Issue 224 – Vacation Edition of H.E.N.

I’m using a dial up internet provider to create this issue of Hit Exchange News because I’m in the back woods of the spectacular province of Newfoundland and about to take a camping trip with my son and my 93 year old grandfather. The man is amazing, he still walks a mile or so a day to do what his passion is, and that is fly fishing.

Speaking of passions, traffic exchanges would be mine and it’s been a very ‘interesting’ few weeks since our last issue of Hit Exchange News. A few amazing new programs have been released and even more news, gossip and scandal continues to evolve in the Net Marketing Forum. Hey, even if it’s all not fine and dandy, it’s still talking about traffic exchanges which is what I love.

The biggest issue I have seen is this notion that this ‘clic’ in the traffic exchanges is against the little guy, or the smaller exchange. I wrote an article about that in the last issue of H.E.N. and in a nutshell it comes down to this.

Show and prove! Create your own buzz and you own brand and you will see success. Whether or not you are supported by others or not. Positive things are attracted to other positive things, so get out there and create something VERY special!

I hope you enjoy this week’s newsletter, I will be home in a bout a wek to get more on track and get busy in my favorite industry in the world…The traffic exchanges!

Have a great week and thanks very much for being a reader of Hit Exchange News!


Jon Olson
The Traffic Exchange Guy



The News

Traffic Swarm is giving away thousands of dollars (yes, you read that right) to complete a survey about their system. I cannot understand why people underestimate this traffic exchange, it’s is the largest for a reason! For your chance to win $1000 bucks, check out their latest update!

– I absolutely love Promo Lotto! This thing has taken everything good about every traffic exchange on the net and combined it to create an amazing new program. This is a must join folks and one fo the most powerful list building tools if you use it properly. Oh yeah, and it’s only a week old!

– News from the Hit Safari camp is that they have shut down Quality Click Zone. This was one of, if not the, original pro traffic exchange downline builders that recently changed into a regular downline builder. It looks like the concentration will be on their forum, Hit Safari and Deep Sea Hits.

– Want to win your own copy of the best selling traffic exchange book on, Hits, Clicks and Misses, (actually, it’s the only published book about T.E.’s on the planet), simply post a comment about this week’s issue of HEN!

– Splash Page Hall of Fame – Speaking of Promo Lotto, check out this splash page that really sticks out. I love the ‘stick men’ look lol! Note: Why do I focus on splash pages every week? Simple, you MUST be using them in the traffic exchanges to get results. Get a custom made splash page by clicking here!


HEN Top 10

The Famous Hit Exchange News Top 10 (Disclaimer: These are my top performing exchanges for the past week. Alexa rankings and fancy numbers have nothing to do with how I rank my list. This is based on my results and my opinion, nothing more, nothing less.)

1. Traffic Splash
2. TS 25
3. Traffic Swarm
4. Traffic Wonderland
5. Dragon Surf
6. Royal Surf
7. Traffic Era
8. Easy Hits 4 U
9. Traffic At The Races
10. StartXChange

Note: Analysis and Tracking by Hits Connect – The Official Link Tracking Service of Hit Exchange News! Sign up today and get your 30% Discount!

Question: Hey Jon, how come I Love Hits, SWAT Traffic and Click Crazey are never on the top 10 list? Since I own them, I feel it would be a conflict of interest to place it on any of my rankings. (But we all know how great they are anyways lol)



Deep Thoughts – Jon’s Weekly Rambling

The Power of Taking It Easy

When you work from home, you become obsessed with what you do. It becomes a part of you and you just can never seem to get enough. It’s a passion that becomes a part of life and sometimes we can forget what really is important.

As many of you know, I’m on a 3 week vacation with my son. This has been such a blessing. Not only do I get to see family that I haven’t for years, it’s become a wonderful father / son relationship builder that will generate memories that will last a lifetime.

Does that mean we should all take trips for 3 weeks? Not at all. However what we need to do is step back and separate ourselves from our work. This time off has allowed me to clear my thoughts and prepare my plans for how I want to build my business when I get home. I’m pretty excited about it too, and I got these ideas from breaking away from my passion, the traffic exchanges, for a few days.

I know it sounds a bit weird, but it does work. Step away, clear your thoughts and just enjoy life. Enjoy your friends, your family, your home, your pets, your favorite book…Anything but work! And you will be amazed at how it helps your work in the process!


Things That Make You Go Hmmm…

– Surf With Elvis? Wow.

– Want to know what is ‘teeing’ off the industry? Be sure to stop by the Rants section of NMF for a few chuckles! Note: Please don’t take it too seriously, it’s just a forum!

– 7500 page views for 20 bucks? Huh? Log into SWAT Traffic to grab my new ‘Vacation Special’ which will end in a day or so! (End shameless self promotion here)



Finally, Something New!

I have been writing Hit Exchange News now for 5 plus years. I’ve
seen hundreds of new traffic exchanges come and most end up in the trash bin after a few months.

So when programs like Traffic Era, Dragon Surf and Traffic Splash
are launched or re-launched, I like to let the readers know about it.

Today is a special day because there looks to be a brand new
exchange that has been released to the industry that has the same
upside as the exchanges mentioned above. Will it be as popular as
the ‘bigger programs’ in the industry? I’m not sure, but all the
tools are there for it to become massive!

It’s called Promo Lotto and you guessed it, it’s a traffic exchange
with a ‘lottery’ twist. And while there are other similar themes
out there, this has combined the look, the feel and the script to
be a very big program.

Be sure to join today as this is a brand new program and should get
a lot of attention in the first few days. Also, a good idea would
be to get some exchange specific splash pages done to promote
within the system.