Put Your Customers First? Some ‘Get It’…

So I had quite the experience last night in my ever evolving adventures in the cell phone market. It’s one of those lessons you learn offline that you really can translate into a HUGE lesson for online business. Anyways, here’s my video rant…Enjoy it!

Please post your comments below and share your experiences with companies that treated you like a human being and others that treated you as a number…I can’t wait to read your comments!

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The Badges Have Gone…Cashable

Here’s something I didn’t think I’d be doing a year ago…Now while I have never been a fan of cash for surfing, in fact I’m pretty sure I’ve called it the spawn of Satan before, something about business is that you have to adapt. TimTech prides itself on being ‘in touch’ with surfers and we have been struggling with the huge demand to add a cash value to the Badges so that people can be rewarded for their had work in collecting them.

So we thought, let’s flip it and make ‘cash badges’ and put them into rotation at the TimTech traffic exchanges. Basically we have placed random ‘cash badges’ in rotation and when you find them you get a nice cash reward (whatever the denomination of the badge is) added to your Click Track Profit account.

Here’s what they look like, so keep an eye out for them =)

50 Cent CTP Badge 25 Cent CTP Badge 10 Cent CTP Badge 5 Cent CTP Badge Penny CTP Badge

This is what it means to be in business. You have to adapt. And while yours truly wrote off the ‘cash reward’ for surfing, Jon knows that you HAVE to listen to members and when members want something…Let’s work to try to deliver that.

I’m sure people will be upset at this decision, while others will love it. We are trying it and seeing how it goes. If it’s a success and members enjoy it, heck we may ever raise the amounts of the denominations…But one thing is for sure, we will always listen to your concerns and would love to see your feedback on this new feature.

Let us know what you think, I am looking forward to your comments below!

P.S. And some pretty big news this week ILoveHits and StartXchange celebrated their 10 year anniversary. Both exchanges were registered this week, 10 years ago. Talk about AWESOME SAUCE!

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