Here’s How To Stick Out…Learn From Your Peers

If you have been coming to TE Live these past few weeks you would have heard me going on and on about how important people need to stick out from the crowd in this industry. It’s so critical for people to not just be ‘regular affiliates’ and be the leaders of tomorrow in the traffic exchange industry.

Here’s something I noticed yesterday that blew me away and I said to myself, these ladies are going to be such a huge force this year, it’s going to be awesome…

Hot Flash Hits did something that ANY traffic exchange could do but for some reason, a little bit of effort scares most owners away. So Cathy and Jolynn throw a Tweet out on Twitter and tell people that they have changed something about their surfing experience.

The contest was pretty simple but so smart…They tweeted that the first member to Tweet them back and tell them what they have changed would win 100 free credits.

So simple! So brilliant. So effective.

How much did this cost the ladies? Ummm nothing. Maybe 25 seconds to tweet the message and then a few minutes before a member ‘got it’ and bam….Instant interaction with the membership and such an effective ‘push / pull’ strategy.

I love it. I love it. I love it!!!!

Social works and these ladies showed how a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of heart can go a long way.

Want to stick out? Just watch what owners like Cathy and Jolynn are doing…