Social Surf Chat – TimTech Style

So we were having a blast in the four TimTech traffic exchanges yesterday. Tim was busy at work with our brand new cross-TE chat service which has been quite a success so far and it’s only 24 hours old. We call it CTP Surf N’ Chat and it’s taking social surfing to a whole new level in the TimTech universe.

As you know, we have been BIG fans of social surfing and proponents of the importance of branding oneself not only in the sites but also in chat.

We truly believe that people do business with folks they know and like and the best way to get people to know you is to interact with them in a live environment. You are more likely to sign up for a program or service from someone who has actually talked to you rather than Username FancyUnicorns. Social chat has leveled the playing field and allowed regular surfers to knock it out of the park and get as many referrals as any ‘big list’ guru could through traffic exchanges.

Combine that with BEING in front of people, offering help and interacting with folks everyday…The opportunities are endless!

So the only missing piece to our puzzle was leveraging the ClickTrackProfit main hub with our chats. We wanted to create a big community and seeing that CTP is our ‘top of the funnel’, it made sense. However there were very strong micro-communities within StartXchange and I Love Hits…So this was going to be a challenge!

CTP Surf N Chat

I truly believe Tim hit it out of the park with this and I’m so excited for the future of this CTP Surf N’ Chat model. Combining all 4 traffic exchanges into one chat will allow for so much better customer support, will let chatters and surfers focus on one chat rather than 4 separate ones and allow for much better networking opportunities.

Let us know what you think or better yet, get involved and check out the new Surf N Chat today in any of the TimTech traffic exchanges.

I Love Hits

It’s social surfing…TimTech Style 🙂

Sitizens Took A Big Leap Today…

Sitizens is ‘officially’ about a month old. We’ve been very focused on this project and we hope we have brought something new and very exciting to the advertising / social gaming market. Here’s a few stats about Sitizens that should really wet your whistle if you are an advertiser…

We have over 5500 members with an average of 250-300 new players joining every day! Here’s the best part, it has hit a small tipping point where it’s spreading itself. We saw HUGE jumps in new players and active players this week and we’re very excited to see how this progresses in the future. 95% of these people are from OUTSIDE the traffic exchange industry. If you are a traffic exchange advertiser this should be making you drool…

Let me re-phrase that…300 new people are being brought into Sitizens that have never heard of a traffic exchange….Every day!

Crazy opportunity and of course, we released one of the final ‘pieces’ to the vision of Sitizens today…The Sitizens Advertising Dashboard!

You can now advertise within the Sitizens network. This is targeted traffic like never before seen in the traffic exchange industry and with all these new people joining every day, it’s a great time to get involved in the program.

For a few short days we are offering dirt cheap pricing on all advertising and with our dashboard you are in complete control of who looks at your site, how much the view it and how often…

Check out the Dashboard and set up a campaign. Let us know what your results are like and we hope this brings something new to the traffic exchange industry that has never been seen before…That’s the game plan, we hope you enjoy it!

(Note: The Advertising Dashboard is separate from your Sitizens account on purpose…As this site grows advertisers will be looking at ways to promote but not play the game, this is why we have set up advertising as a new ‘system’ on top of the game itself)