Brand New Look PLUS IMfaceplate Reviewed

We’ve got a brand new look for Hit Exchange News. Special thanks to both Sean Lowery of WP Creations and Mike Paetzold of WP Tutorials for helping to design and tweak the site. This will add a lot more interaction for everyone and thanks so much for reading…We’re going to have a lot more fun with this new layout =)

On now to my review of IMfaceplate….It’s all ready for your viewing pleasure below in my brand new video…

SPECIAL NOTE: If you have not yet joined IMfaceplate, do so through this link. It’ll give you 5000 Experience Points for free at Sweeva. Enjoy folks!

Thanks for watching, please do add your comments below…I look forward to hearing what you think of IMfaceplate!

Issue 246 – How To ‘Olson Proof’ Your Business…

Ha ha ha…I have to laugh at myself. For anyone that has been reading Hit Exchange News over there years, they will understand my humor in this. For those that are new to H.E.N., first, welcome to the News, and second I absolutely pathetic when it comes to anything technical.

When someone asks me about FTP, I say huh? When another person asks me about clearing my cache and cookies I say Mrs. Christie? It’s borderline criminal, how little I know when it comes to techy stuff.

So when Jeff Dedrick released Instant Bonus Pages, my first reaction was ‘Oh no, I need to learn something new….” And that is why I’m laughing…Because I figured it all out LOL

Check out this cool page I created with it, I called it Jon Olson’s Bonus Downloads

Neat huh? I know, I know, I’m a techy whiz kid these days and I have to thank Jeff for creating something that makes me look so good *lol*

Folks, I’m not even going to get into the power of these bonus pages, just one look at my bonus page should give you a few ‘ah ha’ moments.

What I am going to stress though, is once again the traffic exchange industry’s favorite big name marketer has once again released an amazing program, that is so simple, it’s Olson-proof.

Thank you very much for being a reader of Hit Exchange News and have a wonderful week!


Jon Olson
The Traffic Exchange Guy




The News

– Robert Puddy’s massive Hidden Traffic Formula launched this past week to a roaring success. It’s the industry’s first ever offline home study course, specifically on how to get the best results from traffic exchanges. What’s better, check out the testimonial from Mike Filsaime…Yes folks, the rest of the internet is starting to take note, after 10 years the traffic exchanges are finally getting their due LOL

– Have you joined the Traffic Exchange Facebook group? Be sure to get yourself added to the largest traffic exchange group on Facebook today and network with your fellow surfers and owners. Imagine the power of this thing if everyone got involved…

– Be sure vote today for your favorite traffic exchanges at Affiliate Funnel’s Surfer’s Choice ranker. This has quickly become the most popular ranking service on the net as the surfer’s are finally getting their say. Combined with the stats to back it up and our exclusive ‘new members joining’ statistic, you can see which exchanges are showing and proving, each and every week!

– Want to win your own copy of the best selling traffic exchange book on, Hits, Clicks and Misses, (actually, it’s the only published book about T.E.’s on the planet), simply post a comment about this week’s issue of HEN! Congratulations to ‘Rob’ for winning last week. Be sure to send your mailing address to me so that I can ship you a copy (hitexchangenews at yahoo dot com)!

– Splash Page Hall of Fame – O.k. this is a video but it’s absolutely the funniest thing I’ve ever seen! Note: Why do I focus on splash pages every week? Simple, you MUST be using them in the traffic exchanges to get results. Get a custom made splash page by clicking here!


HEN Top 10

The Famous Hit Exchange News Top 10 (Disclaimer: These are my top performing exchanges for the past week. Alexa rankings and fancy numbers have nothing to do with how I rank my list. This is based on my results and my opinion, nothing more, nothing less.)

1. Traffic Splash
2. Dragon Surf
3. Traffic Bunnies
4. Hit Pirate
5. StartXChange
6. Max Traffic Pro
7. Traffic Swarm
8. Top Tier Traffic
9. Traffic Witch
10. Royal Surf

Note: Analysis and Tracking by Hits Connect – The Official Link Tracking Service of Hit Exchange News! Sign up today and get your 30% Discount!

Question: Hey Jon, how come I Love Hits, SWAT Traffic and Click Crazey are never on the top 10 list? Since I own them, I feel it would be a conflict of interest to place it on any of my rankings. (But we all know how great they are anyways lol)



Deep Thoughts – Jon’s Weekly Rambling

The Most Important Factor For Choosing A Traffic Exchange…

So you’ll hear it time and time again, you need to pick ‘XYZ’ traffic exchange because it’s got the best graphics. Or you need to choose it because it delivers the best results. Or because it delivers thousands of hits a week…

These are all valid points to help choose a traffic exchange to surf in, however there is something that can never be tracked, tested or studied…

Your gut instinct.

Seems strange, even though I track every single exchange I can, nothing helps me more in my business than that wonderful voice in my head. Sure, my instincts are formed by how well the exchange performs, how friendly the ownership is, how well the program is designed. All of this helps my gut feeling and it’s something to consider when you choose a program.

If it ‘feels right’ it more than likely is. If it seems sketchy, chances are the owner will disappear in 6 months. Sure, our feelings can be wrong but if you are testing, tracking, active in the program, chances are you will have a much better opinion of the program and will be able to tell if the ship is about to sink…

Trust your instincts, they rarely let you down =)


Things That Make You Go Hmmm…

– This week, I put in a ton of commission requests from various traffic exchanges…Only about 50% of them have paid out. I wonder where the rest of it is?

– Isn’t it amazing how many people seem to come and go and then come back in this business. Traffic exchanges, the great circle of internet marketing!

– Over 70 people attended last weekend’s seminar at Affiliate Funnel


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