The Weekend That Was 10 Years In The Making

As you may know I Love Hits and StartXchange are celebrating their 10 year anniversaries this week. In fact, they were registered exactly 10 years ago this past week so we have been planning something very special for this weekend…

There’s LOTS of goodies for you to claim while surfing this weekend and we really want you to get a lot from your time in the TimTech Universe…

10 Year Celebration

So here’s how it’s working..

– 50% Nerd Surfing bonus for the ENTIRE weekend. Surf all 4 TimTech traffic exchanges and get some huge bonus traffic.

– We have placed $10 Cash Badges into rotation. We are going to be giving away a lot of cash this weekend for all your surfing.

– Each day we will feature a ‘crazy’ credit deal where you can get some huge advertising for dirt cheap prices. For example, today’s deal for one day only is 10,000 StartXchange credits for only 10 bucks…

– You also get 5X the rewards points for every purchase, all weekend long as well!

– And here’s the BIG ONE! We’ve created a new ‘Game’ where there are 10 unique badges. 5 in StartXchange, 5 in ILoveHits. You surf and find all 10 and you unlock your game card for a special treat. A brand new ‘award’ level at ClickTrackProfit….The only way to claim these award levels is by surfing this weekend only!

Phew….That’s a whole lot lot of goodies and we really hope you folks enjoy it. Come surf with us this weekend and have a blast getting some great traffic to your sites. We are just getting started!

The Most Important Thing

This industry goes through some changes and has for the past decade but nothing has made more changes in the way we do business than the social surfing environment. No secret, I’m a big believer in this method and it all comes down to a primal human instinct, the desire to be part of a community or group.

We are social creatures by nature and the more we interact with like minded people, the closer we become. It’s a wonderful thing and can explain all the popularity of ‘team surfing’ and team business models. I like to analyze the trends in the traffic exchange industry and something has been very clear since the popularity of social surfing and that is the people who CARE the most, are ‘winning’ the most.

It’s funny you know. I’m reading about traffic exchange owners hiring ‘admins’ to take care of their members and take care of their site and I kind of chuckle because it’s really this simple. Caring for your business and your members should not be something you outsource. Now I’m not talking about support staff, I’m talking about actually sleeves being rolled up and interacting and talking with the members (not just emailing them every day with a surf promo)….

What I’d love to see is more focus being put on the owner / surfer relationship but what surprises me is how small a number of owners actually WANT and look forward to spend time with their members. All we want to do in TimTech is be around people at seminars and in surf chat. We are just giving into our human instinct and wanting to be a part of a community.

It’s a VERY rewarding experience and I highly suggest that if you are an owner…You get in touch with your members and be a part of their experience online. And if you are a surfer, say hi to the other surfers in the social surfing chats and get ready to experience some of the most effective ways to ‘build’ your brand online.

Care a little bit more than the next person or business and you will be rewarded! Maybe not right away but again….Tim and I started TE Live about a year and a half ago. We made a decision to CARE about the community and be around people each and every day, no matter what. Now it’s part of our brand and something that is paying BIG dividends…All because we WANTED to be a part of our community and be around like minded people.

Caring….Awesome sauce indeed!