Tony Tezak & KRM….Welcome!

This is a pretty big day for me personally but also for all of TimTech. There is a group of guys in this business that I have worked with for years and years. I’ve even been their partner with Affiliate Funnel but recently, because of different views of business we have not worked as closely as we used to.

No matter what, Tony Tezak and the entire KRM family LOVE traffic exchanges and love this business so today I’m soooo thrilled and honored to let everyone know that we’ve loaded up the Vault N’ Keys game at I Love Hits and….TezakTrafficPower! But wait it gets even better….Tomorrow we’re adding StartXchange along with Traffic-Splash!

Yup, this is HUGE! 4 of the biggest traffic exchanges on the planet, are coming together for 2 days to give surfers a TON of cash, prizes and lots of traffic.

TimTech is VERY happy to have these guys on board for these next few days and we would love to see record breaking surf numbers across the board. Be sure to surf TTP and ILH today and then SXC and Traffic-Splash tomorrow…It’s going to be quite the gong show!

Thanks KRM and Tony….You guys rock! Let’s go make some history!

Happy 2nd Birthday Sweeva

Yup, crazy how time flies huh….It’s been exactly two years since we had this crazy notion to change the way traffic exchanges were ‘surfed’ and what an incredible journey it has been…54705 members later, we are just getting started!

Happy Birthday Sweeva!

Also, I cannot forget about the awesome sauce news this week from the TimTech nerds. We launched the Vault N’ Keys game earlier this week and just recently showed the industry how much fun you can have with a spinning wheel 😉

Be sure to join Legacy Hits and I Love Hits today and tomorrow for the Vault game and even more joint surf promos throughout the weekend with more awesome sauce traffic exchange owners…

And finally…$2684.24 was paid to TimTech affiliates this past week. Anyone doing the math that’s over $34000 dollars since January 1st…Not too shabby!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!