Get Uncomfortable As Quickly As You Can

If you have been to Traffic Exchange Live any time during the past few months you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of my ‘flash cards’. I draw, write messages and tips on blank sheets of white paper with my Sharpie and people really seem to get a kick out of my ‘artistic’ creations…I’m no Picasso mind you but anywho….

Here’s one that I really want to discuss with you to start your week off right…

Simple huh? But what exactly does it mean?

Where do you find success in business? Is it by hiding behind a user name? Or maybe by not using your picture or video in your marketing? Is it the same old TE script with little to no customization? Where is ‘success’?

It’s about 150 miles away from your comfort zone that’s where. Please hear my warning…

If you do it ‘sub par’ you will lose.

If you don’t stick out like a sore thumb, you will lose.

If you do not stand for something, you will lose.

The people and companies that do the best not only in the traffic exchanges but also the business world get as far away from their comfort zone as they can, they try new things, they stick out, they take RISKS!

That is the spirit of being an entrepreneur and if you’ve got it, you know what I’m talking about. Playing it safe is actually the most harmful way to approach your business. Take those risks and stay away from the comfort zone.

If you are ‘comfortable’, get as uncomfortable as you can today. Because you never know who wants it more than you do. It’s your competition and they are willing to do the things you may not in order to find success.

A quick thought to get your week started on the right foot. Get out there and be remarkable…

Fidn your comfort zone and then get out of it as quickly as you can!

A Huge Nugget…Will You Take Action?

Here’s an idea I tossed around (since 2009) in TE Live yesterday and I had to make a blog post about it…

Yup, it’s simple and it’s free but let’s see how many traffic exchange surfers take action on this…You will need a few things;

– An AdKreator account
– A video camera of some kind
– A YouTube account
– And a Spreecast account

Grand total for the above….Zero (if your computer has a web cam). Now of course, it will take some effort and constant advertising in the traffic exchanges but I’m willing to bet, if you do this and stick with it, you will see some fantastic results.

You will brand yourself as an expert in whatever area of the industry you want, people will get to know and like you and you will gain self-confidence by getting in front of the camera…

Crush it and leave your mark in the business!