The Fastest Way To Be A Success, Is To Go Slow

My partner and buddy Tim Linden said something a few months ago in a video we did and it really got me thinking about how people ‘get’ online business. You see, Tim said this “the quickest way to make money online is to take your time” and it’s so true. We see this happen time and time again, people try to rush through things, they look for the quick fix for their income situation and when things don’t ‘happen’ right away….People give up.

Here’s a few examples of the power of ‘taking your time’ and focusing on ever green products. First a huge ‘way to go’ has to go to Monika Tuttle. Monika came into TE Live this week and had some great news. She has hit a milestone and is now making about 30 bucks a day from her evergreen products. Wow! But here’s the key to this story…It took her between 2-3 years and she DIDN’T GIVE UP! Now she’s building her income and while this compounds, the numbers will grow. Awesome stuff Monika, congrats!!!

Next is someone who started with CTP in November and concentrated ONLY on the ever green products. She only has 12 referrals but check out the awesome increase (slow and steadily mind you)….This shows me how powerful sticking to things can be. Way to go Sharmila!

Sadly, people won’t see that this takes time and focus. And the worst thing, people will jump from program to programs without giving anything any time to mature. And guess what, every time someone starts again, it’s back at step one…

So like Tim says, the quickest way to see results is to take your time. And I’ll add this as well…Focus on the evergreen products and you will build a solid foundation for years to come.

The Turtle Method – Be The Turtle!

Slow and steady wins the race!

If you have ever heard me yap on a Monday night T3 seminar or during the week at Traffic Exchange Live, you will know how much I love this saying. It comes from the ‘Turtle and the Rabbit’ story where they are both at a race and even though the hare was so much faster than the turtle, the turtle ended up winning because while the rabbit ran quicker, he did not have the endurance to win…Meanwhile, our friend the turtle, kept it slow and steady…

The Turtle Method

You see, we can take that children’s story and related it directly to our online business. If you look at the image above, you will see what I call ‘The Turtle Method’ of building a business. There are no peaks and valleys. No roller coaster rides. It’s a slow, steady and constantly growing business model. It takes time, but wow, what a pay off!

This is how so many people make it in online business and how so many people fail. We are ‘in love’ with program launches, hyped releases and the lure of quick riches. We tend to forget that when you grow your business SLOWLY and take your time, you will be seeing big results in the long run, not just quick gains (that always end up crashing).

But it’s hard. It’s not sexy and my goodness the last thing people want to hear is that it will take them years to build an online business. But I can guarantee you this, you follow the slow and steady approach, The Turtle Method, you will have a solid residual income, month after month and be able to build a real sustainable online business.

Be the Turtle! Don’t fall for quick money schemes and promises of instant riches. Take your time, slowly grow your business and you will beat every rabbit out there!