The Past 10 Years…

It’s funny, I didn’t even realize that the first two ‘websites’ I owned hit a pretty big milestone when the clock struck midnight a few nights ago…

This year both Hit Exchange News and Doctor Traffic are celebrating their 10th years online and it’s amazing when I sit back and think about the past decade and the history of the internet’s first traffic exchange weekly e-zine and it’s sister program, the first traffic exchange co-op.

It’s seen many highs and just as many lows over the past 10 years and what’s so exciting for me is the fact that I truly believe…We’re just getting started!

I’ve got some big plans for Hit Exchange News this year. Of course I want to re-design the format but still provide the blog you are used to but hey, you know TimTech, we’re all about making things look prettier…

Speaking of which!

Doctor Traffic Logo

Doctor Traffic got a massive over haul this week! We’re really trying to provide customers with the ultimate advertising experience and right now we’re giving away coupon codes to test drive Doctor Traffic at a 50% discount!

(50discount – is the code)

We’ve really simplified the ordering process and members area. Everything is laid out for folks to tailor make the perfect campaign for their advertising needs and more importantly, see some HUGE numbers!

Give it a test drive, it could be just what the doctor ordered 😉

So welcome to 2013! I hope everyone had a fantastic New Year’s and let’s get ready for the best year the traffic exchanges have ever had. 10 years strong and still going, this is the pulse of the traffic exchange industry!

The Brand New ThumbMaster Game

We’re spicing things up for all the members in ThumbVu today with the launch of the brand new ThumbMaster game. We’ve taken a little bit of things you are familiar with and added some TimTech spice to it and created something we really think you will enjoy!


The idea came from Eric Goetmann‘s Prize Box game that has been a huge success so we asked Eric if it was o.k. if we took some elements from his prize box and adds some cool new features to it. He agreed and we got to work.

You unlock a box every 30 pages and when the game is all filled and all 144 boxes have been claimed, the winners are announced. But here’s the best part…There is one box that contains the Thumbmaster prize and when you are thumbmaster that’s when the magic really starts. Not only will there be random prizes but they get 100% surf bonus for the entire time the next game is going on. Plus they are featured in the surf bar and well, get high fives from everyone in chat 😉

But there are 10 prizes in total so along with the Thumbmaster, there are cash prizes and credits ad banners…But we’re not done there, we’ve got some really cool ideas on being rewarded for doing ‘designs’ with the boxes you pick…It’s going to be a lot of fun!

Give it a shot and have fun in ThumbVu, we know there has been a lot of changes to the way you surf there but we are excited to move forward. Special thanks to Eric Goetmann for allowing us to use some of his awesome sauce ideas to create what we think is something very special!