Today Is Just A Sign Of Things To Come…

We are ‘slightly’ excited about the promotions we have been doing for Sitizens this week. As you guys and gals know, we launched the site a few days ago and we’ve been working hard every hour of every day to add new features, new cool trinkets and add a community feel to this site.

Everything has been working perfectly =)

In fact, today we’ve added a kick butt new chat system, and a bunch of new potions and spell to increase your experience in the game. Let’s just say, we’re just getting started…

Here’s the best part, as of writing this it’s 11:30am Eastern time…We’ve already had 262 new players join the game today ALONE and we are on pace for THE most active day the game has ever seen. Kings are being over thrown, new domains are being explored and added.

And Tim had to correct me today in the Sitizens chat…I mentioned that the bulk of these new players were from outside the traffic exchanges, and I made a statement that we were really building this ‘outside’ the industry…Here’s the beautiful part as Tim pointed out…Sitizens is EVERYWHERE!

That’s the real power of this program, it’s everywhere and not limited to any one niche…

P.S. Want some more goodies and expand your kingdom? Login to your ‘Castle‘ and Follow Sitizens on Twitter, Like it on Facebook and promote your referral link. You get +50 Kings for every new person you refer…

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Sticking Out Has It’s Advantages

I’ve been on this ‘SOLAST – sticking out like a sore thumb’ kick for years…I firmly believe in the need for people to not be ‘regular plain jane affiliates’ and should do everything they can to separate themselves from the masses.

Think about the companies and personal brands that have really made an impact. Did Apple become the most valuable technology brand simply by creating ‘another computer’? Did Nordstroms or Zappos become kings of customer service by just hiring ‘regular’ employees who just punched a time clock? Did Sir Richard Branson become such an intriguing entrepreneur because he ‘played by the rules’?

See a pattern? These companies and people STICK OUT! And you may think to yourself, great these are million dollar brands and people what can I possibly do in a traffic exchange environment to be different…Here’s some examples…

Bob and Rhonda Pizor – Who are relatively new to the traffic exchange industry but because of their VERY unique talents for creating awesome splash pages with AdKreator have started to earn over 500 bucks a month JUST in affiliate commissions. Here’s the kicker, they do not even have their own web sites yet, just splash pages by AdKreator and the FOCUS to stick out from the crowds.

The Legacy Guys – O.K., in no way am I suggesting you should light yourself on fire or jump off of 8 foot ladders (which Marcus Wahl does in his videos) but these guys are BIG time advertisers. I haven’t seen a traffic exchange advertised as much and as often as Legacy Hits since years ago when a little program called Traffic Splash was relaunched. The Legacy Guys are very good at what they do and because of that, got added to Nerd Surf just this week. Want to see how to advertise your new traffic exchange of business? Follow their examples…(minus the ladder jumping, etc…)

Barry Langdon – SocialSurf4U has become my little darling! I absolutely love this traffic exchange and here’s why…Not only has Barry created something very eye appealing, but the simplicity and functionality of this program is without a doubt, the best in the business. It looks great, it works like a charm and Barry cares big time for the program and it’s members. Oh and if you ever wanted to debate the power of a logo…Well, SocialSurf4U will shut that argument up real quick. You NOTICE this program every time you see something as simple as this…


Just 3 examples and there are plenty more in this industry…These people and companies are doing things that are not some hidden ‘secret’. They are just doing what any smart business person does…They focus on sticking out from the crowd and being unique in their own special way.

What are you doing to stick out today? Share some of your examples below…And by the way – B0708B19D6 *nugget*

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