These Guys Might Shed A Tear…

Today is a pretty cool day for a couple of guys I work with daily and I really wanted to share in their excitement for the pre-release of ‘Beyond The Quotes’ by Justin Ledvina and Patrick Griffin. They did something only a few people have in business and what’s remarkable about this, is that they started the project only about a week ago. Wow.

What is it? It’s a real printed book! Nope, no 47 dollar upsell. No guaranteed traffic mastering software. Just a honest to goodness printed book where they share 30 of the most powerful quotes ever and develop a daily plan for how you can take action on each. Think of it like a daily devotional for your business mindset as Tim Linden said. It’s that powerful.

Beyond The Quotes

I’m so proud of these guys and hope the entire industry shares in the excitement. I remember back in 2007 when I first got my preview copy of Hits, Clicks & Misses, I was so over come by emotion….I hope these guys feel the same way because holding your own printed published book in your hand was the second best feeling I ever had in life (after the birth of my son of course).

This is a very exciting time for these guys, I hope you share in their vision for this awesome sauce project!