Son Of A Pitch

Copyright Craig Ignatowitz! Craig came up with this term in chat at I Love Hits and it’s been something that I absolutely love. Not only for the shock factor but because it kind of describes how I feel about the majority of the internet marketing world…Not all of it (See James, I can be nice lol)

K, first problem. Every time something new is launched, it’s called ‘revolutionary’ and of course it’s heralded as the next best thing. So I have to ask, what happened to the last thing you promoted that was supposed to be the next big thing?

Man oh man, do people lose focus in this business. Something new launches, let’s promote it. Hey look, it’s a new shiny object.

Even in I Love Hits chat today I was reading about people ‘getting signed up and ready to promote the three new programs launched this week’….3 new programs this WEEK? Think about that for a second, then think back to ‘FOCUSING YOUR EFFORTS’, then back at 3 new programs…..

It’s all marketing spew. It’s a crock. It’s a way for people to prosper off YOUR dreams and YOUR efforts. Why not focus on yourself and stop pitching every new program that comes out? Crazy concept, I know…

Second thing…For the love of everything that is good, if you are going to be active in chat and be social, it’s NOT the place to pitch your program or opportunity. It’s a place to meet people so that you never have to pitch. It’s a fundamental switch in thinking about business and the people that ‘get it’ understand that a friend is much more valuable than a ‘lead’…

Think about people first, profits second. Think about focusing your efforts instead of promoting the newest shiny object you see. And think about how doing these two things can help you grow a REAL sustainable business and grow a network of REAL friends!

It’s that simple, don’t be a son of a pitch!

Oh look….Shiny object…..

Jon Olson

I'm Jon Olson, I've been publishing Hit Exchange News since 2003 and been involved in the traffic exchange industry since...Well, the beginning :) I'd love to network with you as you browse the pulse of the traffic exchange industry! I am also a HUGE fan of reading your comments. I will respond to every single one! Poke around and enjoy the 'News! And thanks for hanging out...

30 thoughts to “Son Of A Pitch”

  1. Jon,

    Im laughing right now I saw this post coming from a mile a way. I only just now got my durfing video done LOL. I dont know how paople can launch so many new great things.

    Well i guess I will keep promoting the 3 or 4 eggs in my basket.

    Great post jon and wow i feel so left be hind LOL


  2. Thanks for this Jon.

    I hate the Launches of sites when there is already one out there. The only way it can be revolutionary is if there is nothing even close in the industry.

    The first TE was the only revolutionary one. The first Bonus site was the only revolutionary one.

    Have a great day.


  3. Thanks Jeff – yeah man. See I’m all for new products and stuff, it’s just the ‘constant’ that annoys me. The constant barrage of lame promises and claims of the ‘next big thing’….

    The next big thing won’t be found in an ‘affiliate toolbox’ copy and paste swipe file.

  4. My last blog post was about Slot Machine Marketing… along a similar topic line. It’s new, get in quick and make a few bucks….. Never mind the fact it is not a long term program which will yield results, just take the money and run.
    It is sad but it is a fact of the industry which will probably never go away. There will always be someone trying to pitch the Next Big Thing.

  5. That is definite food for thought, Jon. You can even take the “tell don’t sell” philosophy to a whole new level in this way. By being just friendly to people you will begin to build relationships. People know that if you are surfing a traffic exchange that you have something you are promoting. If you build a good relationship those people will then start asking YOU what it is that you do.

    Instead of chasing them, they come to you. When people start walking in your door to get ideas and advice then you don’t need to worry about selling. You can just tell them what you do and you will be surprised how quickly they will work with you to help out a friend, especially when that friend has some good advice to give.

  6. Catherine – yeah, it’s kind of the ‘norm’ in this business. Hopefully people wake up to the fact that most of these programs have zero staying power and zero value.

    Sure they may make people a few bucks when it launches, most new programs do. But will it be as ‘revolutionary in 6 months from now?

  7. Michael – that’s exactly right. Tell don’t sell. Heck, don’t even tell..Listen and engage with members.

    Jeffrey Gitomer says it best…’People love to buy, but hate being sold to’

  8. Jon, I love you… Thank you for reading my mind. I got caught up in it for a quick blink. When I had my ah ha moment, I realized that I had to re evaluate what I was doing.
    I’m too honest of a person to promote, just because it’s the ‘next big launch.’ What I promote has to be proven and achievable!
    (It reminds me of the monster truck events…SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! If you don’t get it, it’s okay).
    Anyhow, I do love you and your open minded way of doing things.
    Have an outstanding day, and let’s make some money!
    Donna Maske

  9. Cathrine summed it up.

    “It’s new, get in quick and make a few bucks… take the money and run”.

    My opinion.

    This “infestation” is not going to go away by itself. It is going to take a concerted effort – and it is going to take a helluva lot more people focusing attention on it than there are now.

    There are too many “so called” leaders of this industry that just want a “everything peaceful and friendly” no fuss atmosphere… or perhaps they just plain do not give a damn who gets burnt as long as it does not affect them personally, does not cause them problems.

    ok, mini rant over πŸ™‚

    Thanks Jon, for standing up and bringing attention to this πŸ™‚

    best wishes


  10. Thom – I love it man. I love that post and you hit the nail on the head sir. Thank you!

    Donna – We love you too =) Yeah, its tough because everything looks great from the outside. But once you peel away the layers, you find rotten at the core business practices.

  11. Hey Jon –

    All I can say is “wow” … what took you too long. I agree with James D, I saw this one coming.

    The bottom-line for me is that it all depends on what we are talking about here. If you are talking about income programs or a piece of technology as part of an income program, I TOTALLY AGREE. Find a home and commit yourself to building there long-term … I have been with the same primary company 2 years and 8 months for example.

    However, if you are talking about safe-list, viral mailers, traffic exchanges or social sites .. thats a totally different deal. Most marketers I know, including me view traffic oriented launches and programs much differently.

    I do not promote a traffic site because I think the site will make me rich. I recommend traffic sites because based on what I have determined (my opinion), they will help me (and you) gain traffic to leverage our opportunities and build your brand. I am always looking for new traffic sites … they do not steal my focus, that’s what rotators are for, and they are by far the least expensive resource for targeted traffic.

    I ALSO AGREE … stop the social pitching and share what you have found to work in a non-intrusive way and then it will be a win / win!

    Love reading your post Jon!


  12. James, you know why people promote things…

    Because it’s their buddies program. (JV launch)

    Very rarely is it to add value to anyone’s business. What can a new traffic exchange or viral list builder do that a current one can’t. I’m not against new programs, I’m against claiming it to be a ‘must join’…If it offers something new and exciting, perfect. If it’s a way to get on the program owners good side, it’s a crock.

    People promote others to ‘get on their radar’ so that the favor is returned. Which is bull, I speak from experience LOL

  13. Jon,

    Ok, ok, we ALL love you!

    That said, “Huggy Bear”…

    The internet is evolving so rapidly (both technology and trends), that marketers can hardly invent “new spew”… as quickly as new products and services are presented.

    So it seems they they use “old spew” for the “new goo” (or whatever… lol)

    Many of the hyped-pitches, sound more akin to a carnival-barker selling feminine-hygiene products, if ya know what I mean?

    No single marketing technique is effective for all promotions!

    Most launches, in reality, offer only minor improvements to current products and services.

    Not that those improvements or features should be overlooked or undervalued, but…

    They are certainly NOT the best thing since ice cream.

    Most of us struggle with the transition from a cold, faceless, internet persona… into the kinder, gentler marketer.

    Many things, old and new, will overlap before the morphing is complete.

    We should probably apply the “golden rule” to our marketing techniques… if truth be told.

    As for myself, I do not pass up opportunities to spotlight or recommend new, improved, or unique features in a “freshly launched program”…

    But, I will be damned if I’ll copy-and-paste all that “hawker-hype” into an email to my lists!

    Now, what was I gonna try to sell to you….

    Son of a pitch!


  14. Jon –

    We are in agreement … phrases like must join, biggest ever, never done before, get in before it too late, etc … are pure hype and have no place in the vocabulary of the high value marketer. It always come down to value … Online we should be reward bases on two outcomes, the problems we solve and the value we deliver for others.


  15. Wow, who is this Craig guy? He seems really smart. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the mention. Maybe this can turn into my being known as “The Son of a Pitch” guy lol.

  16. Once upon a time (beginning of my online adventures to earn money) I was told by an online marketer that the reason I wasn’t making money was that I wasn’t ambitious enough! WOW! Really?

    Well, that comment made me step back and look at myself and what it was that I was really trying to do online. Sure, I wanted to make money but didn’t really want to be a millionare. I just want to be comfortable and have friends around to spend time with.

    I didn’t like the advertising methods employed by many of the so called gurus and experts, so I decided to come up with my own “golden rules of advertising”. I haunted TEs and found blogs with info that actually helped me and at the same time validated what I was trying to do.

    I have learned so much over the years trying to make a living online. The most important thing is, I have made many friends since then and they know that I won’t steer them to a new program just because it’s the next big thing. If I am advertising a program, it works, it pays and it’s gonna be around!

  17. Hello Jon,

    Okay…Jon, you can call me a Son of a Pitch, or Son of a Gun!
    Funny, I do not see any original 1946 GE Wringer Washers being
    offered for sale these days! Many people prefer the outdated
    Firefox, Google Crome, or IE Browser… The new Smart Media Desktop and Browser has a driving engine 5 times stronger than
    the ones mentioned above. Krave is a brand new Social Media site… Should we bury it under our mouse, or mouse pad, and
    forget about it? Should we stop developing new cars or new airplanes, and reuse last yeas models?

  18. Peter:

    If something is new, then by all means — call it new. If something is just a repackaging of last week’s shiny new thing, which was a repackaging of last month’s shiny new thing, which didn’t really change from the shiny new thing of six months ago, which alarmingly resembles that shiny new thing from two years ago … I think you see the point.

    Slapping a new header on last year’s can’t miss new launch is not innovation, it’s regurgitation — and it is those tactics that make every one of us in the IM field look bad.

    There is a lot of innovation going on out there and that is a good thing. Unfortunately, there is a lot more same-old, same-old going on out there that is being mislabeled as innovation.

  19. So many are taught by uplines to “do as we do”. Most ads are copy/pasted verbatim. I belonged to a T/E of sorts. It was a read emails for credits kind of thing. 90% or so of the ads I was seeing, were carbon copies. No branding, no shaking things up. Just copy and send out.
    There is a lot of new out there, but there is also a lot repackaged stuff as Phil says above.

  20. I just love these posts that Jon starts…they get people talking and make for an interesting read…and give us newer marketers some tips and advise as well…

    I’ve found that listening to some of the more seasoned marketers here has opened my eyes to all the hype and crap out there…

    But whether it’s new and innovative or rehashed with a shiny new header…ALL those new to the world of affiliate marketing will end up doing the “Copy & Paste then Advertise” routine…and then they’ll “Rinse & Repeat” coz that’s what they’ve been told to do by the Gurus…

    They just don’t realise that they’re “Rinsing & Repeating” the advertisment of the same piece of software or programme that was last weeks bestest newest money making breakthrough out of body interstellar experience that you’ll ever need to make 5 billion trillion dollars in 24 hrs…(see the photoshopped proof)all for just $37 πŸ™‚

    Keep up the good work and the fantastic threads and posts…

    That’s all folks!!!

    Craig (NOT the Son of a Pitch)

  21. Hey I agree 100%,

    you should succeed in what you are currently promoting instead of trying to make a quick buck on the next big thing.

  22. It’s just buzz words, I thought you went to school for Marketing, Jon? You should understand how this all works πŸ™‚

    Nothing is ‘Revolutionary’ but having the word ‘Revolutionary’ will make some sales and no one will call you on it, I hate hype emails which is why I never provide them, but buzz words do work, that’s why they are so over used, like auto start video. Everyone hates it, but if it didn’t work it wouldn’t be used..

    I agree with not promoting everything every day, I get emails form some people even the same day promoting this and that and the other thing, I very carefully pick and choose what I promote, and stick with it. You get a lot better response from your list too if you only promote true value and not the flavor of the day.

  23. Jon
    What an awesome post and something shiny? was it a new badge that Justin made? silly me of course not I really enjoy reading your blog posts, keep the informative expressions coming


  24. Yeah John and I’m kinda sorry that I did, because I was part of the problem a few years ago. Buzz words, blah lol

    Thank you all very much for the comments, I love reading them. Please keep the opinions coming!

  25. The whole point is…

    How many people purchase something that does practically the same thing as something they purchased previously.
    The previous purchase may have been used for a short time before being forgotten about.

    And it is pretty sure the “latest, greatest” purchase will also be forgotten about.

    An off-line example

    I see ads recently for new kitchen knives with amazing blades that stay sharp almost forever…
    These new knives have plastic handles that will not look good after a while and when they start to look shabby I would probably buy another new set.

    The kitchen knives I have are over 40 years old, work perfectly and have wooden handles that still look good today.

    Back to the point… Don’t waste your Money.

    Buy only items that will actually be USED – and Buy Quality that will last.

    All this CRAP that is launched for the sole purpose of making a quick buck needs to be exposed for what it is.


    And while I am on this rant…

    Something that really pisses me off is seeing products and services that ARE worthwhile being Scammified.

    Products that people should buy and use because they are Good and Useful. But they do not care about that, they do NOT actually use what they buy, they buy for the sole purpose of making money from reselling, or a down-line, matrix or whatever.

    One last thing.

    I often get told to “chill dude, let people learn the hard way” or words to that effect.

    I rant about this because I care that people are being cheated.

    The vast majority of people who get into these new launch to make a quick buck things, just lose their money.

    Think about it, If some people ARE making money, that money comes from ALL the people who pay in and make NOTHING.

    ok ranted out again – for now πŸ™‚

    best wishes


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