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Here’s Proof That Traffic Exchanges Aren’t Dead Yet

There sure is a lot of doom and gloom out in the traffic exchange industry…

From certain programs disappearing and not paying commissions, to the industry’s snails pace to adopt new technology, one could look at this business and say the end is very near…


You can start using traffic exchanges the right way and benefitting off the massive potential they still hold.

About a month ago or so, TE List Builder relaunched to rave reviews. This program was a much needed wake up call to people that continue to surf for pennies and add no value to this industry. List building! Generating leads! What a foreign concept right? We have gotten so far from what traffic exchanges were intended to be used for that when I say you can actually build your list using them….I get strange glares and eye brows raised.

Well, this was the result from the first week of payments via TE List Builder…

Not bad right? I mean 300 plus bucks a week and over 2 dozen new leads to my list after only 7 days…Of course the results would be good, it’s a brand new launch! But what about week 2….

Oh man, another 3 figure pay check from this program. Surely this must be a fluke….What about all the penny clickers that don’t want to build their businesses? And the lack of real business people in the traffic exchanges….Onto week 3 (this week….)

Consistent new members coming in, upgrading and joining my list….And every single person came from…You guessed it…The traffic exchanges!

So you can look at this one of two ways….

First, traffic exchanges are ancient technology. No one spends any money and they are about to die off completely. More Facebook Ads for everyone!!!

Or…They are fantastic FREE list building resources that when used properly can generate you some awesome new subscribers and a team of dedicated affiliates.

I’ll take option two! And with programs like TE List Builder….The people that do see the potential, will be there…Building their lists daily.

(P.S. I need to put this disclaimer out there. Obviously these are my results and there is no guarantee people will see the same. The reason why I’m getting great results from TE List builder is because I decided early in my career to concentrate on building my email list. I didn’t fall for the newest and latest greatest business opportunity, I built my list. I stayed the course and added new subscribers each and every day. Want to get better results? Build your list using free programs like traffic exchanges and stay the course…No matter what!)

traffic exchanges

Not Getting Results Using Traffic Exchanges? There Is No Excuse!

I need to talk about something that plagues this industry and has since day one…


The excuse machine comes in all different forms from;

“It’s not fair, the big guys make all the money!”

“I can’t build a list, I don’t have anything to email about!”

“I’ve tried everything, nothing works!”

And a host of other reasons why…You will never succeed using these programs!

And then I see something like this posted in the Rock Star Marketing Group on Facebook:

traffic exchanges

Look at that! 6 new subscribers in one day….Wow, could it be that these guys are using traffic exchanges the right way?

Maybe 6 subscribers doesn’t seem like a lot, but then you do the math on what those 6 can potentially be and the fact that they spent 0$ on generating them…Interesting.

Or what about in my case, I logged into my email and discovered this waiting for me about an hour ago….

3 sales and $100.50 total in affiliate commissions from something I sent to my list….3 days ago!


These are just two cases in the past day and a half of people using traffic exchanges properly and reaping the benefits of them.


By BUILDING their email lists using quality squeeze pages and emailing that list consistently.

This is not rocket science, this is basic internet marketing.

1. Create / promote something of value to attract people to your list.

2. Stay in front of them using traffic exchanges and your squeeze pages

3. Deliver value…Daily.

No more excuses! It’s the end of 2017, let’s make sure we have our goals in place for 2018 as well.

Build. Those. Lists!

P.S. Want to learn more about building lists using nothing but traffic exchanges? Be sure to join and take part in the discussions at Net Marketing Forum!