My Thoughts On Traffic Era

I wanted to do a full blown review of this program and spend all of tonight nose deep into the brand new release from Logiscape – Traffic Era. If you have had the chance to sign up yet, you will know there isn’t much you can really do with this program other than sign up, poke around and promote it.

It was scheduled to be launched at 3 pm Pacific time today, but was about an hour late. No biggie. i mean things happen at launch day and we have to expect that. Now for the bad, to get it out of the way. You can’t do anything or upgrade. LOL Sounds kind of weird, but I knew how important it was to upgrade right away at both TS 25 and Traffic Pods. It struck me as weird because why not try to maximize your revenue from all the hype this program is sure to generate. But alas, Logiscape has always done things their way and should be commended for that!

Now for the good, and there’s lots of it. I think this is going to be huge! Sure, it will disappoint some folks because it’s not all ‘there’ but that’s the beauty of it. They are ‘rolling’ this thing out and it will be very confusing for some folks. This scheduled launch should help the learning curve.

As for the web 2.o aspect of it, it’s there. The networking is great, the ‘groups and teams’ will prove to be very innovative and hopefully people will embrace the power of connecting with other surfers, rather than just a faceless affiliate page in rotation.

All in all, this thing is going to rock! Be sure you join Traffic Era today and start to build your network of traffic exchange surfers!

Surfing For Success – The Traffic Exchange Surfing Calculator

Launched on Jan. 18th, is the revolutionary new ‘surfing
calculator’ from Darrell Dean. I have just attended the seminar
where he showed a select group of owners what this thing is capable
of. Let’s just say this, my life would have been a LOT easier if I
had this program in 2001!

This amazing new technology actually helps you plan and set a
surfing schedule for all your traffic exchange surfing needs on a
daily or weekly basis. It really is an innovative program and
Darrell should be HIGHLY commended for his hard work and vision to
bring this much needed tool for traffic exchange surfers!

Be sure to check out Surfing For Success’s Exclusive T.E.
calculator today!