TimTech Rewards…Are Here!

We have started to pull everything together at TimTech. When we launched the badges a few months ago, our ultimate goal was to combine it with a reward system where members would be rewarded for making purchases in our programs…As well as being active and ‘collecting’ badges.

It took some times and while it’s not all complete yet, the system is in place to start claiming your rewards points. Here’s how it works…

TimTech Rewards Card

1. Click the image above to sign up for your rewards card!

2. Once you get your card number, print the card out or write down the number for safe keeping. (you will need this number for future point claims)

3. Purchase any product or upgrade from any of the TimTech sites and a code will be sent to you via email. Click the link and claim you points. (Sites include AdKreator, StartXchange, Sweeva, ILoveHits, TEtoolbox, ClickTrackProfit…)

4. Very soon, you will be able to see what cool prizes you can claim. From t-shirts, to coffee mugs. Digital cameras to laptop computers…The rewards will be bountiful =)

5. And coming VERY soon…You will be able to collect ClickTrackProfit badges and add them to your Rewards Card point total. That’s right, badge hunting will soon reward you in more ways than before!

We want to thank everyone for making TimTech such a huge success. It’s because of the members, that we are growing by leaps and bounds and we hope this reward system will be a lot of fun for everyone involved. So get collecting those points and get ready to be rewarded like never before!

P.S. Please note, if you currently have a subscription with us at any of our sites, no need to worry. Once the monthly re-bill goes through a code will be sent to your PayPal or AlertPay email. You just need to click it and claim the points. No need to cancel anything, everything is all set up for you to be rewarded.

Badges Version 2.0


So we did this crazy thing a few months ago at TimTech when we released the ClickTrackProfit Badges. They have been quite a success, mostly because they have added a lot of fun back into surfing. Combined with all the social chat systems that are in the traffic exchanges, badge hunting has become quite the event.

One of the first things we wanted to do, was to add the opportunity for other traffic exchanges (and advertisers) to get their own badges and hide them all around their sites. We have some of the best traffic exchange owners on board and the list of them continues to grow every day.

Yesterday, we took it one step further…

Tiered badges were exclusive to the TimTech traffic exchanges, which rewarded active surfing (daily) for surfing a set amount of pages. This created some wonderful surfing results and even more eyeballs looking at pages in our programs. So yesterday, we opened it up for EVERY traffic exchange to reward their surfers for daily surfing…

We added Traffic Fugitive, Surf Skeleton and SiteXplosion almost immediately and the interest has grown over night. We even had Blain Jones offer to set up badges at the various traffic exchanges. So things are looking pretty good for what I’m terming, Badges 2.0 (These T.E.’s are installing the API’s into their programs very soon…)

Own a traffic exchange? Want to offer your members tiered surfing badges (meaning surfers get a badge at 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000 page views…Every day)….Here’s how;

1. Log into ClickTrackProfit

2. Click on the order page. AND grab your custom set of tiered surfing badges.

3. Then sign up for our Tiered Badge API subscription. Note: You do NOT need step 2 if you already have badges with CTP. You can simply ask us to tier any collection you have. However, I highly recommend a custom set of numbers surf badges.

Now, please note. This will be an investment and *gasp* it will not cost $4.97 to do this. However, badges have proven to be a fantastic reward for your surfers and TimTech has grown by leaps in bounds, by activity and so much more, a lot of it because of the badges.

It’s amazing what happens, when you reward your loyal surfers. =)