The Dirty F Word

I spend a lot of time in the traffic exchanges. I really enjoy the communities that are being formed, I love seeing how people promote themselves and their businesses and most of all, I love hearing that folks are getting huge results from the TimTech businesses, especially ClickTrackProfit.

What makes me worried though is the lack of focus I see while surfing. Yes folks, ‘focus’ it’s a dirty dirty dirty word that gets thrown around online a lot and rarely, if ever gets followed.

Shiny objects, slot machine marketing, whatever you want to call it. People seem to lose it at the drop of a dime. I guess it’s the promises of instant 30 day riches in ClickBank. Or the latest cycler-randomizer, 15 level MLM they are being sold….

I’m not sure what it is, but I know that people will ALWAYS do the best in this business if they focus their energy on 1 or 2 businesses.

I know, I know….It’s not sexy. Especially when you see a program that is in ‘pre-launch’ and ready to ‘revolutionize the industry’…Big promises, little sustainability.

Example, some folks got in ‘early’ at CTP…They made some great money. They got in on a community that was being formed and to be honest, some of these folks were looked at as leaders. So what do I see while surfing the other day? The same few members, instead of promoting themselves and the leadership role they got are in, they promoted the fact they got 5 bucks by using a paid to click system….

Hundreds of dollars, leadership role in a community based program VS. 5 dollars in a paid to click…

Shiny objects I guess…

Focus! There is a reason why someone like Bill Carr has been ‘the man’ when it comes to building downlines…He focuses his energy on Traffic Hoopla. There is a reason why Jerry Iannucci is the man when it comes to safelists and viral list builders….Focus. There is a reason why I’m referred to as ‘the Traffic Exchange Guy’…Focus.

Master one thing, become the best at that one thing…And then you develop new ‘streams’ but you cannot get to that until you focus your efforts on one thing first.

Son Of A Pitch

Copyright Craig Ignatowitz! Craig came up with this term in chat at I Love Hits and it’s been something that I absolutely love. Not only for the shock factor but because it kind of describes how I feel about the majority of the internet marketing world…Not all of it (See James, I can be nice lol)

K, first problem. Every time something new is launched, it’s called ‘revolutionary’ and of course it’s heralded as the next best thing. So I have to ask, what happened to the last thing you promoted that was supposed to be the next big thing?

Man oh man, do people lose focus in this business. Something new launches, let’s promote it. Hey look, it’s a new shiny object.

Even in I Love Hits chat today I was reading about people ‘getting signed up and ready to promote the three new programs launched this week’….3 new programs this WEEK? Think about that for a second, then think back to ‘FOCUSING YOUR EFFORTS’, then back at 3 new programs…..

It’s all marketing spew. It’s a crock. It’s a way for people to prosper off YOUR dreams and YOUR efforts. Why not focus on yourself and stop pitching every new program that comes out? Crazy concept, I know…

Second thing…For the love of everything that is good, if you are going to be active in chat and be social, it’s NOT the place to pitch your program or opportunity. It’s a place to meet people so that you never have to pitch. It’s a fundamental switch in thinking about business and the people that ‘get it’ understand that a friend is much more valuable than a ‘lead’…

Think about people first, profits second. Think about focusing your efforts instead of promoting the newest shiny object you see. And think about how doing these two things can help you grow a REAL sustainable business and grow a network of REAL friends!

It’s that simple, don’t be a son of a pitch!

Oh look….Shiny object…..