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I got a bunch of notices today about a brand new program that is being billed as a ‘social traffic exchange’…And as you guys know, I’m all about the social side of traffic exchanges these days. So I decided to give you my in depth review of a program I think has a lot of upside… T.E. Club !

This is owned by Kjell Skogsoy who is one of the most active owners in this business. Kjell and I have bumped heads in the past and even though he may not be the biggest Jon Olson fan *lol* I do admire his ability to create stuff the surfers really enjoy. So as for the ownership of this program, I do think people are in good hands.

The script is an LFMTE but you wouldn’t be able to tell because the programming team did an AMAZING job at customizing this program. It looks very unique and feels great. I love the thumbnail surfing bar which is used already by sites like ThumbVu and Sweeva but this surf bar is very natural. It’s clean and looks amazing.

The social side of the program is lacking in my opinion. I would have loved to see an in-surf chat system and a better way to see whose site is being promoted. The social side of the program is limited to posting on other members ‘walls’ and even though I do see the huge potential for it, I think it needs some work.

All in all though, this is a solid new program that should do very well. It’s brand new, so a lot of attention will be given to it today and tomorrow, so it’s agreat time to get active in it and maybe *cough* make some targeted splash pages to promote within it.

Check out T.E. Club today!

Jon Olson

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9 thoughts to “Program Review – T.E. Club”

  1. Lol – joined only minutes before I read this post – it seems that they’re are going to be a lot of these sites come out in the next little while which really makes the whole business exciting.

    Yes a chat facility would be nice and I’ll reserve my judgment on the posting on walls and such I do notice that you can add friends etcetera easily which should be a good

  2. Jon,

    You say, “make some targeted splash pages to promote”…
    How would somebody go about doing just that (if they are not a programmer or designer)?

    I am stumped… lol


  3. I find it real funny that Jon O and John G come out with an awesome Ebook and have also been about social surfing and where its at and all of a sudden everyone is on the band wagon opening this and publishing that….Lead and they shall follow…But the lack of chat, long timer, slow activation does not ooze social in my opinion…Like stated with 14 seconds leaves you more then enough time to view and head on to the next site…. Glorified ImFacePlate, and FaceBook

    Think this is follow the leaders

    Sorry the site is not ready and wish it the best of luck and will be back AGAIN when all has been worked out

  4. Carl – LOL Rumor tells me something like Instant Splash would be a perfect fit =)

    Mark – Yes sir, I’m very excited to see what’s come up next!

    Tom – Yeah, the more it becomes ‘social’ the better I think.

    John – Weird, I got mine right away….Server trouble maybe?

    Tracy – I think the whole industry will mature and prosper once everyone ‘gets’ how powerful adding a social aspect to surfing can become. We are just hitting the tip of the ice berg now…

    Thanks everyone for the great comments!

  5. Hi Everyone

    There are many reason i made Te Club like i did and i agree that the social network part is not the best, yet-)

    I had to get it out and test it first before i move to the next step.

    About the chat. have chat on both my other 2 tes, and i dont want to copy from them so i think i run 3 very diffrent tes.

    I try my best to make programs that have lots of things, many say that i have to much.

    Some like just pure traffic, some like games, some love social networking and some love all of them.

    When i make a new te, i try to attend to new groups. No use to have the same members in all my programs.

    Thanks Jon for your review and will work to make te Club better.


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