the members in ThumbVu today with the launch of the brand new ThumbMaster game. We’ve taken a little bit of things you are familiar with and added some TimTech spice to it and created something we really think you will enjoy!


The idea came from Eric Goetmann‘s Prize Box game that has been a huge success so we asked Eric if it was o.k. if we took some elements from his prize box and adds some cool new features to it. He agreed and we got to work.

You unlock a box every 30 pages and when the game is all filled and all 144 boxes have been claimed, the winners are announced. But here’s the best part…There is one box that contains the Thumbmaster prize and when you are thumbmaster that’s when the magic really starts. Not only will there be random prizes but they get 100% surf bonus for the entire time the next game is going on. Plus they are featured in the surf bar and well, get high fives from everyone in chat 😉

But there are 10 prizes in total so along with the Thumbmaster, there are cash prizes and credits ad banners…But we’re not done there, we’ve got some really cool ideas on being rewarded for doing ‘designs’ with the boxes you pick…It’s going to be a lot of fun!

Give it a shot and have fun in ThumbVu, we know there has been a lot of changes to the way you surf there but we are excited to move forward. Special thanks to Eric Goetmann for allowing us to use some of his awesome sauce ideas to create what we think is something very special!