A Fundamental Flaw In Business

The past few days have really been an eye opener for me. After reading a certain email from a popular traffic exchange, watching Tim Linden’s latest video about the topic and then hearing about what was being taught at a popular seminar series over the weekend…I am even more confused about certain business practices in this industry.

Let me get this straight. A few owners want…

– Less surfing in their programs (that’s pretty silly)
– No surfers at all in their traffic exchanges (are you kidding me?)
– Concentration on ‘new members’ rather than current ones…

Whoaaaa…..Hold on. Here’s a fundamental flaw in thinking when it comes to traffic exchange ownership. The thought that the most important part of managing a traffic exchange is getting ‘new members’. Yes, it’s important but do you want to know how to grow a healthy HAPPY membership? You concentrate on who you already have.

It’s that simple. You treat your current members like gold and your membership will grow because you have a culture of pleased customers, who tell friends, who tweet about your traffic exchange, who promote it, who are happy and who SURF!

This is something I have noticed when people start the annual ‘doom and gloom’ scare tactics that the traffic exchange industry is crumbling. We are so worried about how do we ‘grow’ traffic exchanges when, well, let’s be honest, some of the programs around are healthier, and more vibrant than they ever have been *cough* social surfing did this *cough*…

My suggestion…Worry less about who ‘MIGHT’ be joining your program and give the people who ARE ALREADY in your program a reason to stay. Create a culture of happy surfers and you will see a big change in the way people perceive your program.

All. Records. Smashed!

Last week at the T3 seminar we had 91 people in the room. It was the largest single event held by traffic exchange owners since we started to congregate in the famed Hot Conference seminar rooms. This week, I have to admit, I was worried…

Not that I didn’t think we’d get more than 91 people, but I didn’t wanna be let down if we didn’t reach the target of 100. I’m a bit of a worry wort and the TimTech guys where telling me all afternoon, don’t worry, we’ll do fine.

The traffic exchange industry stepped up and knocked it out of the park. THANK YOU!

We crushed the previous record of 91 with 125 people in one conference room dedicated to traffic exchanges. Amazing stuff, absolutely mind blowing and we cannot thank you enough.

The traffic exchange community is alive and thriving and for everyone that said ‘social doesn’t work’…I’ve got 125 reasons why it does and if you are STILL sleeping on the power of social media in the traffic exchanges…Well, it’s cool. I’m going to focus on the people that do use this media and are seeing huge numbers because of it.

Badges! Social surfing! Engaging customers! ClickTrackProfit! And the TE Live community (you guys know who you are), are reasons why this movement cannot fail and won’t, because it’s being built BY THE MEMBERS.

So thank you to everyone who came out yesterday and was a part of traffic exchange history. Let’s doing it even bigger next Monday =)

P.S. Even though it got shadowed by the T3 seminar, it’s of special note that Traffic Exchange Live broke records yesterday as well. We had over 50 people in the TE Live community…During a weekday afternoon seminar. Crazy!!!

Get involved now folks. We started this social stuff a year ago and even though it’s taken this long, it’s proof that social networking works but takes some time. Meet the members that are making this happen today at 3pm Eastern!