5471 New Traffic Exchange Surfers A Week…

So I just read a new email where an owner I thought that would be around for a long time told his membership that he was getting out of the traffic exchange industry…Their reason? It’s kind of funny but they claim that there are only 2-3 ‘big dogs’ in the business and everyone is just advertising to the same people over and over again…

So I did some homework and investigating…

According to the lists at Affiliate Funnel and TE List, the top 10 traffic exchanges alone have brought in 5471 new surfers this week…Not this month, not this year…This week.

In TimTech traffic exchanges, we have brought in 1179 new surfers this past week as well.

So it begs the question…How can we be adding over 5000 new surfers a week to these top 10 traffic exchanges and be advertising to the same people over and over again?

Plain and simple, we aren’t. Now I’m not naive enough to think all 5471 of these surfers are active and I’m sure it’s a percentage that actually surf but still…This is a HUGE opportunity for people that advertise in these platforms.

Be unique and be the person that these people notice and start to follow. If I was brand new to the traffic exchanges and saw these numbers I would be drooling at the thought of the opportunity. Remember, all you need is to Plus One every day and you have over 5000 people to advertise to (new people) every week…Can you think of ways to grab the attention of ONE person a day?

Stop listening to the people who tell you that you can’t do anything…I saw a commercial today by American Express and I love their new motto…It said ‘Impossible is two letters too long’….Yes, EVERYTHING is possible.

Especially when you have 5471 new surfers to advertise to every week PLUS the tens of thousands already surfing…

Drooling yet?

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What I Learned From The One Of The Greatest…

Steve Jobs was one of the greatest business minds of our generation. I know there has been so much said and so much printed about his passing, and YES I am an Apple fanboy, but I just wanted to share with you a lesson in marketing that I learned from him…One of many….

Have a great weekend and enjoy all the fun stuff we have going on in TimTech land! We want to welcome Mr. Dias to the TimTech team and we will make a big deal ‘announcement’ and give him a huge ego boost next week LOL

For this weekend, we are presenting…..Speed Brackets at ILoveHits.com


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