Merry Christmas, It’s Been Quite A Year

Yule tide greetings and Merry Christmas to everyone in the traffic exchange industry. I hope Santa was good to you and yours and from the bottom of my heart I wish each and every one of you a fantastic holiday season!

It’s been quite a year in the traffic exchanges and in my ‘year in review’ tradition I wanted to give my two cents on where the T.E.’s have been and where they are going in 2012. A few years ago, the argument was out there…Is social the future of these programs?

A lot of the early adopters caught quite a bit of heat for taking a stand on this topic but as we approach the end of 2011, I think it’s fair to say something has proven itself time and time again…The community is the most important part of this business.

Communities can make or break an industry and thinking back to the decade plus that traffic exchanges have been around, there has always been a strong sense of community in these programs. We are seeing everyday people become household names in this business and what’s so encouraging is to see the leaders that are developing from the communities and all they are doing…Is just being themselves.

2012 has got me very excited. Mostly because of the huge potential that community members have to take the bull by the horns and be the leaders of tomorrow. It’s amazing to see and I expect while ‘community’ was the theme of 2011 and ‘social’ was becoming the norm…The next movement will be the people that do things differently…And stick out from the crowd.

Normal and average just won’t cut it in the traffic exchanges next year and I encourage each of you reading this to make plans to be AWESOME next year. Do the little things, every day and continue to stick out from the crowd. And this time next year, hopefully YOU will be the story of 2012!

Have a great Christmas and fantastic holidays! God bless you and yours!

P.S. On a special side note…This year TimTech formed. And I am so honored and thankful for meeting and partnering with some of the best people in the industry. This was a personal victory for me, because for years I’ve been praying to find guys like this to be my partners. We are going to rock the world in 2012…Thank you for all the support you guys have shown over the past year. The community is why we do this business and why we ARE in business. I cannot thank you all enough!

The Deep Dark Secret Of The ‘F’ Word

Yup….It’s back! Everyone’s favorite F word in marketing. It’s a dirty word. It scares people from here to Timbuktu. It’s FOCUS and wow, does it frighten marketers around the internet.

It’s actually the most powerful word in the English dictionary when it comes to online business and because it’s such a simple concept, far too many times people over look how powerful it can be. But see, that’s just it. It’s power! When you focus on your business and keep focus, nothing will stop you.

A few years ago, there was a huge emphasis on ‘focus’ and bringing the concept of keeping things simple and laser focused to your business. It was a pretty cool ‘movement’ as lots of people online got rid of the dead wood and concentrated their efforts on one or two programs at once, not a dozen.

Multiple streams of income is a wonderful concept, but focusing on one program at once, and then building it slowly will be much more effective than promoting a dozen different ‘opportunities’ at once.

Yes, focus is power. And when you keep focused on your business and your goals, nothing can stop you. But it starts with you. And the decision to focus on YOU and YOUR business will be the most POWERFUL decision you ever make!