Introducing The Gold Vault N’ Keys

It’s amazing how one little idea can become such a huge success but that’s exactly what happened when TimTech launched the Vault N’ Key promo a few months ago.

Simply put, we partnered with a guest traffic exchange every 24 hours and we loaded up the Vault with real cash prizes. People surfed a selected TimTech traffic exchange along with the partner program and every 77 pages viwed they got a ‘key’….Once they got both keys from the two programs, they could unlock the Vault for their chance to win a piece of the prize. Thousands upon thousands of cash prizes have been awarded since it’s inception and it’s been so popular that every day this year, has been booked already.

It’s been amazing and we cannot thank our partner exchanges enough. We took the idea of a surf promo and completely changed it and we truly believe the members appreciate it as do our partner exchanges.

So what’s better than the Vault N Key promo? How about a second one…

Last week we introduced the Gold Vault N’ Key and it works exactly like the first one but now surfers have a chance to win DOUBLE by surfing the regular Vault N Key programs and the Gold Vault…We’re already taking orders and let’s just say things are looking VERY good already for the Gold Vault. We are rewarding surfers like never before and this is a huge opportunity for every savvy traffic exchange owner in the game to give out some awesome cash prizes and see a HUGE jump in activity and new surfers joining. Ask around, every owner that has used the Vault has seen a BIG jump across the board!

Be sure to act now because this will sell out again!

P.S. Today marks a very special day, Ed Goetmann (Eric’s dad) just launched his brand new traffic exchange Lobby Hits. You know that we don’t get behind many new programs, but Lobby Hits is very special. We’re giving 100 Zens in Sitizens for everyone that joins through our referral link here but that’s not all…We’re going to give someone $100 bucks, just joining this free program at the end of the week. Wanna claim some moolah? Simply join Lobby Hits today and get entered to win!

If You Give Up, A Kitten Cries…

O.K., the headline was supposed to make you laugh at first…But then give you one of the biggest ‘tips’ you will ever get in online business. Plain and simple, 99.9999999% of the people that come online, will give up! Yup, I’ve been in this business for 13 years plus and it’s the only constant thing that seems to happen…Year after year.

People come online, they either put in zero effort and blame the ‘gurus’…Or they come in, guns blazing, spend hundreds if not thousands on their first month…See zero profit after 37 days and then poof….Gone.

Here’s a little tip Justin Ledvina has been talking about a lot recently in TE Live…Once you get in line, stay in line!

Let’s look at this for a second and I’ll give you my example to show you how this has worked for a lot of people online but specifically, yours truly. Years ago, when I first started I was SCARED! I didn’t speak up in seminars, I wasn’t making any money and essentially I was the king of slot machine marketing, joining every ‘opportunity’ I could…

And even though I never made a penny, I still kept going. I found MPAM (for all you old school marketers) and was adopted by it’s community. I took part in the training, I took initiative and showed up everyday. I did the ‘fundamentals’ day in and day out for years…And did it pay off right away? Absolutely not!

But I stayed the course…

The owner, became so busy with his other endeavors that one of his web properties started to suffer and he decided it was time for one of the ‘dedicated’ people in his community to get a chance to shine…That person was me and the property was a little site called I Love Hits.

Case in point, because I showed up, everyday, did the work every day and was a part of the community…An opportunity presented itself.

I wasn’t looking for it, I wasn’t expecting it…I just knew I had to stick with it and not give up!

That’s my story LOL Hope you enjoyed it but more importantly….I hope you see that you can NEVER give up and make sure no matter what…You stay the course!