One Of The Best I’ve Read…And I Want To Give Some Away…

If you attend TE Live regularly you know I’ve been NOSE DEEP into books since the beginning of the new year. So much so that I’ve read 5 books already in 11 days…Recently though, I have finished what I think is one of the best business books I have ever read and I did a short video review here;

So there you go. Leave your suggestion on what book you think I should read next and I will give away a few copies of David and Brian’s book.

I am looking forward to reading your suggestions and good luck!

How To Create Customer Loyalty & Get Valuable Feedback In 35 Seconds

I have been doing something with my businesses for years and if you have ever purchased an advertising package from I Love Hits you will know what that ‘thing is’. I send post cards, thanking customers for their purchase. I’ve been doing this for a number of years and when I started, every single card was hand written and a stamp licked and placed on the card.

Technology is a wonderful thing and thanks to programs like Send Out Cards I can address a card and send it in about 35 seconds. It’s a really cool technology and saves me trips to the local post office.

Why send cards? Simple, building my brand and customer loyalty. It costs me about 50 cents roughly to stamp a card and send it and the return on these cards is huge. People enjoy getting ‘thanked’ for their purchase and only a handful of traffic exchanges around the net say ‘thanks’ like this.

But something else I have been doing, has really got me super excited about post card marketing and that’s to generate feedback and suggestions on how to improve my business.

For example, I now send ‘exit surveys’ on post cards when people unsubscribe or cancel a subscription with me. I simply ask them how I could improve my business and if they would be so kind, as to send me a note with their feedback.

Wow! Some of the answers have been so valuable and this is critical for any business to get feedback to improve. Regular emails to these customers didn’t get much response, but sending a post card, I get messages from clients with some great suggestions on how to improve.

This stuff has always been something that has helped me build successful traffic exchange businesses for years and if you use post cards in your strategy, you will see some amazing things happen. 99% of the people that read this, will not start using post cards. For the 1% that do….Get ready for some exciting strides forward!

What kind of strategies have you used to ‘thank’ your customer? Let’s share some examples and comment below!