Why Can’t I Remember Much From My Teenage Years?

I’ll tell you why…Because I was ‘experimenting’. I was being a crazy kid and doing things most parents cringe about. I’ll tell you what I wasn’t doing, and that was securing my future and building something for when those ‘teenage years’ ended.

Hindsight is 20-20 of course, but there’s something today that tells me all teenagers aren’t as reckless as yours truly…

Why am I pumped about Viral Bonuses? First, it tells me that the future is bright for our youth LOL O.K. that’s me trying to be funny but seriously, when you meet kids (excuse me, teenagers) like Jared it makes you feel pretty optimistic about our future.

Second, this guy has done everything right on so many levels. He has accomplished more in under a year, than most people 4 times his age have done in 5 years plus. He gets it, he’s aligned with arguably ‘the man’ in our industry right now, Darren Olander, and this launch will be huge success.

Viral Bonuses as a product is top notch, and you get hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in bonuses given to you by some of the best names in the industry. So let me be clear, I am supporting this because of Jared and Darren but also because the product and it’s plan to release future ‘bonuses’ is a wonderful thing. Huge upside from the product as it is now, and massive growth to keep members happy down the road!

But the stars of the show are the owners.

These guys have absolutely crushed it during the past year and have humbled a lot of folks in the process, myself included. I’ve learned a TON from watching these guys operate and I’m so proud to be a part of this. Be sure to grab your Viral Bonuses membership now and watch while a 14 year old teenager, does everything right and becomes a business model for this industry.


Why Is Simple So Effective?

Something I have learned in my years of working in the traffic exchanges is that the simplest ideas and campaigns always pull the best results. When things get complicated, either by design or by execution, we have the tendency to throw our arms in the air and give up. It’s normal, it’s human nature…

We launched Click Track Profit over a month ago for one reason…To make things simple. Easy to follow, easy to see results and easy to get set up. It didn’t mean there wasn’t work involved (heck, anyone trying to get ‘Expert Status’ knows that it’s a process) but it’s simple.

I love simple things and this past week we saw the launch of another simple to use system, but it’s not really a system, or a downline builder…Well it is. But…Urggggh this is difficult to explain. It’s basically a downline builder without using a downline builder.

Autopilot Downlines

It’s from the VERY creative mind of Carl Bailey and it uses e-mail to ‘build your downlines’. Now some folks are up in arms about the design and the name ‘autopilot’ but what I’m a huge fan of is how this works. It’s as simple as this….Fill out your email address.

That’s it.

No OTO’s, no selling, it’s completely free and it’s working like crazy. Why? Well Carl would say it’s because he’s a genius, and yeah the guy is one smart cookie….. ;)

But I also think it’s because you CANNOT mess this up. It’s one e-mail address, press ‘Register’ and that’s it.

We are moving towards a time in online business where things just ‘work’. Simple systems like Autopilot Downlines and CTP show how the functionality of a program is just as important as what it promised. And it’s done with ease and without all the bells and whistles.

How simple is your business? And what plans are you making to keep it simple? I’d love to hear your feedback, please drop me a line or comment below!