End Of The World? Bah…These Guys Are Stopping It

Just in case the world ends tomorrow…So long and thanks for all the fish! *Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy reference for all you fellow Sci-Fi nerds….* Here’s what’s on my mind today, cool things abound, where to start….

I know, I know…A video!

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* Here is a link to Tim’s fantastic new ‘Don’t Tase Me Bro‘ video!

* Be sure to check out these two videos from Sterling Valentine’s List Laser 30 Day Challenge. Justin and I had a blast doing them… Jon’s video & Justin’s video ….Oh yeah, TE Live’s resident Safelist Expert Jerry Iannucci is up next this afternoon. Be sure to swing by and check him out!

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Work Harder Than The Rest

I’ve been doing quite a bit of soul searching this past week. For whatever reason, I’m never ‘happy’ with my present state. I’m always looking to improve myself, both mentally and now, physically (scary thought I know, but I’m actually losing weight). With this recent ‘change’ in personal lifestyle, I’ve started to read a few ‘self improvement’ books.

Now before I get the eyes rolling, I’m not talking about books that tell you just to think of a million bucks and it will magically appear. These books are more case studies of successful people and how they got to where they are in life. Out of all the books I have been reading, the common theme has been this…Hard work pays off.

It got me thinking…

Ask yourself about all the successful people you know in your life. How hard do they work? I know in the internet game, the successful people don’t stop working. Sure they have families and sure they have lives outside of their job, but wow, talk about dedication to ones craft.

I am speaking at Sterling Valentine’s List Laser seminar today at 4pm Eastern and I just got a text message from him about two hours ago (about 9am Eastern). The man has been awake all night, working on his business and told me he needed to finally get some sleep before today’s seminar.

How many of you reading this have stayed up every night of the week until 9 in the morning, working on your business?

I know Sterling does. And I can count the people in the traffic exchange industry who have done it and continue to do it. You’ll see the same names pop up, time and time again. Now I’m sure the excuse bugs will come out of hiding and tell me how silly it is to work yourself to death…

I bet. But I also guarantee the people that work the hardest ALWAYS get ahead in this business.

So when you hear the next person say, it’s too much work, or I would go to that seminar if it was in my home town instead of a state next to me, or it’s too late at night for the webinar, or this takes too much effort…..Just smile.

Smile and know that you are working harder and WANT it more than they do.