How To Get Massive Results With ThumbVu

I’ve been itching to get this blog post out. Since TimTech acquired ThumbVu last week, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time surfing and checking out the inner workings of this popular traffic exchange. Today I want to share a few tips and tricks that I think can really make your results soar!

The first is obvious I think, because ThumbVu is a social traffic exchange, the more active in chat you are, the better. People respond to people who look to be on the fore front of any program, and no one has yet to stake claim as being the ‘ThumbVu’ expert. Get out there, and be visible. There is no reason why you cannot connect with THOUSANDS of like minded people, right now on ThumbVu!

The second tip I think that could really make your results soar is the biggest…Make your designs pop! The way this program is set up, people aren’t guaranteed to visit your site unless they choose it from the selection of 3 thumbnails before they load a page…Talk about a HUGE opportunity!

I suggest kreating a splash or squeeze page that doesn’t look like everything else. So much so that I have avoided standard affiliate pages when they come up in the thumbnails. Yup, that’s right, I’ve actually seen standard pages that I have avoided like the plague. DUSAP!!!!

Remember, your site gets loaded into a thumbnail BEFORE people see the site in it’s entirety, so this presents you with a big opportunity to stick out from the crowd. If you thought having a ‘Purple Cow’ kind of splash page was important in other traffic exchanges, it’s so much more important in the environment!

Take these two tips and I can almost guarantee huge results from your advertising in ThumbVu. You are only limited by the restrictions of your imagination when it comes to designing killer campaigns…What will you kreate today? And how will you embrace the huge social opportunity that ThumbVu presents?

It’s Official, ThumbVu Joins TimTech

I guess it’s not really a secret anymore, as we announced this via Twitter and TE Live last night but I guess a blog post from yours truly kinda cements the news…Yesterday TimTech LLC acquired from John Guanzon.

O.K., first I have to thank John for creating something so kick butt that when he approached us yesterday for the purchase, we literally jumped at the opportunity. I’m not joking either, I physically jumped up and ran to the bank…

John is a great guy and one of the best owners in traffic exchange history. He has created something with ThumbVu that cannot be found anywhere else online. He pioneered the mobile surfing aspect of ThumbVu and really embraced social surfing. He even co-wrote the book on Social Surfing with me.

I cannot thank him enough for the opportunity he presented TimTech along with his vision for this brave new area that the industry has grown into! Thanks man, we will make you proud!

On to ThumbVu and what this means to TimTech LLC. Plain and simple, it’s a perfect fit. This is kinda a dream come true for me because I think the ThumbVu brand falls perfectly with what TimTech is trying to do.

We plan on adding all the surfing badges, tiered and otherwise, to the system. We will NOT however change things up when it comes to how the program works. We did not buy a traffic exchange that needs much ‘work’, it’s working very well as is. We will however be adding the TimTech touch to spice things up and improve the program.

How about your feedback? We need it, we love it, we want to hear it. If there is anything you like, or dislike about ThumbVu, let us know. We know this program has a very unique community and identity so it’s critical to us that we hear what you, the membership, think!

ThumbVu has a bright future from it’s solid past, and that’s because of it’s members! Tell us what you think!