Tony Tezak & KRM….Welcome!

This is a pretty big day for me personally but also for all of TimTech. There is a group of guys in this business that I have worked with for years and years. I’ve even been their partner with Affiliate Funnel but recently, because of different views of business we have not worked as closely as we used to.

No matter what, Tony Tezak and the entire KRM family LOVE traffic exchanges and love this business so today I’m soooo thrilled and honored to let everyone know that we’ve loaded up the Vault N’ Keys game at I Love Hits and….TezakTrafficPower! But wait it gets even better….Tomorrow we’re adding StartXchange along with Traffic-Splash!

Yup, this is HUGE! 4 of the biggest traffic exchanges on the planet, are coming together for 2 days to give surfers a TON of cash, prizes and lots of traffic.

TimTech is VERY happy to have these guys on board for these next few days and we would love to see record breaking surf numbers across the board. Be sure to surf TTP and ILH today and then SXC and Traffic-Splash tomorrow…It’s going to be quite the gong show!

Thanks KRM and Tony….You guys rock! Let’s go make some history!

Why I Don’t Care About Building Downlines…

I read a blog post earlier this week and it made me chuckle. It was going on and on about how important building downlines are and the importance of them and how you cannot survive without them….You know, the same speech we have heard from controlling ‘gurus’ for years and years. So I wanted to share with folks a little story…It’s called my ‘Easy Hits 4 U Downline Story‘…

It’s arguably, the biggest traffic exchange on planet earth. It caters to both a traffic exchange market and of course a Paid To Click market. At any given time of the day, there are thousands of active surfers online in the system. And it’s always rated in the toplists of must join programs and has the most active members on any T.E. online…

Back when it started in 2003, I decided to join and I stuck my referral ID in various blog posts, forum posts, downline builders but NEVER did I promote the direct referral link in a traffic exchange. I promoted me. Jon Olson. The TE Guy. The loud mouth…

9 years after the program was launched, my downline is more than 10% of the entire program.

Yes, you read that right…In a traffic exchange of over 550,000 members, I have a downline of 59424 (at last count, it goes up by dozens a day).


So instead of worrying about ‘building downlines’ and how important it was for me to build a downline…I worried about a PERSONAL brand. I worried about building my name in the business and RECOMMENDING EasyHits4U through the back end of my businesses.

Pretty cool numbers huh? So what’s the message I wanted to share….Stop worrying about the ‘numbers’ and the ‘downlines’ and worry about your personal brand. Build you and YOUR business first and believe me, here’s the proof, the numbers will follow. They always do!