Stop What You Are Doing! Change Is Needed!

You know, I’ve been going through quite a change in the way I think about business, how I act in business and how I feel about business. The past few months have left me scratching my head and wondering how I ‘did it the wrong way’ for so many years.

I’ve divorced that old way of doing business for something much more effective and something that actually makes you feel good day in and day out….It’s called engaging!

Not sure if there is proper term for this, but how I think of it is this…Be yourself, put yourself out there and let people come to you. Simple really, I know some people hate the way I do business, but I know there are people that enjoy it. Most importantly for me, I feel good about getting up every morning, pouring some coffee and engage other traffic exchange surfers and enthusiasts.

This process takes time though and there is no ‘easy button’ for you to press. The time invested in COMMUNICATING with others in your industry is well worth it though. I generate loads of referrals, I make sales, I refer people to useful products…And I never have to pitch anyone.

When you engage people, great things happen. But it’s not something you can do overnight. So my advice today? Get out there, be seen, be unique and engage others in your industry. That means come to T.E. Live, go to Net Marketing Forum, make a unique splash page, ask questions in the seminars, surf I Love Hits and chat, browse some sites in Sweeva….

Be everywhere and engage other people. A few months from now, you will be scratching your head too and asking yourself why you didn’t start engaging even sooner.

P.S. Let’s start ENGAGING right now! We’re hosting a T.E. Townhall Meeting tonight at 7pm Eastern and the topic is just that..How To Engage Other Surfers And Get Results In The Traffic Exchanges! It all happens tonight, for free. Bring a friend or two and let’s get results!

Net Marketing Forum Version 5.0

Big news this week…

We just completed the 5th major change in the history of Net Marketing Forum

Thought I’d kind of recap the ‘history’ of NMF and what we are planning for the future.

The future first, we are really trying to get ‘social’ with the new vBulletin script. Everything from blog integration to facebook integration, we’re really trying to broaden the horizon of your networking opportunities in NMF.

This is a HUGE part of my business plans these days, being social, and since Tim Linden and I teamed up with Tim Tech LLC, NMF is going to become the hub of activity we hope for not only our programs but the entire traffic exchange industry…Included but not limited to safelists, list building topics, viral list builders, downline builders, tracking…etc….You name it, we talk about it!

Now as you know NMF has had ‘an interesting’ history. One thing I decided from day one in this forum is that discussion and debate are GOOD and very much welcomed here.

NMF has always been rough around the edges and while I don’t see the ‘bluntness’ of NMF changing anytime soon, the new culture here should be about networking, building relationships and the freedom for voicing your opinions.

This business is 99.9% about building networks and relationships and Net Marketing Forum has been a relationship builder since 2003. So welcome back…Let’s go have some fun and get ready for the forum to once again become the hub of activity in this business…

Version 5.0 is here!!