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Using Social Media To Build Your Traffic Exchange

What’s interesting about traffic exchanges and most owners is that they seem to only want to promote their programs…..In other traffic exchanges!

On one hand, it makes sense…

Especially if the program you are advertising in has a bigger membership. It’s smart business to try to generate new members in this way.

However social media has been right in front of owners faces for almost a decade now and still, when it comes to social presence, the traffic exchange industry is light years behind the rest of the world.

Let’s change that 🙂

Here are a few tips I have used myself and seen other use that can help you build your traffic exchange and promote it out side of the normal avenues! I hope you find these tips useful:

1. Twitter – I have been using Twitter for years and while I have never really ‘directly’ promoted my traffic exchanges, I do indirectly promote them using hash tags. I have a few suggestions on how to really use hash tags to capitalize off the massive potential of Twitter.

First tip would be, use a custom hash tag for a promo you may be running. For example, let’s say you are hosting a Vault N’ Key at ClickTrackProfit next week, throughout the week you could use the hashtag “#VaultNKeyFriday” which is unique enough that you can easily search for it inside the Twitter search function.

Why is it important to use a unique hashtag?

Because trying to search for members using the hashtag #Promo will be used by thousands of others. You want something simple, but unique as well.

After you have chosen that hash tag, simply connect with your members via email and tell them you are running a contest for the upcoming promo. Let them know about the hash tag and if they Tweet it, you will award a prize to them for doing so.

Then, search Twitter throughout the week for the hash tag you chose and BAM – Instant engagement through Twitter.

Also, you can use the search function in Twitter to find people using hashtags that interest you…Like #TrafficExchanges or #AffiliateMarketing. Those are huge opportunities to network.

Bonus tip: This is a great idea from the team at Sound Surf Live – Look how they are not only engaging their followers on Twitter but also highlighting their members. This is brilliant!

traffic exchanges

2. YouTube – This is a no brainer but still the most under used form of advertising in the traffic exchange industry. We all know we need to use more video in our promotions, so why not piggy back off of and use the number one video platform online…For free!

I use YouTube for everything. From promos on squeeze pages, to log in offers, to recording videos for my blogs. This is a must for business in today’s day and age. If you aren’t comfortable getting behind the camera, do some searches for services that can create videos for you, so maybe you aren’t on cam yourself but you can use your voice behind the video.

Just in case you are wondering if I’m a fan of video….

3. Facebook – There is no social media site bigger and more influential than Facebook! And while I wouldn’t recommend simply ‘spamming’ your TE in various groups, I do recommend a few techniques;

– Create a fan page for your traffic exchange. This is a must for an online prescence and will allow you to build a community within Facebook. Remember the rule about Facebook and other social media platforms…They may visit SnapChat or Twitter, but people LIVE on Facebook!

Second – Join other groups that are traffic exchange related. Network with fellow owners and surfers. This will help to grow your reputation within the industry and you may learn some awesome things along the way!

ThirdBe visible, every day! Heck, you can even use the same technique we talked about in Twitter with hash tags but the most important thing is that you are active and talking every day in Facebook. People are attracted the action takers, and when they see owners and surfers discussing topics, fence sitters might jump in the game!

4. InstaGram – Traffic exchanges are visible mediums so why not use the biggest ‘visual platform’ online to help build your brand and traffic exchange?

InstaGram works the BEST with hash tags. So use them similar to how you set up the campaigns on Twitter. You may want to add more than just a ‘promo has tag’ too. Use tags like #AffiliateMarketing #FreeTraffic #WorkFromHome #Entrepreneur #NetworkMarketing and similar niches to your target audience.

And most of all remember, InstaGram is VISUAL, so make your designs and logos POP on this platform!

Remember, when you combine a solid social media marketing game plan along with your constant email communication and advertising within other traffic exchanges, you are creating some MASSIVE potential!

These are just a few tips on how to use social media to promote your traffic exchange, can you think of and share any others?

What’s A Credit Really Worth?

The traffic exchange ‘credit’ has become a commodity. In the golden years of the traffic exchanges you could find a great deal to purchase advertising…

Something like $10 for 1000 credits seemed to be the industry norm…

Boy oh boy, have we sunk! These days you see most programs charging about $3-5 for the same amount. The credit has become devalued and for good reason…People aren’t as high on credits as they once were.

1000 credits used to get you some serious results. Nowadays, it barely makes a scratch. It takes 3 times as much to get the same kind of results, and the trickle down effect is being felt across the board.

I’m going to challenge you today…

I need you to go with me on a journey through the wonderful exciting life of a traffic exchange credit…

Meet Craig The Credit!

Craig is being earned right now from Surfer Sally’s hard work. Surfer Sally has been at it for hours. She’s not an upgraded member so her surf ratio is around 3:1 meaning, for every 3 page views she views, she’s earning a ‘Craig’…

So far so good…

Surfer Sally has been promoting her brand new squeeze page following the A.C.A.’s of squeeze page design. So after about an hour of surfing, she’s amassed around 100 credits from her hard work.

She’s now putting Craig The Credit to work…

Sally knows that every time Craig is used, she has the potential to generate a new lead or subscriber to her mailing list. And because Sally knows that generally one new person on her mailing list can turn into $1 a month in residual income (given that her funnels are properly set up…) Sally is excited for what Craig The Credit can bring her.

Every time Craig is used…There is potential for Sally’s monthly residual income to grow.

Fun little story I know, but I hope the message came across loud and clear.

It’s not that credits have devalued, it’s that people aren’t USING credits that they earn effectively.

This is the biggest problem I see, surf any traffic exchange and all you see is garbage in rotation. But imagine an industry where Sally Surfer used Craig The Credit effectively!

Personal branding!

Building your list!

It’s not just a fable, it’s honest to goodness potential…

Let’s roll up our sleeves and promote the right thing in the right way…

Put Craig to work for your business today!