Blain & Shane Get It

What’s so cool about being in this business is seeing folks come online, take the bull by the horns and without any help start to create real solid businesses for themselves. It happens all the time and even though we tend to complain about the 95% of the people doing nothing and giving up, I have started to think we need to focus on the small percentages that ARE doing great things…

First of all, Shane Bost has one of the best new traffic exchanges out there, SiteXplosion not only has a great system in place but the design looks fantastic.

Then we have Blain Jones. If you have surfed ANY sites in Sweeva, you will know this guys knack for creating memorable splash and squeeze pages. His blog, is one of the best new traffic exchange related blogs around.

So they get together and presto…

A cool, quick read about ‘traffic exchange basics’ but beyond the fact that they put together a project together, I absolutely love the fact that these guys got together and TOOK action! This should be rewarded more and I cannot stress the importance of just doing something!

Top notch product and a blog. Now a joint venture together. Things are looking very bright for these guys and again, I salute them and congratulate everyone out there that is taking action!

Speaking of taking action…T3 tonight should be a lot of fun! 7pm Eastern where action takers can be found everywhere you turn!

Don’t Make A Sale, Make A Friend First

The last post I had on Hit Exchange News created quite a stir. Again, there are some that see the power of social surfing, and there are some that don’t. One of the main things I noticed is that people who embraced age old practices along with creating a wonderful brand in the social side are seeing massive results. So my advice would be this…

Stop worrying about the ‘sale’…

Make a friend first!

I am hearing how results are down, it takes ‘too much time to be social’, and blah blah blah. I’ve seen results soar for our members and for our businesses across the board because we have stopped worrying about the ‘sale’. Our results are now based on people. How many people can I say ‘hi and thank you’ to in a live environment.

We want to concentrate on creating happy surfers and happy members first, and we feel the sales will follow. And it’s been working. It’s pretty simple really, if members are bored, they do things like load up 10 tabs and power surf. However if they are engaged, interacting with others, they are happy and only surfing maybe 2 tabs at once.

Happy, engaged members = results

But what are results? A sale? Maybe a new sign up to your list? How about a click through?

For TimTech (and yours truly) results mean creating happy members and meeting new people interested in well…Not being bored to death while trying to build a business online. I have learned the most by doing, not by listening to someone in a suit tell me how to make money online…The best teacher ever is experience and why not have a little bit of fun while doing it.

So yeah, this stuff may not be for everyone, and that’s fine…But I firmly believe that if you worry less about where the next sale is coming from, and more about engaging others and talking to members, the sales seem to come in…Automatically.

What’s your thoughts on this? Is Olson out to lunch, or is the new business model online…Let’s be friends first?