Sitizens…The DNA May Be Familiar

So it’s no secret now as well ‘officially’ launched our new baby yesterday. Sitizens was the reason TimTech formed over a year ago. We have been dreaming about this program, working on it, testing things and making what we believe to be the best social game and networking site the world has ever seen…But exactly what is it?

Sitizens Logo

There’s been a lot of discussion about exactly what this is…Here’s my opinion of it.

Sitizens is what I always thought a traffic exchange could become. Years ago, I was hooked on traffic exchange advertising and one thing about the start of these programs was when they first started they were filled with a mosaic of sites. Not every site you viewed was a ‘business opportunity’ or some kind of tripler, HYIP, scheme site…But for what seems like forever, traffic exchanges have been filled with these kind of programs only.

TimTech has always been about trying new things so we thought to ourselves…Let’s take what we love and have a passion for, use the techniques which we have been working with and create something brand new…The result? A social game that has the DNA of a traffic exchange, without the need for ‘business opportunities’ at every turn…But but but, here’s the best part…Wanna see those kind of sites? No problem, simply check off ‘Marketing’ in your preferences and presto…You can view whatever you want!

And that’s just it. Discovering new areas of the internet, having fun while doing it, trying to maintain your kingships and best of all, meeting new awesome sauce people!

Discover cool sites and arrive at them, become a king. Arrive more than 5 times, become a Sitizen….And then open it up and ‘Explore’ the internet while other players add new content…Do you see the massive potential here?

No longer limited to the ‘IM’ world, we’ve INCLUDED the IM world but branched out to the big bad world of the…Entire internet =)

I haven’t even gone over the =game aspect fully which is essentially the most addicting thing ever LOL But you can always keep up to date by checking out the official Sitizens Ledger! I’ll be writing blog posts as will Tim and Patrick Griffin.

Get ready for the evolution of traffic exchanges and social gaming…A bold statement? Yup, it sure is! So traffic exchange world…What do you think?

JV Launches Are A Load Of….

In the past few years, I’ve got a very sour taste in my mouth from the ‘internet marketing’ industry. From scheme after scheme, fake guru after fake guru, list building ‘expert’ to the next…It’s all a bunch of nonsense that’s single purpose is to get in your pocket, sell you a dream, rinse and repeat…

It’s such a foreign concept to see people stick with anything these days, it’s no wonder these businesses even exists any more. But you know what, there is a saving grace…The community!

The communities within this industry don’t stand for garbage anymore. They refuse to become another ‘sale’ to the people who have controlled the industry for so long…Gone are the ‘pitches’, it’s now the era of the community.

And when a community backs something, boy oh boy…Who needs JV launches these days anyways?

Case in point, two examples. The first, the obvious one would be Matt Baker’s Surfing Socially which launched at MIDNIGHT Sunday…Yes, you read that right, midnight on a Sunday. Not your ‘guru’s expert’ opinion of the best time to launch but with the community backing him, Matt launched and after 24 hours, the numbers are quite impressive…

Here’s his ‘launch plan’, Matt became a member of the TE Live community. Matt never asked for anything, he gave himself and his time to increase the value of the community. He mentioned to people he was launching a program and the people FLOCKED to him to help him launch it. Crazy huh? But it works…

The next, Legacy Hits and the team of Marcus, Ken and Rodney. This is arguably the best performing traffic exchange on the net right now and there is a reason because of it. First of all these guys are fantastic owners, each one of them have invested lots of time into their businesses but here’s the kicker…Focus.

While some owners promote everything around them, even programs they don’t own…The Legacy guys promote one thing and one thing only…Legacy Hits. This is pretty much as simple a concept as it comes, yet so few ‘get it’…Focus on your business, put your all into it…The result, becomes what you see with Legacy Hits.

No JV launches, no hype, no ‘list building secrets’ were used in both these examples…Just hard work, time invested, the art of ‘giving’ before receiving and above all else, showing up, every day!

Imagine that…