Program Review – T.E. Club

I got a bunch of notices today about a brand new program that is being billed as a ‘social traffic exchange’…And as you guys know, I’m all about the social side of traffic exchanges these days. So I decided to give you my in depth review of a program I think has a lot of upside… T.E. Club !

This is owned by Kjell Skogsoy who is one of the most active owners in this business. Kjell and I have bumped heads in the past and even though he may not be the biggest Jon Olson fan *lol* I do admire his ability to create stuff the surfers really enjoy. So as for the ownership of this program, I do think people are in good hands.

The script is an LFMTE but you wouldn’t be able to tell because the programming team did an AMAZING job at customizing this program. It looks very unique and feels great. I love the thumbnail surfing bar which is used already by sites like ThumbVu and Sweeva but this surf bar is very natural. It’s clean and looks amazing.

The social side of the program is lacking in my opinion. I would have loved to see an in-surf chat system and a better way to see whose site is being promoted. The social side of the program is limited to posting on other members ‘walls’ and even though I do see the huge potential for it, I think it needs some work.

All in all though, this is a solid new program that should do very well. It’s brand new, so a lot of attention will be given to it today and tomorrow, so it’s agreat time to get active in it and maybe *cough* make some targeted splash pages to promote within it.

Check out T.E. Club today!

Issue 225 – The Art of Sticking To It

I’m back! After two and a half weeks on the road, I’m home now from my travels and very glad to be back in front of my computer. As funny as this sounds, I begin to miss surfing the traffic exchanges. While so many other folks in this business detest surfing and would rather watch grass grow, I love surfing. I’m a traffic exchange fan and have been for almost a decade now.

What makes these programs so great? Why are they such a unique and special place in the internet marketing world. I think of it like this, it’s all because of the people you meet. It makes it an adventure every single day.

I have met some of the best people in the world directly through these programs. From future business partners, to life long customers, to fellow video game addicts (special shout out to Jack Shafer and Jon Atwood lol), the cream of the crop seem to get their start in the traffic exchanges.

So when you surf today or this week, think of other ways you can grow your business through these programs. It’s not all about getting a ‘referral’ or a ‘sale’. It’s about people. And it’s about the potential relationships you can build with your fellow surfers.

It’s great to be back and thanks very much for being a reader of Hit Exchange News!


Jon Olson
The Traffic Exchange Guy



The News

– Massive news this week! The first guy I ever spent a dime with online has released an amazing new video called Squeeze Page Traffic Secrets that (you guessed it) features traffic exchanges as the best way to generate traffic to your squeeze pages. James Grandstaff has always been around these programs so I had to let everyone know about these videos. Guaranteed, the traffic exchanges are starting to really get the attention of everyone in the internet marketing world.

– The S.W.A.T. Traffic Weekly training seminar was a packed house last night. We had a great chit chat about ‘taking action’ and even more gems where discussed hours after the seminar ended. Be sure to attend next week as we will be giving away more prizes and even more nuggets of internet marketing tactics.

– Supervisitas changed their script this past week. What makes this a unique story is that this is the first and only Spanish language traffic exchange on the net and has been online for quite a number of years. It’s a concept that I think could be massive in many parts of the world and I’m surprised more language specific exchanges have not popped up.

– Want to win your own copy of the best selling traffic exchange book on, Hits, Clicks and Misses, (actually, it’s the only published book about T.E.’s on the planet), simply post a comment about this week’s issue of HEN! Congratulations to ‘James’ for winning last week. Be sure to send your mailing address to me so that I can ship youa copy!

– Splash Page Hall of Fame – Safelists are dead? I highly doubt it. And with splash pages like this from Ad Tactics, you can see that the proof of it! Note: Why do I focus on splash pages every week? Simple, you MUST be using them in the traffic exchanges to get results. Get a custom made splash page by clicking here!


HEN Top 10

The Famous Hit Exchange News Top 10 (Disclaimer: These are my top performing exchanges for the past week. Alexa rankings and fancy numbers have nothing to do with how I rank my list. This is based on my results and my opinion, nothing more, nothing less.)

1. Traffic Splash
2. Promo Lotto
3. Dragon Surf
4. Traffic Era
5. Traffic At The Races
6. TS 25
7. StartXChange
8. Traffic Swarm
9. Easy Hits 4 U
10. Traffic Wonderland

Note: Analysis and Tracking by Hits Connect – The Official Link Tracking Service of Hit Exchange News! Sign up today and get your 30% Discount!

Question: Hey Jon, how come I Love Hits, SWAT Traffic and Click Crazey are never on the top 10 list? Since I own them, I feel it would be a conflict of interest to place it on any of my rankings. (But we all know how great they are anyways lol)



Deep Thoughts – Jon’s Weekly Rambling

New Product Launches vs. Sticking To It

I have to admit something right now, while I do consider myself to be a creative dude, my biggest problem is putting the first foot forward. We talked last night in the S.W.A.T. Traffic seminar room about taking action and the power of actually getting things done that you have been planning and I think it’s time for me to follow my own advice.

You see, the last ‘launch’ I had was Affiliate Funnel and that was over a year and a half ago. I have never been one to launch new products or release a new program every month or 3 months. I have always maintained that I should concentrate on what I have now and build those businesses. It’s the whole ‘focus’ concept that I’m speaking about, that whole idea of targeting your efforts and small goals first that become big ones down the road.

So the problem for me, because I WANT to release new stuff, is actually finding how to manage what I currently own and how to build something new in the process. What is the first step? Should I even consider a new program? All these questions go through any business person’s mind because in the internet marketing world, you need to stay fresh!

The upcoming seminar in Washington should prove to be quite interesting. Not only will DOZENS of fellow traffic exchange owners be in attendance but the ideas will be flowing, and the joint venture opportunities will be plentiful.

We all need a kick in the pants, hopefully I can take these ideas I have for the traffic exchange industry and get moving towards putting them into action. The future looks bright, I’m looking forward it very much, but I still remember, the best thing you can do for your business is ‘focus’.


Things That Make You Go Hmmm…

– Net Marketing Forum Sucks? I love the extra promo, thanks guys!

– For the record, I love Promo Lotto!

– Oh yeah, my hero of the week has got to be James Grandstaff for his new videos that I mentioned above!!!