Traffic Splash Gets 100k & I’ve Got A Big Rant

First off, MASSIVE congratulations goes out to Paul Kinder and the entire KRM team. I just got wind that Traffic Splash hit 100,000 members a few hours ago and I’m very excited with that news.

Paul has been a friend and a business partner for years and to see his vision of his empire take shape, I’m honored to spread the word about this amazing milestone.

Congrats sir, Mr. Rash and the entire KRM team…You guys are some of the hardest working people in the business and it’s great to see you reach this plateau!

O.K., warm and fuzzy stuff has been said, now it’s time to rant….

So I’m checking out my account at IMfaceplate and I seem to be bombarded with silly ‘pitches’ in my inbox and they start off something like this…

Hi, I followed you, you should do the same for me and while you are at it check out this (enter generic loser matrix program here)


Folks…This whole social networking thing is not about pitching people. It’s not about sending twenty emails or private messages a day. It’s not about annoying your future potential business partners. It’s about people…

And people (I count as a person sometimes) don’t like to be yelled at and essentially that is what you are doing when you join a social networking site and start throwing links in front of people. Get to know the person. Like an article or two of theirs. Join their mailing list. Comment on blogs. Ask a question.

This takes time. I know, it’s not what most folks want to hear, but it’s the REAL way to build relationships with your lists, your referrals and your social network. Most people won’t follow this advice though and continue to spam their networks, there isn’t much we can do about that but anyone that does want to REALLY embrace the power of this social stuff, I urge you to get to KNOW the people in your circle before you start sending links to them.

Remember, social networking is about people…Treat them like you want to be treated yourself.

Brand New Look PLUS IMfaceplate Reviewed

We’ve got a brand new look for Hit Exchange News. Special thanks to both Sean Lowery of WP Creations and Mike Paetzold of WP Tutorials for helping to design and tweak the site. This will add a lot more interaction for everyone and thanks so much for reading…We’re going to have a lot more fun with this new layout =)

On now to my review of IMfaceplate….It’s all ready for your viewing pleasure below in my brand new video…

SPECIAL NOTE: If you have not yet joined IMfaceplate, do so through this link. It’ll give you 5000 Experience Points for free at Sweeva. Enjoy folks!

Thanks for watching, please do add your comments below…I look forward to hearing what you think of IMfaceplate!