Want Results? Increase Your Social Equity…

With the re-launch of the CTP Surf N’ Chat this past week, the opportunities for savvy business people to get some big time returns in their traffic exchange advertising was everywhere!

The debate is pretty much over, social chat in the traffic exchanges is the BEST way to get your brand and personal touch out there for everyone to see. You see, hands off marketing I think is dead. The ‘set it and forget’ model for business online is a dying trend. Sure there are things you should automate and certain aspects of your business that you can leave to technology, but the hands on, face to face interactions cannot be duplicated.

We live in this crazy industry where the term ‘internet marketer’ is the calling card yet very little marketing is done. This is internet BUSINESS and part of that business is your social influence and social equity in the communities and industry as a whole. Put simply, it’s a LOT harder to be a faceless and nameless username and make money online. The people that are known, the people that are visible, the people that interact with their peers, always get better results. Sure there are rules to the exception but it’s a lot easier (and more rewarding) to interact with folks!

With the social chat, you can do that right now! Imagine you are talking with a newer surfer, you offer them help and get them through something they are having issues with. Not only will that person notice you when you sites come up in rotation but there are people VIEWING the social interactions and that adds to your social equity. People will remember you and the acts of kindness you displayed and guess what will happen when you page comes up in rotation…

Sure people will debate this, it’s expected. But the proof is pretty simple…There’s more to business than just being a marketer…How about we concentrate more on the people rather than the numbers and the ‘automation’.

Here’s the big nugget for all this…If you are low on funds and don’t have a lot to invest in your business right now, invest in your social influence. Be there in front of people every day and help folks out. The pay back can be priceless!

The Only Secret To Success I Know…

I’ve been in this business for a lone long long time. It’s going on 15 years now and I guess, it’s been my career of choice. I’ve seen so many people come and go, it’s not even funny. I’ve seen the good, I’ve seen the bad…I’ve seen the struggles and I’ve seen the successes but the stat that shocks people the most is this…

95% of the people reading this blog post today….Will not be in business in the next year or two.

Scary? Maybe…I see it as a huge opportunity for the other 5% that work hard, that struggle, that develop a unique game plan and that WILL at all costs, make this business work for them.

And there you have it, one of the only ‘secrets’ to success I know…Stick with it! Nope this isn’t going to cost you $47 to download the rebrand rights to an ebook. You will not have to ‘get in quick on a JV opportunity’ to be a success. You will not have to kiss the rear ends of any ‘guru’. All you have to do, is stick with it!

Not the sexy answer most people want. They want some kind of magic potion or formula…But from the experience I have seen and lived through myself, the people that stick out and stick with it always win. They always succeed and they always make their online business a reality.

So when it gets tough, will you give up and join the majority? Or will you stick with it, and create your legacy and build your business the right way?