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To Ban Or Not To Ban, That Could Be The Wrong Question

A few weeks ago a new Skype group popped up for traffic exchange owners. The goal, was to share information with other owners about illegal and potentially harmful websites that were being placed in rotation. The goal, to help create a safer and more vibrant surfing experience for our members…

Yup, we’ve been down this road before 🙂

And you can understand why a group like this started in Skype. After all the drama of the past year in the traffic exchange industry, more and more abusive sites have seemed to pop up. Building mailing lists and businesses have taken a back seat to matrices, flipped downline programs and investments schemes trying to hide under the traffic exchange model…

Like I said…We’ve been through this before sadly.

So while I appreciate the exchange of information, and truly believe that when owners talk amongst themselves good things DO happen, I think we could be going about this the wrong way…

I’m no lawyer. And while I do appreciate the need to get rid of these horrible sites that populate the traffic exchanges, we need to cautious on how we ban things for the sake of banning things. Yes, every owner is their own person and will run their website as they see fit, however I think we’re going about this the wrong way.

My solution is…Education!

We should as leaders in this industry, start training and teaching our members how and what to promote in the traffic exchanges to get maximum results. This was the norm in the glory days of the traffic exchange industry as every single owner back then used to preach about lead capture pages and building businesses by USING the traffic generated in the exchanges.

And while not every owner will take the bull by the horns per se and start teaching their members, if only a few did, we’d see some real change.

Showing people the true power and potential of list building and personal branding. Highlight the need for suqeeze pages and proper advertising. And yeah I know, not all surfers will listen. And we’ll still see those suspect websites in rotation…But change doesn’t happen overnight. Slowly, but surely, surfers will start seeing results from using traffic exchanges the right way. They’ll start seeing the awesome potential of having their brands and pages seen by active and engaged surfers.

And why do I know this will happen?

Because I’ve seen it before…Before the penny surfing. Before the PTP co-op models. Before the mindless surfing for hours and hours on end. We used to surf with a purpose. We used to get MASSIVE results from list building and personal branding.

This is a much better game plan than banning this and banning that. I know and understand the frustration. I’ve surfed for hours some days and seen absolute garbage in rotation. However if we teach one new surfer to change how they use these programs, we’ll never have to ban another site in our businesses.

What are your thoughts?

traffic exchanges

How To Stick Out From All The Noise In The Traffic Exchanges?

Decided to do a quick video for you guys today, and I hope you enjoy it.

Below is a screen shot of my list building endeavours today, doing nothing out of the ordinary, just surfing a few pages and following the ‘A.C.A.’s’ of squeeze page design

3 new leads today (so far) combined with about a dozen over the past 2 days….Made for a pretty good weekend. And best part, I spent zero on acquiring these leads and no more than about 30 minutes of surfing.

This is how you use traffic exchanges the right way!

Let’s do the math on this….At even just 3 new leads a day….We’re talking 1095 new subscribers to my list in a year. That’s real growth and real results.