Stop Being A Traffic Exchange Victim

Note: This is a guest post by Andrew Stark. I cannot thank him enough for this amazing content. Please do leave your comments below and let Andrew know this is appreciated. Thanks man!!!

When you spent time surfing you get to notice several things, but the most concerning is that far too many people are still promoting rubbish and will sadly give up without harnessing the true potential that Traffic Exchanges are offering right now in 2012.

So what exactly is causing these people to give up? It’s the victim mentality that means that whatever goes wrong the blame is always with someone else. Here’s some examples of how to get rid of this chip from your shoulder and become a player in the industry.

Promoting The Wrong Type Of Site.


I buy 1000 TE credits and send them all to the “ACME overnight wealth” website and make no sales it’s blatantly obvious that it’s the TE owner’s fault I’ve not made any money and demand an immediate refund and tell anyone who will listen that Traffic Exchanges are a waste of money.


I actually look at adverts other people are promoting and keep seeing the same face advertising something called Click Track Profit. Turns out that perhaps I should be promoting myself and think to myself that I should write off my investment in “ACME overnight wealth” as a mistake.

What’s That Under The Bridge?


I’m fed up with Jon Olson and his TimTech gang telling me what to do. I mean where does he get off telling me what to promote and trying to help me. I mean I’ve got all of these affiliate links to promote what’s he going on about branding for, why would I want to put my picture online? Next time I see him in a forum I’m going to tell him exactly what I think…


It’s amazing how the owner of the traffic exchange was chatting to members in the live chat and sharing advice on how to achieve success with traffic exchanges. Who would have thought that creating a simple splash page where I tell others why I like a programme would do so much better than the standard affiliate page.

It’s Only Site Owners Who Make Money


When I log-in to a site why am I constantly being sold to? I’m not seeing any sales at “ACME overnight wealth” and yet these owners asking me for money. Then when I get inside the site all they do is tell me to join their mate’s site, and expect me to upgrade to give them a commission. This industry is corrupt I’m going to promote “ACME overnight wealth” somewhere else.


I’ve been surfing this site a lot, and it’s such a shame I turned down the One Time Offer when I first joined. It would be awesome to get more credits to help me with my branding and achieve my goal of getting recognized by all the other members as someone to do this +1 connection stuff I’ve seen others talk about at TE Live.

I’m Quitting


I’ve wasted a month of my life with traffic exchanges. Why did the guys at “ACME overnight wealth” tell me to use them? They must be part of that owner cartel, I’ll show them by joining “DUFF instant profits” and next month I’ll be a millionaire.


I’ve now got myself an internet business. Just think for the same monthly cost as “ACME overnight wealth” I’ve got my own splash pages and my brand is growing daily. I have also included several of the evergreen products I use in my marketing funnel and for the first time I’m earning residual income and love the fact I’ve made so many new friends.

So How Can I Become A Player?

Take a long hard look at yourself, and if you’re not getting the results you want then figure out why. Be brutally honest, get along to TE live and ask others to evaluate your pages. If the timings of TE Live doesn’t work for you then use the chat facility, and if none of the sites your surfing have active chat then you should join click track profit and become a nerd surfer.

About The Author: Andrew Stark is a list builder / blogger who loves using traffic exchanges and safelists to send traffic to his websites. Please add his Click Track Profit badge to your profile –

Jon Olson

I'm Jon Olson, I've been publishing Hit Exchange News since 2003 and been involved in the traffic exchange industry since...Well, the beginning :) I'd love to network with you as you browse the pulse of the traffic exchange industry! I am also a HUGE fan of reading your comments. I will respond to every single one! Poke around and enjoy the 'News! And thanks for hanging out...

24 thoughts to “Stop Being A Traffic Exchange Victim”

  1. This is one of the funniest posts I have read in a long time…but not only funny because the humor is used to make a series of very serious points.

    Enjoy the humor of the post by all means but don’t forget the seriousness of the message which lies behind it.


  2. Patrick – Completely agree. It’s points that I have seen come up as excuses and victim cards far too often. Love this post Andrew, awesome stuff man!

  3. Hey Andrew (and Jon),

    Really cool stuff portrayed here guys, I’m going to be brutally honest and as brief as I can because this comment can be a bit long…

    I bought a business in a box, that’s how I got started online about a little bit more than a year ago.

    The first source of traffic I was recommended were traffic exchanges.

    So I joined and upgraded on my BIAB programs (one of them was almost $100 bucks to upgrade btw)

    I read everything carefully, got my links done, cloaked them and started promoting.

    It wasn’t long until I figured that many people were promoting the same exact stuff I was, the only thing that changed was my name in text in an upper right corner.

    So after some common sense, I thought ‘hmm… so this is more of a roulette game then…’ and I immediately removed all my splashes in rotation and put my hands to work on creating my OWN splashes.

    I was literally blown away with the results.

    Traffic Exchanges DO work as long as they are used wisely.

    I had a very bad impression about Safe Lists but it was the same story, I was sending the same promotion as many others and same emails too…

    I stopped caring about Safe Lists and not too long ago, I decided to join an MLM girl from the UK (really good looking by the way LOL) and she had these paid webinars that you could promote for her.

    To be honest, I don’t think I have ever paid to attend a webinar before but I did attend many webinars from her and I knew they were DA BOMB.

    So long story short, I grabbed my affiliate links, wrote a very cool and fun email and sent that in something like three or maybe four Safe Lists.

    The webinars were $27 and you’d receive a 75% commission so after sending the broadcasts I went to bed.

    When I woke up, I noticed I had emails from PayPal, I checked them out and I have to say, those were the easiest USD $50 bucks I ever made online.

    I made two affiliate sales, in less than 24 hours, with Safe Lists.

    I think that proves my point.

    Traffic Exchanges and Safe Lists DO WORK as long as you’re willing to put some efforts to it.

    Great guest post Andrew, great stuff Jon.

    You guys really knocked this one out of the park.


  4. The blame game is becoming an epidemic in this industry including some TE owners who are blaming others for their lack of success with their traffic exchange.

    If folks would take the time out to focus on improving their results instead of playing the blame game, I’m sure their results would get better.

    Kudos to Andrew! and Kudos to you Jon for providing the spotlight for Andrew…

    Jimmy Adames

  5. Wonderful Post Andrew,
    I could not agree more.The Victim/Blame Game mentality is running rampant out here as people are so quick to point fingers rather the face the truth staring back at them in the mirror.

    Plane and simple the Te’s are a great tool and a very low cost tool to advertise your website’s. People need to realize what they are advertising(cookie cutter affiliate pages) are for the most point useless and yes frustrating when a person is not seeing results.

    This is in no way,shape or form the fault of the TE or the TE owner. What is at fault here is the easy button mentality that so many have out here. Face it kids the easy button does not exist and success in this industry does take work.

    I started out here 8 years ago utilizing the TE’S and have become very successful with there utilization.In fact I still use them to this very day.

    What Jon,Tim,Justin and Larry along with the rest of the Timtech family have put together is Awesome. Not only does it provide training on Personal Branding it makes surfing fun.

    Let’s face it here kids this industry is based upon relationships people join people not websites.

    Thank you for letting me ramble and once again Andrew
    Awesome post my friend…

    Ernie Pinard(ethicalernie)

  6. Great Post Jon & Andrew!!

    It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes.

    “Those people that truly want to become successful will always find a way…everyone else will find an excuse.”

    So you see, when it comes to YOUR online business success or failure, YOU really have nobody to blame but YOU!!

  7. Hi everyone

    All I can say is WOW, the feedback and introduction from Jon is just awe inspiring. All of you here certainly have the correct mindset and I know that as all the faces are familiar, so keep up the good work.

    I will be recording a video version of this, so hopefully it will be added to a weekly video resource soon.


  8. What a post! Thanks Andrew & Jon. It should be available for all newbie TE members ๐Ÿ™‚
    Still giggling about all those “get rich quick” ads that abound.
    Many still get sucked in, sad bit


  9. Great post but the headline should read.. Anonymity And The Online Victim. Great book title huh?

    There are still so many in this community that refuse to apply these branding strategies… even with the proof they work.

    Why do you think that is?

    Our best guess is just plain fear. It can be very scary to put yourself out there and risk ridicule from another person.

    Perhaps this can change your perspective.

    Is it really scary to become visible online? Absolutely! If you’re truly branded, you’re going to draw attention to yourself, and with that attention, you’re also going to become a target for the “angry” victims. You know, the kind that seem to blame you for every life “woe” they’ve had.

    Here’s how you deal with those should they happen.

    It’s not you they’re angry at, it’s themselves for being the victims they are. You just represent something they refuse to be so to elevate themselves, they need to bring you down. They have no power over you unless you give it to them.

    I (Brad) once told Jon on Skype about an advertisement I saw bashing him and his crew. Jon’s reply was, “awesome, we must doing something right to inspire that kind of passion.” Great approach to letting it roll off your back and forging ahead.

    The worst thing online is to be insignificant and unknown… but it is safe and nobody will be mad at you. That’s truly giving up your power to fear and those that would bring you down.

  10. Jon and Andrew, you know I couldn’t agree more with Andrew. Just a words of wisdom reminder applying not only to TE but to the way we face life:

    “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right”
    “The way you act does not only reveal who you are, but also what kind of a world you would like to live in”

  11. Hi All, I’ve been following what Andrew has to say for a while now and its all good stuff. I think what happens with TE’s reflects society in general. 99% of ppl are lazy and have no ability to think for themselves or are to scared to do something outside of the square or just don’t have the motivation drive or intellect to do it. I send emails out to everyone that joins any of the programs I promote and only around 1 person in 50 ever bothers to reply. There is not sale hype or anything like that. Just Hi I’m Martin I’m here to help you you can contact here etc etc. And the most common reply I get is HOW MUCH MONEY CAN I MAKE WITH THIS PROGRAM. Anyways I’ll keep up with the splash pages with my ugly mug on them and talking to ppl and resist the urge to join DUFF instant profits!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Martin Webster

  12. Hey Andrew and Jon, this is great stuff! I have had a few members leave my te’s but before they left they sent me a nasty support ticket that went something like this:

    “All you TE owners are after is our money. You get all the money and the members get nothing! I’m tired of TE’s. They don’t work! Goodbye!”

    So yea, I can relate to your post, lol. I learned long ago that there’s no use to sit and complain. DO something that works. If your current program is not working out then find one that does.

    It ain’t the TE or the owner’s fault because you promote junk and expect miracles that don’t happen. That post kinda boosted my spirit a little. Thanks!

  13. I couldn’t agree more with everything that has been said here. We have all had our ups and downs with programs we join and the success we may or may not have had. It is all a learning experience and if you are not willing to take the advice given and give it a chance to work then you can’t blame anyone but yourself. TE owners provide a service for others to advertise their products or services. It is not the owners fault if it doesn’t work. There is a lot more to it than just putting a page in a site and assigning credits. I know that Cathy and I work hard every day to give our members value. It is up to the members to take what is given and work with it. It is sad how many people don’t take advantage of the tools they are offered, most which are free. I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes. “Donโ€™t wish things were easier. Wish you were better.” ~ Jim Rohn

  14. Hi Andrew,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a little while now and really appreciate your posts. This one is exceptional and I love how you broke it down between victim and player.

    I have to say you get both types as you float around the chats. It’s quite interesting to me to see the comments about badges and how they are purposely with held and on an on…how it’s just a scheme to get people to buy more tokens so they can get game cards etc etc, yet they are out there surfing like mad to fill their game cards which no one is forcing them to buy. The fact is Badges and Wands and batteries all make the process much more fun, keeps your attention…slows you down so you actually pay attention to the ads and much more.

    I’m having a blast in chats…and if you look back a year I wasn’t too crazy about the idea. Now I’m not sure I could surf without them.

    Finally I did my own little test recently by doing a splash about a recent blog post I did…I have a great tracker at my website…and low and behold…I got the most hits to my website from the traffic exchange where I am most engaged in the chat. Boy did that ever open my yes.

    I know Jon and Tim and crew have been going on about this for some time…but seeing the proof of the pudding for myself…I think a penny dropped.

    And there are a lotof great players out there and I’ve met a few of them and plan to meet all of them.

    And thank you for being so responsive to me personally, it is totally appreciated and shows you take building relationships seriously and it’s not just talk!!!

    Nick Grimshawe

  15. Thanks so much for this post. I’m a ‘stats for projections’ junkie, and last year, I was lucky to find an old book by Steve Wagenheim that broke down the average response rates for TE’s and Safelists. Armed with that info I knew exactly how much I had to surf/spend to command a specific income goal, all that was left to do was create a strong funnel (key) and a great looking splash page. This for me is not so easy, as I’m extremely artistically challenged, lol.

    I actually did spend about 4 months doing some of things you suggested in this article, mainly, surfing to find the pages that made me want to optin, and studying the triggers that grabbed my interest, and the email subject lines that did the same. I have a pretty good idea of what I think should convert, and now just need to get the pages together and build the funnels.

    Awesome article, thanks for the reaffirmation that I’m doing this the right way.

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