When You Stop, You Actually Start

Pitch pitch pitch…I opened up my inbox today to see some wonderful ‘pitch’ emails in there over night but the best was from a ‘marketer’ that literally copied and pasted the affiliate email provided to them by the program they were promoting…How do I know, because in the email they forgot to replace this with their real name….

(Your Name Goes Here}
(Your Contact Info Goes Here)


O.K. rant aside about the lack of any kind of personal touch to this email, what kills me is this…The traffic exchange industry is plagued with ‘same old same old’ campaign and regurgitated spew from marketers it’s become quite an eye sore. Don’t even get me started on the ‘surf promo emails’ that are slowly killing the effectiveness of list marketing…I know, I know…We should all love each other and be snowflakes but when is it enough…

Want to know the REAL secret of selling and making money online?

It’s quite an eye opener but when you STOP trying to sell, you actually begin to sell and make money. When you put people first and promote YOU as someone they can ask for advice from, look to for guidance and expertise, you put yourself in a great position where the magic happens.

The magic is that people come to YOU and ask you for the sale. You don’t need to pitch. You don’t need to make any bold claims. You don’t need to under deliver. You don’t need to beg for a sale.

Recommending a product or service is one thing. Hey word of mouth advertising is the best form of ‘selling’ there is and I will ALWAYS check out something that is recommended to me by a close associate or friend. But outright…Dirty…Snake oil sales techniques. I don’t think they have a place for this kind of business practice in today’s environment.

So my advice, is to learn how to position yourself as an expert in a topic or niche. Become someone that people look to for advice and expertise. Become THE resource for said topic or niche. And above all else, put people before the pitch and the profits. How do you do this? Stick out like a sore thumb, be unique, don’t steal other people’s ideas and remember that your personal brand (name) is the most important asset you will ever have!

A New Milestone For TimTech

Wow! $3037.03….

I still cannot believe it but this is the first time in my 14 years of being online, I have ever been a part of such a weekly pay day. Sure there has been program launches where the commissions where higher, but this week was just like any other week.

No program launch. No JV invite. Just another Friday, or PayDay, for TimTech and wow, what a huge week it was…

$3037.03…In commissions paid!

I cannot thank you enough, every single person who has ever promoted TimTech, raved about our services and heck yeah, even the haters (cause I know there’s a lot of you out there)….Every single person has had a huge hand in the massive amounts of commissions we are able to pay out to affiliate every week!

Without any new programs….Cool huh? Just the same old, boring programs…Ever green, +1 business models. Nothing new, just fun stuff to help people get advertising to their web sites.

There’s the lesson I think in this blog post…You do not need to come up with new stuff every month for a cash grab, you just need a solid game plan and the ability to stick to it. Long term growth is what we are after and this past week showed me how solid that plan really is.

So once again, thank you for your support and get ready because next week should be another fantastic affiliate commission payout…

P.S. Oh yeah…..Speaking of +1, we are doing out lifetime upgrades at ClickTrackProfit this week…If you wanna learn exactly how we are able to pay out $3000 in commissions by NOT being sexy and by collecting silly badges, be sure to get your upgrade today. It’s awesome sauce!!!!!